Chapter 276: Human Sovereign

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Black Turtle Armor Sand filled the cavern, filling the strata as if it was casted there, making the wall nigh impenetrable. Without a doubt, the Northern Barbarians’ legend was true. Such an enormous quantity of Black Turtle Armor Sand inevitably needed to have the power of genuine Divine Beast’s True Spirit undergo several thousand years of development to have possibly produced this much.

But the question placed in front of Chen Mo was – just where was the True Spirit?

He was as confounded as all the other top-notch warriors who had come to this place. Chen Mo could not discern any possible hidden passages, and his Divine Intent was unable to penetrate the guard of the Black Turtle Armor Sand.

Big Sister began to pound the walls like the others, attempting to punch through the sand to open a corridor. This thinking actually was not wrong. The Black Hall from before and the Black Turtle Sand in front of them both proved that the True Spirit was hidden nearby. It was extremely likely that it was buried someplace. However, to blindly brandish her fists like this was meaningless. In the end, they would only despair in death like the other warriors. Chen Mo stopped his big sister’s actions and calmly pondered.

This place definitely had some kind of mechanism.

Chen Mo used the Bodhi Soul Technique. A jadeite bodhi tree slowly grew behind him, sprouting dense and lush leaves. The cave was instantly illuminated by a green glow, as if a spring breeze was blowing. The tomb suddenly flourished with the breath of life.

The Bodhi Soul Technique could see through the essence of an object. Regardless of whether it was a martial learning or an ability, it could allow his body to gain experience even faster. Thus, it could be cultivated to the greatest pinnacle at the fastest speed.

Under the Bodhi Soul Technique, the holes in front of him became bright.

Chen Mo noticed that the Book Of Changes Black Turtle’s seven Black Meridians he cultivated were suddenly stirring, as if they were resonating with a certain force. Each Black Meridian was shuddering, his blood vessels seemingly about to gush.


Chen Mo’s brows rose, sensing the change in his Black Meridians.

His Book Of Changes Black Turtle was linked to the Divine Beast Black Turtle. Perhaps he was responding to the position of the True Spirit. Chen Mo’s mind was clear as a mirror, using the Deva Eyes at the same time.

In a flash, all three hundred sixty degrees of the enormous cavern appeared in his mind. He himself was positioned in a boundless void of stars. Each dark speck of Black Turtle Armor Sand became a star in this void.

After a long time of observing, Chen Mo finally noticed a peculiarity in the starry void.

Among the stars, there were seven pinpricks of light that flickered. When they flickered off, they were even dimmer than darkness itself, and when they glowed, they were more brilliant than the sun. These seven dim lights appeared extremely weak. If one did not take close notice, they would be very easily overlooked.

Chen Mo felt these seven shimmering stars were a bit familiar. Upon closer inspection, he had a sudden realization.

Were these not the seven Star Mansions that formed the Zhi Ming Star Image from before?

In other words…

Chen Mo slightly grinned, already understanding.

“Little Brother, did you discover some profound theory?” CHen Luan asked.

The bodhi tree vanished. Chen Mo retracted his abilities and showed a confident smile. “Indeed, Big Sister, I already know where the Black Turtle True Spirit is hidden.”

Chen Luan was delighted.

However, Chen Mo was in no rush at all to attack those seven stars. Rather, he calmly said: “Everyone should reveal themselves, now. If you want to find the Black Turtle True Spirit, then we will need to cooperate to do so.”

“Hm?” Chen Luan was taken aback.

Three tall figures walked out from the darkness. The girl was shocked. She surprisingly did not notice they had been tailed at some point in time.

“Your Distinguished Self is very keen. Since this is the case, please excuse us.”

The three men walked out of the darkness. Their leader had boulder-like gait, moving with imposing authority, every step bearing down upon them with might and powerful intimidation. Although the two other men at his side were not so domineering, they made Chen Luan feel stifling pressure.

These three all had Third Layer Greater Thunder Tribulation power.

Chen Luan’s expression tightened.

Chen Mo wore an easygoing smile, facing the three Great Cultivators without any fear.

The “Human Sovereign” Lu Hanhai’s glowed. He exclaimed: “To be able to be so calm in facing us despite being so young, you are quite the character. No wonder Wang Sengbian would entrust you with such an important mission. Pity that you were merely used by her.”

“We are only taking what we need. Judging from your tone, you are not one of Wang Sengbian’s people?” Chen Mo indifferently asked.

“I am Human Sovereign Lu Hanhai, the ruler of the Northern Barbarians. What qualifications does a Star General have to command my Black Clan.” Lu Hanhai’s words were full of disdain for Wang Sengbian.

“Human Sovereign!” Chen Luan’s gaze became stern.

“Enough chit-chat. Just now, you said you found the location of the Black Turtle True Spirit, is this true?” The copper-toned man’s attitude was very blunt.

The purple-haired man stroked his chin and said: “Brat, don’t you babble. If you actually can find this Black Turtle True Spirit, then let’s work together. Take however much you can of this Black Turtle Armor Sand, and you can even comprehend the True Spirit. But the Black Turtle True Spirit is the Holy Beast of the Northern Barbarians. It absolutely cannot be given to outsiders.”

“I can only say that an anomaly has occurred. Whether or not it is the True Spirit is still unclear.” Chen Mo smiled.

Lu Hanhai asked: “Say it, how do you wish to collaborate with us? I once escaped from this forbiddance, so don’t you play tricks with us. No one understands the dangers here better than I do.”

Chen Mo was not surprised. Only a “Human Sovereign” who had passed through Third Layer Greater Thunder Tribulation would have the power and qualifications to escape.

“Are you three aware of the Zhi Ming Star Image that recently appeared near Weightbearer Mountain?”

“Of course we know about it. The Great Chong Dynasty’s number one Star General, Seven Stars Huan Wen, came to take it, slaying many of my people’s strong warriors.” Tongfeng answered with displeasure. If it was not for Huan Wen honestly being too strong, they would have also wanted to go seize it.

“The Black Turtle True Spirit is hidden in the Zhi Ming Star Image.” Chen Mo said.

The three big men showed puzzled expressions.

Chen Mo directed his gaze to a wall: “According to the arrangement of the Zhi Ming’s seven Star Mansions, as long as we work together to strike these seven points, I believe we can find the Black Turtle True Spirit.”

“Do you know where the Star Mansion points are located?”

Chen Mo pointed to the seven empty points in the middle of the wall of Black Turtle Armor Sand.

“Brat, you aren’t tricking us, are you?” Danbai coldly glared at CHen Mo. “You’re making us waste our strength.”

“The Black Turtle Armor Sand is extremely tough. It requires powerful strength to be able to break through. I naturally can’t do this to these seven points by myself, so I need your assistance. If you don’t believe me, i can break the first point, but I’ll have to ask you to take care of the remaining ones.” Chen Mo calmly answered.

The three men looked at one another. Lu Hanhai then glanced at Chen Mo, his brow furrowed.

He could not see through this young man.

But the boy’s words actually were irrefutable. He knew that ten thousand meters under the ground, without any incoming spiritual energy, it was impossible for a cultivator recover any magic energy they used. If Chen Mo was willing to break the first point himself, then he was putting himself in a disadvantageous position.

Lu Hanhai had coveted the Black Turtle True Spirit for many years, but he never found a way to it. This time, perhaps this Central Plains man who caught Wang Sengbian’s eye actually could bring about a change in fortunes. As long as he obtained the Black Turtle True Spirit’s power, it would be possible to face the Sojourner Of Fangshan in the future.

Furthermore, to blast apart the Black Turtle Armor Sand with his power was not difficult at all; he would still have enough strength leftover to handle these two.

Thinking up to this extent, Lu Hanhai agreed.

“Good, then show me first.”

Chen Mo walked in front of the wall. The seven Star Mansion nodes were vividly before his eyes. Chen Mo targeted one among them, exercised his magic energy, and then used Qian Three Linked to strike.


Three tremendous muffled booms came from the wall like an ear-splitting thunderclap.

Tongfeng, Danbai, and Chen Luan were all shaken.

The Northern Barbarian warriors looked in disbelief at Chen Mo. They never imagined that this feeble, boyish body would surprisingly possess strength that did not lose out to theirs.

Chen Mo retracted his fist. The Black Turtle Armor Sand merely quivered, but it did not scatter at all.

The Black Turtle Armor Sand was heavier than he had imagined. However, the more the was like this, Chen Mo knew the closer they were to the True Spirit.

“Brat, can you do it or not. You’re using strength like you didn’t ever drink milk.” Tongfeng jeered.

Chen Mo activated the Nine Yang Soul Technique, making his magic energy reach the peak of Yang and firmness. He continuously unleashed heavy punches with the force of a thousand catties. Each blow pounded the wall with a stream of explosions. His knuckles dripped with blood, and with a clatter, the firm Black Turtle Armor Sand was finally breached, a large hole blown in it.

Chen Mo panted heavily, his forehead full of sweat. He appeared to already be on the brink of heat exhaustion. Chen Luan promptly supported him, tenderly wiping away his sweat.

When Lu Hanhai and the others saw this, they inwardly sneered.

Although this brat’s power was a bit unexpectedly powerful, in the end, he was merely a God Transformation cultivator. His endurance could not be mentioned in the same sentence as the Northern Barbarians’ naturally heroic warriors.

He was very bright indeed, but it was a pity he was too weak.

“Hanhai.” Tongfeng and Danbai sent Lu Hanhai inquiring glances.

“Now it’s the girl’s turn.” Lu Hanhai calmly said.

“No.” Chen Mo stopped Chen Luan: “I can use up my magic energy, but if we actually find the True Spirit, what would we do if you were to suddenly backstab us? My big sister must preserve her magic energy. Only this way do we have a chance to live.”

“If we actually wanted to kill you, do you think a weak woman can protect you, things as they are?” Tongfeng guffawed.

“I don’t need my big sister to protect me, but I need to make her save some magic energy. If there’s some accident, we’ll be able to escape. After all, we aren’t sure what other dangers may lurk behind this wall.” Chen Mo coldly said: “Don’t tell me the Northern Barbarian warriors want to make a weak woman search for the Black Turtle True Spirit for you?”

These words were a direct blow to their honor.

Tongfeng coldly replied: “We Northern Barbarians do not place a woman in our eyes. It would be for the best that she stay farther away from the Black Turtle True Spirit.”

Saying this, Tong Feng walked in front of the wall.

“Tong Feng, you and Danbai need only break through two Star Mansion nodes. Leave the last four to me.” Lu Hanhai’s considerations were very thorough. He wanted to let Tongfeng and Banbai preserve strength to handle unexpected situations, as Chen Mo said.

The Northern Barbarian warriors were vastly different indeed. Tongfeng’s fists were like iron clubs, their strength magnitudes greater than Chen Mo’s The bangs of his punches brought the cavern to the brink of collapse.

In less than a quarter of the time compare to Chen Mo, Tongfeng broke through the Black Turtle Armor Sand.

Danbai’s hands were covered with gauntlets. Although his strength was not as fearsome as Tongfeng’s, his penetrative capability was extremely strong. Like an iron blade, he very quickly broke through the third Star Mansion node.

The pair only exhibited a thin layer of sweat as they punched open the Black Turtle Armor Sand. It appeared they had more than strength enough to spare.

Lastly, it was Human Sovereign Lu Hanhai’s turn to stand in front of the wall.

“Your Distinguished Self better be fast about this. These Star Mansion nodes are all recovering. If we you can’t break them all at the same time, all of this would be wasted.” Chen Mo warned.

Lu Hanhai’s lips curled into a disdainful grin. He raised his hands slightly, gathering strength into his arms.

Bang, bang, bang, bang.

Four crisp sounds, and the wall toppled.

Such powerful force. Chen Mo’s eyes were dazzled. Lu Hanhai had already smashed through the four Star Mansion nodes, and his breathing was hardly disturbed at that.

This was the power of a Human Sovereign!

“Now, then…” Lu Hanhai was just about to speak.

All of a sudden, a change occurred. The Black Turtle Armor Sand filling the mountain seemed to pour over the ground like rain. Subsequently, the seven nodes on the wall in front of them linked into one. Then, with a thundering collapse, an enormous force rushed forth.

Chen Mo seemed to already be prepared. He changed from his powerless appearance, hugged his still dazed Big Sister, then threw themselves onto the ground.

This is bad.

Lu Hanhai’s expression changed.

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    1. I’m assuming he’s saving them for Huan Wen. Even if a Human Sovereign is really strong, he’ll need every bit of advantage he can get over a Star General.

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