Chapter 148: One Poem Above All Of Tang

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When Yu Youwei emerged from the Profound Theory Courtyard, that beautiful expression of hers in the middle of pondering an ending to an ancient verse showed a bit of melancholy that other people would hardly spot. She had heard that this Star Field had produced a super godly Ou Yezi who enjoyed considerable fame in the Outer Star Fields, which startled many Star Generals.

She originally wanted to rely on this precious location to finish composing that lost work, but now, it seemed she still lacked any progress at all. Recently, she heard that the Tail Star Fire Field was not safe. Yu Youwei considered whether or not she should leave this place to go look at other Star Fields.

While she thought over this, she suddenly spotted her two personal bodyguards, who doubled as maids, were currently sneaking glanced towards the outside. This was a bit too undignified. Yu Youwei creased her beautiful brows and chided them: “How scandalous of you two.”

“Ah, Young Miss.”

The two maids lowered their heads.

“Why is it so noisy today?”

Yu Youwei heard a boiling cauldron of voices outside the Intimate Friend Pavilion. During previous “Enter Mystery” sessions, those young lords of Chang’an were aware she liked quiet and did not dare be like this.

The maids glanced at each other.

“Qiao’er,1 what’s going on?” Yu Youwei asked.

“Young Miss, Chang’an Mansion’s Fourth Highness has come.” The maid named Qiao’er smiled in excitement.

“Chang’an Mansion’s Fourth Highness?” Yu Youwei had apparently heard of him somewhere before.

The other maid, Lü’er,2 said: “Young Miss, he’s that boy who composed Hanshan Asks Shide. Young Miss even praised his work as extraordinary.”

Yu Youwei remembered. Back when the Divine Warrior Examination’s metropolitan segment concluded, a certain “Hanshan Asks Shide” Zen classic circulated throughout Chang’an. This dialogue was indeed very profound and penetrating. Even though Yu Youwei had lingered in a number of Star Fields over the last decade, her heart was also moved.

Originally, she thought that this dialogue came from the head of the Wanshou Temple. Later, when she learned that it unexpectedly came from that trash Highness from Chang’an Mansion who pitifully left the city several years before, she was quite shocked. Perhaps it was precisely because of this kind of personal experience that he was able to create a classic that resonated with people.

But even so, no matter how beautifully a warrior without power had phrased it, he would always be sorrowful.

“Has he returned to Chang’an?” Yu Youwei pursed her lips.

“Young Miss, are you concerned about him?” Qiao’er cautiously asked.

“To return like this is always a pity.” Yu Youwei said.

The maids glanced at each other and snickered.

“What?” Yu Youwei smiled.

“Young Miss, you can rest very easy.”

“Yes, His Highness Chen Mo has just made a bet with His Imperial Highness, the Crown Prince. He seems pretty confident.”

“Hee-hee, he’s such a handsome young man.”

“A bet with the crown prince?” Yu Youwei wrinkled her brow. This was unavoidably too undignified.

“Yes, His Highness Chen Mo is truly incredible. He left the crown prince unable to retort. This is the first time I saw the crown prince left utterly speechless, forcing him to use this bet method.”

“I heard he defeated some Thunder Tribulation warrior upon his return to Chang’an.”

The two maids chattered away, blabbering endlessly. Their expressions and words towards Chen Mo were filled with endless admiration, as if feelings of love were sprouting.

“Maybe His Highness Chen Mo actually can become the Young Miss’ guest that enters behind the curtain.”

“Youwei’s ‘song’ is not something an ordinary warrior can accomplish, but we shall go see nonetheless.”

Yu Youwei put on a graceful smile, her eyes glinting brilliantly.

Intimate Friend Pavilion, main hall.

Excited voices flared over. CHen Mo and Crown prince Tang Feng’s teacher acknowledgement bet turned out to be the actual main event, becoming a topic even more intense than Youwei’s Enter Mystery.

“I say, Fourth Brother, you really are too awesome.” Chen Lin sighed in amazement as he drank. Barely back two days, and Chen Mo had shocked all of Chang’an. Defeating Thunder Tribulation was a good enough topic, but now, he surprisingly made a bet with the crown prince. This was simply unprecedented.

“Chen Mo, are you actually confident.” One man worriedly asked.

“This isn’t something small.”

The people sitting around him all had their brows locked tight in worry. If it was not for Chen Mo’s identity, with their personalities, they would have already mocked him as being ignorant of Heaven and Earth.

What sort of person was Jiang Yanyu?

A peculiar woman of the Great Chong Dynasty, who dared to face off against the Star General, Huan Wen. She was a once-in-a-thousand years genius, a character eyed by a sect in the Inner Star Field. Chen Mo had been silent for many years. Although he recently did a few things that made everyone flabbergasted, there was still an enormous difference when comparing the two of them.

If Chen Mo lost, then the future Chang’an Mansion would certainly be thoroughly lowered a level in front of the imperial family.

Chen Lin disapproved: “Fourth Brother, don’t be burdened. I, Second Brother, will do all I can to support you. Is Jiang Yanyu that amazing? Does Chang’an Mansion have to fear her?”

“Of course, we will also support His Highness Mo.”

“If you need anything, please feel free to ask.”

Everyone immediately smiled in praise.

As a man with three Star Contracts, who dared to challenge a Star General, who even slain a Star General, Chen Mo felt that if he did not have even this bit of confidence, then he certainly would be glared to death by Auntie.

Chen Mo leisurely said a few things.

After a moment.

The whole place suddenly settled down.

The candles suddenly dimmed, and the second floor abruptly brightened. A woman appeared above.

That girl’s body was dressed in a light blue and pink reflective skirt. Her clothes were arranged as thin as a cicada’s wing, layered as if running water was wrapped around her wonderful figure. Her every step was graceful and easygoing, as if she was in water.

Just her figure made everyone stifled, not to mention, her complexion indeed could be called the downfall of a nation.

No need for introductions, Chen Mo already guessed that she was this Intimate Friend Pavilion’s leading woman – Yu Youwei.

Yu Youwei daintily walked down the steps. Her two maids clutched her skirt that dragged behind. The girl was natural and unrestrained. She did not have the blemishes of the trade that the other women in the brothel had, nor was she unapproachable as someone involved deeply with the imperial family. She gave people a kind of feeling of a chance meeting deep in the night. No wonder she could receive the yearning of practically all of Chang’an’s noble sons. She was indeed not simple.”

“I wonder if she’s a Star General.” A thought suddenly leapt into Chen Mo’s mind.

Right now, he had already remembered why the name Yu Youwei sounded so familiar. In the history of the Great Tang, there was a famous woman named Yu Xuanji. When she was younger, she received the appreciation of Wen Tingyu, but later, she was executed at around age 30 after beating a maid to death. This could be said to be unfortunate.

And Yu Xuanji’s earliest name was Yu Youwei.

However, it was rare that a Star General would announce their own name, much less stay in a brothel. Chen Mo felt this was quite irregular.

Tens of thousands of gazes suddenly turned to Chen Mo.

Chen Mo put away his thoughts. He raised his head to see Yu Youwei walking right towards this table. Glancing around, Chen Mo saw the surrounding young nobles were blushing, their hearts racing, restraining their excitement. Even his Second Brother was clearly secreting too many hormones. 

Yu YOuwei walked closer, her fragrance seeping into his lungs. The two maids behind her stared with curious gazes at Chen Mo as they sized him up. 

“It is truly Youwei’s good fortune to have the Crown Prince and Your Highnesses grace her with your presences.” 

Yu Youwei’s smile was quite infectious, making everyone’s mood unable to help but involuntarily relax. Chen Mo returned politeness with politeness, complimenting her: “To be able to listen to Lady Youwei’s qin art is also my good fortune.”

Chen Lin echoed along: “Lady Youwei, aren’t you very fond of my Fourth Brother’s Hanshan Asks Shide? Why not you two go into the Profound Theory Courtyard and have a deep exchange.”

Everyone laughed.

Yu Youwei slightly smiled, not angered: “Youwei naturally requests Your Highness’ presence. However, the rules are nevertheless not easy to break.”

Crown Prince Tang Feng’s people were slightly displeased to see her have such a close relationship with Chang’an Mansion. They called out: “Lady Youwei, quickly start the Enter Mystery. His Imperial Highness has other business to attend to.”

“Very well then.”

Yu Youwei slightly smiled at Chen Mo, turning around and stepping into the center of the plaza.

The rules of Enter Mystery were actually very simple. In Chang’an, everyone knew that Yu Youwei had a very big hobby – poem and music composition. It was said that she always had a an ancient incomplete composition that she wanted to fill in. Only those able to complete her verse were able to enter her Profound Theory Courtyard.

Poem composition was the refinement of the literati, however, Yu Youwei’s poems were different. Not only were the poems she wrote musical pieces as well, this ancient song reportedly was an awesome melody from some era gone by. It was known as an incomparable work. This level of work could not be completed with simple verse. It required a high level of martial arts to comprehend the meaning of the song.

After listening to the explanation, Chen Mo more or less understood the rules to her Enter Mystery.

No wonder Yu Youwei could fascinate everyone in Chang’an. The combination of her poem that attracted abundant interest in addition to her beauty simply turned her into a treat for both warriors and scholars. These young lords in Chang’an were played with in the palm of her hand. 

However, what perplexed Chen Mo was that Yu Youwei came to Chang’an about five years ago, which meant that surprisingly there was not a single person who could write a verse to her satisfaction for at least this five year time period. This was too absurd.

“Now that everyone already understands the rules, according to the usual rules, Youwei will give the first four verses to this ‘Ancient Incomplete Song.’ Please fill in the following verse, everyone.” Yu Youwei leisurely sat on the ground. Her maids Lü’er and Qiao’er moved a crystal guzheng that was covered in light blue fish and water motifs.

Youwei extended her spotlessly white hands and gently stroked the strings.

A gentle strum suddenly entranced everyone.

The atmosphere was incomparably quiet. Chen Mo looked about. Everyone in the surroundings were all currently sitting still and upright, respectful expressions across their whole faces, extremely strange. To be able to make everyone in the brothel look as solemn as if they were listening to a sage, this Yu Youwei was more vigorous than even a Star General, even if she herself was not one.

Chen Mo very quickly was absorbed by the surrounding atmosphere, losing himself in Yu Youwei’s music.

Yu Youwei first played her own famous “Melancholy Jiangling,” making everyone’s thoughts sink into the style of arms and cavalry. 

And then.

A sudden change.

The qin music slowly flowed, gentle like water, graceful and very pleasant to hear. In Chen Mo’s eyes, there seemed to be the scene of a mountain and river slowly unfolding. A tranquil night, with bright moonlight and ripples across the water’s surface, and the image of swaying flowers vividly appeared in his mind.

Chen Mo took a deep breath and opened his eyes.

This guzheng music surprisingly had such great magic.

An ancient incomplete song.

Perhaps this was no joke.

The music’s melody was not long at all. After a short discussion, everyone still seemed to be in a stupor.

After a long while.

Chen Lin took the lead to clap. The whole place erupted into fervent applause.

“No matter how many times I listen to it, Lady Youwei’s guzheng song is the best, so memorable.” 

“Yes, Your Servant has progress in martial arts each time.”

“It would be great if we can hear the complete piece.”

Sighs rose and fell in succession throughout the place.

Yu Youwei slightly smiled. “Next, please help Youwei compose, everyone.”

“Then This Highness shall show his incompetence.” Crown Prince Tang Feng impatiently stepped forth.

“According to the previous rules, then allow Youwei to first recite the leading two verses.” Youwei wore a smile and looked around at everyone. Then, she slowly recited.

“The spring river surges to sea level.”3

Chen Mo instantly felt something was not right.

This ancient incomplete poem was a bit familiar.

“The bright moon rises from the swelling tides.”4

When the second verse came, Chen Mo was taken aback. This poem became quite familiar.

When Yu Youwei read the final stanza,  “Waves billow over millions of li, the entire river illuminated with moonlight,”5 Chen Mo practically was mouthing the words at the same time.

Knowing that this was the poem that captivated Chang’an for five years, Chen Mo was both speechless and relieved.

Isn’t this Zhang Ruoxu’s “River On A Spring Night”6 that was renowned as the “One Poem Above All Of Tang,” fuck, it would be absurd if these people were able to complete it.

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  1. 翹兒
  2. 綠兒
  3. 春江潮水連海平
  4. 海上明月共潮生
  5. 灩灩隨波千萬里,何處春江無月明
  6. 春江花月夜

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