Chapter 255: Paired Swallows Fly Through Drizzle

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With Fu Qi dead, Yeyao, who was also a Great Gu Master, could not help but be a bit distressed. However, their opponent clearly was showing he would not let Chen Mo dispel the vicious gu. Yeyao secretly activated a gu art.

But before the gu could approach Wu Tunan, it was suddenly disintegrated.

“This Daoist has refined pills for a century and reached a stage of perfection. Gu are completely useless against This Daoist.” Wu Tunan gave Yeyao a completely unoffended smile.

“Pill master!”

Chen Mo was also very surprised.

Pill masters and casting masters were both renowned cultivators in Star World, however, pill masters stood a level higher than casting masters. Casting Masters could only cast and upgrade armaments and Star Weapons, fusing every kind of spirit stone in the world to be able to increase a cultivator’s strength. But to a Star General, their Destined Star Weapons did not necessarily need to use casting masters in too many places. Unless their weapon was damaged to the extreme or they encountered a problem they were unable to solve on their own, they would never request for the services of a casting master. Perhaps a Star General would ask once every few centuries or so.

But a pill master was different. The pills they refined could improve every kind of power required. They were especially helpful in cultivation. If a Star General wanted to advance quickly on the Star Path, then ingesting pills was a must. Of course, the pills that Star Generals needed most were “Star Pills” refined through Star Energy; the average pill master would not enter their gazes at all.

But to become a pill master was not simple. Reportedly, one must nurture a pill flame within their dantian from a young age, which was not something an ordinary person could possess.

“Senior Pill Master, I wonder why you killed Fu Qi.” Chen Mo was calm as still water.

“This Daoist felt he was not worth using and thus killed him.”

“Your Servant wonders if it is possible to borrow that head. Your Servant has a friend who suffered his gu art, and we need to use his blood to dispel it.” Chen Mo gazed intently at their counterpart.

Wu Tunan twirled his beard: “And if I refuse.”

Chen Mo wrinkled his brow. When he was unafraid of even Star Generals, then he naturally did not fear a Fate Realization cultivator. Furthermore, he had even killed cultivators the likes of Uttaraputra. However, the old man seemed to have some other plan, otherwise, he would not have waited here for him or even called out his name directly.

“What would Senior have me do?” Chen Mo asked.

Wu Tunan laughed, “It is a delight to speak with an intelligent person. Not bad, This Old Man indeed has something for you to do. Should you agree, I will naturally give this head to you.”

“And if I refuse? Can it be that Senior wants to force me?” Chen Mo narrowed his eyes and restrained his killing intent: “As Senior knows, you ought to understand that even if you are a Fate Realization cultivator, I have no need to fear you.” 

“True, you cultivate Star Energy and are able to conquer Nan Jiang’s mightiest Star General. This Old Man naturally knows that forcibly taking you down will not be so easy.” Wu Tunan conceded.

Qin Guan: “Just what are you planning, speak plain.”1

“Fine.” Wu Tunan casually flipped his hand, and a golden pill appeared. With a flick, the pill bounced to Chen Mo’s hand.

When the pill entered his hand. Chen Mo sensed a scorching feeling from his palm. Contained inside the pill was a powerful Yang Fire, almost like it was a furnace. It was surprisingly somewhat scalding.

From the pill’s purity and contents, it was unexpectedly a Grade One Pill.

“This pill is the ‘True Dragon Yang Supplement Pill’2 that This Old Man took a decade to create. It is a Grade One Pill. If a cultivator ingests it, it can grant the power of pure Yang to the True Qi and magic energy in their body. Their strength can multiply several times over.”

“This is a priceless pill, surely Senior is not giving this to me as a form of blackmail?” Chen Mo seemingly smiled.

“Correct. This pill is too strong. If an ordinary cultivator ingests it, they will inevitably be unable to bear the power and will have their meridians broken, turning them into a cripple. But if they endure, their meridians will gain the power of the ‘Great Yang.'”

“The power of the Great Yang.” Qin Guan furrowed her brow. In Star World’s Daoism, the “Great Yang and Great Yin” represented the male and female sexes. It was said that each was the pinnacle of power.

But not everyone was able to cultivate them.

“Why?” Chen Mo did not understand. The old man absolutely would never give such a good thing to him. Even the so-called danger of destroyed meridians seemed to basically not exist in the old man’s eyes.

“That Wuyang Princess at your side will give you your answer.” The Daoist was deliberately mystifying, not giving an explanation.

Chen Mo was confused still.

Qin Guan suddenly recalled that Elder Sister Bing’s Cold Ice Disease that Ting Nanyuan mentioned.

“But if I decline, what will you do?” Chen Mo did not like to cave to threats and coldly asked.

Wu Tunan did not mind: “This matters not. However, you will not receive this head in that case. This Old Man can utterly destroy this head with naught but a finger. Does Your Highness want to take that chance?”

Chen Mo grit his teeth. He knew what the old man said was true. Given his cultivation, destroying Fu Qi’s corpse so that nothing was left was as easy as blowing dust away.

“Fine! Then Your Servant first thanks Senior for his guidance. To Your Servant, this True Dragon Yang Supplement Pill is honestly a priceless medicine.” Chen Mo very directly and instantly ingested the pill.

When the pill entered his throat, it was like Chen Mo had swallowed a burst of flame. It burned from his windpiped down into his lungs, as if it was able to melt his organs. All of his meridians were set ablaze by the conflagration. However, Chen Mo practiced the Book Of Changes Black Turtle, so his constitution was already beyond the average person’s. Even a Grade One Pill’s power was nothing much. 

Wu Tunan’s eyes were aglow, as if shining with the radiance of the scorching sun. He had waited too long for this moment.

As expected of the man powerful enough to make even a Star General submit. Wu Tunan was indeed correct with his judgment.

“Do your best, Your Highness. This Old Man is very eager to see whether you can defeat Huan Wen or not.”

He tossed them the head, and by the time they looked to him again, his figure had already vanished from sight.

Fu Qi’s death state was quite wretched. His eyes were frozen wide open, showing an expression of shock. Evidently, he did not anticipate that the old man would deal him a death blow. “Senior, I’ll have to trouble you to dispel this gu.” Chen Mo felt great discomfort in his body. That furnace was still burning, boiling the blood in his body and fermenting it; the ffire even cultivated each organ in his body to the limit. Though able to control himself as he pleased, he was nevertheless unable to control this flame.

This Grade One Pill’s strength was astonishingly beyond imagination.

Yeyao also could see his dicomfort, “The Eight Receptions Miao Village’s Lover Unexplored Region has a cold spring. Hurry there and metabolize that pill’s power. I will definitely help you cure that young lady of the gu.”

Chen Mo wanted to reply, but the gigantic blaze in his body swelled to the point of exploding. He was unable to speak even a word.

“I will look after him. You go on first.” Qin Guan was afraid things were dangerous. With one hand, she grabbed Chen Mo and raced towards the Lover Unexplored Region. Her steps flew quickly by, each one already losing their presence. Others would not be able to pursue at all.

Passing through the River of Tears, they arrived at the Lover Unexplored Region. Qin Guan had visited this place several times and navigated as easily as a walk in the park. Very quickly, she found the cold spring.

The so-called cold spring was in the Unexplored Region’s depths. All year long, it was a dark abyss that never saw the sun. The temperature was extremely low, and the surroundings had chunks of ice, with even an icy, bone-chilling lake. The inside was full of every kind of Yin and Cold-type spirit grass, making this cold spring emit a chill, naturally forming a cold mist.

“So hot.”

Chen Mo maintained his willpower with all his strength, but at the moment, the Bodhi Soul Technique had lost its usefulness. His skin was hot as lava. Luckily, Qin Guan was at his side. The woman’s body was graceful and lithe, her skin seemingly ice-cold. Chen Mo instinctively stuck his burning body onto hers, hugging her firmly as if he was an octopus.

Qin Guan’s whole body stiffened. She had never been hugged by a man like this before, and for a moment, she did not know what to do. All of a sudden, her shoulders were seized tightly by a pair of evil hands. Qin Guan gasped. Fortunately, there was no one else in the surroundings. The woman was inwardly resentful, and she shook Chen Mo off when she came to her senses. Looking at his body, the Magpie Bridge Immortal’s face reddened. Chen Mo cultivated the Book of Changes Black Turtle as well as the Northern Dipper Great Overflow. Now, he had also ingested the True Dragon Yang Supplement Pill. Every contour of his muscles exuded a masculine beauty.

Right now in particular, all of Chen Mo’s Yang Qi was boiling, sinister as an evil dragon.

Even Qin Shaoxu was aware of matters between men and women, and she was quite accomplished in sex. But that was limited to between women. This was the first time she had seen a man’s body. The woman closed her eyes and dumped Chen Mo into the cold spring with a push of her palm.

“You should calm down properly!”

When Chen Mo fell into the pond, the cold qi that the lake emitted immediately wrapped around his entire body. The heat within him also received relief, and his melting skin froze. Chen Mo instantly recovered his consciousness. He promptly activated the Book Of Changes Black Turtle to strengthen his body, absorbing the power of this True Dragon Yang Supplement Pill.

The lake’s water bubbled and frothed. The cold mist surprisingly became hot, as if it was steam.

Qin Guan calmed from her earlier angry humiliation. She watched the scene before her with tightly pursed lips.

A ray of sunlight passed through the haze and shot into the Lover Unexplored Region. Qin Guan’s eyes widened. She already caught sight of a light outside the cold pool. The fauna of the area were beginning to awaken, but what was unusual was that their routine absorption of morning dew had become lively fluttering.

The Magpie Bridge Immortal turned back to look at the cold pond.

Chen Mo still sat in the middle of the pond, but the water had already recovered its ice-cold temperature. All of his body’s muscles seemed to have been reconstructed; every inch had an odd suction force, making one stir restlessly.

They say that a woman’s body is glossy and smooth, as flawless as jade, that it was difficult for a person to free themselves once they caught a glimpse. Qin Guan did not expect that a man’s body, which contained power, could stir in her amorous feelings; she was unable to help but give him a few more glances.

She knew that Chen Mo should have completely absorbed the power of that whatever True Dragon Yang Supplement Pill.

“Why are you still feigning death? Do you think I will not castrate you.” Qin Guan seemingly smiled.

Chen Mo opened his eyes and laughed: “I think you were quite focused on admiring the sight, and you didn’t have the heart to destroy it.”


Chen Mo chuckled and rose from the water, which flowed down his skin as if he was iron tempered by a large fire. Each droplet was greedily absorbed by his skin, which made him appear even softer.

“Surely, you can receive a lot of love if you sell this body of yours to a brothel.” Qin Guan evaluated.

“Is this really your assessment?”

Chen Mo calmly dressed himself, and Qin Guan also calmly admired the sight of him.

“Perhaps you can become a guest within Huan Wen’s curtain.”

Chen Mo actually knew that the Huan Wen of history had roped in people like Chi Chao. Once, Xie An came to visit while the two discussed secretly who to purge from the court, Huan Wen had Chi Chao hide behind his bed curtains to eavesdrop. When the wind blew up the curtain and revealed Chi Chao, Xie An humorously called him the guest within Huan Wen’s curtain, which insinuated somewhat of a certain relationship. “…I might as well go to the Wind And Moon Pavilion.”

“Yesterday truly was all thanks to you. This Grade One Pill’s power was so formidable.” Chen Mo still vageuly recalled some of the events from last night. Some skinship could not be forgotten, even if he wanted to.

“Looks like it was a type of body reconstitution pill.” Qin Guan had heard of some top-notch pills that were able to change a person’s constitution. However, Chen Mo had ingested only a Grade One Pill. In the Outer Star Fields, a “Grade One” pill was perhaps the best, but in the Inner Star Fields, they were not the best at all; too many pills exceeded Grade One.

“Why did he want to give it to me.” Chen Mo had no recollection of that Daoist.

“You will know when you ask the Wuyang Princess.” Qin Guan smiled.

“Qin Guan, do you know something?”

Qin Guan did not answer.

Chen Mo asked: “Speaking of, I still don’t know your True Name, Qin Guan? Given our relationship, you still can’t tell me your True Name?”

“True Name.” Qin Guan had never thought to inform a man of her True Name by her own volition.

“Don’t tell me that the famous Magpie Bridge Immortal is too pretentious to agree to telling her True Name?” Chen Mo teased.

The corner of Qin Guan’s mouth curled. “To know my, Qin Guan’s, True Name, we must see if have the talent or not.”

“Then you are looking down on me, the White Clothed Tanhua.”

“Then I shall use a couplet to test you. My name will be in the first two lines of this couplet.3 However, very few people in this world can match my name.”


Qin Guan clearly said: “Standing alone amidst falling petals!”4

Chen Mo broke into laughter and uttered the second half that had jumped out from his mind with hardly a thought. “Paired swallows fly through drizzle?5 Qin Weiyu.”6

Qin Guan was shocked. She stared in disbelief at Chen Mo. “How did you…figure it out.”

Standing alone amidst falling petals, paired swallows fly through drizzle.

Was this not a verse from Yan Jidao’s7 famous classic, “The Immortal by the River.”8

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  1. Kratos much?
  2. 真龍補陽丹
  3. Raws say first two characters.
  4. 落花人獨立
  5. 微雨燕雙飛
  6. 微雨 = Drizzle.
  7. 晏幾道
  8. 臨江仙

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