108 Maidens of Destiny: Chapter 82

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Hi, everyone! It’s Schwarze, again. Everyone, a round of applause for Michael S.! Thank you, Michael, for your donation, and now I present to you all, a sponsored chapter of 108 Maidens of Destiny!

Su Xing begins a fight to the death with the deadliest foe he has ever faced. Not only is Ancestor Baili’s cultivation far greater than Su Xing’s, there is also the presence of two Star Masters as well as the combined forces of two sects! What plan does the man Shi Yuan fell for have up his sleeve that makes him believe he has a snowball’s chance at victory? The key may lie in Lin Yingmei’s Yellow Rank Spear Technique, to be featured next chapter!

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    1. I’ll comment on this tomorrow since you brought it up, but I’ll give you what I do know right now. I really don’t know. When I first started, Qidian reached out to me, and I did pose this question to them. They said they wouldn’t mind me doing what I wanted with it. I don’t know if that’s changed, but I’ll keep going till I’m hit with a DMCA 🙂

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