This glossary is not a comprehensive list of all terms in the series and will be mainly used to highlight differences between my translation and AmeryEdge’s. An effort will be made to keep consistency with the terms AmeryEdge has been using. However, I may, for example, swap “Star” with “Astral” if I believe the name will flow better. Changes will be noted here and in the relevant chapter when possible.


Su Xing (苏星) – The male protagonist of the story. He is a fighter pilot who finds himself stranded in a different world after his test flight of a new aircraft goes awry. He is armed with Silver Blade, an engraved handgun with a bayonet. He is the Star Master of Lin Chong. His name was previously translated as Shu Jing.

Lin Yingmei (林英眉) – The main female protagonist of the story. Her aliases include “Panther Head” (豹子头) and Lin Chong (林冲). She is the Majestic Star (天雄星) and becomes Su Xing’s first Star General when he tries to save her with CPR, unwittingly binding them together as master and servant in a Star Duel Covenant. She wields the Arctic Star Serpent Spear (寒星冷月枪).

Wu Xinjie (吴心解) – A Star General that is deeply impressed by Su Xing’s intelligence. She is his second Star General. Her aliases include “Resourceful Star” (智多星) and Wu Yong (吴用). She is the Knowledge Star (天机星). Her weapon appears to be a copper chain which she supplements with thrown talismans. Previously translated as “Wu Xinxie.”

An Suwen (安素問) – A Star General focused on medicine. At first, she becomes Su Xing’s sworn sister before becoming his fourth Star General. She is known as the “Efficacious Star.”1 Her nickname is the “Divine Physician” and has the Star Name of “An Daoquan.” Her Star Weapon is the Child and Mother Linked Hearts Needles.

Shi Yuan (時媛) – Su Xing’s third Star General and known as the “Thief Star.”2 She is a Star General focused on speed and stealth. Also known as the “Flea on a Drum”3 and as “Shi Qian,”4 she is also the self-proclaimed “Best Thief Under Heaven.” Her Star Weapon is the Hoodwinking Flying Claws, but she mostly uses a variety of mechanical puppets for combat.

Yan Yizhen (燕乙真) – Su Xing’s fifth Star General. Adorned in a maid’s dress, she is a Star General focused on extreme close quarters hand-to-hand combat. She is the Skilful Star.5 She is also known as the “Wanderer”6 and as “Yan Qing.”7 Her Star Weapon is the Yin Yang Pisces Boxing Gloves.

Liu Qing’er (刘清儿) –  The first enemy Star General that Su Xing encounters. Her aliases include “Red-Haired Demon” (赤发鬼) and Liu Tang (刘唐). She is the Deviance Star (天异星). Her weapon is the Blaze Refining Nine Hells Saber (炙炼九狱刀).

Xun Huo (荀或) – Star Master to Liu Qing’er and a minor antagonist.



Silver Blade (银剑) – An ornate handgun gifted to Su Xing when he attained the rank of Major. It is equipped with a bayonet and is capable of firing projectiles composed of Star Energy (星力).

Arctic Star Serpent Spear (寒星冷月枪) – The spear used by Lin Yingmei. For conciseness, it will be referred to as the Arctic Star Spear.

Blaze Refining Nine Hells Saber (炙炼九狱刀) – The sword used by Liu Qing’er. Previously translated as “Blaze Refining Nine Prisons Saber.” For conciseness, it will be referred to as the Blaze Refining Saber.

Heavenly Lightning Earthly Fire Sword (天雷地火剑) – An Astral Treasure currently in use by Elder Xiu. It is capable of calling red-colored lightning strikes on its target. For conciseness, it will be referred to as the Firebolt Sword.


Astral and Star Terms

Star Master (降星者) – The male partner of the Star Duel Covenant.

Star General (星将) – The female partner of the Star Duel Covenant. Previously translated as “Star Knight.”

Star Duel Covenant (斗星契约) – The covenant tying Star Master and Star General together in a battle to reach the Liangshan Maiden.

Star Energy (星力) – The power that Star Cultivators call upon.

Astral Treasure (星宝) – Artifacts that have descended from higher realms; their power is above even the most powerful artifacts native to the Liangshan Continent. Previously translated as “Star Artifact.”



Huanjie Battle Arts (黄阶战法) – Specialized martial arts apparently unique to Star Generals.

Huangjie Sword Arts (黄阶刀法) – The Huanjie Battle Arts particular to Liu Qing’er.

  1.  地靈星
  2.  地賊星
  3.  Flea on a Drum
  4.  時遷
  5. 天巧星
  6.  浪子
  7.  燕青


  1. I’m a fan of consistency…I generally loathe a thereof between translations, so the effort and forewarning is much appreciated. Sorry, just a gripe of mine. I sincerely mean no disrespect, just curious and voicing aesthetic differences in opinion, is all.

    I don’t mind the character names, since pronouncing the names doesn’t really change, but why “general” over “knight”? That one doesn’t sound, or read, very well to me. Just curious on the editing logic.

    The shorthand of weapon names…honestly reads a bit off when compared to the overall quality of the translation, which is really good imo. I do get wanting to shave typing time, and how unbelievably long some of the names/attacks/weapons are.

    Anyway, thanks for the solid work.

    1. Amery, the previous translator, used “knight” instead of “general” because the Star Maidens really do not function as generals. Although the technical translation of 星將 is “Star General,” he chose “Star Knight” since the Star Maidens act more as vassals sworn to a lord. However, I favored the literal translation, hence the difference.

  2. Can you provide a little more detail and info on Xinjie’s star weapon? Can’t really determine how a copper lock could be a weapon unless she’s able to shoot out and control one or more copper chains in some way as chapter 24 mentioned her putting a copper chain away but missed part where pulled it out and used it somehow.

    Also, can anyone explain or tell where it’s explained on the characters having multiple names? Think it’s a cultural reference to China but most of what I’ve read is either American English or Japanese based so not familiar with the customs or reasoning behind it. Like what’s the difference with the Heavenly Majestic Star’s names of Lin Yingmei and Lin Chong, and is there special circumstances on who or when one or the other is used? Thanks.

    Lastly, are there any illustrations somewhere with the character names (preferably in English or English lettering,) as really curious to what the characters look like.

    1. I’ll have to keep you in the dark about the chain for a little longer, but read to the most recent chapters. They shed just a little bit more light on the chain, and why it is so mysterious right now.

      As for the multiple names, the girls have a True Name (ex: Lin Yingmei), their Star Name (Lin Chong), their Star Position (Majestic Star), and their nickname (Panther Head). The last three names are ripped straight from the classical Chinese work, The Water Margin, upon which this novel draws influence from.

      AFAIK, there are many different illustrations, but the author has not indicated which ones are official.

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