Chapter 110: Pingyang Mountain, Yin Underworld

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Zhongli Sanmei sat bored on a tall chair, watching several hundred brigands in the middle of cleaning the fort. She did not know what the bandits said to each other, but Third Elder Sister’s chief Qiao Dasheng’s group immediately were docile and stupefied.

Not long after, Chen Mo, Nianyou, and Ning Xiaoyuan emerged from the bandit leader’s room. The King Of Extinguished Ashes then asked: “Did you find what you wanted?”

Chen Mo nodded.

As expected, Third Sister Peak had another portion of the ancient script Five Sacred Mountains Chant.

“Any problems?” Zhongli Sanmei saw that Chen Mo was apparently not happy at all.

“The problem is that remnant portion doesn’t have any spiritual power. There’s no way to cultivate it.” Chen Mo sighed. A cultivation method like that only had some words, but it was missing the spiritual power required in an ancient ability. This was just like giving an exceptional soul technique to someone unable to recognize even a single word. No matter how profoundly it was written, there was no way to even discuss cultivating it if he did not understand it.

The ancient ability Five Finger Mountain required “Five Finger Spirit Mountain” spiritual power. This was the quintessence of Five Finger Mountain, but the portion he found had none at all. Clearly, something was missing.

Ning Xiaoyuan suggested searching the other peaks’ spirit chants. Perhaps they would be able to find something. Chen Mo considered this was the only solution.

However, Second Sister Peak and Eldest Sister Peaks’ bandit forts were not so easy to assault.

According to Qiao Dasheng’s information, Second Sister Peak’s bandits were not so numerous, more than a hundred, but practically all of them were Three Flowers Overhead warriors. Reportedly, they were exiled here from a large barbarian country, and they possessed plenty of brute force. They also had a famous Saint Of War overseeing them. In the past, several of Four Ladies Mountain’s powers were displeased with seeing these barbarians and wanted to assimilate them. The result was that they were annihilated instead. Consequently, no one on Four Ladies Mountain dared to oppose them.

Eldest Sister Peak was even more dangerous.

Not only did they have high-quality weapons, they even had a Lesser Thunder Tribulation cultivator. Rumor had it that they had a collaborative relationship with Changluo’s authorities. Through all of Four Ladies Mountain, Eldest Sister Peak was practically a crane amidst a flock of chickens.

“Then I’ll go on a trip to the Underworld Grotto.” Chen Mo saw that it was impossible to decisively take care of either stronghold in the next few days and decided to first obtain the Alpha Ursae Majoris Stone.

“Before you come back, I’ll help fix these bandits up into obedience for you.” Zhongli Sanmei had no interest at all in running around finding things. Whipping these unexceptional bandits into a terrifying army was her greatest hobby.

Hearing that Chen Mo wanted to leave for a time, Nianyou clutched his shoulder. The little loli widened her brilliant, gleaming eyes, saying that she wanted to go, too.

“Nianyou, stay here with Big Sister Sanmei for now. I’ll be back very soon this time.” Chen Mo ruffled her head. The Underworld Grotto was a bit dangerous, and the time for this trip would not be too long. It was not worthwhile making Nianyou face danger together with him.

Little Nianyou showed a crestfallen expression, and Chen Mo was briefly swayed, nearly changing his mind. Zhongli Sanmei picked up Nianyou and hugged the girl against her chest, using her bosom to ravage the little loli’s cute cheeks.1 “Be a good girl and stay with Big Sister. As if we’d care about a stinking man, we’ll make him cry later on.”

Nianyou blinked her big eyes, a stupefied expression as she looked at Zhongli Mo’s chest.

“Then I’ll trouble you with Nianyou and the bandits, Sanmei.” Pressed for time as of late, Chen Mo had no way to be in two places at once.

“Go then, don’t disappoint This King.” Zhongli Sanmei said: “With your current strength, forgive This King for being blunt, but This King cannot rest easy with handing Nianyou over to you.”2

Chen Mo helplessly smiled. He was unable to refute this point.

A few days later.

Tail Fire Star Field, a barren mountain on the outermost periphery.

A territory the Great Chong Dynasty had yet to touch, the Hengduan Mountains3 were like an enormous, creeping beast laying flat on the earth, splitting the territory in two. This mountain was enormous, ten thousand zhang tall. Looking upwards, one could not see its limit.

The grove below the mountain was lush, full of ancient trees reaching into the heavens. As a result, this place was cool and dark year-round. The trees were gray as stone, their leaves like ash, appearing dismal and wretched, an eerie scene.

This was a place abundant in Yin qi. Any living person, even a young and vigorous warrior, would have their Qi-blood dry up as a result of this hellish environment. They would lose their willpower, as if they had lost their soul, a mentality that inflicted maximum damage. As a result, the majority of cultivators, including Thunder Tribulation cultivators, were all unwilling to tread lightly in this area.

This area had a name.

“Yin Underworld.”4

Today, the splendid shone brilliant from above. The snowflakes of Eastern Mountain faraway reflected the sun’s radiance. A Nebula Flying Chariot appeared in the sky above the Yin Underworld. 

Aboard the chariot were two men and one woman. One of the youths appeared sixteen or seventeen, but his appearance was upright, his gaze deep, completely doing away with a youngster’s naivete. The other man was of a tall and slender build, his face like jade, the epitome of the word, “pretty.” Finally, the gorgeous young woman stood beside him, her beauty immediately greatly diminished.

“This place should be the Yin Underworld.”

Chen Mo surveyed from above. The tree cover was too dense, practically without any openings, like a lifeless, dried-up seabed. Let alone walking through this place, even looking from above felt depressing.

“Then this must be Pingyang Mountain?”

The beautiful man Qin Shaoxu lifted his head to look at that enormous range nearby. These mountains were truly majestic, like a screen through heaven and earth blocking off line of sight.

“They say that once we pass through this Pingyang Mountain, we can reach the Distressed Yin Star Field.” Ting Nanyuan interjected, holding a special expectation for that mountain.

Although it was said that the Outer Star Fields had more than nine thousand Star Fields, but only those with the level to smash through the starry skies could cross back and forth as they pleased through the link between Star Fields. Only the “Earthly Star” Realm above Human Sovereign was capable of this. Of course, some magic weapons and special abilities and cultivation methods could achieve this as well.

Legend said that Pingyang Mountain had a special passageway. Back when the Great Chong Dynasty’s founding emperor raised his army, he was able to prevail over many of the feudal states of that time, and there was the “Ghost Army” of a certain Distressed Yin Star Field that established very meritorious contributions. Up until now, the “Ghost Army” was a mysterious card in the Tang imperial family’s hand.

“Has anyone ever found it?” Chen Mo asked.

“As far as This Princess is aware, no.” Ting Nanyuan shook her head: “The generations succeeding the late emperor sent many armies into Pingyang Mountain, but no one came back alive.”

“No wonder the Underworld Grotto is known to be vicious.” Chen Mo realized.

“Chen Mo, just what are you looking for in this place? The Yin Qi here is very heavy, what can you find?” Ting Nanyuan’s shoulders shrunk. An evil wind gusted, making her very uncomfortable. If it was not for her Astral Treasure “Spirit And Mind Horn,” just staying here for too long would make her feel that her soul would come flying out of her body.

“A test.” Chen Mo answered.

“A test?” Ting Nanyuan was confused. “Don’t tell me this is for the court examination?” Even so, this was unavoidably too unreasonable.

“You are but cultivating at the juncture of Spirit Flower. Never do anything stupid.” Ting Nanyuan advised.

Cultivating Divine Intent was a most important threshold for cultivators entering Thunder Tribulation. The so-called Divine Intent was mind and thought. Thought was the reasoning, and the mind traveled into the world as if substantial.

There were myriad ways to cultivate Divine Intent, but Ting Nanyuan had never heard of someone using the Yin Qi of the Yin Underworld to do so. Cultivating Divine Intent like this would be too heretical, giving rise to demons of the mind. To a cultivator, this would be very, very counterproductive.

“I know.” Chen Mo smiled in response to her concern.

Qin Shaoxu pondered, “However, this Yin Underworld is so large, the Underworld Grotto won’t be easy to find.”

“Let’s look around first.” Chen Mo was without options.

Driving down the Nebula Flying Chariot, the chariot immediately entered the sea of trees. A dark cloud churned, and they dissolved into the mist.

Just at this moment, in the depths of a cave, a graceful and elegant curve was outlined within a cloud of black qi. In the darkness, a pair of black eyes slowly opened.

“Someone has come?”

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  1. Yes, this phrasing was in the raws.
  2. Zhongli Sanmei has taken a real liking to Nianyou.
  3. 橫斷山脈
  4. 陰冥地


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