Chapter 229: Pity That You Are Not A Star General

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Azure Dragon Mountain, the last glimmering rays of the sun.

A green-clothed girl drilled herself in the setting sun, her figure casting a long shadow by the setting sun. The girl moved about. When she punched, it was like a downpour, yet also like a drifting leaf, completely free and unfettered. The fading light of the sun on Azure Dragon Mountain seemed to integrate into her boxing, endlessly changing its form.

A rudimentary Bagua pattern was unknowingly carved into the ground beneath her feet by her routine.

The boxing ended.

Qing Wan breathed deeply. She looked at the lines underfoot and wrinkled her brow. Ever since Chen Mo taught her this Bagua, Qing Wan had thrown herself into training it nonstop. She did not know what the background of this boxing technique was, but the past few months of training helped consolidate her Spirit Flower. Already, she was a Three Flowers Gathered Overhead.

Qing Wan prepared to drill again.

Suddenly, a resounding chanting voice came from the forest.

“Qian Three Linked crowns Heaven, Kun Six Severed sets Earth; Zhen Upright Basin shocks thunder, Gen Overturned Bowl moves mountains; Li Center Empty ruins fire, Kan Center Full drinks water; Dui Upper Open breaks marsh, Xun Lower Broken ends wind.”

When Qing Wan heard this, she was immediately startled.

This chanting voice’s every word perfectly described every move of her Bagua. However, the difference with Chen Mo was that this Bagua Chant’s every verse contained two other words. But the additional portion precisely described the characteristics and nature of the Bagua, a vital finishing touch.

Qing Wan’s whole body stretched taut. She activated her True Qi, manifested Three Flowers over her head, and turned her gaze.

She saw a woman dressed in a dragon-patterned overcoat walk out. Her figure was tall, towering above the average male warrior. Although she was a woman, she was full of a masculinity that surpassed any man’s. Her facial features were a bit ambiguous. If it was not for her slightly protruding chest, she would have thought this person to be a man at first glance. But when she looked again at this woman’s gaze, Qing Wan’s entire body shook.

Her cheeks were supple and full, like a lion’s, and her eyes were like a beast’s.

A kind of invisible domineering aura immediately captivated the girl’s heart, making Qing Wan powerless to resist.

“Who taught you this Bagua?” The woman asked, her voice deep and low, forceful.

Qing Wan overcame her intimidation and took a deep breath, circulating True Qi throughout her body. “Your Servant accidentally learned about it in a dream. Does Your Distinguished Self know of this boxing technique?”

“Learned about it in a dream?” The woman was noncommittal about her reply.

“Not bad, but what a pity you did not receive the authentic teaching.” She continued.

Qing Wan became hesitant over her counterpart’s background when she realized that this person clearly understood the Bagua very deeply.

The woman apparently did not have interest in saying more, “I will ask you something, and you will answer me truthfully.”

The other side’s holier-than-thou tone made Qing Wan inwardly displeased. The girl coldly said: “I have been training in the mountains. Your Servant perhaps will not know about what you want to ask.”

The woman flatly said: “I have come to these mountains in search of someone, but I discovered that she is not here.”

“Your Servant has been alone all this time and did not see anyone. If your friend is not here, should you not search some other place?” Qing Wan answered very bluntly.

“Then I ask of you, do you know if a Star General has appeared here or not?”

Qing Wan froze, and her gaze looked straight into the imposing stare of the woman’s pupils.

Her first thought was none other than King Of Extinguished Ashes Zhongli Mo, one of Her Excellency Xiang Yu’s Five Great Generals, who shook Azure Dragon Town. The woman very clearly had come for her. However, Zhongli Mo and Chen Mo shared a deep relationship right now. Under the circumstances of not knowing if this woman was friend or foe, Qing Wan replied at once: “My greatest apologies, I have never heard of her.”

“I don’t like liars.” The woman’s tone gradually turned cold.

“Star Generals are of such high status, how can an ordinary warrior such as myself possibly know of her whereabouts.” Qing Wan did not shrink back.

The woman nodded.

“You are awfully courageous, actually a good martial arts successor.”

“How about this, I teach you a bit of the Bagua’s authentic instruction, and you tell me her location.” The woman’s tone did not allow for refusal.

Is this woman a Star General?

Qing Wan’s eyebrows rose. That arrogance in her heart that was raised ever since she was young was unwilling to concede. “Actually, Qing Wan wants to experience what abilities you have.” When she finished, the girl leapt forth, following with a punch like a constricting snake.

The woman was expressionless, allowing Qing Wan to approach.

The strongest move of the Qing Family’s boxing technique, “Great Snake Collapse” struck the woman’s body, but it was like a clay ox entering the sea, completely useless. At the same time, Qing Wan instead felt her fists suffer unbearable pain, the True Qi in her body about to scatter. This woman’s body was like an iron bastion without any openings whatsoever. When Qing Wan saw that the tranquility in the woman’s eyes contained a slight expression of contempt, Qing Wan felt humiliated in her heart.

“Try using your Bagua.” The woman suggested.

Qing Wan bellowed. Qian Three Linked, Kun Six Severed, Li Center Empty, Kan Center Full…She used the eight techniques in quick succession, linking each technique to one another, coordinating them to the peak. The techniques were one with her True Qi, brimming with power that could devastate fortress walls. A deep Bagua was engraved below her feet. Although the Bagua that Qing Wan used was not as perfect as Chen Mo’s, it was somewhat proficient. It would be usable against a Three Flowers Gathered Overhead warrior.

The woman glanced at the Bagua pattern below them and slightly nodded. “The framework is there.”


The power of her punches was earth-shattering as they rushed towards the woman. At Azure Dragon Mountain, an immense twister rushed into the heavens, seemingly swallowing the final glimpse of the setting sun.

When the punched finished, Qing Wan’s expression changed.

Her opponent unexpectedly had not budged even half a step. Her power was frightening. Although Qing Wan was already prepared, to see her full power was actually unable to move the woman in the slightest still made Qing Wan somewhat dejected.

“Tell me Zhongli Mo’s whereabouts now, otherwise, I will make you regret it for your life!”

The woman spoke.

As expected, she was indeed here to find King Of Extinguished Ashes Zhongli Mo.

Qing Wan wanted to retreat, but all of a sudden, a divine power emerged from the woman’s golden pupils. Worldly power quickly bubbled over Qing Wan’s body, and every inch of her muscles and bones seemed about to be crushed to dust by this force.

This woman’s might far exceeded Qing Wan’s imagination.

“Zhongli Mo should still be in this Star Field of yours. Where has she gone.” The woman asked.

“I don’t know!!” Qing Wan replied with difficulty.

“A robust character of integrity. However, I can crush it anytime!” The woman said. The pressure over Qing Wan’s body grew heavier and heavier. Her body began to release rupturing noises.

Qing Wan grit her teeth. She nearly cried out in pain.

“Pity that you are not a Star General. Otherwise, you may have proved a match for me.”

The woman regretfully said. She extended her index finger and tapped Qing Wan’s forehead.

Four Ladies Mountain, fortress cave.

Zhongli Sanmei suddenly had a lapse in focus.

“Sanmei, what’s the matter?” Chen Mo seized her wrist and checked her pulse.

Zhongli Sanmei came back to her senses and wrenched herself free of Chen Mo’s hand, “Nothing.”

“Are you too tired?” Chen Mo knew that the recent Star Gathering Wagon incident was being handled by Zhongli Sanmei. He could not easily show himself directly, so everything was left to her.

“You look down on This King too much.” Zhongli Sanmei twitched her mouth.

“How should you handle what comes next? With so many materials, it isn’t too realistic for you to cast it all yourself, right?” Zhongli Sanmei gazed at that Star Gathering Wagon. There were four hundred people in the Long Saber Guard. To cast all four hundred Long Saber Guardsmen to Five Star was a very great undertaking.

Chen Mo knew this was not very realistic, but he had already thought of a solution. “I’ll go to the Sword Casting Villa and discuss the upgrade of Star Weapons. Given my status as the vice villa master, there should be no problem upgrading the Long Saber Guards’ four hundred Star Weapons if I unite the Western and Northern Branches.”

“Won’t that alert the emperor?”

“I’ll upgrade fifty Long Sabers at a time, split over eight periods. This won’t attract his attention.” The activity in upgrading four hundred guards’ weapons was too big, so the emperor would definitely find out. When the time came, he would inevitably come with all his might to steal them. Furthermore, the Sword Casting Villa’s possible alliance with the emperor was a problem. If they were separated, he would not need to be so worried.


“You’re all tired from recent events. The day after tomorrow is the Buddha Washing Festival. I’ll take you all around for a look.” Chen Mo stroked Nianyou’s head. The little loli was currently curled against his chest, sweetly savoring this.

“This King actually is not tired, but…”


“Forget it, it’s nothing. This King is overthinking.” Zhongli Sanmei shook her head, deciding to not ponder any further.

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  1. Well, it’s not like she could point the other woman in a concrete direction even if she had been willing; she doesn’t actually know Chen Mo’s whereabouts.

    1. Well, Qing Wan gets points for loyalty, at least…Anyways, you’ll see that the woman didn’t really need Qing Wan anyways.

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