Back to the Apocalypse: Chapter 15

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And welcome to another week, everyone! It’s Schwarze again, bringing you your weekly chapter of Back to the Apocalypse. The aftermath of the incident is resolved, but will Bai Jing meet Xiao Sa?

And since I see so many commenting about this, I would like to reiterate a certain point. As much as I appreciate all your support for this series, I am not the translator; I am simply an editor. My friend, who is translating the series, is using my website because that is a deal we worked out. Just wanted to clear that up so that credit is given where credit is due :).

And here’s your chapter!

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  1. Thanks to your friend for the chapter! I patiently await every one.
    I can’t believe they still haven’t met yet. I hope there aren’t too many chapters until they meet.

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