108 Maidens of Destiny: Chapter 83 & Short Announcement

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Hello, everyone! It’s Schwarze! Just wanted to start everything off by addressing a concern a reader had regarding this series. As you may know, Qidian is the original publisher for this series, and they recently had a falling out with Western translation groups. I just wanted to let you know that, for now, I do not believe my translations will be affected. A representative from Qidian has previously contacted me regarding translation, and I posed this sort of question to that rep. According to them, 108 Maidens is not a primary concern for Qidian, so I do not believe I’ll get cracked down on anytime soon. That doesn’t for sure mean I am safe, though. I intend to keep translating until I’m slapped with a DMCA, so please keep giving your support!

In this extra long chapter of 108 Maidens, Lin Yingmei debuts her special attack, and boy, is it deadly!

By the way, a new contract will be formed by the end of this week!

Without further ado, here’s the chapter!


  1. Note: the following is based on reading about this not being involved in any of it so there could be major errors in this.

    About Qidian.
    What they are did was get the most popular of the books they publish and basically told those translators/editors they can either continue translating for the Qidian International (QI) website or stop and if they stop can QI get the already translated chapters. That is the reason several of their books in translation restarted from chapter 1( The upside is you get actually paid (the rate I saw mentioned was $4-$7/chapter)).

    Their primary problem seems to be a lack of decent editors from QI. This limits the number of novels that can be translated at their own website. The other problem might be that the backlash from fan translators is bigger then expected and that as a result QI has a bigger problem getting qualified translators as well.
    Once they manage to solve/bypass those problems expect a new round of consolidation.

    P.s. the grapevine is claiming that the QI website is going to be paywalled eventually.

  2. None of the translators I’ve talked to have mentioned QI offering them the option of continuing translating with them. I don’t think so many would have dropped their QI projects if that was the case, but I’m also not in the middle of it. I’m just sad that there are stories we might not ever get to read now (unless I buckle down and learn to read Chinese) 🙂

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