Chapter 108: Invasive As Fire

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In the end, Chen Mo still did not ask about the “two year’s death day” that Chen Bozhi mentioned. He knew that even if he did ask, Auntie would never tell him. Right now, his Realm was too low, and he was completely unable to do anything about business in the Inner Star Field.

Next morning, Auntie had silently vanished without a trace. Chen Mo continued to cultivate the last Spirit Flower of Three Flowers Overhead, his progress very slow. At noon, Chen Mo remembered it had been a long time since he had gone to see Zhongli Sanmei and Nianyou, so he wondered how they were at that mountain fort. Chen Mo mounted his Nebula Flying Chariot, soaring towards Changluo’s mountains.

In the sky, he saw an endless chain of peaks from faraway. The mountains were elegant, a cluster of green hidden amidst rolling clouds. There were four peaks among them that were particularly eye-catching,  higher than the others and deeper in color. Like four bashful maidens waiting in their bedchambers, they were faintly discernible through the mist.

These peaks had a very vivid name.

Four Ladies Mountain.

In Chuan Province, Four Ladies Mountain was quite famous because of their elegance, scenery, and fog of mystery. Spirit grasses even grew on them. However, Four Ladies Mountain’s topography was complicated, with many vagabond cultivators living there in seclusion. Over time, Four Ladies Mountain became a den of bandits, and the local officials were powerless to deal with them.

Chen Mo circled the Nebula Flying Chariot above the Four Ladies Mountain, his brow abruptly wrinkling. He sighed. Perhaps at a higher altitude, the magnificence and position of the Four Ladies Mountain before his eye would undoubtedly be revealed. The four gorgeous peaks nestled against each other, like girls whispering secrets, however, Chen Mo felt that something was incongruous.

Arriving at the fort, Chen Mo was astonished by the scene in front of him.

In the fort’s courtyard, a group of warriors were currently running drills. They wore gleaming armor, and their hands held twinkling Star Weapons as they practiced a formation. This formation was odd. The warriors were split into staggered lines, moving forward together, or retreating and attacking as one, each line interlocked with the others. All of the warriors’ Qi-blood surged as one, as if they were fused together, their Qi-blood rocketing into heavens. This kind of feeling was not lacking compared to a Saint of War.

The dynasty’s battle formations were extremely important. All warriors composing the formation often could pose a threat to even Thunder Tribulation cultivators. For example, the Long Saber Army’s “Fish Scale Formation” and “Crane Wing Formation” were both very famous, but formations like these with all warriors working together could not possibly reach the level of power a Saint Of War had. However, this was the first time that Chen Mo saw a formation like this. Three lines attacked, burning like heavenly fire, already bearing the boldness of a wildfire. To surprisingly allow these Qi-blood level bandit warriors to produce a Saint Of War’s drive, fuck, a formation like this brought to perfection would be able to overwhelm the Human Sovereign. 

“Drill properly for This King. Anyone dares slack off, This King shall flay off a layer of your skin.”

On the courtyard, an irascible woman with red hair flowing like water was in the middle of drilling these bandits.

If anyone was deficient, they immediately incurred a rebuke. It was probably from prior instances of instruction that left them with lingering trepidation, but all of the bandit warriors were very much working like mules, sincerely practicing the formation. 

“Great King, you have finally returned. The Mistress is honestly too awesome.” The former second-in-command of the bandits ran over when he saw Chen Mo to utter his flattery. “Once our people received the Mistress’ guidance, or strength suddenly soared by leaps and bounds.”

Chen Mo could see that. Compared to before, these lazy bandits had a resolve even more intense and hot-blooded than a soldier’s.

“Carefully inspect your postures. Anyone dares slack off, This King will make you shed a layer of your skin.” Zhongli Sanmei coldly scolded this person attempting to ingratiate himself with Chen Mo back into formation.


Chen Mo landed the Nebula Flying Chariot next to the red-haired woman.

King Of Extinguished Ashes Zhongli Mo shot him a glance, “Is your metropolitan examination finished.

Chen Mo nodded, “I got jieyuan.”

Zhongli Sanmei did not know what this jieyuan thing was, but judging from Chen Mo’s relaxed manner, she knew that the result should have been very satisfactory anyways. “What formation is this?” Chen Mo saw that this drill formation was very odd.

“Faster, your attacks need to be more invasive, about to invade at any moment!! You stupid men!!” Zhongli Sanmei furiously scolded them, her voice like a lit explosive. Chen Mo felt his eardrums ache though he stood beside her.

“This is the Three Senses True Fire Formation,1 a formation from when This King led troops in battle in the past.” In her free moment, Zhongli Sanmei took the time to explain. The martial force of the Outer Star Fields honestly was too low, and their warrior formations were extremely unrefined. Zhongli Sanmei saw these bandits were a bit unpracticed, so she thought of something to pass the time.

Indeed, what she wanted to do to was to help raise a powerful Clinging Fire Army for Chen Mo.

An army composed entirely of Qi-blood warriors turned to Saints of War was something that would leave the hundred Star Fields of the Outer Star Fields terror-stricken. “The weapons and armor you had that person send are barely passable. If you use Clinging Fire to forge Clinging Fire weapons, my Three Senses True Fire Formation will be even more fruitful. Right now, these people are barely able to display the level of a Saint of War.” Zhongli Sanmei twitched her lips, not very satisfied with this result.

As well, she was but one of Her Excellency Xiang Yu’s Five Great Heavenly Kings. As a high-ranking officer, to lead troops that were surprisingly only at Saint of War level was too wasteful.

Chen Mo smiled: “Then I must thank you. Sanmei.” Although he did not have any interest in raising his own influence, to have another card in his hand was not a bad thing. Recalling the myriad surprises in this Divine Warrior Examination, Chen Mo knew that so many years after he left Chang’an, the Chang’an Mansion was probably caught in an undercurrent.

“Soon, This King shall assault a neighboring stronghold. Watch the fruits of This King’s labors.” An ecstatic grin appeared on Zhongli Sanmei’s lips.

Chen Mo lingered at the grounds a little longer before going to the fort’s mansion. Nianyou and Ning Xiaoyuan were currently stuck together, with Ning Xiaoyuan teaching Nianyou how to read. Seeing Chen Mo come, little Nianyou immediately extended her arms for a hug.

“Thanks for the weapons you sent this time.” Chen Mo indicated his gratitude to Xiaoyuan.

“To be able to receive a word of thanks from Your Highness Chen Mo, this is better than any business I could draw out.” Ning Xiaoyuan faintly smiled, and the Bodyguard Guo beside her said: “Your Highness, our young lady has heard all about you. Congratulations for making first place.”

The Chen MO who had received too many congratulations over the past few days merely grinned. He saw looked at the ancient characters on the wall that Ning Xiaoyuan was currently deciphering. After the girl learned of the Five Finger Mountain ability’s record, she bade the troupe to return home. She and Bodyguard Guo would remain for now to specifically investigate these rare ancient characters.

“Any findings?” Chen Mo asked as he played with Nianyou.

Ning Xiaoyuan shook her head: “This Five Sacred Mountains Chant is merely an incomplete fragment of the five chapters. It isn’t intact.”

Chen Mo was a bit regretful to hear this.

The ancient ability Five Fingers Mountain could be said to have reached an extreme of power capable of breaking ten thousand techniques, comparable to a Star General’s Heaven, Earth, Dark and Yellow or their Universe, Eternity, Flood, or Desolate. If he had a set of Ancient martial arts like these, this would count as a bit of capital should he want to help Auntie in the future.

“Rumor has it that the Five Sacred Mountains Chant is recorded only in the immemorial FIve Finger Mountains. It can only be cultivated like this. Since this place right here has it, there must be some other clue.” Ning Xiaoyuan consoled him.

“I’ll dispatch people to investigate this.” Chen Mo answered.

After lingering with Nianyou and Ning Xiaoyuan for a bit, Chen Mo grabbed a long saber, beginning to train Ice Breaker Snow Slicer. This long saber’s quality was very good, and it was One Star. However, he was unable to find a bit of inspiration using it to practice Ice Breaker Snow Slicer. The long saber was completely lacking, entirely without Yanran’s directness and efficiency, that sharpness to cleave something in two with a single stroke.

Chen Mo had Ning Xiaoyuan help him see if there was anything.

If this erudite girl had never seen this kind of technique before…

Then it seemed this truly was Heaven, Earth, Dark, and Yellow.

Chen Mo thought to himself that it was a pity his level was far from sufficient. He was unable to make that Evil Smiting Hall True Spirit come impart unto him even more experience. Otherwise, if he learned this Yellow Rank Technique, even a Greater Thunder Tribulation Cultivator would be cut in two.

How regretful that in order to train a Star General’s Heaven, Earth, Dark and Yellow Techniques, he was required to have a compatible weapon. Yanran’s straight saber was called the “Jade Dragon Misfortunate Snow,” a top-notch Star Weapon. He would have to practice this technique slowly.

After sweeping away the gloom in his heart, the bandits’ second-in-command reported that Zhongli Sanmei requested Chen Mo’s presence at the plaza.

Upon arriving, a hundred warriors were already arranged into three phalanx formation, each armed with blades, spears, or hatchets, formed up in succession, taking the shape of a condensed line arrangement. As far as the eye could see, they were like scorching Clinging Fire, suffocating. 

“The Great Chong Dynasty has never seen such a formidable formation, to be able to make Qi-blood warrior battle formations have the feeling of Qi-blood overflowing the Heavens like a ‘Saint Of War’ does. This array is even impenetrable to a cultivator’s Divine Intent.” Seeing such an array, Bodyguard Guo was moved.

Ning Xiaoyuan slightly nodded. She looked curiously at Chen Mo, increasingly unable to see through this His Highness.

Zhongli Sanmei glanced at Ning Xiaoyuan and the others.

Chen Mo asked her, “Just who are you preparing to attack with this?”

“The Mistress is preparing to annex the neighboring fort.” The second-in-command respectfully answered, explaining to Chen Mo the surrounding environment at the same time. Owing to Four Ladies Mountain’s topography, the four peaks had four large bandit forts. The fort they occupied was merely the Fourth Sister Peak, categorized as the lowest level. The Eldest Sister Peak, Second Sister Peak, and Third Sister Peak up above all had bandit troops with strength more robust than theirs.

It was rumored that the bandits had a most important connection to Chuan Province’s authorities. Their numbers exceeded a hundred, their equipment was of superior quality, and their marital arts were refined.

If they could sweep through Four Ladies Mountain and conquer these brigands, if they combined them with the formations Zhongli Sanmei drilled, Chen Mo would have power that did not lose out to any of Great Chong Dynasty’s armies.

“You shouldn’t have done it only for this reason? Sanmei?” Chen Mo smiled and asked.

Zhongli Sanmei nodded, very bluntly answering: “Didn’t you want to find that whatever ancient Five Fingers Mountain? Since this peak had a carving with this technique, then the other peaks may also have something. You should have also thought of this, right?” The King Of Extinguished Ashes had the same thoughts as Chen Mo.

She had the free time, anyways. To be able to let Zhongli Sanmei move her muscles and bones about was not a bad thing, and the woman’s current cultivation had already reached Heart Furnace. After she passed Reborn Nine Movements, she had enough time to spare to drill them.

With an order, Zhongli Sanmei had assigned the second, third and fourth-in-command of the late bandit leader as the team leaders to the the three formations. Then, they each mobilized towards Third Sister Peak.

The troops were grand and mighty, marching like fire over the earth, their Qi-blood combining into one, a frightening battle formation.

“Invasive As Fire”2

This was the distinct feature of the Three Senses True Fire Formation. All warriors seemed to be a single unit, the three formations’ coordinated attack and defense practically without openings.

Ning Xiaoyuan was already astounded. She had read extensively about formations in the Book of Song and the Book of History, but this was the first time she had seen such a tough and proud army.

“Those bandits are completely outmatched.” Bodyguard Guo asserted.


After a couple hours.

Third Sister Peak’s bandit fort fell.

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  1. 三味真火陣法
  2. 侵略如火

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