Chapter 122: Great King Mulu And The Lover Gu

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On careful analysis, this really was not so mysterious.

The bees that the Gu Master released just now were merely a diversion to draw away line of sight. On the bees’ stingers were gu bugs. When Chen Mo used Li Center Empty to scatter the bees, the gu bugs had already seized their chance to invade his body. These bugs were all very tiny, and then they were practically undetectable in the chaotic situation.

However, the gu bugs were too feeble. The function of the gu art was not too strong, so the Life-taking Pellet Yellow Wine very easily killed the gu that entered his body.

Nan Jiang’s gu arts were all specially raised using various bugs. They looked venomous but were actually not. After they entered the body, warriors would be unable to expel them, and this was why they were very troublesome. If it was not for Miaoling’s teacher being a Great Gu Master, brewing a bottle of “Life-taking Pellet Yellow Wine”1 through thorough research of the gu arts, Chen Mo would have been stricken just now.

However, it was not impossible to defend against gu arts. By activating Divine Intent to cloak oneself, one was able to sense the movement of grass with the wind, and even minute gu bugs would be hard-pressed to evade detection.

However, Chen Mo’s Spirit Flower had only just started cultivation, and he had not yet arrived at the “finest detail” level of proficiency.

That old woman did not dare believe this. She continued to shake her cane. This time, more than a dozen hornets shot out like bullets. This was also one of her gu arts, strengthening every kind of bug and worm into becoming a method of attack. Combined with the properties of Demon Bugs, the potential for injury or death was far more formidable.

These were Iron Bullet Bees!!2

Miaoling cried out. The girl waved her hand, and several white strings spread out in a tangled manner in an attempt to ensnare the incoming Iron Bullet Bees. But upon contact, the net was torn to shreds. 

These Iron Bullet Bees possessed enough penetrative capability to punch through metal barriers. It would have no issue against the iron plate-like bodies of warriors who had refined their Qi-blood into their hearts and minds, combining Qi-blood together with their bodies.

When Chen Mo saw the ferocity of the incoming attack, her did not dare underestimate it. He pointed a finger, activating the super first-rate Dark Yang Finger.

His killing intent was like an ardent sun, striking down the Iron Bullet Bees with several whooshes.

“Huh?” That Granny Bee was astonished, again using a gu art.

But how could Chen Mo let her do as she pleased, “Help watch over Nianyou for me.” Saying this, he was already striding forward. As if taking a stroll under the moonlight, he closed the distance to his opponent.

It was at this moment that the fair-looking man instantly took action.

He threw a punch.

His fist wore a silver gauntlet, and embedded upon it were sharp spikes. This punch was fast as quicksilver. The things around his fist rolled like lead, making Chen Mo’s attack become slow-moving.

This guy’s a Saint Of War, too!

Chen Mo immediately sensed the man’s boundless fist-intent, which was surprisingly even more incredible than the one of that Saint Of War he killed back then. The fist-intent quickly surrounded Chen Mo.

Unable to attack, there would be nothing left of him.

Chen Mo was also considered about to become a Saint Of War. These days, he had even traded blows with Star Generals. Against the man’s punch, Chen Mo was not flustered, also striking with his palm.

The palm strikes like ruination, moving continuously.

Qian Three Unbroken!

The man took a step back, suddenly extending his other hand. This jab seemed to erupt from underwater, completely without warning and very suddenly. His right hand then made a hugging motion.

With this left hand that seemed to dredge the moon up from the water and the right hand that seized, Qian Three Unbroken’s continuous attacks were interrupted. The coordination of this man’s hands was strange and exquisite, making Chen Mo surprisingly feel he had nowhere to run.

If he was grabbed by this man, the consequences would be obvious.

White Monkey Hugs Moon!!3

Chen Mo stomped his feet.



Six cracking noises.

The carried bright moon seemed to be stomped to pieces by Chen Mo, becoming an illusory sight. The man’s attack failed, and his calm expression also suddenly changed.

Chen Mo closed the distance between them, pushing out his palm.


The man was repelled, his loftiness ended.

“What boldness, to surprisingly dare to injure the Great King’s people.” Granny Bee chastised, again shaking the Beehive Wooden Cane. More than a hundred hornets poured out like a black cloud, surprisingly spreading a poison fog everywhere.

Just at this moment, a fragrant wind rolled through, blowing the swarm of hornets asunder.

These hornets buzzed a bit before all falling to the ground.

Granny Bee’s expression changed.

“Why do you take advantage of this Master’s absence to again compare yourself with my disciple?”

A flat voice resounded.

Miaoling’s expression brightened: “Master!!”

A tall woman appeared in a black skirt and with her hair tied up. She had dark green eye shadow, a black tattoo, slender fingers, and an appearance like jewels. Her face was not the absolute in beauty, but she had an elegant charm.

Beside her were a man and woman, who were none other than Qin Shaoxu and Ting Nanyuan.

“Heh, heh, High Master Yeyao!”4 The man was somewhat afraid, acting cautiously.

“Gu Master Yeyao, has the gu the Great King asked you to refine been completed. Time is already running short.” Granny Bee said.

“So for the purpose of urging me on, you wanted to invite my disciple for a chat?” Yeyao said.

None of them said a word.

“Inform the Great King, that legendary gu of the Ancient Miao is the lifelong pursuit of Yeyao. There is no need for the Great King to worry, Yeyao will definitely think of a way to refine it.” Yeyao’s voice was lucid and graceful.

“Good, good. I shall report to the Great King about today’s incident. You had best do as you see fit. Time is already running out, and the Great King does not have too much patience.” The man glanced at Chen Mo and covered his chest. That punch just now had split his internal organs and bones, making every word he spoke somewhat unbearable.

All of a sudden, a delicate fragrance lingered about his chest. The man immediately felt the pain greatly subside, realizing that Yeyao had used a gu art to help heal him.

“Let’s go!”

The man did not dare delay. Against this woman who was one of the few Great Masters of Nan Jiang, he certainly was no match.

The group of soldiers immediately followed him away.

Granny Bee rapped her cane, still feeling a bit perplexed that Chen Mo was capable of immunity towards her gu arts.

Miaoling made a face: “Luckily, Master returned, however, I need to thank her for just now…Oh, yeah, what’s ya name.”5

The girl remembered that she seemed to have yet to ask Chen Mo’s name.

“He’s called Chen Mo.” Ting Nanyuan snickered. “He’s an expert in playing the hero rescuing the damsel in distress.”


Yeyao calmly glanced at Chen Mo and said to Miaoling: “Let’s go back first.”

Chen Mo carried Nianyou and walked before Qin Shaoxu and Ting Nanyuan, inquiring as to how they were acquainted with Yeyao. 

“She’s the friend that Shaoxu was looking for.” Ting Nanyuan was a bit jealous to see that Qin Shaoxu surprisingly knew such a tall and cool woman. “Shaoxu, there’s nothing going on between you two, right.” The Wuyang Princess nervously asked.

“I just know that her gu arts are very formidable, we’re a bit friendly with one another.” Qin Shaoxu helplessly shook his head, but the girl asked a dozen more times.

“Your guide to the Unexplored Region is her?” Chen Mo asked.


“What happened to your little sister?” Qin Shaoxu saw that Nianyou was apparently dispirited, her appearance very weary.

Chen Mo forced a smile, explaining about Miaoling.

“I heard about this Miaoling before. She is the Ancient Miao’s Saintess. I did not expect her to be so lively.” Qin Shaoxu said.

“Saintess? What is this?” Ting Nanyuan curiously asked. “Is there something special about her?”

“I am not sure either, but I know that the Ancient Miao’s Saintess is apparently naturally able to raise gu. Perhaps this aspect is very amazing.” Qin Shaoxu surmised.

If they were talking about gu arts, the girl indeed was very talented.

But the saintesses in their impressions were all gentle and quiet, reserved and introspective, unlike her mischievousness.

“What is the legendary gu she mentioned just now?” Chen Mo had a kind of feeling of foreboding when he heard about something legendary.

Wuyang Princess Ting Nanyuan was of the same mind.

Gu arts were also considered famous in Great Chong Dynasty, the Great Ancestor Emperor from back then having died to these. Now, there was surprisingly even some legendary gu art. That must be very fearsome.

“Go ask and find out.”

Everyone followed Yeyao to her residence.

Yeyao made Miaoling go brew tea to serve for their guests.

Qin Shaoxu then asked: “Senior Yeyao, what is the legendary gu art you spoke of a moment ago?”

“Is it able to make blood flow over a thousand li?” Ting Nanyuan said uneasily.

Yeyao expressionlessly replied: “This gu is merely an Ancient Miao Clan legend. It is the greatest pursuit for a Gu Master. In of itself, it is unable to harm the common people. Everyone, there is no need for worry.”

“Could it be the Lover Gu?” Qin Shaoxu was startled.

“Your Distinguished Self Shaoxu, you know of it, too?” Yeyao was a bit surprised.

“Lover Gu?” Ting Nanyuan’s eyes lit up. For girls like the Wuyang Princess who lived with a golden spoon, they were always full of fantasies of passion and love. Especially now that she but had her eyes set on someone, this was even more intense. “Shaoxu, what kind of gu is this, it sounds like something amazing.”

“This is not a single bit amazing at all.” Qin Shaoxu lovingly rapped her on the head.

Lover Gu. As the name implied, it was a “Love Gu.” As they always say, the human heart was the most difficult thing to fathom. Among the gu arts, those that were able to control a person’s “feelings” were the most terrible, but these gu arts always had a temporary effect. This was not considered true control over a person’s inner heart at all. 

And this was why the Lover Gu’s background was big.

Legend said that the Ancient Miao Clan once had a Saintess who fell in love with an ancient dynasty’s Star General. But fellow women could not love each other, and that Star General completely disregarded her.

The Saintess was unreconciled, always devising a way to obtain that Star General’s heart. But Star Generals were extraordinary in Star World. Even the Ancient Miao’s strongest gu arts were useless against them. Therefore, she grieved for seven days and seven nights. According to the legend, her tears formed a river. Wherever this river ran, a fantastic oasis formed. 

One day, this Saintess walked out from the oasis. It was said that she had raised a gu, one unprecedented to the Ancient Miao. This gu was able to completely make a person’s heart fall thoroughly in love with a person, until death did them part.

And this gu was the Lover Gu.

Miaoling happily finished explaining. As the Saintess, she knew the Lover Gu story inside and out. Of course, she had also yearned for that kind of romance. That kind of feeling that compelled a person to make another love them no matter what, she did not know what that was, but she was awfully curious.

“To be able to make even a Star General fall madly in love? Is this true?” Chen Mo was shaken.

Heavenly Star Generals traversed Star World unimpeded. Those who bore destiny, who wielded immense power, that their hearts could also be controlled, this was simply enough to topple Star World.

“The legend should be exaggerated, but the rumor is that the Lover Gu is at least able to make a normal person offer someone else their true heart.” Yeyao said.

Even so, Chen Mo still felt quite unsettled.

A gu art surprisingly capable of making someone’s heart and personality change entirely. This honestly was somewhat frightening.

“Can this actually be cultivated?” Ting Nanyuan asked.

“No.” Yeyao said. “At least in my decades of research, I have not found any leads. However, as a Gu Master, I will continue to search for it.” The woman did not hesitate to say.

The Lover Gu was a sort of belief for a Gu Master. It was reasonable for her to do such a thing.

However, Chen Mo felt that this was still very fantastical, not too realistic.

“Right, I fear that there will be some challenges to reach the Lingering Impurity Unexplored Region that you want to go to.” Yeyao said.

“How so?”

“The Lingering Impurity Unexplored Region nowadays is under the control of the Bana Miao Village’s Great King. Without her permission, no one is allowed to enter.

“Just how powerful can this Great King be, that even a Great Gu Master like yourself must fear her?” Chen Mo curiously inquired.

“The Great King is not your average person.” Miaoling sat nearby, propping her up with her hands, a very vexed appearance.

“Not the average person?”

Chen Mo heard something meaningful in those words.

“Indeed, our Great King is a Star General.”

“Star General? What Star Name has she inherited?” Qin Shaoxu asked.

“The Star Name is Great King Mulu.”6


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  1. 殺生丹黃酒
  2. 鐵彈蜂
  3. 白猿抱月
  4. 夜瑤
  5. She speaks in a dialect.
  6. 木鹿大王

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