Maiden Galaxy: Chapter 1

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It’s here, everyone! Here’s the first chapter of the sequel to 108 Maidens!

For new readers unfamiliar with 108 Maidens, you don’t need to read the prequel to enjoy this story.

For returning readers familiar with 108 Maidens, I’ll answer the first question everyone has on their minds: No, Su Xing will not be returning. This story follows a new protagonist during his adventures in Star World! However, just because he isn’t Su Xing doesn’t mean that he’s any less a worthy protagonist as Su Xing was.

Here’s your first chapter!


  1. Not exactly a sequel if it follows another person. Interesting but everyone wants to have a sequel of Su Xing.

    1. Well, some characters from 108MOD will appear in a certain capacity, and the story does take place after Su Xing ascended into Star World. Following a different protagonist may be a result of some behind the scenes stuff involving the author and the publishing sites, Qidian and Chuangshi.

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