Chapter 112: Underworld Woman

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“Do we really need to head over there? Shaoxu, you have to hold me.” Ting Nanyuan complexion had lost all color, and her speech became flustered.

This scene of countless corpse hands extending from the walls and floor was something the Wuyang Princess would never see even in a nightmare. To make her dash over, she knew that she did not have the guts to so.

Qin Shaoxu’s delicate brow showed a rare crease. He looked at Chen Mo.

Chen Mo suddenly took action, rushing towards the entire cave lined with corpse hands. Ting Nanyuan screamed: “Don’t go.” But she was too late. The cave’s corpse hands suddenly grabbed at Chen Mo, spraying purple poison qi.

Chen Mo used the Bowl Body Techniques, executing Kun Six Severed.


Footprints were carved deep into the ground. The tip of his foot kicked, lifting a corpse hand. Then, Chen Mo leapt into the air and kicking his way towards Qin Shaoxu. When the swarming corpse hands grabbed, Chen Mo rose, using the Cool Breeze Bright Moon Escape to barely evade.

The corpse hand that fell still struggled on the ground, pinned securely by one of Qin Shaoxu’s throwing knives.

Chen Mo walked over, finally getting a good look at the true nature of this corpse hand.

To be precise, that was a very large centipede that appeared very much like the arm of a corpse. It had the purple color of livor mortis, a hundred tiny feet, and its movements were very quick. If one did not get a clear look, it was basically impossible to distinguish that this corpse arm was in fact a centipede.

For the time being, this centipede would be dubbed the Corpse Hand Centipede, “You can relax now, right. This place isn’t some kind of Hell.” Chen Mo shot a glance at the pale Wuyang Princess.

Ting Nanyuan stared at it for a long time before she finally calmed herself greatly. But even so, this Corpse Hand Centipede looked honestly too disgusting, making the girl feel repulsed. It could have looked like anything, but it surprisingly grew to look like a dead person’s arm.

“I fear this kind of centipede has those of Rank Four. They will not be easy to face.” Qin Shaoxu saw the centipede was still struggling, thus hurling two more throwing knives. He was quite proud of his throwing knife technique, but to see the centipede surprisingly survive made him wrinkle his brow for a time.

“What do we do about this?” Even if she knew of the corpse hands’ true nature, the feelings of disgust nevertheless had not diminished in the least. Ting Nanyuan asked Chen Mo with difficulty.

“Kill our way through.” Chen Mo did not hesitate to take out Northern Dipper. The massive iron stick made Qin Shaoxu’s brows rise.

“Kill our way through…” Ting Nanyuan stared into the cave filled with “corpse arms” and wanted to cry.

“I’ll open a path. You two wait here for now.” Chen Mo slightly smiled. This was a trial Auntie had set for him. If he could handle this himself, he did not want to be lazy and count on others instead.

Qin Shaoxu somewhat took notice of Chen Mo, nodding in approval.

Chen Mo inhaled. His two flowers opened over his head, and following his step, Northern Dipper’s power was completely unleashed. His entire person rolled through like a heavily armored tank, brandishing the Northern Dipper in his hand. An intense gust tore apart the Yin wind, letting out a vigorous roar.

The Corpse Hand Centipede’s smelled his Qi-blood, immediately firing streams of purple poison qi like arrows again.

Chen Mo rolled them up using Northern Dipper, its fierce wind shaking the cavern, but these centipedes surprisingly did not budge an inch. This force was completely incapable of injuring them.

Chen Mo retracted his breath, using the Nose Locking Art to close off his breathing. Smashing Northern Dipper around several times, these Corpse Hands Centipedes had very quick reactions, shuttling through the walls as if on level ground, evading killing blows.


More than a dozen Corpse Hand Centipedes lunged, pouncing towards Chen Mo.

A dozen arms immediately climbed onto Chen Mo’s body. Chen Mo circulated his Qi-blood. His whole body quivered, his breathing intensified, and the “Trampling” Innate Skill promptly launched these centipedes away.

Bang, bang, bang.

Northern Dipper surged forth.

The Corpse Hand Centipede’s filling the cave were launched into the air, falling like rain.

The Ting Nanyuan and Qin Shaoxu who were behind were astounded by the scene before their eyes.

“This man is even more daring than I had imagined.” Qin Shaoxu ponderously said.

This man?

Ting Nanyuan rolled her eyes at this sort of feminized wording.1

“Shall we go help him?” Seeing Chen Mo cleanly sweep the cavern’s Corpse Hand Centipedes, the Wuyang Princess was somewhat apologetic.

“I think there is no need.” Qin Shaoxu’s eyes were keen, his line of sight sweeping over the cave, contemplating.

No need?

Since her lover said so, then she would just watch for now.

She could never allow herself to help another man right in front of her lover’s eyes. Besides, these Corpse Hands were indeed very disgusting. Ting Nanyuan rationalized this to herself.

Chen Mo quickly scurried back, using a “Gen Overturned Bowl” to sweep away more than thirty centipedes, but some of these Corpse Hand Centipedes were Rank Four. To kill them with his current Star Energy alone would require wasting enormous amounts of his stamina.

These centipedes attacked like the tide and receded like it as well. Their assault was organized very neatly, the cave already filled with their purple poison fog. This fog could instantly decompose a person’s skin and corrode their armor. Chen Mo could only use Star Energy to barely protect himself.

But continuing on like this was not a solution.

There were honestly too many Corpse Hand Centipedes.

As he stamped his foot, several centipedes wrapped around Chen Mo’s legs, inhibiting his speed. Then, a Corpse Hand Centipedes burrowed out of the walls, opening its “five fingers” to grab Chen Mo.

Chen Mo sneered, suddenly sticking Northern Dipper into the ground. His fists rose and fell, the left like a cannon, the right like water; one moved, one stagnated; one furious, the other calm.

The Bagua’s fist-intent suddenly exploded from Chen Mo’s body, rolling out in all directions. Killing intent like blades and hatchets washed over the cavern walls, and an enormous Bagua symbol faintly manifested.

His figure moved.

Chen Mo’s Bagua chants, Xun Lower Broken, Li Center Empty, and Kan Center Full were used in succession. All of a sudden, the cave let out a rumbling jolt.

Far outside the battlefield, Qin Shaoxu showed a surprised expression. “This boxing…has already reached a state of return to its true nature. It possesses punch-intent.”

“This is something only a Saint of War can refine, isn’t it?” Ting Nanyuan said in astonishment. When she saw Chen Mo several months ago, he did not seem to be this incredible.

Generally speaking, punch-intent was the pinnacle of boxing. Even a Saint of War could only comprehend this realm after immersing themselves in a single martial art for several decades.

But Chen Mo practiced for such a short time in order to surprisingly be capable of such power. The Wuyang Princess had never heard of this.

The poison fog of the Corpse Hand Centipedes that filled the cave slowly abated. The activity in the cavern also slowly calmed, and the poison fog receded, revealing a figure that appeared to be frail yet nevertheless made people incapable of looking down on him.

Chen Mo’s clothes were practically melted away by the poison fog, leaving him practically threadbare. On his body were hundreds of cuts that the Corpse Hand Centipedes had scratched onto him.

Many of the centipedes in the cave were dead now, the majority having already fled.

“Not good.”

Qin Shaoxu was alarmed. He rushed forward and saw that Chen Mo’s complexion was purple and green, but he seemed to be still breathing.

“Are you alright?” Qin Shaoxu checked Chen Mo’s pulse.

“I’m fine.” Chen Mo used Star Energy to counteract the poison. Any other warrior would already have been devoured by the Corpse Hand Centipedes without leaving even a bone left.

“Don’t show off. Rest and recuperate for now.” Qin Shaoxu sternly said.

Chen Mo meditated, activating the Northern Dipper Great Overflow Chant.

“Chen Mo, are you okay?” Ting Nanyuan walked over and asked.

Qin Shaoxu shook his head. The man lifted his gaze, looking into the depths of the cave. The depths were a hole without visible end, as if it was an eye staring back.

The Underworld Cave’s depths.

A woman with long, billowing black hair slowly opened her eyes. In that moment she opened her eyes, the surrounding darkness seemed to be devoured by her pupils.

“Interesting. Now, let This One dig out your heart and see how powerful it is.”

The woman leisurely grasped the darkness. As if tearing it apart, she then reduced it into a grotesque-looking thing, throwing it into the shadows.

An ice-cold breath was born in a flash, and then it was deathly silent.

In the depths, there was only the woman cruelly smiling.

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  1. As in Qin Shaoxu was speaking with a female tone.

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