Chapter 189: Asura Saint Of War

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“I never imagined that I’d actually even have this kind of comprehension.”

Chen Mo could feel the formidable might of the Deva Eyes. He could not tell how much more powerful that sensation of seeing through the mundane world felt when compared to the Divine Hawk Eyesight. He realized from deliberation that the Seven Treasures Pagoda was Buddhism’s Spirit Treasure, and he himself similarly had Zen’s Spirit Treasure, the Bodhi Soul Technique.

The so-called most powerful ability of Zen was its sudden enlightenment. That kind of revelation often could comprehend supreme abilities from anywhere and anything in the world. Having eradicated his “Five Mistaken Views,” he obtained the supreme Bodhi. Chen Mo’s peek into the Deva Eyes was not strange.

It looked like he would need to properly re-examine this place. Chen Mo retracted his giddy attitude. After passing the all of the five questions in this third round “Question and Answer,” he obtained ten points. His Divine Warrior score had already become 62 points. Wondering if he could be number one or not with this, Chen Mo ascended the staircase to the fourth floor.

Leaving the hall, he entered a familiar circular Buddhist hall. The room was filled with all kinds of strange scents, and it turned out that sacrificial lanterns were lit in all directions. The third floor had been a bit different from the lower two floors, but this floor was exceptionally wide. When he looked up, he could not see the ceiling. Many pavilion jut out in the surroundings, each with their own lofty extension. These buildings were numerous, their heights seemingly endless. Each of their floors had an arhat idol of gold. It was brilliant and vibrantly colored, sparkling with Buddhist light. All of the statues had different expressions. Some were laying down, or sleeping, or riding horses, or slaying tigers and dragons. Each was modelled completely differently, profound in appearance. Chen Mo used the Deva Eyes for a sweep. All that entered his eyes were lights and a million gold bodies.

In front of one idol of Buddha in the hall, there was a young man dressed in Zen clothes currently sitting in meditation. He was calm as a dry well, surprisingly not even breathing.

Only then did Chen Mo notice that two people had already arrived to the fourth floor a step faster than him.

The young man in Zen clothes naturally was Fang Xi, and not too far away was a young woman looking pensively at Fang Xi.

Fang Xi and Jiang Yanyu really are “close.” Chen Mo joked to himself.

Unwittingly, these two had instead entered a secret competition for first place.

“Your Highness Chen Mo, you have finally arrived.” Jiang Yanyu retracted her contemplative gaze and smiled at Chen Mo.

“Fang Xi arrived before you?” Chen Mo guessed. As the direct disciple of the Wanshou Temple, Fang Xi should have passed the third floor’s “Question and Answer” as easily as turning his hand over.

Jiang Yanyu did not reply, showing a puzzled expression instead.

Somehow, she felt Chen Mo had become a bit different. Those eyes of his seemed to possess a Buddha’s spirituality. Staring for a long time, she surprisingly had a feeling of powerlessness. Jiang Yanyu stirred her magic energy and exercised a soul technique, calming her state of mind.

“Your Highness Chen Mo, did you meet something in the Question and Answer?” Jiang Yanyu asked.

“Just questions on Buddhism. When I couldn’t answer, I killed my way through.” Chen Mo responded.

“Is that so?”

Jiang Yanyu stared once more, noticing that feeling from before had disappeared.

Did she overthink things?

Jiang Yanyu inwardly pondered.

Chen Mo found a place to sit cross-legged and activated his soul technique, cultivating the “Deva Eyes” he had just comprehended. These Deva Eyes were a powerful ability. Even the Bodhi Soul Technique was unable to bring it to its peak in the shortest time he could.

With the Five Mistaken Views gone, he saw what gods saw, the cause and effect of the mundane world, the reincarnation of all things, the instant of a snap of the fingers, the smile upon picking a flower.

Jiang Yanyu was also adjusting her breathing. During the third floor Question and Answer from before, she encountered a very demanding Bodhisattva at the end. Even her “Misty Rain Hidden Sword” was unable to easily get rid of it. In the end, she could only use that. She may as well since no one was watching, however, after passing the Question and Answer, Jiang Yanyu noticed her cultivation had increased a level in power. Next time, she should be able to grasp Fourth or Fifth Layer Thunder Tribulation.

Jiang Yanyu thought over this and opened her eyes. She saw that everyone’s eyes were closed in their breathing exercise. She took out a “Star Dollar” and secretly held it in her hand.

A clump of Star Energy flowed from her palm into her meridians.1

The divine light around Chen Mo was leisurely.

After a long while, Chen Mo’s Heavenly Silkworm Snow Brocade had completely repaired itself. Finally, the hall that was as silent as time itself showed a bit of activity. A ray of spirit-light ripped open the hall doors, and out walked a silhouette.

Chen Mo opened his eyes to look and was slightly surprised.

A set of black clothes, a figure as beautiful as a flower, and a face full of unswerving determination.

Surprisingly, she was Qing Wan.

“Qing Wan?”

Qing Wan’s appearance also made Fang Xi and Jiang Yanyu widen their eyes.

“Chen Mo.” Qing Wan spotted Chen Mo. She looked all around. The girl was somewhat reserved, but she still walked over.

“You passed the Question and Answer?” Chen Mo was very surprised.

“En, and you passed, too.” Qing Wan said.

Qing Wan already had unwittingly reached Qi Flower Late Stage, but to use martial force to force her way through the Question and Answer was basically impossible. Starting from the third question, even Lesser Thunder Tribulation cultivators would have headaches. This meant…

“You answered all the questions?” Chen Mo gave her a thumbs up in amazement.

“It was just a coincidence.”

It turned out that since her defeat at Azure Dragon Town’s competition, Qing Wan had sincerely repented and mended her ways, reflecting on her errors. The Great Chong Dynasty’s fundamental root was Zen. Qing Wan naturally entered a Zen school and used Zen meditation examine herself and her shortcomings.

This self-reflection had great benefits. She understood that she had a mind too focused on “gains and loss” and “haggling.” Chen Mo’s Hanshan Asks Shide was considered a raging inferno that allowed her to reach enlightenment. Afterwards, Qing Wan focused fully on her spiritual development. In the end, she unified the qi in her meridians and linked them together to finally condense a Qi Flower, reaching the Qi Flower Realm. It could be said to be the good that came out of a bad situation. During these past few months, Qing Wan gained a very profound understanding of Zen.

The Questions and Answers she was met with were Buddhism’s “Five Impurities.” The so-called Five Impurities were the impurity of current trends, impurity of mistaken views, impurity of afflictions, impurity of being sentient, and impurity of having a lifetime. These Five Impurities reflected her experiences, but she had also undergone spiritual development. Naturally, she was able to answer perfectly, allowing her entry into the fourth floor. To enter the fourth floor of the Seven Treasures Pagoda with just Qi Flower Realm, Qing Wan could be described as the very first since ancient times. Even geniuses as abnormal as Fang Xi and Jiang Yanyu sat up and took notice. 

Seeing that Qing Wan was able to reach this stage, Chen Mo was quite happy for her. To be frank, their relationship was not very good. For many years, Chen Mo had always endured abusive language and bullying, and Qing Wan was considered the ringleader behind these.

But now that he already had multiple Star Generals, when he recalled those days he was a “cripple,” he noticed the memories from those times had already become a sweetness he could reflect upon.

This was the mentality of someone who was truly strong. Only the strong could treat each bygone challenge as a powerful step forward instead of brooding and obstructing their own growth. And perhaps it was in those days of dedicated hard work, when Qing Wan was considered the girl he had the deepest impression of, that she was his original goal. Every time she grew even stronger than before, Chen Mo was very happy for her.

“Is there something on my face?” Qing Wan’s face felt a bit hot. This man stared at her for too long.

“Who could have thought that we could sit together on the floor like this now, this would be a funny rumor.” Chen Mo coughed.

Qing Wan was stumped for words and remained silent for a long time before she said: “I owe you an apology for what I’ve done to you before.”2

“You’ve already apologized. You don’t need to apologize anymore. Besides, your Qing Family are my people, and you are one of my people. Do you still need to apologize then?” Chen Mo sternly said.

Qing Wan grunted, acknowledging Chen Mo’s words.

“And if it wasn’t for you, I couldn’t have made Hanshan Asks Shide. We’re even.” Chen Mo said.

In the third floor, Yellow Springs Princess Cui Wumeng was currently being challenged by the fifth question, which was about “inner science” of Buddhism’s Five Sciences. Something about the Three Doctrines and the Twelve Teachings, something about the Buddha’s dharma to disciples; Cui Wumeng did not understand nor did she want to.

As always, she used her most tyrannical methods to reply.

With the Heaven Earth Level Spirit Treasure “Jadefall Belt” on her body, even a celestial maiden would be nothing to her. Cui Wumeng continuously brandished her Yama Raja Palm. Thousands of palm-shadows and tens of thousands of wisps of her miasma completely devoured the innumerable golden lotuses.

But the arhat bodhisattva in front of her still sat upright on its lotus platform, its Buddhist light stopping the Yellow Springs Miasma.

The lotus platform bodhisattva pointed its finger. A golden lotus bloomed from Cui Wumeng’s chest. Although the Yellow Springs Princess did her utmost to use the Yellow Springs Miasma to protect her body, she was unable to bear her opponent’s relentless assault.

Buddhist chanting suddenly filled her ears. These incantations carried the power of karma, making her Yellow Springs Miasma slowly dissipate.

The bodhisattva sat in midair. It brandished a palm, and a gigantic Buddhist palm covered Cui Wumeng, who shrieked. The Jadefall Belt flashed, and yellow smoke became a malevolent skull that collided with the Buddhist Palm. 

The Sumeru Palm and the skull slammed into each other head-on. The palm immediately dispersed. 

The bodhisattva uttered one of the many names of Buddha. Under Cui Wumeng’s feet, a golden lotus suddenly blossomed. The space surrounding her filled with dharma, giving Cui Wumeng a splitting headache; she nearly collapsed.

“Thou shalt withdraw and wait for a decree.” The bodhisattva said.

The girl’s eyes were completely red. Not only did she not shrink back, instead, she completely swallowed down this pain. When she recalled her loss to Chen Mo a moment prior, all of her hatred, suffering, bloodthirst, and despair filled her chest.

The nearly eliminated Yellow Springs Miasma suddenly flared. The mist slowly became a black qi.

“I hate baffling monks like you the most, you make things overly complicated. Die.” All of Cui Wumeng’s skin turned black. The girl screamed and punched.

All of a sudden, the black qi was like a demon. Specters and phantoms poured out from her fist. The golden lotuses in the surroundings were broken one after another by these evil spirits all in an instant.

The deadly punch-intent covered a range of several hundred meters like a mist covering a lake.

Astonishingly, it was asura punch-intent.

Compared to other punch-intent, asura punch-intent was full of an arrogance and a thirst for the enemy’s death. The Buddhist light filling the sky was powerless. All of the golden lotuses withered one after another.

The bodhisattva’s face was calm as a dry well. Struck by the asura punch-intent, its body subsequently vanished into thin air like bits and fragments.

“Big Brother Chen Mo, here I come.”

Cui Wumeng, who comprehended punch-intent, blossomed with a sinister smile. A crimson light flickered on her forehead. She rose up, and punched her way to the fourth floor.

Chen Mo and Qing Wan chatted. For a long time, the gates to the main hall showed no activity. The final lanterns gradually extinguished; time was running out.

All of a sudden, Chen Mo turned his gaze to the middle of the hall. Fang Xi and Jiang Yanyu also took not at the same time.

“En? What’s going on?” Qing Wan was bewildered.

As she said this, the gates thundered open. A chilling and terrible punch-intent seemed to emerge from hell itself. A little girl’s silhouette appeared in the middle of a black shadow.

Her figure was delicate, yet it was like the shadow of an asura or a god of war was behind her.3


“Oh, fuck, she actually became a Saint Of War and comprehended martial intent.” Chen Mo’s mouth hung open. This had definitely surprised him.

Qing Wan was flabbergasted as well.

A twelve to thirteen year old Saint Of War…This was unheard of in the Great Chong Dynasty.

Cui Wumeng walked into the hall. Although she had wasted a lot of effort in the Question and Answer, she comprehended asura martial-intent. The girl was exceptionally excited. She stared at Chen Mo with a daring, provocative gaze.

“Congratulations, congratulations.” Chen Mo smiled: “Little Sister, should you not thank me?”

“I will definitely take revenge on you, Big Brother!” Cui Wumeng’s “big” was particularly vicious.

Qing Wan felt chills all over her body. The bright lanterns were obviously warm, yet a cold wind blew by.

Just what was this girl’s background.

The third floor’s assessment very quickly concluded.

Only five people were able to step into the fourth floor.

Fang Xi, Jiang Yanyu, Chen Mo, and Qing Wan.

As well as the youngest Saint Of War in the history of the Divine Warrior Examination – 

Cui Wumeng.

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