Chapter 13: Sword Casting Master

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This must be a fluke.

This Chen Mo was unable to circulate his qi and blood and was fundamentally incapable of practicing martial arts. What qualifications could he have to be able to dispel her Qi And Blood Eight Turns martial art. Even if he recently was able to activate his qi and blood, he would have refined to Qi And Blood Two or Three Turns at the most. He was completely outmatched.

Qing Wan very quickly made an assessment.

Having luckily escape humiliation, Iron Blade resentfully lashed out at Qing Wan: “How very bold of you, to surprisingly dare sneak attack the son of Lord Chang’an. It seems your Qing Clan wants to suffer nine familial exterminations!!”

Qing Wan inwardly sneered. To only be able to bring out the status of Lord Chang’an’s son to suppress them when met with an attack, indeed he was still that useless trash.

“Apologies, apologies.” Li Xiaxi stepped forward, wearing a completely insincere apologetic expression: “Your Servant is Li Xiaxi, son of the Duke of Wei. Your Servant has heard that Brother Chen Mo is the son of Lord Chang’an and specifically came to probe you. Never imagined that Brother Chen Mo truly is unable to cultivate qi and blood. Your Servant was truly too impudent.”

“Please excuse Your Servant for any offense caused, this matter is unrelated to Little Sister Qing Wan.” Li Xiaxi’s voice was clear and resonant, very quickly drawing the gazes of those onlookers. They had originally wondered what was going on. Upon hearing the introduction of Li Xiaxi’s words, they immediately realized what happened.

“Chen Mo? So it turns out that young man hiding behind the imperial bodyguard is Lord Chang’an’s son?”

“Ha, ha, the son of the famous Great Chong Dynasty’s number one Human Sovereign is unable to practice martial arts. I never imagined that was true.”

“There’s only a single subpar imperial bodyguard. Looks like this young master of Lord Chang’an isn’t treated so well.”

“I heard long ago he’s an abandoned child. Turns out to be the case.”

A series of mocking voices rose and fell in succession. Those warriors of ordinary background showed taunting expressions. Humiliating the son of Lord Chang’an made them quite satisfied.

Just as Iron Knife was about to be enraged, Chen Mo patted his shoulder, hinting to him there was no need to be entangled by this trash talk.

“Roll away already. Is the son of Lord Chang’an someone that you people can nitpick?” Li Xiaxi coldly shouted. Under his Qi And BLood Eight Turns peak power, the other warriors felt a tyrannical aura, like a tidal wave coming right at them. They all turned submissive at once, lowering their heads and dispersing, not daring to utter another word, a clear-cut contrast with Chen Mo. 

This guy was actually skilled in both being soft and hard.

Chen Mo raised his brow, asking politely: “I wonder what wind has blown the Young Lord of the Duke of Wei to Azure Dragon Town.” It seemed as if his near humiliation a moment ago had completely never occurred.

The Great Chong Dynasty had three dukes and nine marquises. The Duke of Wei’s status was not low, having once sent a punitive force to northern Xinjiang’s great barbarian kingdoms for several years, killing millions of the enemy. He shook the barbarian tribes into not daring to set foot in the border area. For this reason, he was given the title of “Wei.” Purportedly, the Duke of Wei would most likely be conferred the title of “Lord” during the next “Title Bestowal Ceremony.”

From their conversation earlier, there also seemed to be mention of the Wuyang Princess.

Chen Mo actually did not have any recollection about that Wuyang Princess, however, since she had the “Princess” title,1 she was presumably also of royal background.

“Little Sister Qing Wan’s birthday is in two days. Your Servant has come to congratulate her.” Li Xiaxi smiled and said. “At the same time, Your Servant has heard that the ‘Jade Dragon Ruined Sun’ of Azure Dragon Mountain’s snowy scenery is one of the Great Chong Dynasty’s top ten sceneries and has come to take a look.”

The so-called Jade Dragon Ruined Sun was a unique scene at dusk during the midwinter blizzard period that sealed the mountain. It was just like a snow-white jade dragon devouring the sun, and was described by the Great Chong Dynasty’s literati as one the “Top Ten Sceneries.”

That was a picturesque beauty, but no so much so that it would make this many warriors come to appreciate it.

Chen Mo inwardly twitched his lips. He nodded and smiled: “Then you had better be prepared to be disappointed. I’ve been in Azure Dragon Town for so many years, but no matter how I look at that jade dragon of the Jade Dragon Ruined Sun, I’ve never felt that sense of ‘white dragon ascends Heavens, ruined sun like blood.'”

“Brother Chen Mo lives in this Azure Dragon Town that reflects the heroic nature of its people. I am truly envious, ha, ha. Unlike for us, who cultivate qi and blood and have no time but to spend on tempering our muscles and bones, life is truly better than death.” Li Xiaxi feigned an admiring expression.

“If you’re so willing, you can be just like me.”

Become like you, a deadweight that waits for death in the shade of his family? Li Xiaxi thought disdainfully in his mind. He meaningfully said: “Once we step onto the ecliptic path, we warriors have no opportunity to relax. The size of Star World surpasses imagination. Can it be that Brother Chen Mo is reconciled to dying trapped in a cage. Don’t you want to experience the vast Star Fields?”

“Well said, Brother Xiaxi. Warriors like ourselves ought to wholeheartedly step onto the ecliptic path, ascend Maiden Mountain, and become indestructible Star Names.” Qing Wan was somewhat excited by Li Xiaxi’s words, her expression gazing particularly arrogantly at Chen Mo.

Chen Mo admitted their words sounded very impressive, but to become an indestructible Star Name or scale Maiden Mountain?

Other than Star Generals, ordinary warriors that could were truly far and few between.

If it was not for that Purple Rose2 Star Emperor from a thousand years ago who used his Human Star status to cultivate to Purple Rose Star3 and finally rule over Star World, perhaps not a single warrior would dare have such grand ambitions.

“Brother Chen Mo will also come to Little Sister Qing Wan’s birthday, won’t you. The Wuyang Princess is also here. At that time, us younger generation people ought to gather together. Brother Chen Mo, you won’t decline, right?” Li Xiaxi cordially asked.

The banquets of Azure Dragon Town’s noble families previously had invited him. Chen Mo had never attended any so as to avoid tedium onto himself, but this time, he was somewhat interested. The Duke of Wei and the Wuyang Princess coming to Azure Dragon Mountain perhaps was not merely so simple as to admire snow. Perhaps he could gather some information. “I fear Little Sister Qing Wan will not welcome me.” Chen Mo glanced at the girl.

“Young Master Chen Mo normally has never agreed to appear at a banquet. If this time you are willing to honor us with your presence, then Qing Wan shall no doubt be overwhelmed by your favor and be very welcome to you.” Qing Wan smiled.

Taking their leave from Chen Mo, Li Xiaxi stared at the bodyguard in great bewilderment. “That imperial bodyguard is only about Qi And Blood Eight Turns. How did he manage to dispel out combined pressure. This is truly inconceivable.”

“I looked at that Chen Mo just now. I did not sense the slightest activity in qi and blood from him. He should not have cultivated.” Li Xiaxi was still vexed over his being unable to make Chen Mo lose face a moment ago.

“Since he is a bodyguard from the Chen Family, they should have some aspect that surpasses others. We were careless.” Qing Wan consoled him.

Li Xiaxi mulled this over and could only conclude this reason fit.

“But why did Brother Xiaxi invite Chen Mo to my banquet. This banquet is for all of our peers in Azure Dragon Town. A cripple like him will ruin the atmosphere.” Qing Wan wrinkled her brow.

“To have the son of Lord Chang’an act the jester for a banquet, not even the current princess can obtain such a good thing.” Li Xiaxi evilly chuckled.

Qing Wan had no interest in teasing trash like Chen Mo for amusement. She had already grown tired of this years ago. As long as this cripple stopped trying so hard, she would be satisfied.

These days that Chen Mo gave up on training have given her great peace of mind.

“Has this man truly given up on training?”

Qing Wan recalled the gaze of Chen Mo as he stood behind the bodyguard. Calm and unflustered, she felt he had changed.

Chen Mo walked to the south part of town with Iron Blade following closely behind him, expressionless as he remained vigilant of the surroundings. This time, his eyes were no longer fixed on Chen Mo. This was completely the bearing of a bodyguard.

Chen Mo could not help but smirk.

Not long after, he stopped in front of a shop.

The chill of a deep winter December reached deep into one’s bones. Before small water droplets could fall, they were frozen solid from the roof shingles into thick icicles. Winter this year in Azure Dragon Town was both snowy and cold. Many shops had already taken a break.

The shop in front of him nevertheless released a concentrated scorching heat amidst this world of ice and snow.

Even from faraway, he could feel a kind of profound heat filling his chest, filling him with a stifling feeling. The snow and ice surrounding the shop had long melted into a stream.

Shi Clan Sword Casting Shop.4

Azure Dragon Town’s only weapon casting shop. It undertook the weapon forging, repairs, and even upgrades for all of Azure Dragon Town’s martial warriors by itself. Even a powerful noble family like the Qing Clan had a close working relationship with it.

The shop owner was not an exceptional warrior, just an Early Rank peak casting master.

Chen Mo entered the shop. The interior was very spacious, and the first thing he saw was a wall neatly arranged with every kind of weapon, including sabers, swords, axes, halberds, spears, hammers, forks, staffs, etc.

These weapons were casted very exquisitely, a magnificent sight to behold. There also many materials and tools arranged on the front desk.

The clerk at the front desk was currently helping a customer. Seeing that someone entered, he stepped forward in greeting. Shen he saw it was Chen Mo, he could not help but be taken aback. Everyone in Azure Dragon Town knew of Chen Mo, Lord Chang’an’s cripple son. The clerk very skillfully concealed the disdain in his eyes. Although he was Qi And Blood Four Turns in power, he knew that he could not provoke this young master.

“Young Master Chen Mo, for what reason have you honored our shop?”

“I’m here for Uncle Shi.” Chen Mo said.

“Master is currently in the back helping cast a weapon for someone, Your Servant fears he is not currently free.” The clerk was conflicted.

Casting a weapon?

Chen Mo’s trip here to the sword casting shop was to watch the procedure for casting a blade, to first familiarize himself with it. To see the master was perfect for experiencing sword casting. “I’ll go look for him myself.”

“Young Master Chen Mo, Master does not like people disturbing…” Irritation flashed in the clerk’s eyes, and he was about to stop Chen Mo.

A hand like an iron vicegrip seized him.

Seeing the terrifyingly dark-faced Iron Blade, the clerk drew back his shoulders and stammered: “He’ll die if he goes.”

Iron Blade looked at Chen Mo. Chen Mo had already gone inside without listening or saying another word.

The shop opened to a space where the temperature inside was practically near the point of melting a person’s skin. Even warriors with their qi and blood refined into their flesh would be unable to get close.

To be a casting master, not only did one need to possess extremely high talent in controlling the two flames of Yin and Yang, a perfect grasp of the skill in casting weapons, and to be able to handle every kind of ore and material. They even needed to have very high requirements for their own cultivation. If cultivation was insufficient, they might even die before the casting was complete.

Rumor had it that some weapons even needed to be forged in temperatures of millions of degrees and needed the spirit of the world imbued into it. Not only was this an enormous test of a sword-casting master’s cultivation, it also required a strong mind to channel the spirit of Heaven and Earth into the weapon casting. As a result, the best casting masters all trained their minds to peerless levels of strength. However, by doing do, their cultivations were contrarily very weak compared to normal martial artists. This led to the rarity in casting masters as well as pill concoction masters.

Chen Mo took a deep breath and activated his qi and blood, slowly adapting to the scorching heat.

A bare-armed middle-aged man was currently standing blankly in front of the forge. That man was sturdy and muscular. The sparks that sprayed from the furnace splashed upon his body and scorched his skin red, yet the man did not feel a twinge of pain. He only stared intently at a weapon inside the furnace, his brows creased tightly, as if he had encountered a difficult problem.

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  1. 郡主, technically a “Commandery Princess,” the same as Gong Caiwei
  2. Previously TL’d in 108 Maidens as Purple Star
  3. Previously TL’d in 108 Maidens as Emperor Star
  4. 石氏鑄劍鋪


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