Chapter 20: One Defeats Four

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A blizzard filled the skies.


A Snow Fox was scuttling over the snow, seemingly running from those arrows. Behind it, several ferocious hounds were closing in fast, “Stop running, obediently return with This Princess.” A ringing giggle floated in the wind.

The white fox fled deep into the mountain. Not long after, it was forced to a dead end, surrounded by the hounds.

Clip, clop, clop.

The divine steeds caught up through the snow.

Just at this moment, a silhouette rose suddenly from the ground, reaching out and taking the white fox into its arms. The group on horseback was startled. By the time things settled, they saw a bare chested man standing in front of them.

“What is the meaning of this, Fellow?” Li Xiaxi’s gaze sunk, his expression displeased. “We found this white fox first, you go too far by stealing it like this.”

The white fox in the man’s grasp struggled, ruthlessly biting him. Chen Mo grit his teeth in pain, stroking its fur to pacify it. Sensing there was no ill intent, it slowly ceased its thrashing.

“Ladies and gentlemen, this white fox is here by fate, could you yield it to me.” Chen Mo lowered the pitch of his voice. Muffled in the wind and hoarse, he had a shroud of mystery.

“My father is the Duke of Wei, this is the daughter of Prince Yang, and you want us to yield it to you?” Li Xiaxi showed an expression of ridicule. If it was not for the fact he saw this interloper’s extremely fast body technique just now, the trajectory of which was unclear, he would have already taken action.

The Wuyang Princess said: “This Princess wishes to give this fox to a friend. Please understand, Fellow.”

“This white fox and I are related. I cannot give it to you.” Chen Mo pretended to not hear them.

Qing Wan shouted from her horse: “Thief from who knows where, you steal another’s prey yet you say the same thing over and over. This is truly repulsive. Do you cover your face out of shame?!”

Chen Mo hugged the Snow Fox, taking several steps back. The hunting dogs advanced, baring their teeth, their eyes showing vicious glints.

“Little Sister, no need to say anymore. Let me first experience just what capabilities Your Distinguished Self has to be able to utter such words.” Qing Yu leapt off his horse, soaring forth with a palm strike. His entire person became just like a black python. His palms pushed, and his qi and blood seemed aflame, rolling through the blizzard. His arms snaked forth like serpents. This completely left a person with no room to escape.

This was a martial art of the Spirit Snake Fist that could only be displayed at Qi And Blood Nine Turns.

“Black Snake Constricting Dragon!”1

Qing Yu was a cautious person. He was inwardly wary of Chen Mo’s mysterious background, immediately using his strongest art to take down Chen Mo in a single blow. The formidable power of Qi And Blood Nine Turns attacked his whole body. Palm shadows struck like snakes, leaving Chen Mo nowhere to run.

Yet Chen Mo did not move a single inch. From an outsider’s perspective, he seemed to be scared stiff in the face of Qing Yu’s strongest attack, unable to react in the slightest. Seeing the black serpents coil towards him, Chen Mo’s brow rose, and he finally made his move.

Simple, dull, and tedious to the point of disbelief.

A single punch.


You want to contend against me with a punch like this? Vigilance sprung forth in Qing Yu’s mind, his palms striking towards Chen Mo’s palm.

The Qing Yu that had refined his qi and blood to his heart and mind did not dare make any careless moves. He prepared to first entangle Chen Mo’s bizarre punch. Afterwards, he would launch an extreme close range attack. But when his palms coiled around, there were suddenly three explosions in the air. This simple punch contained tyrannical power. His palms were surprisingly unable to catch it.

The Qing Family’s Spirit Snake Fist was proficient in speed and timing, but it lacked power.

Chen Mo immediately broke Qing Yu’s palm attacks with a single move. The man’s palms hurt. With the technique broken, Chen Mo kicked with the tip of his feet, rising into the air, smashing his “elbow strike” directly into Qing Yu’s chest. Immediately, Qing Yu used “Grass Beating Snake Scaring,”2 taking on bizarre yet swift evasive maneuvers, completely dodging this strike.

But immediately, Chen Mo kicked him in the leg.

“Watch this.” Qing Wan saw her second brother was being forced back. Unable to bear this any longer, she roared, flying down from her horse, attacking with “Spirit Snake Wraps Moon.”3 The girl’s figure was lithe, her talent extremely high, combined with the Spirit Snake Fist’s characteristic flawlessness. Spirit Snake Wraps Moon instantly closed the distance to Chen Mo. Both of her palms moved, pushing forth intense wind. The blizzard was disintegrated, as if a bright moon was in her embrace. From the outside, this appeared gentle, but the murderous aura of those palms flooded the heavens.

Chen Mo circulated his Qi And Blood Seven Turns, retaining all of his qi and blood in his body. He did not dare entangle himself with Qing Wan. He stepped through the “Turning Step Of The Bowl” to evade. Qing Wan turned her palm strikes into jabs while Chen Mo turned his body around to face his back towards her.

Pa, pa, pa!

Three consecutive strikes. Qing Wan slightly changed. She retreated several step, a bit of shock in her eyes.

This man had a powerful constitution. Her three “Jabbing Hand” strikes left the tips of her fingers stinging, yet the counterpart was left with three superficial red marks. “Little Sister, allow me!” Qing Yu had been kicked, costing him face. He was instantly furious.

His qi and blood surged, and his skin turned a complete red. Qing Yu’s body was like a serpent. His palm struck out, just like an enormous python opening its giant maw, surprisingly bearing a terrifying might. Warriors unable to refine their qi and blood into their hearts and minds were basically unable to resist.

However, Chen Mo had one layer of the Northern Dipper Great Overflow’s realms. His body had gone through the tempering of Star Energy, but the simple one layer still contained the might of boundless starry skies. Against this immense palm strike, Chen Mo’s expression did not change. He held the white fox against his chest with one hand, and countered with the other.

This hand was like sand fallen into a marsh, yet also like a koi soaring into the sky, as if space was unable to constrict it, as if laws could not bind it. No matter if the foe was a swallow flying in the clouds or a carp in the lake, they would be drowned in the water, plucked as prey by the eagle’s talons.

Qing Yu’s flawless and perfect boxing seemed to have a gap beaten into it. His palm wind was torn apart, revealing an opening. Chen Mo then emerged from this gap, thrusting his own palm into Qing Yu’s chest, flawlessly striking this opening.

This was a super first-rate martial art.

Dui Upper Open!!

Qing Yu was basically unable to avoid Chen Mo’s palm strike. His body was sent flying, rolling several dozen meters down the mountain. For a Qi And Blood Nine Turns warrior to unexpectedly be knocked into the air, the other three stared dumbstruck.

“Is this a super first-rate martial art?” Ting Nanyuan’s eyes widened. Not only was the girl not angry, on the contrary, she showed an excited expression.

“Princess, be careful.” Li Xiaxi drew his sword, bringing out a Two Star sword from his Astral Stone. The sword was resplendent, blinding as the sun, the reflection of which shot into the snow and melted it.

This Two Star Grade 5 Star Weapon named “Absolute Breaker”4 was but the weapon that Li Xiaxi was most proud of. With this Two Star weapon, he was even able to kill Three Flowers Overhead warriors despite being only Qi And Blood Eight Turns.

“Xiaxi, this will injure the white fox.” Ting Nanyuan hastily held him back.

“This guy’s background is unclear. It is necessary to dispose of him first.” Li Xiaxi was somewhat afraid of this bare chested man, his heart overflowing with evil intent.

“Princess, let’s the three of us go together. He hasn’t opened Three Flowers Overhead.” Qing Wan shouted.

Bark, bark, bark.

The hunting dogs also leapt towards Chen Mo at the same time.

They were all warriors who were at Qi And Blood Seven Turns or higher. Chen Mo had the confidence to face an Eight or Nine Turns warrior, but for him to fight a four on one, that was honestly too excessive. Chen Mo only wanted to save the white fox, but he did not expect that not only had he yet to rescue the white fox, he had placed himself into a loss. Although fighting these people would allow him to obtain substantial experience, he was not overly zealous to continue fighting. Seeing Li Xiaxi draw a Two Star Star Weapon, he knew that he could not hesitate anymore.

Chen Mo’s figure warped, suddenly vanishing right before their eyes.

The blizzard within a range of a hundred meters came to an abrupt stop, as strange as if someone had suddenly pulled it all away. This kind of scene only lasted a few seconds, but to Qing Wan and the others, it seemed as long as several centuries during their shock.

A figure appeared in the middle of them with inconceivable speed.

High above the two Divine Fire Colts.

The man reappeared, the perspiration on his bare torso boiling over, twinkling brightly.

No one expected Chen Mo would reappear.

But their reactions were extremely swift, each of them using different attack maneuvers. Li Xiaxi bellowed, executing Absolute Breaker. Sword-light gushed in all directions like a tide.

Becoming a long white rainbow rolling towards Chen Mo.

Chen Mo slammed a punch towards the ground. Then, the silenced storm suddenly roared back to life under his fist. Powerful wind was able to blow in all directions, carrying unsurpassed and swiftly flowing might. Even though the others were on guard, the speed of Chen Mo’s punch was honestly too great.

The formidable power of his punch roared on the mountain, and Li Xiaxi was thrown from his Divine Fire Colt. Ting Nanyuan fared better than he. Although the girl was somewhat ragged, she still controlled the horse’s panicked cries. The hunting dogs were directly crushed to death.

A perfect bagua pattern spread in the snow around them, leaving a deep imprint that then immediately vanished.

Xun Lower Broken!

By the time the snowstorm stopped, everyone was slightly injured.

“What is this person. Can a Qi And Blood Nine Turns warrior have such tyrannical strength?” Li Xiaxi covered his faintly stinging chest in disbelief. At the mansion of the Duke of Wei, he had battled Qi And Blood Nine Turns Warriors no fewer than a hundred times, but never was there one able to make three Qi And Blood Eight Turns warriors unable to continue one after another with a single punch, shaking them all.

This was practically Star General level strength.

“He’s injured.”

Qing Wan wiped the blood from the corner of her mouth. Her organs and limbs that were already tempered like steel surprisingly hurt like pins and needles. That man’s power was so strong, she feared that he practiced some bizarre cultivation method.

A long trail of blood was left on the ground, disappearing in the direction of the Azure Dragon Mountain’s depths. This was an injury from Li Xiaxi’s Two Star Star Weapon.

“Just who the hell is that man? Why’s he so attached to a Snow Fox when he’s this strong.” Li Xiaxi could not fathom this. To go snatch a White Snow Fox in the face of offending four Qi And Blood Eight or Nine Turns warriors, he was honestly gutsy.

“Maybe that Snow Fox truly is connected to him.” Qing Wan said.

“Love between a man and fox? I see obsession.” Li Xiaxi mocked.

“Princess, what’s the matter?” Qing Wan asked.

“How is your Second Brother?”

Qing Yu walked over at this time, “Fortunately for me, that man’s qi and blood have not been refined to perfection through his whole body. My qi and blood have been refined into my heart and mind for four or five years now. While that punch just now was ferocious, I can still handle it.”

“In that case, that bare chested man at least doesn’t have Qi And Blood Nine Turns strength?’ Li Xiaxi’s brows rose. Heart and mind was the last path in a warrior’s qi and blood circulation. Located in the forehead, this heart and mind gathered all of the body’s qi and blood to a single point in control over the entire body. If one could refine the heart and mind to its peak, then the warrior’s Inner and Outer would become one. The circulation of qi and blood through the whole body would be completely as they wished, turning them omnipotent and indestructible.

That swift and fierce punch just now was able to break Qing Yu’s “Great Snake Collapse” but not the man’s heart and mind. This demonstrated their opponent’s qi and blood had yet to be cultivated to the level of his own heart and mind, which was why he was unable to smash through Qing Yu’s heart and mind.

Fight strength with strength, this was the most simple law of equilibrium for Qi And Blood warriors.

“But that man used two moves that are perhaps super first-rate martial arts. He is very dangerous.” Qing Wan was still relatively more self-aware. Although the four of them were unable to stop him, this made her very embarrassed. However, the world was vast and full of people more talented than her, so this was not strange.

“He’s been injured and is with a super first-rate martial art on his person. No matter who he is, can we just let him go after offending the Duke of Wei and Wuyang Princess? Nanyuan, that white fox is still in his clutches. Maybe that white fox is about to become a Demon, so that’s why he is so obsessed with snatching it. A white fox turned demon will possess an internal pellet. Maybe you can give it to Her Highness the Princess to cure her.” Li Xiaxi righteously said.

Ting Nanyuan was still hesitating, thinking instantly about this logic.

“This Princess shall do her utmost to persuade him. I feel that he is not an evil person.”

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  1. 黑蛇纏蛟
  2. 打草驚蛇
  3. 靈蛇抱月
  4. 絕破


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    1. She is the perfect princess, blissfully ignorant of the darkness in her companions’ hearts and overly focused on the goodness of others. You’ll see in the coming chapters that her personality just doesn’t fit in with the stakes at hand.

        1. I’d hesitate to say that they’re opposites since not enough is known about Ting Nanyuan yet. All I can say for sure is that Nanyuan is very sentimental to be holding onto what appears to be a childhood(?) engagement, and that she tends to be too optimistic regarding the situations she’s put in.

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