Chapter 25: Treasure Chest

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Indeed, this place was not simple at all.

Chen Mo turned his head back to look at the passageway behind him. The mist had already disappeared, and the sound of the pipa slowly receded. To hide the Azure Dragon Footpath so ingeniously and to have arrays like the Songs Of Chu and the Ambush From Ten Sides, he feared this place was hiding something secret.

Chen Mo rubbed his arms. Wielding the large staff made his arms very sore, and their path down here wasted a lot of his qi and blood. Fortunately, the wounds he sustained so far were not very serious.

All of a sudden, something shot at him from the side.

“What are you doing!” Chen Mo grabbed the “concealed weapon” with his hand, coldly glaring at the Ting Nanyuan who launched a sneak attack.

“Hmph.” The Wuyang Princess pursed her lips. A large hole had been ripped into the front of her jacket, exposing an intimate sight. That expensive marten fur coat draped over her was utterly ruined. The girl threw away the fur coat and retrieved a jacket from her Astral Stone to wrap herself up with.

Chen Mo wrinkled his brow. He opened his hand, only to find that the concealed weapon that Ting Nanyuan threw over was actually a bright red pill.

“This is a Marrow And Blood Pill.1 It can quickly replenish qi and blood. Consider this as This Princess’ thanks for what you have done. Although you are only Seven Turns, you can still use it.” Ting Nanyuan nonchalantly said.

Chen Mo swallowed it. The Qi And Blood Pellet was a Grade Eight medicine, using marrow to produce blood, thereby restoring qi and blood. Its results were strongest when qi and blood were refined into the bones. As far as Seven Turns and above warriors were concerned, this was quite useful. Just a moment ago, they had faced off against more than a thousand stone soldiers in the Ambush From Ten Sides. Chen Mo had been using brute strength the entire way. This Marrow And Blood Pill was even more suitable than the Qi Returning Dew.

“It seems to me you want to go home?” Chen Mo asked.

“Afraid This Princess will be a hindrance?” Ting Nanyuan sneered.

“I think whatever this place’s treasure is, the inside is still hiding something dangerous.” Chen Mo analyzed: “This place had two arrays, and there was also that mural from before that was very clearly manmade. Since this is manmade, there is no way they would leave some treasures behind for people to take later.”

Ting Nanyuan honestly felt this place was very strange, but now that they had reached this point, “Would you be reconciled to go back right now?” The Wuyang Princess asked back.

Thus, Chen Mo no longer stopped her.

This was her own choice, anyways. If later they truly encountered danger they were unable to defend against, he would not so kindly go save her again.

The two of them walked for a time, winding through a deep cave before spotting a stone door.

In front of the stone door were two men who looked worse for wear. Upon hearing footsteps approach them, the two of them suddenly were stern as if they were facing a great enemy. They assumed attack stances. When they saw Chen Mo, they immediately exhibited concentrated hostility, however, following Wuyang Princess Ting Nanyuan walking out from behind Chen Mo, Li Xiaxi and Qing Yu were taken aback.

“Nanyuan, why are you together with him.” Li Xiaxi clenched his fist tightly as he coldly glared at Chen Mo.

“He saved me. Do not pursue prior matters any further.” Ting Nanyuan did not want to be entangled with this issue, “What are you two up to?”

Qing Yu glanced at Li Xiaxi, hinting that her status as the Princess of the Yang Prince was greater than his. He answered: “This door is too hard. Li Xiaxi and I were in the middle of ramming it.”

The terminus all tunnels led to was none other than here. It seemed that this should be the end of the Azure Dragon Footpath. Ting Nanyuan tried to push. The stone door showed no signs of budging. Qing Yu shook his head and said: “Your Servant used Nine Turns strength and was unable to push it open. It appears this door has a forbiddance. It requires a special method in order to open.”

Mentioning this, the three of them suddenly placed their gazes on Chen Mo.

“This Azure Dragon Footpath’s emergence must be related to you.” Li Xiaxi narrowed his eyes. “It seems as if you deliberately drew us in here. Just who the hell are you, what are you planning?”

Chen Mo paid him no heed and walked before the stone door, inspecting it.

When Li Xiaxi saw that this man who was not at Qi And Blood Nine Turns surprisingly ignore him, his heart was endlessly resentful. He tightly grasped his Two Star Star Weapon. “Eh…” Li Xiaxi abruptly noticed that the wounds on this man’s body were not very serious. There was no reason for the man that he himself slashed to still be so easygoing.

Chen Mo stared at the stone door for a long while. He could sense that green jade in his Astral Stone was stirring restlessly. Apparently, it was the key to open the stone door. The thing hidden beyond the door made him very curious, but to open the door like this, those ravenous eyes surrounding him would not be so easy to face. 

“Wuyang Princess, do you still remember our prior agreement.” Chen Mo muttered.

“Indeed. The things in the chest all belong to you, however, I have a condition…If something in the chest can be used to treat a terminal illness, then I hope you can sell it to me. This Princess has a friend who is suffering from an incurable disease. I hope you can accommodate this.”

“Nanyuan?” Upon hearing the Wuyang Princess’ words, Li Xiaxi was stunned, but the man immediately silenced himself, believing the Wuyang Princess to be tricking their counterpart. He grinned: “We are all aristocrats and nobles. The things inside the chest may not necessarily catch our eyes, but a friend needs our help. If this legendary Heavenly Spirit Earthly Fiend Purple Rose Chest truly has something, I shall thank you here.”

Chen Mo sneered inside his mind.

However, time was running out. The pearl’s light was dimming. Perhaps they would be unable to enter soon.

Chen Mo secretly retained his breath. He raised his hand and took out the green pearl.

The pearl glowed.

Suddenly, the unremarkable stone door glowed green, and vines grew without restraint.

With a grating sound, the immovable stone door slowly opened.

“I never imagined the Azure Dragon Footpath was opened like this.” Ting Nanyuan said.

The group entered through the door.

The inside was pitch-black, so dark it was impossible to see one’s hand in front of their face.

Ting Nanyuan was already prepared. With a wave of her hand, several torches were inserted into the surrounding stones. She flicked her fingers, sending out sparks that ignited the torches. Very quickly, the entire interior appeared before their eyes. 

It was a cavern about four to five hundred square meters in size. In the center was a treasure chest, and on top of it was a banner.

“Treasure chest!!”

Qing Yu shouted in excitement.

Chen Mo was somewhat surprised. This place surprisingly actually had a treasure chest.

Other than this treasure chest, there was nothing else inside this cavern.

“Look out for traps.” Li Xiaxi suddenly warned kindly.

Recalling the Songs of Chu on All Sides and the Ambush From Ten Sides, Ting Nanyuan’s pace slowed. “Fellow, since you opened the Azure Dragon Footpath, that pearl in your hand must be extraordinary. If you are not afraid of a trap, then you can open this treasure chest yourself.” Li Xiaxi calmly said.

Chen Mo snickered inside his mind. He strode forwards towards the treasure chest.

The chest was surprisingly large, about three chi in length, ten zhang in width. Its appearance was exquisite, with fretwork, pictures, and dragons. From just a glance, it was of considerable value. Legend said that the Heavenly Spirit Earthly Fiend Purple Rose Treasure Chest would be supplemented with different “Heavenly Spirit Qi,” “Earthly Fiend Qi,” or “Purple Rose Qi.” Star Generals could use these to cultivate. These sources of qi were greater than a Human Star’s qi and blood.

However, Chen Mo did not sense any special aura around the treasure chest at all. Perhaps it was due to the passage of time and had already dissipated.

There was only one thing that concerned him. What was the meaning of that banner on the chest?

He had never heard of a treasure chest being stuck with a flag.

Chen Mo recalled the murals from before. Vaguely in his mind, the silhouette of the truth was suddenly outlined, but it was still very unclear. “Is there anything good?” The Wuyang Princess jogged over.

Li Xiaxi and Qing Yu also approached. Just at this moment, Li Xiaxi gave Qing Yu a glance.

As they ran, Qing Yu soundlessly became a great serpent, his palms thrusting towards Chen Mo’s back, a fiendish murderous aura exploding upon his hands. His Qi And Blood Nine Turns strength did not hold back at all as he used “Great Snake Collapse.”

At the same time, Li Xiaxi also took action. He drew his long sword, slicing at Chen Mo’s neck.

“I already knew you wouldn’t abide.” Chen Mo whirled around, using Dui Upper Open to break Great Snake Collapse. 

Qing Yu’s Great Snake Collapse was much more ferocious than before. Endless palm-wind unleashed unstoppable might, as if a giant serpent was slamming against the mountain, bringing it to the brink of collapse. This was completely an arrangement where “neither side wins.”

Did this guy already throw his lot in with Li Xiaxi?

They relied on his injuries to restrain him.

Dui Upper Open tore a hole in Qing Yu’s Great Snake Collapse, but Chen Mo did not instantly succeed in repelling Qing Yu. Although he could injure a Qi And Blood NIne Turns warrior, Li Xiaxi’s “Absolute Breaker” sword already swung over.

Sword-light like water majestically moved. The goosebumps on Chen Mo’s neck immediately rose. The power of a Two Star Star Weapon, based on the body of Qi And Blood Nine Turns, was completely uncontestable. Chen Mo pulled back, executing Bowl steps. 


Barely avoiding the sword-light, Chen Mo retreated several more steps, arriving behind the chest.

“You two are outrageous!!” The Wuyang Princess angrily said. She used the Dark Yang Finger, but she had no choice earlier but to overuse it. Before she could activate it here, she was somewhat too exhausted.

“Nanyuan, how can you believe in a person whose background is unclear. Even if the chest actually had the medicine capable of curing Her Highness’ ‘Frigid Disease,’ do you feel this man would make a deal with us?” Li Xiaxi sneered. He flourished his sword, flicking off a droplet of blood from the blade’s edge.

This guy’s body techniques were actually nimble. Under the Great Snake Collapse’s encirclement, he surprisingly avoided his sword strike just now.

“What Young Duke Xiaxi says is true. We cannot believe him.” Qing Yu urged, breathing deeply, secretly circulated his qi and blood into his heart and mind.

“He saved This Princess. If you dare move a hand against him, then you are killing This Princess!” Ting Nanyuan shouted.

“Nanyuan, please calm down a bit. Up until now, this man has been too secretive. Why does he wear a mask. I fear he has already planned for our deaths. He is not worthy of our confidence.” Li Xiaxi narrowed his eyes. His speech honestly was correct. In front of the Heavenly Spirit Earthly Fiend Purple Rose Chest, who could guarantee that they would not be tempted.2

This bare chested man’s background was honestly too mysterious. The two super first-rate martial arts from before already shook them. If the treasure chest actually had something invaluable, it was possible he would kill them for the sake of silencing them over this.

“Do you actually you’re capable of killing me?” Chen Mo was very calm.

Li Xiaxi guffawed, for he heard a very funny joke: “I can see that your qi and blood has yet to be refined into your meridians. Do you think you can kill the two of us?”

“Enough chit-chat, be careful if he has backup.” Qing Yu was still somewhat afraid of Chen Mo.

Li Xiaxi nodded. His body was like a swallow skimming the water’s surface, producing a ripple across the calm waters. With speed like lightning, he used a move, “Flying Swallow Skims Water,” his hand swinging the Absolute Breaker.

Pale white sword-light blossomed in Chen Mo’s eyes, as if cleaving space apart. Several sword-lights rolled out one after another like a curtain. Similarly, this was a first-rate sword skill, “Air Breaking Sword Technique.”

Qing Yu leapt over, following closely behind the sword-light, wielding the Spirit Snake Fist at its peak. A Snake Braces Wind body technique brandished his palms like venomous fangs.

Their coordination was formidable. Even a Three Flowers Overhead warrior would undoubtedly dead if he did not have a trick.

Against a single unarmed guy, Li Xiaxi was confident he could take his head.

“Idiots.” Ting Nanyuan watched coldly from the side.

Chen Mo’s hand swept across the Astral Stone, taking an enormous iron staff into his grasp.

That giant staff was excessively large, so much so that the attacking Qing Yu felt like he was being pressured by a mountain.


All of Chen Mo’s pores completely burst open. An inconceivably powerful qi and blood erupted like a volcano. Chen Mo gripped the staff and swung.

A tyrannical force boomed in their face, surprisingly breaking all the sword-lights at once.

“What is this!!”

Li Xiaxi screamed in panic.

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  1. 髓血丹
  2. Li Xiaxi is right. For what reason should anyone believe a stranger, especially when they bargained your life for a martial arts technique. Frankly, Nanyuan is stupid for believing Chen Mo would uphold his end of the deal, even if we as the audience know he isn’t the sort to resort to such villainy.

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  1. Personally, I don’t think Nanyuan had much choice ‘but’ to agree to Chen Mo’s demands.

    What surprised me was that she ‘didn’t’ think to staab him in the back.

    Of course it did help that he protected and saved her, while injured… so I felt like that went a long way.

    Still, it’s unusual to find a native in these stories who ISN’T a backstabbing douchebag.
    ….They, usually die and/or disappear…

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