Chapter 129: Startling Change In The River Of Tears

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A Rank Seven Demon Beast was equivalent to Lesser Thunder Tribulation while Rank Eight was the same as Greater Thunder Tribulation, and Rank Nine was comparable to Dragon Wind In Man. As for Rank Ten? In this world, only Star Generals could subdue the ancient Spirit Beasts that Heaven and Earth bore. Furthermore, these Demon Beasts had powerful advantages over cultivators of the equivalent rank. Lesser Thunder Tribulation cultivators could not necessarily defeat a Rank Seven Demon Bug.

The Lingering Impurity Unexplored Region’s topography was peculiar. That Hundred Rigor was far more formidable compared to the average Rank Seven. To face such a hegemon in this place, Miaoling felt that this was a considerably unwise action.

Chen Mo and the others also agreed with this logic. To rashly provoke the fury of a Rank Seven Demon Beast for the sake of a small shortcut was putting the cart a bit before the horse. However, the path forward had a patch of Tonguethorn Grass,1 which was indeed a bit troublesome.

“We can walk this way instead. The River of Tears is not far ahead. If we follow the river down, this can also be a shortcut and save a few days of travel. But…” Miaoling pondered.

If they could avoid those poison grasses, this actually was not a bad solution.

“But what?”

“Nothing.” Miaoling shook her head. “The river has some poison gu you need to look out for.”

After pushing their way through poison bugs and flowers, they met several gorgeous, multicolored “Ocean Chilis.”2 These worms were completely blue-green with spots and had poison all over their bodies. Any place that made contact with them would be sore and itchy for a long while. Even exercising Qi-blood would prove useless for a warrior. Ting Nanyuan was not careful and brushed past one, but she did not spill any tears.

When they arrived at that place with Tonguethorn that Miaoling spoke of, it was even more unbearable beyond words. Chen Mo tried to release the Nebula Flying Chariot, but the poison vines that abounded were not so easy to navigate.

After walking some more, Ting Nanyuan honestly could not go further and needed to rest. Qin Shaoxu at this moment walked over and carried Ting Nanyuan, running like he was flying. This promptly made all of Ting Nanyuan’s complaints turn into happy bashfulness.

Miaoling was somewhat envious as she looked at how intimate they were. She turned her head back to look at Chen Mo.

Chen Mo showed that he was already holding a little loli against his chest.

Miaoling harrumphed. She had already come to the Unexplored Region before. Naturally, she was not as pampered as the Wuyang Princess.

After a while, having passed through the zone of complicated, messy poison clouds and grasses, and a patch of lavender-like flowers, a large river finally appeared in front of them.

The river water as a dark purple, with a miasma hovering over it. At times, monstrous bugs would frolic upon the water’s surface.

In the Unexplored Region, this river had a beautiful name, the River of Tears. Legend said that this river was actually the tears of the Saintess. The end of this river led straight to the place that the Nan Jiang Saintess from back then shed her tears, which was also the end of the Unexplored Region.

Although the name “River of Tears” sounded beautiful, they were able to know from just a glance at this purple fog and the poison mist lingering in the surroundings that following the river was not a simple task.

Fortunately, the River of Tears was relatively wide and without too many obstructions. The Nebula Flying Chariot was more convenient to use here. The five of them boarded it at once, and it went up the course of the river, flying near the water’s surface.

Not long after they left, a human-shaped wisp of poison fog appeared at the bank. Facing the boundless River of Tears, she extended her arm and opened her palm, throwing in some grains. Subsequently, she then walked in the direction of the Hundred Rigor shortcut that Miaoling spoke of.

“Is this an Astral Tool? So amazing.” Miaoling held on to the edges of the flying chariot, looking at this astounding Astral Tool with a face full of excitement.

Flight Astral Tools were relatively rare in the Outer Star Field. Not even Astral Stones were things that everyone could own.

“Chen Mo, are you the young master of a sect, to think you had something like this.” Miaoling curiously asked.

“Nope.” Chen Mo said.

Ting Nanyuan smiled: “Young Master Chen Mo’s identity is the highest young master there is in the Great Chong Dynasty. Other than the imperial family, everyone has to address him as His Highness.” The Great Chong Dynasty had decreed that the “lorded” could receive the imperial family’s greatest honor, that their sons be proclaimed Highnesses and their daughters Princesses. Ting Nanyuan’s phrasing hit the nail on the head.

“His Highness?” Miaoling’s mouth hung agape. Chen Mo’s identity was somewhat beyond her expectations.

“I have never felt that way about myself.” Chen Mo shook his head. These were his true thoughts. In the past, because of his identity as Lord Chang’an’s fourth young lord, he received only mockery and nothing else. If he was an ordinary person, he instead would not have had to experience these, after all, who would care if a commoner was trash or not.

Miaoling blinked, feeling that Chen Mo was full of stories.

After flying for several hours, Nianyou suddenly stared at the colorful water’s surface.

“Nianyou, what are you looking at. This place doesn’t have fish.” Chen Mo curiously said.

“There is.” Nianyou pointed into the river. “It’s been following us the whole time.”


The little loli’s words drew the stares of everyone. Chen Mo used Divine Hawk Eyesight but could barely penetrate the multicolored river water. Other than a large shadow, he saw nothing else.

“Maybe you were mistaken?” Chen Mo asked.

Nianyou shook her head, her attitude very serious.

Miaoling’s face suddenly paled: “Chen Mo, we have to leave the River of Tears right away.”

“What’s the matter, don’t tell me there’s actually something dangerous?” Chen Mo was alarmed.

It was too late for Miaoling to explain much more. Chen Mo had just steered the Nebula Flying Chariot to the shore when, at this moment, the river’s surface erupted all of a sudden. A gigantic Demon Beast that seemed halfway between a crocodile and a fish jumped out from the RIver of Tears, its immense mouth biting down on the flying chariot.

“Ah, it’s the ‘Ravenous Carp Crocodile.'”

The Ravenous Carp Crocodile was a Rank Six Demon Beast. Its upper half was crocodilian while its lower half was that of a carp. Its whole body was covered in scales and armor, its forelimbs were long and slender, and if in the case it was provoked, it would overturn the river.

The Ravenous Carp Crocodile bit onto the flying chariot, moving itself towards the water. Its strength was immense, enough to destroy even an iron warship. Fortunately, the Nebula Flying Chariot was an Astral Tool, which was unlikely to break under its bite. But if it was dragged into the water by the creature, that was practically an ill-boding situation.

Chen Mo quickly held on to the flying chariot, sending all of his Star Energy into it, activating the Northern Dipper Great Overflow at full power. What Chen Mo cultivated was an approach of “overwhelming power.” His strength was astounding, surprisingly matching the Ravenous Carp Crocodile for a moment.

“Why didn’t you say so earlier.” Ting Nanyuan screamed in fright.

“The Ravenous Carp Crocodile dwells on the riverbed, it rarely attacks people of its own accord.” Miaoling did not think this beast would suddenly revolt against them.

The Ravenous Carp Crocodile continued to bite harder.

“Hand over control of the flying chariot to me, you go handle the Ravenous Carp Crocodile.” Qin Shaoxu calmly said.

Chen Mo was very skeptical whether or not this man had the strength to maintain it. Qin Shaoxu’s eyes were very determined, and at this moment, the Ravenous Carp Crocodile’s strength was increasing even more. A black light fired. When Chen Mo saw this deadlock, he knew he would collapse and die of exhaustion. He let go his hand and handed the chariot over to Qin Shaoxu.

When Qin Shaoxu took hold, he growled.

The Nebula Flying Chariot surprisingly maintained position. This made Chen Mo a bit surprised. The beautiful man was far more unfathomable than he had thought.

Chen Mo took out Northern Dipper, smashing it towards the Demon Beast.

The Ravenous Carp Crocodile raised its head, flinging the Nebula Flying Chariot away as its body suffered under Chen Mo’s strike, letting out a metallic clang and some sparks.

The skin between Chen Mo’s fingers cracked. The Demon Beast’s scales were extremely thick and sturdy, surprisingly recoiling a portion of his power back at him.

The Ravenous Carp Crocodile vigorously jumped, baring its jaws towards Chen Mo. Its long crocodilian mouth was like a sharp weapon, clashing with Chen Mo.

After Qin Shaoxu and the others were tossed onto the bank, they had barely crawled up from the ground and caught their breath when they heard Ting Nanyuan scream.

A large cloud of sickly green fog appeared in front of them, rolling in their direction.

“‘Green Bats.'” Miaoling recognized these gu.

More than a thousand Green Bats coalesced to form the light green poison cloud, practically covering Heaven and Earth.

Qin Shaoxu grunted, “All of you, behind me.”

Ting Nanyuan carried Nianyou and hid behind Qin Shaoxu. Miaoling did not dare carelessly release the White Silk Gu for a defense. The cloud of Green Bats instantly smothered them, the thick cloud gloomy and their poison permeating everywhere. Just at this moment, nine magpies flashed in the empty space behind Qin Shaoxu. The man pointed his finger.

The nine magpies instantly whirled around him, and a powerful killing intent rolled and twisted, scattering the attacking Green Bats’ corpses over the land.

Ting Nanyuan was in awe of Qin Shaoxu’s dazzling power.

Miaoling did not pay heed to Qin Shaoxu’s handsome scene. She nervously eyed the River of Tears, somewhat worried for Chen Mo’s safety.

Although that Ravenous Carp Crocodile was not very powerful, it had immense strength, and its scale defenses were impervious to a Saint of War’s firsts.

Due to the sheer number of Green Bats, Miaoling could not see how Chen Mo was faring. She could only faintly hear the sound of a weapon attacking.

“Oh, right, the Cobweb Gu.” Miaoling suddenly remembered she could help Chen Mo. She hastily dug into her pocket, when all of a sudden, Miaoling’s whole body felt numb. A minute electric current reached her heart, “I’ve been infected with gu.” As Nan Jiang’s Saintess, Miaoling possessed extremely high talent and perception of gu. She immediately knew that she had been stricken.

Why would there be gu?

Miaoling’s eyes widened. Her body very quickly stopped obeying her. The girl’s hopes turned to dust. She opened her mouth to shout for rescue, but she was unable to utter a noise, falling over in the end.




Northern Dipper let out tyrannical force that devastated the riverbank. Each blow struck the Ravenous Carp Crocodile’s scales. Zhongli Mo’s “Ash Burning” Innate Skill was also in use. Upon the iron stick burned a bright, raging Clinging Fire. Chen Mo stepped on the river water, launching a tidal wave-like offensive. 

Northern Dipper was like a giant hammer, endlessly beating the Ravenous Carp Crocodile. The searing flames were enough to make the Demon Beast’s thick scales turn even more brittle.

The Ravenous Carp Crocodile’s charges, pounces, and tail swipes were all evaded by Chen Mo.

The Demon Beast heavily lunged, bending like a spring and flicking Chen Mo away. Chen Mo then pounded it with Collapsing Mountain Style, smashing the Ravenous Carp Crocodile back into the river. The Demon Beast let out a wretched howl. Saints of War could hardly jolt its armor, but Chen Mo surprisingly smashed it to pieces.

This strike seemed to wake the Ravenous Carp Crocodile, for it dove beneath the water, fleeing without a trace.

Chen Mo could not easily pursue it. Seeing that Qin Shaoxu was surrounded by a green mist on the bank, he waved his staff and attacked.

However, he had only just arrived when the Green Bats immediately dispersed and vanished into the poison cloud, quickly disappearing, unclear whether it was because of Chen Mo’s tyrannical aggression.

“You guys alright.” Chen Mo hastily said.

Nianyou was safe and sound, not one of her black hairs touched.

“Miaoling disappeared.” Ting Nanyuan shouted.

Chen Mo looked. Miaoling was already gone, the bamboo basket she had been carrying lay on the ground, its various jars and gourds strewn all over. And judging from the tracks, Miaoling seemed to have fallen into the River of Tears.

“The Clear Mind Wine’s effects are about to expire. She will be in danger if she does not drink.” Qin Shaoxu said in a low voice.

“I’ll go look for her, you guys head upstream first.” Chen Mo took two bottle of the wine and stored them in his Astral Stone. After he said this, he handed the flying chariot over to Qin Shaoxu and jumped into the River of Tears himself to search for traces of Miaoling.

Ting Nanyuan looked at everyone in dismay, unsure of what best to do.

Qin Shaoxu wrinkled his brow.

“Let’s go first. We can’t stay here for long.”

Ting Nanyuan held Nianyou as they mounted the chariot. She hesitated: “Shaoxu, just now, you…”

“Don’t concern yourself with this.”

Qin Shaoxu’s dull answer made the Wuyang Princess a bit hurt.

“Something wasn’t right with what happened just now.”

The man creased his brow, ferocity flashing in his eyes.

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  1. 舌刺草
  2. 洋辣子

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