108 Maidens of Destiny: Chapter 126

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Hello, everyone! I’m back! I’m sorry if I worried some of you with my absence this week, but I did alert you all in my previous post that I would need to take the week off to figure out a study plan for my actuarial stuff. Is there a better place that such an important announcement may be visible to all of you? Anyways, tentatively, I’m thinking of readjusting my translation schedule to Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, but you will still receive the normal four chapters for this week, at least.

In this chapter, Su Xing meets the masters of the Four Styles School, and it seems his cover story is already slowly being unraveled. Also, he meets his personal instructor within the school, a woman who has a close connection with the unfortunate Yuchi Qingshan!

Without further ado, here’s your chapter!

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  1. You should put your absence status announcement on the sidebar. Most readers check the sidebar. Heck most readers check the main page as well lol

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