Chapter 23: Looting The Wuyang Princess’ Burning House

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If it was any other cultivator from the Star Fields, perhaps they would covet the Wuyang Princess’ Star Tools, cultivation methods and riches, seizing the change to kill her and plunder. In the Star Field, those like Scattered Cultivators always were focused on boosting their reputation. They had no backing, relied on sects for support, and committed all manners of crime to advance their own cultivation.

Human ethics and virtue could not compare to a breakthrough to the next level of cultivation.

Chen Mo was full of urgency towards increasing his cultivation, however, he was not so far gone as to do something terrible like letting a beauty die this way, but there were many benefits.

Seeing that the Wuyang Princess was unable to hold on, Chen Mo was neither rushed nor slow, dillydallying as he spoke: “I see that the martial art you are using is also a super first-rate type to have allowed you to last this long. Impart to me hat martial art you are using right now, and I shall save you. With your martial art, I can be at ease.”

“Uh.” Ting Nanyuan hesitated indecisively.

This Dark Yang Finger was the secret technique of the Yang Prince’s mansion. It had never been so easily taught to outsiders. Only the direct sons and daughters of the mansion’s first wife had the qualifications to learn it.

“Hmph, to not even have this bit of good faith.” Chen Mo snorted.

“Then you must promise me one thing…” Ting Nanyuan grit her teeth.

“Name it.”

“This Princess can teach the Dark Yang Finger to you, but you must not teach it to anyone else. This is the secret art of the Yang Prince’s mansion. If others were to learn it, perhaps he will chase you to the ends of the earth to kill you.”

“Deal.” Chen Mo directly acquiesced.

Ting Nanyuan was left with no choice. She fished out an ancient book from the pocket embedded in her Astral Stone. This jade strip recorded the Dark Yang Finger’s cultivation method. She was currently in the middle of diligently studying it, always keeping it by her side. She never imagined that today she would give an outsider a glimpse of its true face, however, the current situation was extremely dire. There was nothing else she could do.

Chen Mo scanned through it. His memory was extremely good, very quickly memorizing it more or less.

“Fellow, quickly come save me.” Ting Nanyuan honestly was at her limit and was afraid Chen Mo would renege.

Chen Mo was a person who held protective feelings towards the fairer sex.1 He now brandished the big stick, mercilessly killing his way through the black tide. Northern Dipper steamrolled through them, and a large portion of the gu bugs were swept away. A wide path was opened. Chen Mo came to the girl’s side, pulled her against his chest and leapt deeper in towards the cave without another thought.

Ting Nanyuan was already too exhausted. She did not anticipate that the inside of the Azure Dragon Footpath would be so vicious, to have encountered such an embarrassing situation after just entering. Then, Chen Mo took her up and carried her. The man’s upper body, while not wide, was sturdy, caused a sense of safety to arise in Ting Nanyuan’s heart. For the time being, she was too weak, unable to muster her strength.

Chen Mo embraced her with one arm while he slaughtered his way through with the big stick in his other, sweeping away both sides.

A cleaning scene like an autumn breeze sweeping up fallen leaves.

Not long after, the black gu bugs were finally decimated. Only when the pair reached an expansive hall did the two finally come to a stop.

“Set This Princess down.” Ting Nanyuan bashfully gnashed her teeth in anger.

The previous situation was too harrowing, so she had not noticed that the hand Chen Mo held her with was tightly covering her chest. If it was not for her mostly depleted Qi And Blood and somewhat exhausted state, Ting Nanyuan would not have hesitated to kill him by her own hand.

Chen Mo was very nonchalant; he felt as if he had been holding a rock, but he let go his hand.

The girl ground her teeth.

“This Dark Yang Finger is categorized as Yang, its might ample. However, a girl like you learning this is nevertheless a bit wasteful.”

Ting Nanyuan harrumphed. She looked at the muscles and flesh of Chen Mo’s upper body, which were masculine, yet those pectorals appeared to not have much strength. After experiencing Chen Mo face a four on one, the Wuyang Princess knew this person could not be judged based on his appearance.

“How do you have such enormous strength?” Ting Nanyuan could not help but touch Chen Mo’s chest. You groped This Lady’s chest, This Lady shall get even by fondling you.2

Chen Mo said: “Want to touch someplace else?”3

“So shameless.” The Wuyang Princess clicked her tongue.

“Why do you not wear clothes yet don a mask? Indeed, you are a pervert.” Ting Nanyuan drew back, maintaining a certain distance.

Chen Mo’s bare upper body was merely to cultivate his qi and blood into his bones, bringing about a contrasting impression along the way, such that no one would think to link his identity. However, he was not interested in explaining this logic to her.

Chen Mo looked at the Dark Yang Finger’s secret text, noticing that this Dark Yang Finger was cultivated using meridians. First of all, he needed to refine his qi and blood to his meridians, meaning he would need Qi And Blood Eight Turns strength. Chen Mo learned the Bagua Chant, and he also discussed go with Xi Yi. The bagua had many attributes including, “yin, yang, fire, water, thunder, wind, earth, and marsh.” His comprehension ability was also very swift. In his previous life, he was considered a martial arts nut, immersing himself for a very long time in various schools of kung fu. Very quickly, he ascertained the main points of the Dark Yang Finger.

Afterwards, he looked through it again before throwing the book back to Ting Nanyuan.

“You finished reading it so quickly?” Ting Nanyuan wrinkled her brow. To be frank, she originally planned to stall Chen Mo for the time being, to wait for the others to reassembled before thinking of a way to steal the Dark Yang Finger back.

“You planned to take it back anyways, right. Your Dark Yang Finger is not as formidable as my Bagua. Not looking at it would have been fine, too.” Chen Mo twitched his lips, disdainful.

Seeing him speak of her mansion-protecting treasure as being mediocre, smoke poured out of Ting Nanyuan in fury. However, what Chen Mo said was actually true. “The Bagua. That ‘Bagua’ martial art of yours truly developed from the Book of Changes. Just who are you, really?” Although they were similarly super-first rate martial arts, the Bagua was nevertheless much, much more powerful compared to the Dark Yang Finger. Ting Nanyuan was unable to retort.

“You have something to do with this Azure Dragon Footpath’s emergence, right. How did you do it?”

The Wuyang Princess threw out several questions in succession, but Chen Mo pretended not to hear her. He minded his own business as he sat crosslegged and circulated his qi, recovering his spent qi and blood. If things were as he anticipated, this place was crawling with danger. He feared the rest would not be so simple as the Songs of Chu On All Sides.

Ting Nanyuan was somewhat angry at Chen Mo’s detachment. Did she have lack even the slightest bit of charm in his eyes? This made the Wuyang Princess who was accustomed to being fawned over everyday very gloomy, however, the girl’s temperament had never bothered with trifles. Very quickly, she stopped with the bothering. Upon seeing Chen Mo was cultivating, she knew that the road to come would be even more challenging and did not utter another word. She fished out a red flask and poured herself medicine.

This bottle of “Marrow Blood Elixir” could replenish blood and marrow, suitable for a Qi And Blood Seven Turns warrior, and it was able to recover debilitated qi and blood. It could be called a fine article of medicine. Ting Nanyuan always kept valuable items with her. Originally, she wanted to ask that shameless man if he wanted some, but on second thoughts, their relationship was not that good. There was no need for the illustrious Wuyang Princess to ask that man if he wanted any. He ought to be the one asking.

Azure Dragon Town.

The blizzard gradually subsided, the snowflakes that were as big as cotton balls also becoming as small as willow tufts. A divine colt galloped over, its hooves spraying snowflakes as it stomped across the ice towards Azure Dragon Town’s Qing Mansion.

The black hair of the girl on the horse’s back fluttered, her expression grave.

When the other clan members saw Qing Wan was so serious for the first time, they were all startled. What happened, everyone began to dispatch people for information.

Qing Wan urgently entered the main hall. Her uncles and cousins in the main hall were currently discussing matters pertaining to this year’s Qing Family business prospects and the Divine Warrior Examination. When they learned that Qing Wan had returned in haste, First Uncle Qing Yuanshan, Second Uncle Qing Changzai, and the rest immediately stopped their dialogue. They were very aware of Qing Wan’s personality. As the current leader of the Qing Family’s youth, her prospects were boundless, and they had hopes she would be able to break through to Three Flowers Overhead.

This girl’s temperament was very steady and calm-headed. It was very rare that she would be so flustered.

She and her Second Brother Qing Yu accompanied the Wuyang Princess and the heir of the Duke of Wei on a hunting trip for Snow Foxes at Azure Dragon Mountain. Did they encounter some danger? Great Uncle Qing Yuanshan’s heart sank. Recently, many outsider warriors had come to Azure Dragon Town. Even the Shen Family’s Shen Ran had been cruelly beaten. Currently, he was still bedridden. But given the statuses of the Wuyang Princess and the heir of the Duke of Wei, what warrior would dare provoke them.

Could it be that Azure Dragon Mountain truly had some sort of Demonkin within?

Qing Yuanshan promptly met her.

“Wan’er, what’s the matter. Why are you so panicked?” Qing Wan’s father, Qing Song’gu, appeared to be elegant and intellectual. He spoke as tranquilly as water, yet everyone could hear he was trying to keep calm.

“Father, First Uncle, Second Uncle.”

Currently, it was the twelfth lunar month. According to the Great Chong Dynasty’s customs, it was about time for a family reunion. The Qing Family elders scattered throughout the neighboring towns and village would all return to the main house to discuss the current year’s Qing Family developments and make plans for the upcoming year.

When Qing Wan saw the entire family was present, she did not forget her etiquette.

“The Princess isn’t here. Did something happen?” Qing Changzai’s expression changed. If something happened to the Wuyang Princess at Azure Dragon Town, this Qing Family would be done for.

“No, Wan’er saw has seen the legendary Azure Dragon Footpath at Azure Dragon Mountain. The Princess, Second Brother, and the little duke have already gone ahead.” Qing Wan repressed the excitement in her heart as she spoke.


Everyone in the main hall was shocked.

“The Azure Dragon Footpath, can it be that legendary Azure Dragon Footpath I once told you about?” Qing Song’gu murmured.

“The very same.”

Qing Wan then summarized their fox hunt, their battle with the masked man, and then their pursuit that led to the discovery of the Azure Dragon Footpath.

“This may be the Azure Dragon Footpath of Azure Dragon Town’s legends that was left behind by the Star Duels a thousand years ago. Perhaps there actually is a treasure chest.”

Realizing this reality, none of the Qing Family could sit still.

What did this signify?

The Heavenly Spirit Earthly Fiend Purple Rose Treasure Chest, the treasure from a thousand years ago when the Star Duels were in full swing. Any treasure from the chest was enough to make a noble family achieve meteoric success.

“But the Princess and the heir of the Duke of Wei have gone in already. We fear that we will be unable to obtain any benefits.”

“But our Qing Family can obtain a share anyhow. This will be enough all the same.” Qing Yuanshan resolutely said.

“That man’s background is a mystery. So as to avoid creating variables, Second Brother specifically had Wan’er return to relay the news to you all.” Qing Wan said.

“He has done very well. The Heavenly Spirit Earthly Fiend Purple Rose Treasure Chest absolutely is not something the ordinary Qi And Blood Warrior can obtain. Dispatch the Qing Family’s strongest Qi And Blood Seven Turns and higher warriors to Azure Dragon Mountain and seal it off.” Qing Yuanshan ordered.

“Shall we report to the Ancestor?” Qing Song’gu asked.

“The Ancestor is currently still in seclusion making an attack on the second level of Three Flowers Overhead. If that man is not yet at Qi And Blood Nine Turns, our Qing Family’s strength is enough.” Qing Yuanshan thought over it. His generation were all Qi And Blood Seven or Eight Turns. Although their ages were very great, their qi and blood already were not as vigorous as in their youth. Their cultivations had greatly diminished, but their pure martial arts skills nevertheless could not be compared to the younger generation’s.

The Azure Dragon Footpath appeared at Azure Dragon Mountain, the first time in a thousand years.

This matter needed to be kept in strict confidence. If the other noble families caught wind, they would go mad. At that time, a mutual slaughter could not be avoided. “Find an excuse to seal the mountain. Before this is resolved, do not let anyone enter the mountain.” Qing Yuanshan ordered.

The Qing Family’s hundred people immediately moved.

The other noble families were alarmed when they learned of the Qing Family’s activity. Some smart family head’s immediately convened a meeting of the noble family’s elite disciples. Thus, the Azure Dragon Town that was as deathly still as ice in the Ice Knife’s weather suddenly boiled over.

At this moment.

In the middle of the Azure Dragon Footpath ruins, Chen Mo was nevertheless captivated by the mural before his eyes.

This mural was exceptionally vast, its design lifelike, full of an ancient and mysterious air.

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  1. Well, looks like he’s following in Su Xing’s footsteps.
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  1. 1. Lady biased chronic hero syndrome? Well okay then.
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  2. Human ethics and virtue could not compare to a breakthrough to the next level of cultivation.

    I’ve noticed.

    The bagua had many attributes including, “yin, yang, fire, water, thunder, wind, earth, and marsh.”

    Is that related to the Eight Trigrams of Yi Qing? I recognise thunder and marsh, but I’m pretty sure there wasn’t any yin nor yang. Apparently they would be “ground, mountain, water, wind, thunder, fire, marsh and heaven.”

    1. You’re right about the Yi Qing, but it seems the author has taken the liberty of modifying the theory to fit their own setting. The raws explicitly state Yin and Yang.

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