108 Maidens of Destiny: Chapter 35 & Other News, Please Read

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Hi, guys! Schwarze_Kreuz here bringing you another chapter of 108 Maidens. As I mentioned previously, I’ve been thinking about changing my release schedule, and this is what I’ve come up with. I’ve decided that I’ll try a Monday through Thursday release schedule, so there should be 4 chapters a week for now. Basically, you just got nearly a whole week of 108 Maidens this time around!

Second, as I’ve mentioned previously also, some users were reporting a few issues viewing the site. After consulting with my system administrator, we believe we have found the source of the problem. However, please continue to let me know if you find any bugs and the like.

In other news, I was contacted by a representative of Qidian, the publishing company behind this work, and they are completely fine with me translating this work. While they cannot officially authorize me to be the formal translator for this series, they are fine with me continuing my translation to the end. Thanks, Qidian!

And lastly, as always, please show your support for me by clicking on the ads or placing a donation using the button at the right. I assure you, the fact it says “Buy Now,” should not be cause for alarm XD.

And now, here’s your chapter!

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