Chapter 236: Long Ju’s Authentic Tradition

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Long Ju’s hand wrapped around. Her tall figure vaguely flickered. She appeared more nimble than that spirit snake, her body techniques strangely quick. Even with the Deva Eyes, Chen Mo could only spot an afterimage.

The woman’s foot then followed through with a clockwise turn. As she spun, her upper body was agile and mobile, appearing as formless as mist, but her hand-shadow was like gushing boiling water. There was a scalding crack in the air. At the same time, her lower body was motionless as a mountain, appearing like a turtle’s shell, incomparably heavy.

Her upper body was swift as the wind, fast like a thunderclap.

Her lower body was sturdy as stone, immovable like a mountain.

One half moving, the other still, the two were combined, resembling nature itself, surprisingly embodying both offense and defense like antelope horns, her trajectory untraceable. Chen Mo was inwardly astonished. This kind of ability was simply flawless; a warrior basically was unable to prevail over it.

King Of Qiankun Long Ju demonstrated the Book Of Changes Black Turtle Boxing Technique. Chen Mo stared attentively, using the Bodhi Soul Technique to imprint every single detail into his mind.

At the same time she was demonstrating, Long Ju’s voice recited.

“Black Turtle in the North, the moon becomes life, emptiness endangers outer nature, the turtle and snake form together, roaming the nine earths, gathering myriad spirits, coming from My right!”1

Long Ju’s boxing was supreme. The specter of a Holy Beast turtle and snake interlocked with one another appeared on her body.2 This Holy Beast’s phantom accompanied Long Ju at her side, making each of the punches that the woman unleashed become earth-shattering and every one of her steps unstoppable.

Astonishingly, this was the pinnacle authentic tradition of the Book Of Changes Black Turtle.

The entire night seemed to be intimidated under her “Book Of Changes Black Turtle.” She was nimble as a river, and Chen Mo only felt his body was caught in the middle of a boundless sea. All of his pores were invaded by Long Ju’s incoming killing intent, his body caught in the woman’s thought.

The Book Of Changes Black Turtle ended, and the Black Turtle’s True Spirit slowly vanished.

Long Ju stopped and stared straight at Chen Mo. “Did you see it clearly?”

“Clearly.” Chen Mo nodded.

“No need for Me to demonstrate it once more?” Long Ju’s tone was slightly moved.

Chen Mo had the Bodhi Soul Technique. If they were martial arts in this world, he very easily could understand the overall structure. One demonstration was enough to learn it, but just this was not enough at all to receive the authentic tradition of the Book Of Changes Black Turtle. Seeing that Chen Mo did not require a demonstration, Long Ju pointed her hand.

A ray of qi drilled into Chen Mo’s body.

Then, black dots appeared on Chen Mo’s liver, three cavities, brain, marrow, bones, blood vessels, and pelvis. These black dots endlessly sucked in Chen Mo’s Star Energy like black holes and became vortexes.

When these seven black dots activated, the Black Turtle techniques originally memorized in Chen Mo’s mind appeared even more profound and clear.

“I just pressed your Dipper, Ox, Girl, Emptiness, Rooftop, Encampment, and Wall;3 these are the Black Turtle’s Seven Mansions. I have imparted the authentic tradition’s qi to you. When you are able to train the Black Points into Black Vessels, the Black Turtle will be proficient enough.” Long Ju said, her gaze even more chilling.

All Star Generals who had learned the Book Of Changes could only impart the authentic tradition once. Long Ju had originally intended to teach it to her best friend, but she never imagined that Zhongli Sanmei would rather that she teach it to this brat instead.

Chen Mo nodded. He already knew of the Black Turtle’s advantages.

In China’s history, the Black Turtle was a symbol of longevity and immortality. Similarly, in Star World, it could cultivate a person’s constitution and endurance, and it could even extend their life and increase their vitality. The Book Of Changes Black Turtle was considered a part of the reason why Long Ju was able to have a strong body for a thousand years. 

“Should Sister Long require any aid in the future, Your Servant will certainly brave any danger without hesitation.”

“What can you, a cultivator, help Me with. Just do your best.” Long Ju indifferently said. Even if a cultivator trained the Black Turtle, to contend against a Star General was nothing but a fantasy. The King Of Qiankun fundamentally did not hope to be able to receive any recompense. So long as she could set Zhongli Sanmei at ease and leave this place with her, this would do. However, how could she know at this moment that in a few years, Chen Mo would use the Book Of Changes to handle Star World’s first rate Four Lords of the Warring States, a feat that would spread his name throughout all of the Central Star Fields and shake all Star Generals. But that is a story for another time.

“Zhongli Mo, can we leave now?”

Long Ju asked the nearby King Of Extinguished Ashes.

“Thank you for your troubles, Sister Long.” Zhongli Sanmei smiled.

“The situation in the Inner Star Fields is currently unstable. There is no time to lose, let’s go.”

“Has the Hegemon King already appeared?” Zhongli Sanmei asked.

“En, the five of us must protect the Hegemon King before the Central Star Fields can make a move against her.” Long Ju’s tone lowered.

Zhongli Mo retracted her smile, and her expression became solemn.

“Chen Mo.”

“You don’t need to say anything, just properly protect the Hegemon King. I’ll take good care of myself. Someday, I am very eager to see the Hegemon King Of Western Chu with ten thousand enemies.” Chen Mo grinned and said.

“If you do not have even a bit of merit, then the Hegemon King isn’t someone you can see. This King shall leave now.” Zhongli Sanmei took off one of her crystalline red jade earrings. When the two of them first met, this was the earring that had fallen behind in the treasure chest. Now that they were parting ways, Zhongli Mo felt this earring could be considered a memento. “Should you ever encounter a person from Chu, if you philander some lady and are about to lose your life, take out this earring, and it can guarantee your life.”

“Do I seem like such a frivolous person.” Chen Mo complained but still received the earring.

Zhongli Sanmei smiled, and then she looked at Nianyou: “Nianyou, you’re a Star General, too. In the future, you’ll need to protect Chen Mo.”

Nianyou blinked, grunting her assent in half-understanding.

“Sanmei, don’t get emotional. I’m not so weak as to need a woman to protect me.” Chen Mo was speechless.

Zhongli Sanmei laughed and said to Long Ju: “Sister Long, let’s go.”

Long Ju nodded and grabbed her shoulder. A star ripped apart space, producing an enormous shockwave that gave Chen Mo no choice but retreat a hundred meters. By the time he looked again, Long Ju and Zhongli Mo had already disappeared completely. Chen Mo spread his Divine Intent but could not find them. His heart could not help but feel a pang of disappointment.

He knew.

They would meet again someday, but he knew not when.

“Let’s go, too.” 

Chen Mo picked up Nianyou, turned and left.

Long Ju pierced through the starry skies with Zhongli Mo.

“Sanmei, I want to ask you a question.”

“Long Ju, whatever you want to ask, just ask away. It won’t be related to Chen Mo, right? Don’t tell me Sister Long is also interested in him?” Zhongli Sanmei joked.

“You’ve lingered in this Tail Fire Star Field for quite some time, you must have taken note of some matters that startled you?” Long Ju asked.

Zhongli Sanmei carefully pondered. There was actually one thing that startled her, and that was Chen Mo. This was the first time she had ever seen a man able to contend against a Star General like this, which was honestly unbelievable. However, while the King Of Extinguished Ashes vaguely felt that this was abnormal, it was not worth a mention yet, “This is only the Outer Star Field. The strongest Star Name is merely Seven Stars Huan Wen. There actually hasn’t been anything shocking.”


“Sister Long, don’t tell me there’s something in the Outer Star Field that we need to be vigilant of?”

“Do you know of Ou Yezi?”

“Swordsmith Of Gods And Demons Ou Yezi, named the forefather of all Star Weapons in the world.” Of course Zhongli Sanmei knew about her. Not a single Star General in Star World was unaware of this Star Name. If a Star General wanted to strengthen her Destined Star Weapon and change her own destiny, then Forefather of Star Weapons Ou Yezi was the only one who could.

“Rumor has it that she obtained Romance Of The World. Every force imaginable is currently searching for her. If the Hegemon King can obtain the Romance Of The World, then unifying Star World would be just around the corner.”

“Romance Of The World!!” Zhongli Sanmei took a deep breath.

“But what does that have to do with the Tail Fire Star Field?” Zhongli Sanmei thought about it.

“They say that Yuan Tiangang4 divined that Ou Yezi had fled with the Romance Of The World to a Star Field bearing ‘fire’ in its name. The Central Star Field is currently searching with all its might. This is the Tail Fire Star Field. If anything happened that would surprise even you, the presumably it would be related to that Romance Of The World.” Long Ju said.

“Even Purple Rose level Star Generals can hardly control the Romance Of The World. I don’t think the Outer Star Fields can contain such enormous Star Energy.” Zhongli Sanmei furrowed her brow.

“However, since Ou Yezi is the forefather of Star Weapons, she presumably has her own ways.”

“This King actually has not seen any Romance Of The World in this Star Field, but I did see a man that can someday leave a legend in Star World.” Zhongli Sanmei chuckled.

Chen Mo?

“I look forward to that.”

After returning to the mountain stronghold and ending the mood of parting, there were still many matters waiting for Chen Mo to handle.

Although Zhongli Sanmei had left, the Sanmei Corps she drilled was still here. Previously, they were headed by Zhongli Sanmei. With her departure, they were somewhat lacking a leader. Chen Mo himself had to cultivate and had no time to act as the commander of a legion.

He had few confidantes at Four Ladies Mountain. While Ning Xiaoyuan was actually capable, a feeble woman like her was not very suitable. Furthermore, she herself had returned to the coast of the Eastern Sea.

“Right, Scion Of The Later Yan Murong Chui.” Chen Mo recalled this Purple Rose Star Name. She had acted as the chief of Eldest Sister Peak, which made her the best candidate. However, he learned after dispatching someone to ask that ever since the Ancient Earthly Qi vanished, Murong Chui had long left Four Ladies Mountain. To a Star General, they trained at every single moment to strengthen their Star Names. They basically could not afford time for leisure.

Thinking for a long while, Chen Mo made his final consideration. Handing them over to his big sister Chen Luan was the best way.

That night, Chen Mo returned to Chang’an Mansion and dragged Elder Sister Chen Luan out from her chambers and back to Four Ladies Mountain. When she saw the successfully trained Sanmei Army, the drowsy-eyed Chen Luan immediately bolted up with her eyes wide open in astonishment.

Chen Mo summarized the matters with Zhongli Sanmei to her. Chen Luan already knew that Chen Mo’s deeds and conduct towards the King Of Extinguished Ashes in Azure Dragon Town were reasonable. 

Chen Luan was also one of the Great Chong Dynasty’s illustrious and famous Supreme Generals. To take charge of the Sanmei Corps was actually something easily done in passing

“Right, Little Brother, did you know, Emperor Tang has invited you to the imperial palace tomorrow.”

“The imperial palace? Is he conferring a military rank to me?” Chen Mo knew that this was one of the rewards for achieving tanhua in the Divine Warrior Examination, but to be frank, he did not care about this.

“En. I hear that Nan Jiang is experiencing inner turmoil, and Emperor Tang wants to send you to go subjugate Nan Jiang.” Chen Luan’s brow tightly wrinkled. “The Great Ancestor Emperor was poisoned by gu and died on campaign against Nan Jiang. Emperor Tang’s intentions are sinister.”

“Nan Jiang!” Chen Mo patted his elder sister on the shoulder: “Elder Sister, no need to worry. I’ve got a acquaintances in Nan Jiang, and it just so happens I want to go visit.” He wondered how the refined Qin Guan was faring, and there was also Miaoling, who inherited a Star Name.

“Acquaintances…are they women.” Chen Luan’s tone was harsh as she glanced at him, displeased.

Chen Mo jokingly smiled.

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  1. 北方玄武,太陰化生,虛危表質,龜蛇台形,盤遊九地,統攝萬靈,來從吾右. This appears to be a verse from some Daoist text, 道門通教必用集, roughly “Collected Essentials of Daoism’s Teachings.”
  2. The Black Turtle as a whole is depicted as a turtle locked in struggle with a snake.
  3. Raws:  鬥、兕牛、卣女、簠虛、爵危、圭室、胡壁
  4. 袁天罡

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