Chapter 290: Wound Of The Undefeated

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The young woman who appeared stunned everyone’s sight.


Chen Mo was overjoyed at the turn of events.

Huan Wen’s eyes sank.

Murong Chui!!

A few days ago, this Scion Of The Later Yan Murong Chui personally came to seize “Northern Dipper,”  and Huan Wen traded blows with her. She was a Purple Rose Star General capable of cultivating purple qi. Although she was not yet truly at Purple Rose Star Realm, her power was nothing to scoff at. In the end, Seven Stars was unable to defend Northern Dipper, and it was taken away.1

However, a weapon like “Northern Dipper” was too ugly. Huan Wen did not like it much either and was indifferent to its seizure. If it was not a Destined Star Weapon, it was merely an inconvenience for a Star General to carry it around. Furthermore, this Northern Dipper just need not be given to Chen Mo. Otherwise, Huan Wen did not mind who it went to.

Originally, she had believed that Murong Chui probably was drawn in by this legendary “Northern Dipper,” but she realized today that this Scion Of Later Yan unexpectedly had a close relationship with Chen Mo.

Just what was this man’s background?

If the two of them joined forces…Huan Wen’s expression sank, sensing things were very grave.

Luckily for her, Murong Yanzi had no interest in an alliance at all. She did not plan to meddle in this heaven-shaking confrontation between Huan Wen and Chen Mo. The girl turned and flew away.

She left as abruptly as she came.

His hand gripped Northern Dipper, and Chen Mo’s confidence soared. That unstoppable domineering aura was even more profound.

Everyone looked at each other, still unable to make sense of just what the situation was.

“Was that a Star General?’

“Rumor is that a Ruler Star Name seized Northern Dipper. Looks like that was true.”

“Heavens, the Tail Fire Star Field surprisingly still has Star Name existences of this level. I can die without regrets having seen that.”

“What is the relationship between the Ruler Star Name and the White Clothed Tanhua?”

“Don’t tell me that she took Northern Dipper back for that man?”

Countless questions leapt out of all the cultivators’ minds, and amazed voices rose and fell in succession. Even the highest level cultivators felt slight chill towards Chen Mo – could this brat be the reincarnation of the Purple Rose Star Emperor. He was actually able to receive the appreciation of a Ruler Star Name.2

“Little Sister, who was that? It turns out that Little Brother even knows a Ruler Star Name?” Chen Lin asked in excitement.

Chen Luan furrowed her brow. She was not at all clear about Murong Yanzi’s situation, but she had seen too many strange sights around Chen Mo. Relative to a Ruler Star Name sending back “Northern Dipper,” the girl was clearly very undisturbed, on the contrary.

Emperor Tang’s side, on the other hand, was unable to calm down. Tang Mingshi’s jade dragon golden cup was practically warped in his hand.

“Father Emperor!!” Tang Feng was a bit panicky.

“That Star General did not help Chen Mo at all, no need to worry. Chen Mo will definitely die. He definitely will.” Emperor Tang said, brooding.

“Huan Wen, now it’s my turn to counterattack.” Chen Mo waved Northern Dipper, and a Star Crest glowed.

He stepped on the ground, and the sublime qi of the earth seemed to press down like Mount Tai.

His swift and fierce iron rod hurtled straight at Huan Wen. Powerful Star Energy raised a storm-like wind practically the moment he attacked. “Damned man.” Huan Wen was enraged, her spear slashing at Northern Dipper. “Do you think you can kill This Highness like this? Today, This Highness will definitely shred you to ribbons.”

Silver frost spear-light shot in all directions, blowing like a massive blizzard.

Northern Dipper’s gale rolled up the snowstorm, blowing it endlessly away. The Cold Night Locked Moon Spear launched a swift assault. Huan Wen’s figure was extremely fast, such that cultivators at or below Void Return Realm would basically be unable to track her path. In everyone’s eyes, they could only see a white silhouette endlessly multiply a hundred times and launch attack after attack on Chen Mo.

Chen Mo’s defense was also praiseworthy. Northern Dipper was wielded deftly in his hands, stopping the incoming white shadow completely. The defense and offense between the two was simply untraceable, a feast for the eyes.

“This Highness’ Star Energy is endless, This Highness does not believe she is unable to take you down.”

Huan Hen thought to herself. Her downpour of attacks was uninterrupted, her ferocious assault very quickly obtaining results as well. The remnant spear-light continuously attacked Chen Mo.

All kinds of tears appeared in the Heavenly Silkworm Snow Brocade, and spear wounds continued to appear on Chen Mo’s thighs, arms, cheeks, chest, all over his body. If it was any other cultivator, perhaps even one on the level of Human Sovereign, they inevitably would have exhausted themselves under this fierce offensive.

But Chen Mo had already refined the Black Turtle True Spirit. His Earthly Qi was enormous, and these seemingly terrible wounds were nothing more than scratches to him.


Huan Wen’s spear missed, and Chen Mo seized his chance. He suddenly swung the staff, and a Star Crest appeared on his forehead as he activated Attila’s Innate Skill, “Trampling.”

The Star Energy wrapped around Northern Dipper immediately exploded in all directions, sweeping forth with the trampling power of an army of cavalry. The attack range expanded over a full chi.3

The Trampling attack caught Huan Wen unprepared, and the Earthly Attacking Star instantly suffered the blow and staggered. However, Trampling’s remaining might was insufficient to make a Yellow Court Realm Star General sustain an actual strike. The next move was Chen Mo’s true attack.

The Northern Dipper Staff’s Ursae Majoris Stone glowed, and the weapon transformed into a saber.

After Huan Wen was injured by Trampling, Chen Mo gripped the saber’s hilt and slashed.

The exposure of the weak point was flawless, and the instant he drew was also impeccable.

The perfect “Ice Breaker Snow Slicer” cut into Huan Wen’s body, and an ice-cold saber-light nearly blinded everyone staring fixedly at the battle.

After the light passed, everyone endured their stinging eyes to look at the field. They could not help but gasp, and their entire bodies had goosebumps.

Huan Wen was wounded.

“Seven Stars” Huan Wen lowered her head to glance at the wound. The bloody, bright red laceration appeared very eye-catching against her white armor. 

She was wounded.

She was actually wounded by a cultivator.

Huan Wen’s expression was increasingly ice-cold.

“How is this possible, Chen Mo is actually able to achieve such a level!!”

Everyone held their breath, and they felt unable to breathe.

In their minds, Earthly Attacking Star Huan Wen was the Great Chong Dynasty’s, maybe even the Tail Fire Star Field’s, number one Star General. She was an unequalled existence. That she nearly killed Chen Zhangtian a moment ago was the best proof, but the paragon Huan Wen before their eyes was actually wounded.

Just what level did this man’s power reach, to actually be able to break Yellow Court Realm.

Many of the top level cultivators could hardly hide their excited expressions.

Huan Wen’s defeat undoubtedly shattered the myth of the invincible Star Generals. Perhaps today they could actually witness the birth of a miracle. Thinking of this, everyone stared even more intently at the battle, just like innocent children.

They avidly absorbed the battle experience between a Star General and cultivator to increase their own. Particularly for Jiang Yanyu, this practically was a once in a blue moon opportunity. Even in the Inner Star Fields, she did not have such a chance.

Their greedy eyes and fervent desire made the festival endlessly escalate and begin to frenzy.

Huan Wen was not angry at all. After her injury, she stared at Chen Mo even more calmly.

Chen Mo heaved. That strike just now consumed a lot of Star Energy. It was a pity that, in the end, he was not a Star General. Otherwise, he would have used a “Dark Rank” at the same time. Perhaps he could kill Huan Wen.

Seeing Huan Wen injured and still calm instead of furious, Chen Mo thought to himself this was bad.

Gritting his teeth, Chen Mo swung the Northern Dipper Saber.

Saber-light flew towards her like a crescent moon.

Huan Wen did not moved. The saber-light was shattered in front of her by a bolt of Star Energy.

“You, damn you!”

Huan Wen breathed deeply, her pupils blossoming with extremely chilling flames. She gripped her spear with both hands, and a powerful Star Energy rose from the ground. The pressure in the surrounding ten li suddenly climbed.

The cultivators that still vainly thought to greedily assimilate the combat experience immediately sensed danger. They seemed to be stuck in the middle of the Star General’s yellow court, their entire persons facing pressure that came from the deepest depths.

“This is bad.”

“Shield yourselves.”

Wanshou Temple Abbot Buddhist Master Compassionate Emptiness shouted, and a the same time, the Four Great Zen Masters chanted a sutra. A golden Buddhist light enveloped a large perimeter.

Other people heard these words and also sensed danger, hastily activating every kind of ability. The Four Great Sword Sects, the noble families, the Three Dukes and Nine Marquis’ best cultivators used magic treasures and powers.

Rainbow lights endlessly appeared over the field.

Chen Mo’s expression was serious. Is this the true Yellow Court Realm?

Standing on the ground was like they were situated in a Star General’s domain. All of his pores blew open, and a dangerous air poured in from all sides. No wonder Star World had a saying, “Star Generals standing in Yellow Court were undefeatable.” How could a cultivator possibly be a match for this kind of Star General who used the earth for Star Energy.

Chen Mo glanced at Chang’an Mansion. Chang’an Mansion’s side already finished thorough defensive preparations.

Chen Luan’s red lips parted, mouthing, “Be careful.”

“This is bad, Chen Mo has infuriated Huan Wen. He is dead for sure.” Northern Darkness Blue Wave shouted to himself that this was bad. He promptly activated a defensive magic treasure, yet he discovered his daughter leave her seat apparently absentmindedly.

Northern Darkness Blue Wave immediately grabbed her back, loudly rebuking her: “Has Snow, what were you doing just now.”

Northern Darkness Has Snow came to her senses, her eyes somewhat passionate. Her body could not help but involuntarily desire to join the fight. Serene Snow Falling Ink was excited as well against her chest. “Father, I also want to kill Huan Wen.”

Northern Darkness Blue Wave’s expression changed: “Silence, you must never say these kinds of words from now on.”

“Why can’t I. Whatever Chen Mo can do, I, Northern Darkness Has Snow, can do also.” Northern Darkness Has Snow’s blood was boiling.

Northern Darkness Has Snow glanced towards the emperor and very ruthlessly broke that beautiful bubble in his daughter’s heart: “He can’t do it.”

Northern Darkness Has Snow’s face paled.

Huan Wen aimed her spear. All of a sudden, a burst of Star Energy shot out in all directions. Inside her yellow court, killing intent erupted like a volcano.

Snow-white spear-light swept over the dozen li perimeter in practically an instant. The Third Layer Greater Thunder Tribulation cultivators’ expressions stretched taut, and they vomited blood.

The defensive light barrier tottered on the edge of collapse under the spear-light.

Some of the cultivator and soldiers who were not protected were split in two before they could even react, dying without a word.

Banners, carriages, tables, and all kinds of sculptures were entirely crushed.

The spectators in the stands were in a complete mess, and many people began to flee with sorry figures.

The ice-cold fury of a Yellow Court Realm Star General made everyone suffer injuries. Huan Wen would not permit those avaricious gazes to dare look upon her. The ceremony that was originally supposed to execute Chen Mo in front of the world had become a farce that Huan Wen could not put up with.

Chen Mo was closest to Huan Wen, and he suffered a much more severe shock compared to others. However, with the Black Turtle’s body, he actually did not feel too strong a pressure. This was indeed as Wang Sengbian had said. The Black Turtle was a “character of great virtue that took charge of the world,” bearing the most powerful force in the world. The earth was one with him, and even a Star General’s Yellow Court Realm was unable to bring him significant pressure.

“You, damn you!”

Huan Wen said a second time, each word cold as steel.

A freezing wind blew, and Huan Wen’s spear thrust with abundant Star Energy. A chill pierced through his bones and muscles, and Chen Mo gripped the hilt of his saber, not daring to be careless as he promptly put up a defense.

Earthly Attacking Star’s true killing move was starting now!

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  1. Being the number one Star General in the Great Chong Dynasty means nothing if she’s the only Star General around. She may as well be last.
  2. This part was kind of censored in the raws. I tried to piece together the intent from what was left.
  3. Pretty short. A chi is about ⅓ of a meter.

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