Chapter 270: Undefeatable Standing In Her Yellow Court

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“So it turned out the one who nearly made a fool out of This Palace that day was you, Chen Mo.” Huan Wen stared at Chen Mo and sneered: “Indeed, what other man of the Great Chong Dynasty aside from you could have the qualifications to enter Huan Wen’s gaze.”

“That truly is This Chen’s privilege.” Chen Mo was expressionless.

Seven Stars Huan Wen never had such a deep interest towards a man. Unfortunately, this man was soon to become the most insignificant speck of dust in history.

“What is the relationship between the blade in your hand and that staff of yours, Chen Mo. The surprises you give This Highness are truly endless.” Just as the sixth Star Mansion Spirit Stone, “Encampment” was about to land on the ground and turn into an ordinary stone, Huan Wen thrust her spear and hooked this Spirit Stone into her hand.

The girl looked at her practically disintegrated armor. This set of armor was an Astral Treasure presented to her after she succeeded her Star Name, and it was called “Starfrost.” Even the magic energy of a Human Sovereign would not necessarily be able to pierce its defenses. In the many years since, Starfrost had accompanied her through innumerable battles, however, this was the first time it was nearly destroyed by a cultivator.

Starfrost was split by a very deep crack, its defensive capabilities already significantly reduced.

The Yellow Court Realm Huan Wen stepped on the earth, and Earthly Fiend Star Energy flowed into her body. Although the supplementary Earthly Fiend Star Energy had its limits, it was more than enough to handle a cultivator.

Huan Wen slowly ambled towards Chen Mo, with Cold Night Locked Moon wrapped in a bit of killing intent.

Chen Mo’s expression darkened, and he tightened his grip on Northern Dipper.

The Yellow Court Realm Huan Wen was far stronger than he had imagined, for her Earthly Fiend Star Energy was not exhausted. Just now, he had used his strongest trick and was still unable to get through to Huan Wen. He did not even injure her too severely. The difference between Servant Star and Star General was despairing. Chen Mo roused his spirits and pondered countermeasures.

“Do you wish to kill This Highness?” Huan Wen halted her advance, her tone of voice full of provocation.

More provocative than her words was a wave of ferocious attacks.

Chen Mo exercised the Star Manual Of Masters Gan And Shi, flooding his body with Star Energy. Then, he used the Black Turtle Seven Changes. Ever since he cultivated the Book Of Changes Black Turtle, the Tang Imperial Family’s country-protecting martial learning, “Black Turtle Seven Changes” was useless to him. The Black Turtle Seven Changes was able to stimulate his potential. Not only was the Book Of Changes Black Turtle able to permanently stimulate his potential, it also forged his bodily constitution to be even stronger without any side effects.

But now, he was forced to by Huan Wen. Chen Mo had no choice but to once again use the Black Turtle Seven Changes to forcefully increase his body to the next level. At the same time, a snow-white Star Crest appeared on his forehead. Innate Skill “Invincible” was also activated.

The Northern Dipper Saber turned into the Northern Dipper Staff. Each swing had the power to pluck a mountain, shaking the valley with rolling thunder.

“Black Turtle Seven Changes. As expected, you killed the Tang prince.” Huan Wen’s eyes became even colder.

Her spear unleashed a cold light.

Chen Mo, who pushed his body to the limit, currently had a Realm that exceeded Fate Realization. Borrowing the power of Invincible, Chen Mo madly suppressed Huan Wen. 

Spear and staff clashed, and Huan Wen was astonished to discover that the man in front of her was honestly terrifying.

Possessing various tricks and powers beyond her imagination, that a single man was able to entangle her to this degree was simply bizarre.

Spear-light and staff-wind clashed chaotically at Weightbearer Mountain such that Qin Weiyu, who was a thousand meters away, was able to feel the terror of their battle. Chen Mo’s present all out aggression was such that it made even Magpie Bridge Immortal Qin Guan feel she was no match.

Qin Weiyu’s expression nevertheless was not relaxed one bit.

Chen Mo was unable to win!

Little Nianyou struggled against the Magpie Bridge Immortal’s embrace. She wanted to go help Chen Mo, but Qin Weiyu firmly stopped Nianyou’s movements. The battle between those two was not something they could interfere in so easily. Whether she or Nianyou went to help, they would only die and bolster Huan Wen’s Star Energy.

“Chen Mo, hurry and run.”

Qin Weiyu endlessly shouted in her heart.

One hundred exchanges instantly passed. Huan Wen stepped over the earth, relying on her Yellow Court Realm Star Energy replenishment to gradually break Chen Mo’s power apart. Chen Mo’s Star Energy was rapidly draining. Whether it be “Invincible” or the “Northern Dipper Staff,” but were extremely taxing on his Star Energy.

Huan Wen’s attacks suddenly paused. Her wrist turned, and her spearshaft spun with it.

Killing intent whirled around the spear and shot forth, appearing like a chain with interlocking rings.

Dark Rank.

Locked Life!!1

Chen Mo brandished Northern Dipper, turning staff into blade as he used Yellow Rank Ice Breaker Snow Slicer at the same time.

Ice Breaker Snow Slicer severed several of the chain-lights, but the remainder still easily penetrated all the joints in Chen Mo’s body. These killing intents drilled into his bones, weighing him down like heavy chains. Chen Mo immediately lost the ability to counterattack.

Immense pain made Chen Mo gasp for breath.

Huan Wen thrust her spear, stabbing Chen Mo without any resistance.

Chen Mo retreated backwards, relying on his sturdy body to barely avoid falling down, but his joints already lost the ability to move. A large hole poked open the right side of his chest, dyeing that Heavenly Silkworm Snow Brocade red.

Now that Chen Mo had suffered a Dark Rank, he already was without the capability to resist. At this moment, Huan Wen needed only one strike to sever his head, but the girl was in no rush to do this at all. She shook her spear, and the blood upon it was immediately scattered.

“Truly pitiful.” Huan Wen looked at Chen Mo’s ragged figure and pursed her lips.

“You men are truly pitiful…”

Chen Mo fought to open his eyes. Blood stained his vision.


To him, the Yellow Court Realm Huan Wen was practically undefeatable. If he had cultivated the Black Turtle to completion and forged his Flying Swords, perhaps he would still have a chance, but now, everything was only futile.

Huan Wen continued to express herself with arrogant assertions: “Looks like This Highness overestimated you. This Highness even though you could play a little longer.”

Chen Mo’s vision was increasingly blurry. His thoughts quickly flowed away along with his blood; he was already somewhat unable to hold up his body.

Huan Wen sneered. She stepped forward and stabbed her spear into Chen Mo’s body.

Carving out a bloody hole, Huan Wen attacked as if teasing him. Chen Mo could only continue to step backwards. Even in such a situation of despair, his brain was still considering countermeasures.

The Dark Rank “Saber Draw Water Cutter” that Yanran imparted to him came to mind. This was the only thing able to handle Huan Wen.

But to use a Dark Rank while bearing such heavy injuries was a delusion, let alone that he still did not completely comprehend it. Chen Mo could only use the Bodhi Soul Technique to maintain lucidity.

After consecutive stabs and thrusts, Chen Mo was already at his limit.

Huan Wen apparently toyed around enough and brandished a bolt of Star Energy that threw Chen Mo’s body into the air and turned him into a target.

Chen Mo hastily used Qiankun One Qi, but Huan Wen gripped her spear, firing a light without any mercy. Two sharp blades of light flew out from the spear’s left and right, slashing at him as if they had grown wings.

This attack’s speed was extremely quick. Chen Mo took a half step back, and the rings of light perfectly pincer attacked him. All of a sudden, seven birds threw themselves in front of Chen Mo, intercepting the attack.

The seven birds let out mournful wails under Huan Wen’s attack.

Huan Wen was stunned.

She saw that a beautiful woman appeared in front of Chen Mo to help block this strike.

Qin Weiyu was unable to ignore this any further, to let Chen Mo die before her eyes. The Magpie Bridge Immortal grit her teeth and used the tiny bit of Star Energy in her body to point her finger.

“Flying Hawk Departing Thoughts” transformed into a Flying Magpie Dagger Array and shot towards Huan Wen.

“You get away from here now.” Chen Mo wanted to push Qin Weiyu aside, but he already unable to even lift a finger.

Qin Weiyu tried to carry Chen Mo away. She waved her sleeves, using the Flying Hawk Departing Thoughts to obstruct Huan Wen, but to Huan Wen, the weakened Magpie Bridge Immortal was even less of a threat than Chen Mo.

She easily knocked the daggers aside. Huan Wen’s figure flit by, the cold light of her spear enveloping the pair.

“Die together then.” Cold Night Locked Moon’s killing intent flooded the heavens. Powerful Star Energy stopped Qin Weiyu. The two of them already had no way to escape, and even their last bit of strength to resist had vanished completely.

Dark Rank “Locked Life.”

Certain death!!

“Luohua, Weiyu will continue the connection between us in our next life.” A powerless thought flashed through Qin Weiyu’s mind. In the face of impending death, she experienced an unprecedented tranquility.


Under this snow-white spear-light, a delicate voice suddenly spoke up.


Chen Mo and Qin Weiyu simultaneously saw that Nianyou had miraculously appeared between them. The little loli’s eyes released a golden glow, and all of a sudden, the world became a complete yellow, as if it had been covered by endless dust. Unbelievably mysterious power filled this yellow light. Huan Wen’s sensed in this power something ancient and terrifying.

This worldly anomaly lasted a mere blink of an eye and was like an illusion.

Huan Wen blinked; the golden world recovered its normal lighting. Her Dark Rank Locked Life had completely struck home on Chen Mo and Qin Weiyu. The impact of her killing intent had knocked the two of them straight into Weightbearer Mountain’s abyss.

Huan Wen stood on the edge of the cliff and looked down. Beside her, there was a lonesome, massive iron rod stuck in the ground. Chen Mo and Qin Guan’s presences had already vanished completely, “What was that Star Energy just now, why has This Palace never seen it before.” Huan Wen wrinkled her brow, very perplexed by the anomaly just now.

No Crimson Star had fallen from the sky at all. Perhaps the Magpie Bridge Immortal was not dead?

But under her blow just now, Chen Mo could not possibly have had the luck to survive.

Was he completely destroyed?

The Zhi Ming Star Image’s last “Wall” Star Mansion Stone fell into Huan Wen’s palm. Seven Stars stared at this stone. In the end, she collected five of them altogether. This was considered a pretty good harvest, just enough to be able to decorate her Seven Stars Palace.

“Sister Huan Wen.”

Jiang Yanyu returned, her expression a bit startled.

“What was that phenomenon just now?”

“Perhaps an anomaly from the end of the Zhi Ming Star Image.” Huan Wen said ambiguously. “Wang Sengbian is not dead?”

“Wang Sengbian already had an escape route prepared. She is not easy to chase through Weightbearer Mountain. Chen Qi and the others will return as well.” Jiang Yanyu paused.

“No need to kill him right now.” Having killed Chen Mo, she had resolved a great worry. Huan Wen’s mood had never been so relaxed.

Seeing Jiang Yanyu’s skepticism, Huan Wen sneered: “This Palace has already turned Chen Mo into mincemeat. Without Chen Mo, the Chen Family is nothing to be feared. Just let them struggle at death’s door during the Title Bestowal Ceremony.”

“What? Chen Mo died?” Jiang Yanyu was shocked.

Huan Wen threw a heavy slab of iron. Surprisingly, it was the weapon that Chen Mo was so proud of – Northern Dipper.

“You seem very regretful?” Huan Wen’s gaze turned cold.

“He had defeated Yanyu at the Divine Warrior Examination, after all. Yanyu still wanted to personally defeat him.” Seeing this Northern Dipper that moved the Great Chong was now in Huan Wen’s hands, Jiang Yanyu heaved an internal sigh, indescribably a bit upset.

Huan Wen did not think further upon it, paying no heed to her thoughts.

“Let us return.”

“Are we not chasing after Wang Sengbian?”

“This Palace already exhausted her Star Energy to kill Chen Mo. Now is not a suitable time to kill Wang Sengbian. Leave her fate to Chen Qi for now. This Palace wants to return to the Seven Stars Palace.”

“Fine.” Hesitating a moment, Jiang Yanyu somewhat persistently asked: “Is Sister Huan Wen truly certain that she killed Chen Mo?”

“Can it be that This Palace is still unable to kill a single cultivator even using all of my Star Energy? His corpse is already nonexistent.” Huan Wen was very self-confident. Even if Chen Mo was any stronger, he could not possibly still be able to block a Dark Rank under those circumstances. That their presences were already completely gone was proof enough. Even if they survived falling off the cliff, Huan Wen would still have been able to sense the faintest breahting, so she was very certain that this time, there would be no more miracles.

Of course, a cultivator’s miracles was a laughingstock in front of a Star General.

“This Palace does not know what the background of this Northern Dipper is.” Huan Wen held Northern Dipper. Even she was able to feel its abnormal weight, yet that man surprisingly carried such a heavy weapon into battle.

“Perhaps it is a Destined Star Weapon.” Jiang Yanyu surmised. It was not out of the realm of possibility that it was a Destined Star Weapon left over from some ancient time period.

“In the end, it has fallen into My hands.”

Huan Wen tightly gripped this weapon. She was even able to feel the lingering warmth from when Chen Mo had gripped it. For the first time, Jiang Yanyu saw that a Star General was surprisingly excited because she killed a man. In the Inner Star Fields, this was practically an impossible thing.

“Is Chen Mo really dead?”

Jiang Yanyu muttered to herself.

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