Chapter 106: Swearing Allegiance

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On the second day after Changluo’s metropolitan examination concluded, Chen Mo was inside the ancestral residence’s study room in closed door cultivation. After refining Chen Bozhi’s Star Energy, he now was only exercising his True Qi. Profound qi condensed over his head into mature Essence and Qi Flowers. However, Chen Mo was not satisfied at all. He tried to cultivate to Three Flowers Overhead’s last Spirit Flower.

The Spirit Flower was formed by cultivating Divine Intent. After the Spirit Flower was accomplished, the cultivator was able to use this intent to manipulate objects, to control a variety of things. They could even kill people through thought alone. This was the divide between the best cultivators. Truly powerful cultivators often had Divine Intent in their every word and action, making people unable to help but swear allegiance, a so-called qi field.

Cultivating Divine Intent required a particular “Intent Thought Process.” Different levels of Intent Thought Process had very large influences towards a cultivator. For normal Intent Thought Processes, most were able to control objects and suppress people. Stronger thoughts were able to extend over several dozen li, and even stronger cultivation methods would allow thoughts to become substantial, forming the qi field. Without batting an eyelid, one could make an entire army submit.

The Chen Family had many high quality Divine Intent cultivation methods, and Chen Mo planned to search for a few if he was able to return to Chang’an.

Now, Chen Mo cultivated for a moment, his Spirit Flower forming the size of a bud, barely able to manipulate small objects.

Then, Chen Mo trained Divine Hawk Eyesight, Black Raptor Breathing, and other cultivation methods. Ever since he fused them with the Bagua, the practice of the cultivation methods was smoother and much faster.

After a while, a bodyguard came to report that Chen Huhao and several of Changluo’s elders had paid a visit.

Chen Mo waited a while, going to the main hall after tidying up.

“Congratulations to Nephew Chen Mo for winning Chuan Province’s jieyuan, truly the fortune of the Chen Family.”


Upon seeing Chen Mo, Chen Huhao and the elders immediately put on smiles and offered flattering congratulations. Right now, they had no choice but to do so. Chen Mo’s attainment of Chuan Province’ first place already shook Great Chong Dynasty. Although Chen Huhao was still nominally the controller of Chuan Province, Zongzheng Ying and others already supported Chen Mo. Chen Mo would not even have time to utter a sentence before Chuan Province was already in his control.

“Thank you.” Chen Mo responded with few words.

“Qing’er.” Chen Huhao gave his son a glance.

Chen Qing cupped his fist, bowing deeply.

Chen Mo calmly asked: “Brother Qing, what is this for?”

“This is in gratitude for Cousin Chen Mo’s leniency in the labyrinth.” Chen Qing was apparently very sincere.

In the metropolitan examination, Chen Mo utterly defeated him with a single punch, dampening his drive. In the labyrinth, Chen Mo was completely capable of killing him at any time. Chen Qing also believed that Chen Mo should have saw through some of the dangers he had set. But Chen Mo still did nothing about them. However, this instead made Chen Qing start to fear Chen Mo.

Chen Mo’s way of doing things was merely informing him that he was no match and that Chen Mo found it beneath himself to kill him. This made Chen Qing feel even more fear than he had actually been killed.

“We are a clan, after all. It is understandable that harmless mistakes can happen now and then. But to repeat mistakes over and over, then even God will be unable to help.” Chen Mo smiled very amiably.

The group understood Chen Mo’s implication, immediately stooping down fearfully in response. Chen Huhao was merely Essence Flower Early Stage, and the elders were around Three Flowers level. In terms of martial force, Chen Mo could instantly kill them. In terms of background, the backing of Chang’an was something they could never even hope to compare to. In the face of Chen Mo’s threat, they naturally knew what to do.

“Indeed, Cousin Chen Mo is benevolent. In the future, you certainly can achieve meteoric success. We will definitely be grateful for your kindness.” Chen Qing changed expressions to extreme elation.

“Then I shall leave any trouble in Chuan Province to Uncle Huhao and the rest of you to manage. Do not disappoint me.”

Chen Mo nodded. Right now, he was wholeheartedly concentrating on his cultivation, holding little interest in something like authority.

“Certainly, certainly.”

Chen Huhao and the others were delighted, relieved in their hearts now that they knew Chen Mo had no plans to seize their power.

“Right, then. Nephew Chen Mo brilliantly passed as first place. May we suggest a banquet inviting each of Chuan Province’s major aristocratic families, what does Nephew Chen Mo think?” Chen Huhao asked.


Chen Mo wrinkled his brow, not terribly interested in this sort of function. He was relatively busy as of late, and the court examination was also less than two months away.

“I recently engaged in a breakthrough to the Spirit Flower of Three Flowers Overhead. I’m afraid I haven’t the time.” Chen Mo spoke forthrightly.


Chen Huhao and the others were shocked.

Chen Qing asked, astounded: “Chen Mo, you already matured your Essence and Qi Flowers??”

“En, I think I will probably be able to complete Three Flowers Overhead once I enter the court examination.” Chen Mo knew that the court examination was a truly dangerous place. In this Divine Warrior Examination, regardless of the once-in-a-thousand-years genius girl Princess Yanyu or the Great Chong Dynasty’s imperial family, they all had strength towering above the clouds. He had no foundation without reaching Saint of War level.

Of course, in past Divine Warrior Examinations, the levels of the warriors who came in first, second, and third place were only high, never low. 

Chen Mo’s objective was to stand out from the rest in the Divine Warrior Examination. To be in the top three, he could only do so by reaching Saint of War.

It was at this moment that Chen Huhao and the others truly were subdued under Chen Mo’s might.

Just half a year ago, Chen Mo in their memory was unable to practice martial arts, and now, the speed of his cultivation was simply a cheat, to surprisingly approach Saint of War. If it was not for Chang’an Mansion’s cover-up being too strong, then Chen Mo would be known as a monster, someone more monstrous than Jiang Yanyu.

However, if they knew that Chen Mo personally killed a Saint of War, what sort of expression would they have made.

“Since Nephew Chen Mo wants to break through to Spirit Flower, then we shall not disturb you. If Nephew has any requests, please do not hesitate to issue orders. We will definitely do all that we cane to accomplish them.” Chen Huhao pledged.

“Thank you for your troubles.”

Chen Mo politely said.

When Chen Huhao and the others left Chen Mo’s residence, their moods had yet to recover from the realization he was approaching Saint of War. “Ai, this Chen Mo is too abnormal, to unexpectedly already be a complete Two Flowers Overhead so quickly.” Chen Huhao sighed. “Qing’er, your loss was unavoidable.”

As if sensing the disparity with Chang’an Mansion, Chen Huhao sighed again.

“Then what about the collaboration with the prince and His Imperial Majesty?” An elder nervously asked.

“We have already failed to stop Chen Mo. The following developments already are things that little ingrates like us can handle. Just take of your own things and play both sides.” Chen Huhao thought. “Fortunately, we secretly funded bandits in Changluo’s surroundings. Just have those bandits rob those merchants. For the time being, disturb Changluo’s development to temporarily slow Chen Mo’s takeover of Changluo.”

The others nodded, heavily sighing. There was no other choice.

“Qing’er, what are you thinking about?” Chen Huhao saw his son was brooding, preoccupied.

“Father, I cannot understand how Chen Mo had such an enormous change, to be able to enter Saint of War so quickly.” Chen Qing had cultivated for so long, yet he was only Qi Flower Realm. According to his assessment, the distance to Spirit Flower would be at least several years, but Chen Mo was surprisingly nearing that after just passing the metropolitan examination. This gave Chen Qing a very serious blow.

“Would you say that he might have some kind of treasure?” Chen Qing had once dispatched someone to observe Chen Mo for a very long time. He was certain that the Chen Mo of the past was indeed a cripple.

“Even if he did, that would not be something you or I could covet.” Chen Huhao sternly cut off his son’s desires. “Otherwise, I fear he will not show any mercy in eliminating us.”

“…En.” Chen Qing quickly agreed.

“And I have a feeling that his goal is not just the Divine Warrior Examination. He probably will not be satisfied with staying in the Tail Fire Star Field.”

“For the foreseeable future, we had better maintain good relations with him. As for His Imperial Majesty, we will dispatch bandits to handle that. That will be considered our utmost.” Chen Huhao said to the elders.

Chen Mo stood in front of the window, glaring coldly at them as they departed.

A while later, he turned and walked towards the study.

The instant he crossed the threshold, the temperature in the study abruptly plummeted, as if ice and snow had encroached. Chen Mo was frozen for a moment. He lifted his head and saw a young woman in the study room, dressed in robes as white as snow, gazing at a painting. Chen Mo cried out in pleasant surprise: “Auntie.”

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