Chapter 283: The Legendary Earth Rank, Nianyou Is Dreaming

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After his elder sister left, Chen Mo focused all of his time on immersing himself in refining the Black Turtle True Spirit’s power and cultivating martial arts.

Day and night, he did not laze around at all.

With the Title Bestowal Ceremony increasingly close, today, Chen Mo was in the middle of sparring with Wang Sengbian.

The Sojourner Of Fangshan brandished her blade like a chain of red clouds, dazzling the eyes, leaving no blind spot. Chen Mo used a Star Weapon saber to ward off her assault. Saber-light bore down upon him, and the clouds scattered. Like a butterfly draped in red clouds, she endlessly descended upon Chen Mo.

Chen Mo bellowed, activating the Star Manual Of Masters Gan And Shi. The Black Turtle’s phantom manifested over his body during the battle, and the incoming saber-qi seemed to turn into mist upon contact with the Black Turtle.

Chen Mo stepped over the ground. He was completely one with it, invulnerable. Against the Sojourner Of Fangshan’s oppressive assault, he was already responding with increasing ease.

“I’m using the Dark Rank.”

Chen Mo suddenly blurted out.

Wang Sengbian grunted. She suddenly slashed, and a red cloud descended, obscuring his line of sight. A chilling intent erupted. Chen Mo did not evade, instead calmly brandishing the saber. He wielded it with instant success, as naturally as water flowed. 

The Dark Rank Saber Technique Saber Draw Water Cutter very naturally broke Wang Sengbian’s technique. The remaining saber-qi also trickled onto her body like a tiny stream.

Wang Sengbian was forced back, a hole cut into her clothes.

“This is your Dark Technique, Saber Draw Water Cutter?” Wang Sengbian sharply inhaled. She could sense the terror behind Chen Mo’s blow. If it was not for her own preparations, it would not have ended with something as simple as torn clothes just now.

“If I can use Northern Dipper, its power would be greater.” Chen Mo looked at the cracked Star Weapon in his hands. Ordinary Star Weapons were already unable to bear the Star Energy of the Dark Rank. Each use of the technique would bring the weapon to its limit. Employing Star Weapons like these to wield the might of an Evil Smiting Hall True Spirit’s Heaven, Earth, Dark, and Yellow produced a severely underwhelming result.

Every time he thought about this, Chen Mo was very curious as to just what in the world was this abnormal weapon that his mother had left him.

The Star Weapon of some Star General?

But he asked Zhongli Mo before, and this Star General who had outlived the Purple Rose Star Emperor had never heard of it.

“You surprisingly can learn Heaven, Earth, Dark, and Yellow Techniques. No wonder Huan Wen treats you like a thorn in her side.” Wang Sengbian was deeply sympathetic. If she was the Great Chong Dynasty’s number one Star General, then she too would indeed feel threatened by such a man.

Wang Sengbian did not know whether helping Chen Mo obtain the Black Turtle True SPirit was good or bad. This man honestly was more unfathomable than she had thought, but regrets were already useless at this time. The Sojourner Of Fangshan was able to sense from this saber technique that was as calm as a stream that it would be very difficult for her to kill this man.

“Wang Sengbian, what do you think?” Chen Mo asked.

“The Black Turtle’s power is already very good. Even against the Yellow Court Huan Wen, you should not be suppressed.” Wang Sengbian said, very pleased: “But killing Huan Wen still is not too optimistic.”


“The Earthly Attacking Star’s martial arts are outstanding, her Star Energy beyond compare. A cultivator’s abilities pose no threat to her at all.”

Chen Mo could sense this point, and it was in this that Star Generals were frightening. The Earthly Fiend Star Energy of Star Generals after Yellow Court Realm was honestly too terrifying. A cultivator’s powers fundamentally were unable to contend against them.

“Your Dark Rank is fierce, but it will be very difficult to kill her with it.

“Your meaning is that I still don’t have a chance of winning against her?” Chen Mo wrinkled his brow.

“I said it will be very difficult.” Wang Sengbian was straightforward: “But if you are able to comprehend Earth Rank, then victory would be in your grasp.”

“Earth Rank?!” Chen Mo was speechless: “Don’t tell me you’re talking about the Earth Rank of the Heaven, Earth, Dark, and Yellow Techniques.”

“What else could I mean.” Wang Sengbian smiled forthrightly.

“How could I possibly comprehend this.” Chen Mo bitterly smiled. Only Star Generals could comprehend “Heaven, Earth, Dark, and Yellow.” It was all thanks to Evil Smiting True Spirit Yanran’s direct instruction and his Star Energy that he was able to learn by fluke.

After his Dark Rank became proficient, Yanran did not appear to impart the Earht Rank’s meaning to him. He did not know if his qualifications were insufficient.

“You are a Servant Star. With a Star General’s contract, you can comprehend Heaven, Earth, Dark, and Yellow.” Wang Sengbian disagreed.

“Even so, even Huan Wen hasn’t comprehended Earth Rank at Yellow Court Realm. How can I overtake her in this.” Chen Mo felt she was only consoling him. A Star General’s “Earth Rank” was honestly too strong, the Star Energy of which was capable of inflicting misery across a thousand li, and a Heaven Rank was even ale to make a Star Field suffer destructive calamity. This was something he did not dare even think about.

“You are incorrect, Chen Mo.” An elegant voice interjected. Qin Weiyu appeared in their field of view.

The graceful woman sincerely said: “Wang Sengbian is not mistaken. You are able to comprehend Earth Rank right now.”

Chen Mo did not understand.

“Can you not sense it? You refined the Black Turtle True Spirit, and you also have the aid of the Book Of Changes Black Turtle. Among the current Four Symbols of Star General, you are already proficient with the Black Turtle. The Black Turtle presides over longevity and immortality. Wherever it stands, it is able to integrate the power of the earth and become invincible. This is a wonder that takes a different approach to arrive at the same result as the ‘Yellow Court’ of Star Generals.”

Wang Sengbian nodded: “Exactly. The so-called ‘Earth Rank’ needs you to sense the power of the entire world’s earth, so a Star General needs to be at least the peak of Yellow Court Realm to be able to comprehend Earth Rank.”

“But you already completed this point. In addition, you already have experience with Yellow Rank and Dark Rank. Although the power of the Black Turtle’s earth and Earthly Fiend Star Energy cannot be compared, you should be considered qualified to comprehend Earth Rank.”

When they said this, Chen Mo indeed sensed that after he was proficient with the Black Turtle, there was always a kind of endless power rushing throughout his entire body, about to surge out at any moment.

But as for how he was to comprehend it, the two women were not very sure.

The main point was still to rely on talent and how deep his desire was.

Chen Mo cultivated for a bit longer, and the setting sun quickly sunk into Weightbearer Mountain.

“Weiyu, how is Nianyou?” Chen Mo walked towards Qin Weiyu after wiping himself clean.

“I was just about to speak with you about this.” Qin Weiyu’s brow was deeply furrowed, and Chen Mo had an ill feeling of foreboding.

The two of them came to a heavily guarded bedroom. Inside, there were two exquisite and large beds. A graceful, beautiful little girl lay atop one of the beds, sleeping very deeply at the moment.

“She hasn’t woken up ever since that day?” Chen Mo sat at the head of the bed, his expression full of worry.

That day, when Chen Mo was nearly killed in his battle against Huan Wen, Nianyou had activated some unknown power to save him. Afterwards, she began to enter a state of unconsciousness. Chen Mo originally thought she would be healed after recovering her Star Energy and did not mind too much. As far as Qin Weiyu was aware, during the two months he was in the Black Turtle holy grounds, Nianyou’s condition grew increasingly worse.

She was originally in a half-awake state, but her slumber was increasingly deep, so much so that she would not wake up no matter how they called for her.

“Nianyou’s condition is too strange, I have never seen it.” Qin Weiyu was also very concerned about her. Somehow, she already treated Nianyou as her own little sister. Seeing the girl in unending slumber caused her heart some apprehension.

“Weiyu, do you have any solutions?” Chen Mo asked.

“Nianyou’s condition does not seem to be caused by Star Energy. I think perhaps this is related to her Star Name.”

“Star Name?”

“Yes. Nianyou’s present state is very similar to the outcome of using the power of a Star Name, according to legend.” For some Star Generals, if they overused the power of their Star Name while they were in the gestation period, then this would bring about a state of deep sleep. During this time, the Star Name would be in a kind of extremely unstable state. In other words, the Star Name was in a state balanced between “death” and “rebirth.”

But utilization of the power of a Star Name existed only in legend. In truth, most Star Generals could not possibly achieve this.

If it was not for Nianyou being too mysterious, then it was her Star Name that was very peculiar.

“The only solution is that we must first understand just what Nianyou’s Star Name is.” Qin Weiyu said.

Chen Mo and Qin Weiyu had asked Nianyou before, but the little loli herself was unable to speak about her Star Name.

“Just how did you meet Nianyou, is there a connection?” Qin Weiyu then asked.

Chen Mo recalled the little girl that day hiding alone from the rain under an eave, her confused eyes causing one to feel distress.

Right, the Eastern Flower Sword Sect.

It was none other than the Eastern Flower Sword Sect’s people who had held Nianyou captive. Perhaps they would know what was happening.

“The Eastern Flower Sword Sect. Very well, then. I will go visit the Eastern Sea and see from just where that Sword Sect found Nianyou.” Qin Weiyu said.

“I’m going with you!”

“You? Traveling from the Northern Barbarian territories to the Eastern Sea will require several days. The Title Bestowal Ceremony is about to begin, can you even make it in time?” Qin Weiyu rejected his good intentions. “I can finish this matter by myself.”

“Nianyou is unconscious, it’ll be inconvenient for you to take her, and I’m uneasy leaving her in the Northern Barbarian territory.” Chen Mo stubbornly said: “Nianyou is my little sister. This matter is very important, I can’t stand by and watch with folded arms.”


Chen Mo interrupted her: “We’re only going to the Eastern Sea to inquire about Nianyou’s story. It won’t take that long, so I should be able to hurry to the Title Bestowal Ceremony in time. Even if I can’t make it, this isn’t a big problem since Huan Wen thinks I’m dead. At worst, the Chen Family will only lose its generations of nobility. As long as we still have the strength, we can always take back something like this later.”

“But this time, Nianyou fell into her current state because she was saving me. As a man, I must undertake this mission!”

Qin Weiyu was unable to persuade him and smiled instead. “Fine. I think the first person that Nianyou would want to see when she opens her eyes is you.”

Chen Mo lowered his head and kissed Nianyou’s forehead. The dreaming Nianyou was simply and completely unconscious, her mouth occasionally murmuring. It was unclear if she was having a sweet dream or a nightmare, but her unconscious state honestly made them distressed.

That night, Chen Mo bade Wang Sengbian farewell. Nianyou’s matters were not mentioned in much detail to the Sojourner Of Fangshan. During these days in the Northern Barbarian lands, they had received the woman’s care, but their relationship was not that close that they could leave without saying a word. However, Wang Sengbian could discern the faintest of clues. How could the woman be unaware when Nianyou was unconscious for so long.

The Sojourner Of Fangshan was not blunt. She merely said: “If you ever require anything of the Northern Barbarians, you can call any time. The Northern Barbarian clans will spare no effort to help you.”

“This was all thanks to you, but I still don’t know your True Name, Wang Sengbian.” Chen Mo said.

“If you defeat Huan Wen, I will inform you of my True Name.” Wang Sengbian laughed.

This was fine, too.

In any case, he always needed to leave a bit of an impression.

Chen Mo did not force the issue.

After exchanging a few more words, Chen Mo and Qin Weiyu boarded the Nebula Flying Chariot. Qin Weiyu still carried the unconscious Nianyou. One man, one woman, and one loli, this simply was the very picture of a family. Wang Sengbian could not help but break into a smile.

The Nebula Flying Chariot soared towards the horizon. Wang Sengbian’s expression became more and more complex. That bit of starlight in her gaze gradually faded along with the departing Flying Chariot. “Chen Mo, I am very eager to see if you can actually defeat Huan Wen.”

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