Chapter 308: Yue Huanqin

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Today in the sky above the Furious Flame Desert, a ten chi peal of thunder suddenly descended. The thunder rolled, extremely shocking in all directions. The surrounding ten li were dusky and without light, but the thunderclap was earsplitting.

The heavenly thunder carried a powerful magic energy that shook apart the surrounding grit. Several dozen meters beyond this heavenly thunder, a simple, porcelain-like woman was quietly to the side. Her hands held a young white fox while she stared blankly at the heavenly thunder.

The heavenly thunder raised an intense wind and astral thunder that directly assailed the woman in her face. At such a close distance, even a Human Sovereign would not dare touch it directly, but the woman was unperturbed. Her hair was lifted by the wind, but the heavenly thunder’s power was completely unable to hurt her in the slightest.

The thunder roll endlessly descended, roaring throughout the desert nonstop.

After booming for a while, the thunderclouds in the sky slowly dissipated, revealing scorching sunlight. The rolling thunder gradually faded into the dust and wind.

A man of tall and straight build emerged from the heavenly thunder.

The young man was completely naked, his skin appearing even more manly from being tempered by the thunderclaps. He glowed even more brilliantly than the sun.

Milu blinked.

“Ha, ha, ha, I’ve finally entered Third Layer Greater Thunder Tribulation.” The young man carefreely laughed. Needless to say, he was none other than Chen Mo.

Having undergone seven days of painstaking cultivation, he finally arrived at the final Greater Thunder Tribulation of the Three Layers. Chen Mo very easily bore the baptism of Third Layer Greater Thunder Tribulation, and his current magic energy was endless and continuous, as if it was one with Heaven and Earth.

Void Return Realm!

From the perspective of an Inner Star Field cultivator, the merely Third Layer Greater Thunder Tribulation Chen Mo could only be described as weak, but if they learned that Chen Mo had reached Void Return Realm from Qi-blood Nine Turns in less than two years, this would be sufficient to startle anyone. This level of talent was an existence as rare as phoenix feathers even in the Inner Star Fields.

After entering Void Return Realm, Chen Mo appeared even more relaxed.

However, to have already reached the last layer of Greater Thunder Tribulation without forging even his first Flying Sword was considered quite odd. Currently, Chen Mo was restless in forging his first Life-cast Flying Sword. Thinking about this, Chen Mo began to worry.

Who knew where this oasis was in this boundless desert that was indistinguishable in every direction.

Recently, they had not seen even the shadow of a bandit. Otherwise, they may as well look for someone to ask for directions. 

The little white fox cried out. Chen Mo noticed that Milu was in the middle of staring at his body. This was the first time he had been looked at so closely by a woman, which made Chen Mo a bit embarrassed. He hastily changed into the Heavenly Silkworm Snow Brocade.

“Let’s go and see whether or not we can find someone to ask for directions. Otherwise, I’m lost, too.” Chen Mo said in distress.

Perhaps it was because his Greater Thunder Tribulation heavenly thunder had attracted the attention of other people in the desert, but several hours later, Chen Mo finally heard the sounds of battle.

He spotted five cultivators’ Flying Swords twinkle, magic treasures attack, and an enormous sand python encircle them, diving beneath and breaching out of the dunes. This was a “Sand Armor Hui Python.” Its entire body was covered in brown, sand-like scales. It was impervious to blades, and the snake already had the faint beginnings of a horn. When it breached the sands, it soared like a dragon. This was one of the desert’s strongest Demon Beasts.

The Demon Beasts of the Inner Star Fields and the Outer Star Fields were different. They cultivated Demon Qi Nine Turns, and after Nine Turns, they would metamorphose into Demon Emperors, gaining human forms and sentience. However, for Demon Beasts like this “snake,” they would become a jiao after five hundred years, and into dragons after a thousand. They were far from comparison to other Demon Beasts.

Chen Mo saw that this Sand Armor Hui Python probably already had Seven or Eight Turns cultivation of Demon Qi, which was comparable to a Human Immortal’s Immortal Soul Nine Turns in strength. This was considerably problematic.

The five cultivators worked closely in tandem, their Flying Swords forming an array. Flying Sword after Flying Sword attacked the Sand Armor Hui Python, yet they were only capable of producing intense sparks.

Chen Mo had never faced this kind of Demon Beast, and he did not act blindly. He would observe the situation first, then act.

Milu crouched beside him. The girl eternally had an inarticulate, blank face. Even with the Sand Armor Hui Python’s strong Demon Qi, she did not blink.

“This Sand Armor Hui Python is already about to become a jiao. Everyone, be careful.”

“Help guard Huanqin, let her use the ‘Heavenly Se Evening Qin Sword Array.'”


The five seemed to be from the same sect. They all wore similar water-blue long robes. Their sword-lights were like water, very good-looking.

A hundred Flying Swords became ray after ray of blue lights that wrapped everything. The sword-lights became lines that enclosed a young girl.

That young girl’s long hair fluttered. Her figure was lithe, and her hands played an invisible zither. Twenty-five Flying Swords combined into five Flying Swords, turning into five sword-lights.

The sword-lights emitted the sounds of a qin and se, flowing endlessly into the ear. It was a very moving tune, and even the blankly staring Milu was drawn in.

Chen Mo possessed Yu Youwei’s “Profound Sound” Innate Skill, and he immediately discerned that these notes were the ancient pentatonic scale, “gongshangjuezhiyu.”1 The five notes were comprehensive, yet they were somewhat flawed, completely missing the essence of the notes. Chen Mo thought to himself that this was bad. This girl was perhaps in danger.

The girl yelled, and the five sword-lights representing the pentatonic scale became an enormous zither. The sound of it was boundless, and sword-lights twisted towards the Sand Armor Hui Python one after another.

Each ray of sword-light was a rustling notes, exceptionally pleasant to listen to.

The girl seemed to be playing the zither, and her sword-lights were like strings, cutting the Sand Armor Hui Python and trapping it. The Sand Armor Hui Python bellowed, raising a dust storm to ward off the sword-lights. The music of the qin continued endlessly, playing with urgency.

Gong to jue, zhi to shang, yu to gong.” Chen Mo could not bear to continue watching this and hastily called out. What he described were the changes in the scale. The sword array that the girl used corresponded to the notes, but they were still not skillful. Hearing a man’s voice, the girl was taken aback, but was unable to do much aside from following the changes according to Chen Mo’s words.

The five notes changed, seemingly crafted by Heaven and coordinated perfectly.

The qin and se sword-lights were increasingly smooth, naturally trapping the Sand Armor Hui Python.

The serpent was slowly extracted from the sands by the sword-strings, and the size of its body was dumbfounding. The Sand Armor Hui Python continued to struggle while Chen Mo used the Profound Sound Innate SKill to continuously inform the girl how to play.


The Sand Armor Hui Python’s entire body turned into countless sand grains that escaped from the sword-net. This was one of its abilities, “Sand Escape.” The python’s Demon Qi was too powerful, and even an Immortal Soul Nine Turns Human Immortal could not gain an advantage over this.

After freeing itself of the sword array by using the Sand Escape, the Sand Armor Hui Python spat out Demon Qi.

An immense cloud of brown qi launched directly towards the young girl.

“Look out.”

Her fellow sect members hastily shielded her, but their Flying Swords were completely knocked aside. The girl was surprised, and her five pentatonic sword-lights promptly blocked in front of her, forming a defensive sword array.

The five notes were broken, Demon Qi soared into the skies, and the girl was knocked into the air and sent tumbling ove rthe ground. The Sand Armor Hui Python reformed itself, pouncing in the direction of the girl, opening its maw to devour her.

The girl looked on as the Demon Beast attacked, the color draining from her face. Her eyes filled with tears when all of a sudden, her body was slammed into a thick wall. A figure picked her up by the waist and placed her behind him. Chen Mo brandished Northern Dipper, and the powerful staff smashed the Sand Armor Hui Python in the head. Terrifying Star Energy knocked the python silly. Immediately it turned into a pile of sand and escaped into the desert. 


This Demon Beast was actually smart. After it was injured by the girl’s Heavenly Se Evening Qin Sword Array and realized the terror of Chen Mo’s Star Energy, it did not dare continue to fight head-on. It immediately fled.

Chen Mo had wanted to be opportunistic and beat the Sand Armor Hui Python half to death, then use his intention to try and capture it.

“Junior Sister.”


Her four comrades promptly ran over.

“How much longer will you hold me.” A soft, bashful voice entered his ear.

Chen Mo turned his head to look, only then noticing that his hand was still firmly wrapped around the girl’s waist. His strength was too powerful, and the girl was unable to struggle free.


Chen Mo released her.

The girl had only taken a step when her legs went limp and was grabbed by Chen Mo again.

Chen Mo wrinkled his brow: “Your magic energy expenditure was rather large, be careful.”


“Hurry and let go of Junior Sister Huanqin. Bastard.” A man who was quite scholarly saw that Chen Mo was holding his Junior Sister, and he raised his hackles.

“Lu Yushu,2 how can you treat my savior like this.” The girl reprimanded him.

Chen Mo retreated to the side, letting them argue.

“This man is not even a Human Immortal, he took advantage of you because he merely had good luck. What kind of savior is that.” Lu Yushu said, unconvinced.

“Stop arguing. Junior Sister’s vitality is greatly debilitated. Many thanks for your Distinguished Self’s protection, otherwise, this would have been very dangerous.” A slightly mature girl interrupted him.

“Hmph, no need for him. My magic treasure, ‘Finishing Touch Inkstone,’3 also could allow Junior Sister to be unharmed.” Lu Yushu’s belly filled with fire when he thought of the man’s arm wrapped around his Junior Sister’s waist.

It was obvious that this Huanqin girl had many admirers.

Chen Mo had no interest being embroiled in a love affair of jealousy. He shrugged: “Then you must remember to use it earlier in the future and not to leave it until someone’s life needs to be saved.”

“You.” Lu Yushu’s face burned with scorching heat.

“Apologies, Yushu’s personality is just a bit worried. Junior Sister Huanqin is already betrothed. He is afraid that Junior Sister’s reputation will suffer negative effects.” The female comrade gently smiled.

This woman was very smart. She first helped express apologies on behalf of her comrades, and she also hinted that Huanqin was already taken. This would prevent Chen Mo from indulging in fantasies.

Yet Chen Mo did not have the slightest thought of this at all. Right now, his only thoughts were on forging a sword. However, upon careful inspection, the girl’s complexion was beautiful, and her eyes were limpid. She was actually a beautiful woman.

“Your Servant is Yue Huanqin.4 Many thanks for Your Distinguished Self’s rescue just now. This is my Senior Sister Ji Biling,[1 .寄碧靈] and these are my fellow sect members.”

“Jing Tianchi!”5 One man who had been silently staring at Chen Mo all this time spoke.

“He Zijin.”6 Another compatriot slightly smiled. Just now,  he had been watching the show from the sidelines, but he appeared to beam from ear to ear innocuously.

Finally, that Lu Yushu snorted and looked away, disapproving of Chen Mo.

Yue Huanqin. This names was quite good-sounding, very fitting with those qin and se-like Flying Swords just now.

“Your Servant is Chen Mo, a Scattered Cultivator. This is my companion, Milu.” Chen Mo cupped his fist and made introductions.

Milu hugged the little white fox silently.

The men and women glanced at Milu, their gazes somewhat skeptical. Chen Mo wanted to smile in his heart. These people were unable to see through Milu. Perhaps they were bewildered that someone seemingly as normal as Milu could come to the Furious Flame Desert.

“Since we have already apologized, Junior Sister, let us go.” Lu Yushu was already impatient. He did not want to look at Chen Mo any longer.

Yue Huanqin wanted to say something but hesitated.

Chen Mo said: “Right, I wanted to ask a question.”

“What would Your Distinguished Self like to ask?” Yue Huanqin’s tone could not help but quicken when she heard that Chen Mo had a question.

“How much farther from here to the oasis. Where is its rough location?” Chen Mo first of all wanted to clear this question up.

“Oasis? You refer to the location of Siming?” Yue Huanqin asked.


“The Siming Oasis’s location is impermanent, so its position is very difficult to describe.” Yue Huanqin pondered: “If Your Distinguished Self is not opposed, then why not travel together with Huanqin. We just so happened to be going to the Siming’s location.”

“Junior Sister.” Lu Yushu was stunned. “How can we randomly bring along an outsider.”

“Chen Mo is my benefactor. If anyone is unwilling, then please take your leave.” Yue Huanqin coldly said. Lu Yushu grit his teeth. The others said nothing.

“Then I will have to troubled you.” Chen Mo could not be bothered with the opinion of a jealous man. He was relieved someone would guide them.

“Let us be on our way right now.” Yue Huanqin’s countenance was somewhat happy.

This girl couldn’t be the “beauty devotes herself to the hero who saved her” cliché, right?

Chen Mo was gloomy. He had no interest in a woman who was already taken.

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