Chapter 114: No Thing Exists Beyond The Mind, No Principle Exists Beyond The Mind

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This Wuyi seemed to have made him walk into a dead end with no way out.

“Chen Mo, what’s the matter with you?” Ting Nanyuan noticed that Chen Mo’s face was very serious, looking at that man and woman as if they were enemies.

“The mind is principle, conveying conscience, knowledge and action are one!”

Chen Mo once again uttered this phrase. As expected, Wuyi’s expression changed, her eyes fixing on him. This time, Chen Mo meticulously avoided the woman’s line of sight, but an endless darkness still enveloped his.

By the time Chen Mo opened his eyes, the conversation he heard was all too familiar.

“Chen Mo, don’t you feel that something is very strange” Qin Shaoxu said.

Chen Mo was powerless. Motherfucker, what the hell is this illusion.

After a few half-hearted tries, the following scene played like a recording. The Blood Charcoal Spider, the Gravedigger Sword, and the School of the Mind’s chant, everything happened in order. 

This time, when the Corpse Hand Centipede sneak attacked, Chen Mo did not intercede. No matter what dream this was, he could change its details. However, the centipede’s surprise attack was stopped by Wuyi’s Divine Intent.

“Are you Distressed Yin Star Field people?” Ting Nanyuan asked.

The story repeated itself once again.

Seizing the chance while the two answered, Chen Mo brought out Northern Dipper and used his Innate Skills, launching a revolt against Wuyi without any warning. “Chen Mo!” Ting Nanyuan and Qin Shaoxu were both shocked.

“Collapsing Mountain Style!”

Chen Mo’s Northern Dipper smashed, an astral wind flowing like a flash flood, a really ferocious aggression.

Wuyi did not anticipate that this youth would abruptly show hostility towards her, but the woman already had preparations. Against Chen Mo’s attack, without changing her expressions, her abyssal pupils once again drew down a curtain of darkness upon him.


Chen Mo cursed, his field of view replaced with darkness. By the time he opened his eyes, he had inevitably returned to the scene of him accompanying Qin Shaoxu.

“Don’t you feel that something is very strange?”

Qin Shaoxu asked.

Hearing this question made Chen Mo’s head hurt.

This was never going to end.

To Chen Mo, the following events were like recordings on a tape, the circumstances repeated. Chen Mo made every sort of change, for example, suddenly revolting, attacking, killing the Blood Charcoal Spider himself, or even taking advantage of their misfortune.

But no matter what he did, everything seemed to be set in place. He could not escape this loop.


The girl’s pupils stared, and everything cycled once more.


When he opened his eyes once more and heard Qin Shaoxu’s question of something not feeling right, the Chen Mo whose ears were on the verge of growing hairs had already nearly lost his patience.

“Why aren’t you moving?”

Ting Nanyuan asked inquisitively.

Chen Mo sat on the ground, holding his chin. He may as well not move for now and instead come to understand this first. If this cycle continued, he would fall apart sooner or later.

Seeing Chen Mo not go, Qin Shaoxu and Ting Nanyuan also sat down with him.

There must be some mystery within this.

Chen Mo thought as hard as he could.

Chen Mo’s first thought was that phrase of Wuyi’s that pertained to the School of Mind, “The mind is principle, conveying conscience, knowledge and action are one.” Chen Mo remembered that this was among Wang Yangming’s four scriptures of the “School of Mind.” The general idea was to have a body without a good or evil mind, namely, that our minds originally did not have awareness and perception of any particular thing or person. When we have awareness and perception, we in fact hold feelings of good or evil towards them. This was the assignments our minds had towards other things, and we could not possibly not assign awareness or perception to things.

Now that he understood the logic, what did this concept from the School of Mind have to do with what was happening now?

Chen Mo could not understand at all.

“Don’t you think this place is too quiet?” Qin Shaoxu once again repeated that dialogue from before.


Chen Mo paid close attention this time, gazing attentively into the deep cave. The quiet was somewhat abnormal, the darkness within unfathomable, without any sign of life.

The School of Mind.

No thing exists beyond the mind, no principle exists beyond the mind!

Chen Mo’s mind was quick. He recalled the School of Mind’s most crucial core.

“Shaoxu, Nanyuan, you two stay here. I will walk the road ahead by myself.” Chen Mo stood up and said to his compatriots.

“What? You’re walking into this dark cave alone?” Ting Nanyuan’s mouth hung agape. This was no ordinary kind of boldness.

Was that hell of Corpse Hand Centipedes not terrifying?

Heaven knew what other legendary monsters lurked below.

“Are you sure?” Qin Shaoxu simply asked.

“Yes. I thought it over.” Chen Mo already used every kind of method, except for one.

The School of Mind said.

No thing exists beyond the mind, no principle exists beyond the mind. This meant that the mind itself was principle. Chen Mo’s mind already had some ideas. He needed to try it, otherwise he would be trapped to death within his mind. That truly would be an unreconciled death.

Qin Shaoxu nodded: “You be careful.”

Chen Mo took a deep breath, entering the cave alone.

“Are we really letting him go by himself?” Ting Nanyuan was very worried.

“Let him go. There are some things that need to be personally experienced.” Qin Shaoxu quietly answered.

“Personally experienced, isn’t that frightening?” Ting Nanyuan’s worry filled her face. She would rather not have this kind of experience.

Moving on his own, the dark cave seemed even more gloomy. Under the dim light of the torch, the shadows flickering on the walls reflected all sorts of shapes, malevolent as demons, baring fangs and claws. Chen Mo bluntly extinguished the torch, making his five senses plunge into deathly stillness. He even restrained his own breathing, using the Nose Locking Art to its limit, seriously as lifeless as a ghost.

Slowly advancing, the only thing right now in Chen Mo that could move was his heart.2

Even so, the frequency of his heartbeat was extremely low, far below normal.

A hundred steps.

Deathly stillness.

Fifty steps.

The deathly stillness became nothingness.

Very quickly, a hole appeared in the cave. Far away, he could feel a foehn wind head-on. In the were the screeches of a spider and the shouts of a man.

Chen Mo was uninterested, continuing his advance.

Ten steps.

The quiet space was shattered by Mu and his Gravedigger Sword and by Wuyi’s “School of Mind incantation.” When Chen Mo appeared in their field of view, both of them were taken aback.

But Chen Mo seemed to not have seen them, not sensing anything abnormal. Still, he calmly crossed the Blood Corpse Spider’s battlefield slaughter.

Killing intent and breath brushed past Chen Mo’s cheeks, but he seemed to be like placid lake waters, lifting not a single ripple.

No thing exists beyond the mind, no principle exists beyond the mind.

Chen Mo’s heartbeat slowed more and more, about to stop at any moment.

Under Wuyi’s astonished eyes, Chen Mo brushed past them like this as he traversed this cave, heading straight for the next level.


Wuyi suddenly snorted. Her eyes widened, and darkness as heavy as lead descended once again.

Chen Mo’s pace seemed to be caught in mud. It was difficult to move even an inch, but Chen Mo was unfazed. His heartbeat finally stopped at this instant, and all his bodily functions suddenly attained a state of vanishing completely.

The darkness swirled around in front of him. Suddenly, an even deeper darkness and light gathered in front of him to form an elegant figure.

“Boy, your comprehension is actually very high, to unexpectedly be capable of passing This One’s ‘No Thing Exists Beyond The Mind.’ Very good, but you already are unable to walk any further. If you dare take one more step forward, This One must make you feel what they call true despair.” That voice was mellow and suave, songlike.

Each word was able to pierce someone’s heart.

Chen Mo’s stopped heart was also stimulated by her every word, once again restarting its beat.

“Chen Mo, you’re finally awake.” Ting Nanyuan shouted in excitement.

Chen Mo opened his eyes and looked, only then noticing that the place he was in was the place where Mu killed the Blood Corpse Spider just now. He saw Qin Shaoxu currently standing in cold opposition against the other two, a state of mutual hostility.

Hearing Ting Nanyuan’s gasp, the others threw their gazes over in surprise.

That Wuyi woman was especially shaken, her gorgeous pupils as wide as copper bells.

“How long was I out?” Chen Mo breathed out fully, finally waking up.

“Not long.”

“Just now, why did you suddenly space out.” Ting Nanyuan patted her chest, nearly scared to death. From the moment he caught that woman’s stare, Chen Mo seemed to become a wooden sculpture, losing consciousness, the same behavior as that Blood Charcoal Spider.

Just as Qin Shaoxu was about to make a move, it was fortunately at this moment that Chen Mo woke up.

Chen Mo knew that things were not so simple. Inside this cave, there was an even more frightening woman manipulating everything.

However, when he recovered his consciousness, Chen Mo had never felt more enlightened about this world.

There was a saying, your stage is as large as your heart. To use it to describe Chen Mo’s feelings right now was seriously sincere. In his heart, there seemed to be something that made his scope widen greatly.

“If something happened to Chen Mo, I definitely won’t let you two go.” Ting Nanyuan indignantly said to Wuyi and Mu.

“Forget it.” Chen Mo waved his hand. This could not be blamed on her. The woman was merely a fuse. The crucial point was that there was still another even more terrifying person hindering them from further within. Recalling that threat of hers, Chen Mo’s brow creased tightly.

“Right, I will walk the road ahead by myself. Nanyuan, Shaoxu, both of you stay here.” Saying this, Chen Mo was taken aback, recalling that he had said this before inside the illusion. He could not help but smile wryly. He had experienced too many illusions and was not sure what was real or fake.

“You want to go alone?”

Chen Mo nodded.

Although the enemy had issued a threat, Auntie had required him to enter the final cave in order to be able to open the box. For this point, Chen Mo could not shrink back.

Seeing Chen Mo’s determination, Qin Shaoxu and Ting Nanyuan said nothing more.

“Just now, you…” Wuyi wanted to say something but hesitated as she gazed at Chen Mo.

“Pleased to have made your acquaintance.” Chen Mo cupped his fist. Right now, he did not have any intent to fight with them. He sprung up, flying into the cavern depths. His figure was very quickly swallowed by the darkness.

Qin Shaoxu and Ting Nanyuan stayed outside.

At this moment, Wuyi whispered something to Mu. Leaving Mu, the woman also leapt forth and entered the cave.

Chen Mo actually was not surprised the woman would follow.

“Just now, what did you see in the ‘mind?'” Wuyi asked.

“And what is this mind you speak of?” Chen Mo asked back.

“You are not of the School of Mind. I have no comment.”

“Then I have nothing to say.”

“You!!” Wuyi glared.

“Again?” Chen Mo’s gaze sank. Should this woman dare play another trick, he would definitely ravage her.

“Can it be you came to this cave in search of our Ancestral Master?” Wuyi asked.

“What Ancestral Master?” Chen Mo was confused.

Just as Wuyi was about to speak, it was suddenly at this moment that the dim cave surroundings in front them were swallowed inch by inch by a shadow, as if there was an enormous beast trudging through the darkness over towards them.

Immense pressure made the two of them feel like they were facing a powerful enemy. They did not even draw breath. A kind of despair from tumbling into a bottomless abyss tightly clutched their hearts.

“Who is your Ancestral Master?!” Chen Mo squeezed out this sentence with difficulty. He sensed that woman inside the cave truly was possibly that abnormally frightening Ancestral master. “Don’t tell me she’s Wang Shouren?”

“How did you know?” Wuyi was startled.

Chen Mo cursed to himself, Fuck.

How did he encounter this freak.

Wang Shouren was also known as Wang Yangming, the “School Of Mind” among the Hundred Schools of Thought, the top-notch Star General who surpassed the founder of the School Of Mind, Lu Jiuyuan.3

Legend said that his School Of Mind was capable of controlling the minds of the world. As a result, she had a resounding nickname in Star World.

“Higher Mind of All Things!”

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