Chapter 17: Only Kill Enemies, Not For Show

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All of the youth present were at a great loss, very unfamiliar with the Azure Dragon Footpath. Chen Mo was also mystified. He was an outsider to this place, not very well-versed with the local legends.

Everyone placed their gazes onto Qing Wan. As the favored miss of Azure Dragon Town, hailing from the local most influential noble family, no one else should know more about the local legends than her.

Qing Wan pondered.

She indeed once heard her elders mention legends about the Azure Dragon Footpath. It was said that in ancient times, an Azure Dragon sustained heavy injuries and fell onto the mountain near the village. When it finally died, the place its corpse rested transformed into a footpath that was green and verdant all year long. Even a blizzard was unable to cover it, hence the name Azure Dragon Footpath.  

This was also the origin of the Azure Dragon Town and Azure Dragon Mountain’s names.

“A footpath that is green and verdant all year long.” Chen Mo felt this was somewhat intriguing when he heard this.

This year happened to be a once in a century blizzard for Azure Dragon Town, dyeing Azure Dragon Mountain in a silver through its voluminous snowflakes. If a green path stretched through the mountain, that indeed would be very inconceivable. This kind of scene mostly lacked substance. If there was the allure of fantastic magic weapons or such, attracting the searches of warriors would be very normal.

“These warriors would not have come looking for this Azure Dragon Footpath, right?” Qing Rong could not help asking.

“If it truly is so magical, then Azure Dragon Town should have discovered it long ago.”


“It’s just a legend.”

Everyone discussed all at once.

“This can’t be the only reason?” Chen Mo spoke, glancing out of the corner of his eye at Li Xiaxi.

Li Xiaxi sinisterly smiled, his expression carrying an arrogance that said, There is no harm in informing a cripple like you. He raised his wine cup and gently sipped, saying: “Of course, the legend of the Azure Dragon Footpath is only one point. There are even deeper things.”

“Could you be referring to that treasure chest?” Qing Wan’s beautiful brows creased together.

“Lady Qing Wan knows of it as well.”

“En, it is said that the reason that Azure Dragon could be so heavily injured was because a great number of Star Generals and cultivators assaulted it, and these Star Cultivators attacked it for the sake of seizing the treasure chest on its back.”1

“Treasure chest?”

“The Azure Dragon’s back had a chest?”

“Isn’t the Azure Dragon a Divine Beast? Why would it have a treasure chest. Could it be a Demonkin?”

Everyone felt increasingly confused, as if something was fishy. A dragon was classified as a Divine Beast. How could it be carrying a treasure chest. What should have been fought over would be the most precious internal pellet the Azure Dragon carried inside its body. An internal pellet concentrated a Divine Beast’s vital essence. Not only did it contain centuries of cultivation, it even had terrifying powers. How stupid could everyone be to take a treasure chest over the pellet.

Unless that treasure chest was the legendary…

“Heavenly Spirit Earthly Fiend Purple Rose Treasure Chest!!”2

The Wuyang Princess Ting Nanyuan spoke.

Everyone immediately broke into an uproar.

“What, the Heavenly Spirit Earthly Fiend Purple Rose Treasure Chest?”

“No way, don’t tell me the Star Duels from a thousand years ago were real?”

“Then the origins of the Star Generals are real, too?”

Everyone was astonished.

Chen Mo’s expression could not help but shift. Ting Nanyuan’s words immediately opened his thoughts pertaining to the Star Duels.

A thousand years ago in the three thousand Star Fields, there once was an expansive dynasty. For the sake of a unified Star World, the empress of that dynasty climbed Maiden Mountain and achieved the immortal and venerated “Xuannü of the Nine Heavens,” releasing one hundred and eight Heavenly Spirits and Earthly Fiends from Evil Smiting Hall.

These one hundred and eight Fiend Stars reportedly were the original genesis of the million Star Names in the three thousand Star Fields. They possessed capabilities that could command Star World’s Star Generals. Later, this ritual was recorded in ancient texts as the Star Duels.

These Star Duels were held under Star World. Every one hundred and eight years, countless girls were chosen from the Star Fields to be the successors of Star Generals. During those times, the three thousand Star Fields were extremely rowdy. Amidst all this, everyone knew information pertaining to the “Heavenly Spirit Earthly Fiend Purple Rose Treasure Chests.”

In order to ensure a successful launch of the Star Duels, the empress specifically commanded officers to search out rare treasures and cultivation methods in Star World, then lock these treasures into three types of treasure chests the best casting masters could forge. Then, she ordered Divine Beasts and demons to act as guardians of these treasure chests, sending them to the realm below.

These three types of treasure chests were none other than the Heavenly Spirit, Earthly Fiend, and Purple Rose Treasure Chests.

At the time, the route to transport the treasure chests was remote. For this reason, many cultivators and Star Generals all coveted the treasures inside the chests, laying ambushes along the route and raiding the treasure chests.

Every “Birth Treasure Outline” Phase was also the most chaotic phase of battle in Star World. During that time, every corner of Star World fell into a bloody carnage, and every person would become mad, with many weak Star Generals and Star Cultivators relying on this time to make a fortune, to step into the clouds with a single bound, to join the ranks of the tyrants.

However, that powerful dynasty had long already crumbled into dust over a thousand years ago. A thousand years was not that long ago in Star World’s terms, but neither was it that recent. And because the fighting was endless during those times, some had assessed that there were at least a million treasure chests that remained in the three thousand Star Fields.

It was said even now, there were people who excavated lingering chests from the land of the Eight Desolates.

Ting Nanyuan’s words made these men and women stir. The treasure chests were split into Heavenly Spirit, Earthly Fiend, and Purple Rose grades, but even the most ordinary Earthly Fiend Treasure Chest gave enormous glory and splendor for whichever Star Cultivator obtained it. They obtained unimaginable benefits, after all, those were riches and wealth leftover from a thousand years ago.

“Then can it be that the Birth Treasure Outline is also real?”

“This Birth Treasure Outline is but the greatest treasure of Star World, one able to see through all Star Generals.”

The banquet all of a sudden was in a fervor. Everyone began blurting out their anecdotal experiences. Chen Mo finally understood the reason why so many warriors were honoring Azure Dragon Town with their presences. Legend said that on the last few days of December, when the blizzard passed, the Azure Dragon Footpath would be revealed. Then, one could tread on the Azure Dragon Footpath in search of the treasure chest. This was a once in a century blizzard for Azure Dragon Town. Many faithful warriors wanted to try their luck.

Of course, this was a matter from a thousand years ago. Three Flowers Overhead warriors disdained to waste their time, and only Qi And Blood Nine Turns warriors would indulge the dreams of fools, to set forth in search of a lucky occurrence.

Chen Mo did not believe in this thing at all because if there truly was a treasure chest, the Great Chong Dynasty of a thousand years ago3 would have already dispatched people to turn Azure Dragon Town upside down. After all, that was a Heavenly Spirit Earthly Fiend Purple Rose Treasure Chest, remnant riches of an ancient dynasty. As a result, Chen Mo felt this was very unreliable. More than likely, it was just a local legend. Many villages usually had some sort of legend to embellish their charm. This was not strange at all.

The young warriors in the banquet all fantasized about the treasure chest. Their qi and blood were vigorous, for they were at an age where they held lofty ambitions, wishing to stand out in front of others. This matter about the Azure Dragon Footpath and the treasure chest was indeed refreshing, and their discussions were enthusiastic. Chen Mo remained calm, certainly incongruous with the environment. Some people were annoyed seeing him like that.

“Chen Mo, you seem a bit interested in the Azure Dragon Footpath.” A youth sitting beside Chen Mo spoke. He was named Shen Ran. The Shen Family was also considered an influential noble family in Azure Dragon Town, second only to the Qing Family. 

Chen Mo glanced at him and saw he had refined his qi and blood to his pores; he had Qi And Blood Five Turns power. He was at a threshold to turn from an Outer to an Inner, which was not something everyone could do as naturally as pushing a boat with the current as Chen Mo had. As a result, Shen Ran was particularly interested in every sort of treasure. However, this guy’s mental state was clearly imbalanced. His fervor compared to Chen Mo’s aloofness felt quite disconcerting to watch.

“Right, I remembered you’re unable to practice martial arts, Chen Mo.” Shen Ran laughed, as if he found a very good reason. “You are able to sit together with us, so I nearly forgot you’re a cripple…Ha, ha…” In this situation, Shen Ran could not mock him easily in public, but he insincerely laughed a few times.

Chen Mo originally planned to let these people know that he was able to practice martial arts now, but he currently had lost all interest in this. Chen Mo did not pay attention to him, muttering as he ate: “It is quite rare for the Wuyang Princess to pay us a visit. What a pity that I am unable to train in martial arts. Otherwise, I actually could have shown some martial arts to catch the Wuyang Princess’ notice. With my Chen Family background, perhaps we could get close.”

Chen Mo’s words sounded very gentle, but Shen Ran barely managed to hear this by perking his ears. Soon after, she showed a complacent expression, inwardly pondering, This trash young master’s words are actually pretty good.

With the banquet underway, the topic slowly shifted towards the Divine Warrior Examination.

Shen Ran suddenly said: “Today is a rare visit from the Wuyang Princess. It would be better to show the Wuyang Princess the model for us Azure Dragon Town disciples, how about it?”

“Sure, sure.” The Ting Nanyuan who had been feeling bored regained a bit of energy.

Seeing the Wuyang Princess’ happy appearance, Shen Ran’s heart was extremely complacent. He shot the Chen Mo next to him a provocative glance, as if saying, A bitch like you who is unable to practice martial arts, it’s time to address me as young master.

The other youths picked up on the fact that Shen Ran’s request made the Wuyang Princess interested. Each and every one of them were very vexed. Why did they not think of this earlier; they let this guy steal the lead. However, everyone nevertheless did not notice the displeasure in Qing Wan’s eyes.

This was her birthday banquet, yet what was the meaning of this when this man said he wanted to put on a performance for the Wuyang Princess? They had completely forgotten who the main character of this banquet was. Unable to help it, Qing Wan was very resentful of the boisterous Shen Ran.

You noble families can go on and fight each other.

Chen Mo watched the spectacle. How could this Shen Ran have realized that his entreaty just then was deliberate. He wanted to make him create a misunderstanding with Qing Wan.

The Shen Ran currently proud of himself was completely oblivious. He was arrogantly in the middle of soaking in everyone’s gazes. Since he was the first to propose it, he would be first to stand in the empty space of the spacious hall to display his Shen Family’s Tiger and Panther Fist. The martial arts he practiced were quite pure and refined. As his figure moved, his punching power was like a heavy stone, just like a living tiger, and his body techniques also had the agility and speed of a panther.

Reaching a state of excitation, Shen Ran was even more complacent as he let out a tiger roar, shaking the food and beverages on the table.

From the sound of his divine force, it appeared his qi and blood was beginning to refine into Inner state.

“If I may present my modest self.”

Everyone fell over each other as they stepped forward to proudly present their martial arts, to leave even the smallest good impression upon the Wuyang Princess and the Young Lord of the Duke of Wei. If they could obtain the aid of nobles like them, then someday when they entered their official careers, this would be enormous benefit to their families.

The banquet hall was endlessly rowdy, filled with cheers.

Qing Wan’s face was frosted over, coolly watching over this crowd showing off in front of the Wuyang Princess. 

That they repeatedly neglected her, the main character, made Qing Wan somewhat loathe this banquet. She unwittingly glanced at Chen Mo. The latter was in the middle spectating the cultivation methods of these warriors, yet his eyes did not have the envy she normally saw in them. On the contrary, there was a kind of dull disinterest. 

On the other side, the Wuyang Princess was also somewhat bored. At first, she had some interest watching these Azure Dragon Town warriors, but after one or two, she had completely lost interest. Little Duke of Wei Li Xiaxi pursed his lips, vague disdain in his eyes. He and Ting Nanyuan chatted amongst themselves, completely uninterested in that pandering display of martial artists down below.

As far as the powerful noble families were concerned, first rate martial arts did not need to be witnessed too much. They themselves had some super first rate techniques. These merely first rate cultivation methods could only be appraised as “less than third rate” in their eyes.

Shen Ran was somewhat worried to see them change. Fortunately, this was the idea he mentioned, but he was still very gloomy to have received disfavor. “The Qing Family’s Spirit Snake Fist is a bit better after all.” Chen Mo heedlessly said again.

Shen Ran’s eyes glinted.

Right, the Qing Family’s Spirit Snake Fist was famous in several counties, and some of those techniques were at first rate level. If combined with Qing Wan’s wonderful physique and agility, she absolutely could make people pleased and untroubled, obsessed and maddened. Seeing Qing Wan’s detachment, Shen Ran was a bit hesitant. Thinking quickly, no matter what, this was before the Wuyang Princess and the heir of the Duke of Wei. A girl could not possibly flaunt her face, and even the Qing Family was deferential to a trash young master. A prince’s daughter would presumably be even more interested in a great dukedom like the Duke of Wei.

She was probably worried about face that she was like this.

“Sister Qing Wan, why not you come and show off your Spirit Snake Fist. Let the Princess witness the most nimble boxing in Azure Dragon Town.” Shen Ran smiled and said.

Li Xiaxi and Ting Nanyuan refocused, somewhat interested.

Qing Wan’s Qi And Blood was nearly at Nine Turns. Her cultivation was higher than all the rest, and it could be said she was heaven’s pride in her generation. They also wanted to see what Qing Wan’s strength was like. The others immediately cheered following Shen Ran’s words.

Normally, Qing Wan actually would not mind a drill. But recalling these people previously were persistently ingratiating themselves with the Princess, her countenance and heart felt disgust. Her brow wrinkled, and the girl softly said.

“My martial arts only kill enemies, not for show.”

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