Chapter 187: Wumeng’s Comeuppance

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The ferocious beasts formed from the talismans that pounced towards her became a clump of murky water, like an evil spirit.

Chen Mo leisurely grabbed another “terror” card scripture as he sized up the girl with curiosity. The girl in front of him had a delicate build, as if she was a ceramic doll. He saw her cultivation was just an ordinary Three Flowers Gathered Overhead, but she unexpectedly dared to steal a card scripture from him. This courage was laudable.

The fourth wave of card scriptures ended, and the beasts vanished. Cui Wumeng gave Chen Mo a well-mannered bow in salutation before she left. 

“Who is this girl? She’s so aggressive.”

Xi Wen and the others watched her fight Chen Mo for a card scripture as well as her borderline provocative gestures. This girl who was like mist from the Yellow Springs made her very uncomfortable.

“She is the Yellow Springs Princess.” Zongzheng Ying wrinkled his brow.

“The Yellow Springs Princess?” Xi Wen felt this title was quite imposing. “Why haven’t I heard of her?”

“I once chased a criminal to the Cui Dukedom and heard she is the Duke of Impermanence’s daughter.” Zongzheng Ying summarized what he had seen and heard at the Cui Dukedom, and in that region, nothing was more famous than Yellow Springs Princess Cui Wumeng.

Xi Wen said: “No wonder she’s so overbearing. But what qualifications does she have to be so impudent before His Highness. Didn’t that Tong Jingtian get directly rolled out of the Seven Treasures Pagoda.”

“But she is able to persevere up to the fifth wave of card scriptures with only Three Flowers Gathered Overhead. She should be relying on something for support.”

“Your Highness, it would be best to keep your guard up about her.” Zongzheng Ying feared that Cui Wumeng would ruin Chen Mo’s card scriptures matters.


“As expected, the characters that Jiang Yanyu and Fang Xi are fighting over are ‘All physical phenomena are like a dream, illusion, bubble, shadow.’ It looks like we’ll have a good show to watch at the end between these two.”

On the other side, Jiang Yanyu and Fang Xi’s state of mutual hostility attracted the attention of all the warriors.

After a brief break, the final waves of card scriptures very quickly began.

The talismans that fell this time were like a splashing waterfall. Densely packed, there were surprisingly more than a million. The card sutras hidden among them were basically invisible.

Chen Mo did not dare delay, and he rushed into the array. When Cui Wumeng saw Chen Mo enter, she also directed the yellow smoke towards Chen Mo.

All of the talismans became glistening yellow fireballs, somewhat similar to the initial Blastfire Talismans. When some warriors saw this was merely a fireball talisman, they wanted to step in to contest again.

“Don’t come in.” Chen Mo immediately stopped Qing Wan and the others.

Once these glowing yellow fireballs touched someone, they would stick firmly on, as if to burn all of their meridians and True Qi. They were stronger than fireballs by a hundredfold. Chen Mo exercised the Northern Dipper Great Overflow and used Star Energy to barely defend, but he still nearly was struck.

These were not normal fireballs. Instead, they were Buddhism’s Karma Fire.

Just when Chen Mo finished speaking, several warriors who braved the danger with their bodies were contaminated by the Karma Fire. They screamed and fell unconscious, losing their qualifications to proceed any further, which made Zongzheng Ying and the others break out into a cold sweat.

It was impossible to defend against this ordeal.

CHen Mo used the Bagua punch-intent, endlessly eliminating the incoming Karma Fire Talismans. His eyes searched continuously through the millions of talismans. Chen Mo activated the Divine Hawk Eyesight. His final four card characters were “all kinds of illusion.” Very quickly, he found an “all” card among the talismans a hundred meters away.

Chen Mo’s punch was like a cannon, clearing a path through the Karma Fire. Just as he was about to grab this card, a bone-white hand reached out from empty space and hooked around the card scripture, taking it away.

Chen Mo was surprised. He spotted Cui Wumeng, who had once again stolen a march on him and snatched away the card he wanted.

“Your Highness, it looks like the card characters we need are the same.” Cui Wumeng smiled strangely.

Chen Mo also smiled.

This girl was a bit interesting. She was unexpectedly waiting for opportunities to present themselves, waiting for him to find the cards before she went and stole them for herself. 

“Little Sister, this is a bit dishonest.”

“Who is little…” Cui Wumeng hated to hear that word “little” the most. All of a sudden, her face was full of anger. The yellow smoke around her was demonic, and ghostly howls came from empty space.

Chen Mo looked at her height, build and chest, putting on an expression that said, You’re small in all aspects.

Cui Wumeng puffed up her cheeks, “Chen Mo, don’t think you will get a full score now.”

Chen Mo spotted another “all” character. When she saw Chen Mo had a target, Cui Wumeng rose up, using the “Hooked Soul Hand” of the Deadly Seven Hooks.

Chen Mo’s arms were fluid, leisurely rolling them like a wave. A hundred Karma Fire Talismans then diverted towards Cui Wumeng.

Cui Wumeng’s father, who spoiled her rotten, was afraid she would suffer some mishap participating in this Divine Warrior Examination. He gave her a Spirit Treasure passed down from generation to generation for protection, the “Jadefall Belt.”1 Combined with the “Road To Yellow Springs” Soul Technique, she was able to produce “Yellow Springs Miasma.” Anyone who approached would turn into putrefied sludge. Even magic treasures and swords would be rendered the same.

However, these Buddhist Karma Fires were able to exorcise evil spirits and burn devils. Cui Wumeng did not dare be careless. She used the Yellow Springs Miasma around her body to defend, extricating herself from the Karma Fire.

Nevertheless, Chen Mo had now seized his chance to obtain the “all” card in one step and was already moving to the “kinds” card character.

“This Princess is not afraid of you.” Cui Wumeng stepped onto the yellow mist, arriving behind Chen Mo, brandishing a Yama Raja Palm.

Her palm-wind was dismal and wretched, sinister and ghastly, making people feel fear and trepidation, as if Yama was demanding for their lives; the girl had also practiced the Yama Raja Palm close to the point of punch-intent. Under this palm attack, several dozen Karma Fires were broken.

All of a sudden, Chen Mo felt a chill down his back and his hair stand on end. The martial arts of a Three Flowers Gathered Overhead warriors surprisingly were able to make him fell a chill. This Yellow Springs Princess could also be considered to be at an abnormal level. 

Chen Mo used “Li Center Empty,” evading Cui Wumeng’s Yama Raja Palm. He did not care for the girl’s commotion. Cui Wumeng only wanted to stop him from obtaining card characters in order to make him lose the chance at full score for this round. If he entangled himself with her, he would fall into her scheme. Chen Mo brandished a palm, which was Dui Upper Open.

A gap was blown open in the talismans filling the sky, revealing a “kinds” character card scripture. Chen Mo reached out and grabbed it.

Cui Wumeng was angry to the point that her entire body was quivering. Her arms shot forth like long hooks. This was the “Impermanence Worship”2 of the “Deadly Seven Hooks.”

Chen Mo’s legs used the Cool Breeze Bright Moon Escape. With a whoosh, he continued to press forwards. The Impermanent Worship cut off his flanks, and he immediately felt a chill. He knew that he was in danger, striking to the left and right with his arms, one like cannonfire, the other like flowing water.

The Deadly Seven Hooks’ Impermanence Worship possessed the two powers of life and death. If you obstructed death, then life arrived. If you wanted life, then death would come. It was difficult for any warrior to ward it off.

Cui Wumeng was in the middle of thinking of using the Yellow Springs Miasma to disfigure Chen Mo after striking him with Impermanent Worship, to make this Highness understand properly just what “little” actually was. As she thought this, Chen Mo’s palms were similarly swathed in two different types of energy. They touched the Impermanence Worship – and dispelled it. 

The third card scripture “of” appeared above him.

“Chen Mo do you dare to exchange blows with me or not.” Cui Wumeng’s body was like a demon. With a single bound, thousands of her palm-shadows attacked Chen Mo.

A clump of yellow mist was wrapped up in the layers of palm-shadows. Each palm-shadow was enough to melt skin and break bone, full of an awe-inspiring Yin chill.

The hundred Karma Fires around Chen Mo were surprisingly all dispelled by her palm-shadows.

“This girl is only twelve or thirteen years old, and she is already learning martial intent. Her future prospects are limitless.” Chen Mo thought to himself. Of course, he was not so narrow-minded as to lower himself to the level of a little girl whose chest had yet to develop. 

Looking at her overbearing appearance, she was simply like a girl who was angry that her lollipop was stolen. Chen Mo could not help but grin.

Chen Mo stepped off of empty space and whirled his body around. His hands drew the Supreme Ultimate, and in the blink of an eye, he struck the eight styles of “Qian,” “Kun,” “Zhen,” “Dui,” “Li,” “Kan,” “Xun” and “Gen.” His True Qi perfectly drew the Bagua Array, dispersing all of Cui Wumeng’s Yama Raja Palms.

How could Cui Wumeng be capable of defending against Chen Mo’s Bagua punch-intent.

In an instant, Chen Mo took the third “of” card scripture into his hand, leaving Cui Wumeng stamping her foot in fury.

The last “illusion” card character also appeared. Cui Wumeng saw that she was unable to stop Chen Mo with all the power she could muster. When she noticed there was not much time, an evil idea crossed her mind.

“If I can’t have something, then I’ll destroy it.”

Cui Wumeng operated her spiritual power. The Jadefall Belt hummed to life. A ghostly yellow light and a mist soared, becoming a skull that hurried towards that card scripture. 

It was surprisingly unstoppable, cleanly snuffing out the Karma Fires.

Seeing that she was so reckless in hindering him, Chen Mo cursed to himself. Just as the Yellow Springs Miasma’s skull was about to devour that card scripture, at this moment, a white light suddenly flashed and shot through the skull.

After an enormous rumble, the skull was disintegrated.

Cui Wumeng looked. The one who fired this arrow was Xi Wu. He had activated his family’s True Treasure, Great Roc Golden Arrow to finally just barely stop her.

Cui Wumeng formed a hand seal. Chen Mo already seized the chance to bring out Northern Dipper and sweep away the Karma Fires in his path. When she launched her second attack, he had already obtained that “illusion” card scripture.

“You anger me to death.” Cui Wumeng saw that everything was ruined, and her pale cheeks turned red from fury.

“I wonder how many card scriptures you got?” Chen Mo smiled and asked.

During the card scripture assessment, candidates were required to obtain at least four card scriptures each round in order to pass. Only then did Cui Wumeng realize that she had wasted all of her time trying to stop Chen Mo. She had only obtained one. With time already close to running out, Cui Wumeng was no longer interested in finding card scriptures that corresponded to a mantra. She randomly spotted a few and thought to go take them.

With the Jadefall Belt’s protection, Cui Wumeng was actually quite relaxed. Very quickly, she obtained two of the card scriptures. Just as the last one was within her grasp, all of a sudden, a punch-intent abruptly unfolded in her surroundings, launching a surprise attack against her.

The Yellow Springs Miasma was ripped apart by this Bagua punch-intent. The color drained from Cui Wumeng’s face, and she countered with Yama Raja Palm.

Her opponent’s punch took three of her palm strikes to break, forcing her back. Before Cui Wumeng could regain her footing, she heard six footsteps. When she got a clear look, a figure had instantly closed in on her, and a punch hurtled towards her.

Bang, bang, bang.

Cui Wumeng’s delicate body suffered six punches. Although she had the Jadefall Belt for protection, she still felt the pain.

After she was forced six steps back, the talismans filling the sky became mist. The second floor’s Card Scripture had concluded.


“Sister Cui!”

Chang’an’s warriors ran over in a panic. The Yellow Springs Princess was surprisingly struck. To them, this was unprecedented.

Cui Wumeng lifted her head and looked at the man who stopped her. Who could he be if not Chen Mo.

The girl’s eyes watered, as if she was about to cry. “You actually hit me!”

“Only you are allowed to people, and others aren’t allowed to hit back?” Chen Mo disdainfully said: “There are many people in the world who can hit you. I’m merely informing you that your arrogance has no basis of its own. Out there, you wouldn’t even have the chance to cry.”

Cui WUmeng wiped her eyes. Her actions truly were endearing to the extreme, and Chen Mo nearly wanted to go stroke her head to console her.

“Go away, go away.” Cui Wumeng angrily curled up in a corner.

“Your Highness, the Duke of Impermanence is a neutral faction among the Three Dukes and Nine Marquis. His Imperial Majesty once specially allowed Princess Wumeng entry into the Vermilion Bird Imperial Guard for the sake of roping him in.” Zongzheng Ying actually did not sympathize with the angry girl, but he felt a bit of pity.

Chen Mo understood his meaning. If he was able to win the favor of Cui Wumeng, then he would inevitably be able to obtain the Duke of Impermanence’s support. At that time, Chang’an Mansion would be like a tiger that grew wings. 

“You don’t get someone’s support by blindly currying their favor.” Chen Mo gazed at Cui Wumeng pitifully crouched in the corner. He expressionlessly said, “Sometimes, you should teach them a small lesson.”

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  1. 碧落佩
  2. 無常拜


  1. Here’s to hoping that one will not join his harem… Gongsun Huang could be said to be “really 700 years old,” as TVTropes would put it, but this one is an actual little girl. The other Star General in the South whose name now escapes me seems to have been young, but ambiguously so, so I can still pretend that she’s an immature 15-year-old at least (Chen Mo is 18 or so, isn’t he?). This one raises way too many objections.

    1. No kidding. I hope they can be close allies, but 12 years old really is too young to be even remotely considered as harem candidate. Unusual ages seems to be a thing with the Cui Family, as it’s remarked that her father is 60 years old.

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