Chapter 31: He’s Not A Cripple, He’s A Monster

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None of the Qing Family’s warriors dared to believe that even Qing Yuanshan would be defeated. Everyone lost their spirit, so much so that the onlookers felt pity. Many of those spectators that felt sympathy for Chen Mo before now seemed to feel like they were in a fantastical story after witnessing him defeat the entire Qing Family by himself.

At no other time, other than with Star Generals, had a warrior with strength lower than Qi And Blood Nine Turns been capable of defeating a hundred warriors.

Throughout the entire world, everyone was shocked.

If it was not for this man’s bare chest clearly showing his manliness, everyone would have though he was a Star General.

“Just who the hell are you!!” Qing Wan grit her teeth, blood already dribbling out from between.

At this moment, none of the Qing Family’s warriors dare to take a step forward. Everyone was injured to varying degrees, staring at Chen Mo in alarm.

The snow and mist that covered the skies swirled around Chen Mo indeterminately, obscuring his face. A mocking voice came from within the mist: “My dear Qing Wan, don’t you recognize me?” 

Qing Wan’s heart was suddenly shaken, and her body trembled.

She was all too familiar with this voice.

How many times had she spoken to the owner of this voice over the last ten years. Each time, the girl had been filled with disdain, contempt, and hatred.


This is impossible.

Qing Wan’s entire body trembled nonstop. Snowflakes were shaken off from her shoulders and black hair, making the girl’s inner fear undoubtedly apparent.

“Miss Qing Wan.”

Everyone looked at Azure Dragon Town’s most arrogant warrior, the genius girl showing shock and disbelief for the first time in her life.

The fog very quickly vanished, revealing the reason for the girl’s terror.

A young man.

His facial features were clear, his eyes like lightning.

He was young.

Young and earnest beyond imagination.

In the battle against Qing Yuanshan a moment ago, his bandana had already been ripped to shreds by the old man’s tyrannical power. Now, that hidden face was finally revealed. But Qing Wan would rather have not known his true face for the rest of her life.

“Chen…Mo…” With difficulty, Qing Wan spat out the name of the man who defeated the Qing Family.


The people below Azure Dragon Mountain burst into an uproar.

Everyone turned their astounded gazes to Chen Mo.

“Chen Mo?”

“The fourth son of Lord Chang’an, the trash Chen Mo?”

“How is this possible, to be able to defeat the entire Qing Family by himself? It was this ‘trash’ that defeated the Qing Family?”

“Heavens, just what the hell is going on here.”

Everyone’s hearts were shocked.

“This cannot be. Chen Mo…” The old man’s figure tottered, his face pale. When he was sure that was indeed Chen Mo’s face, his entire person was thoroughly dejected, like a deflated balloon.

“How is it him…”

“Was he so powerful?”

Qing Changzai, Qing Song’gu, and the rest of the Qing Family elders showed agonized expressions. Was this brat not the cripple who was unable to circulate qi and blood, at what time did he obtain martial force so abnormal that he was surprisingly able to topple the whole Qing Family.

If this brat was trash, then they were worse than trash.

They were ruined.

Seeing that there was already no way to hide things, Chen Mo came out very straightforwardly. He drank a small mouthful of Qi Returning Dew, recovering his strength. Towards the others’ shocked expressions, he remained aloof, walking directly towards Northern Dipper.

The injured Qing Family warriors were stupefied. When they saw him walk over, they subconsciously stepped back.

Those frightened expressions made Chen Mo very amused.

How apt.

This trash seemed to have become a monster.

Chen Mo hefted the Northern Dipper staff. In his heart, he was once again thoroughly impressed with the weapon that his mother left him.

Brutal, this was honestly too brutal. With his current strength and Auntie’s “Invincible” Innate Skill combined, an ordinary staff had practically the same strength as a Nine Turns warrior. No wonder all of the Qing Family’s warriors proved no match for him. Furthermore, it was unclear how this Northern Dipper was forged, Its materials appeared to be comparable to a Star Weapon’s.

The only weakness was that it was too taxing on his qi and blood. Most of the time, swinging it a few times was exhausting. If it was not for Xiyi’s Qi Returning Dew, Chen Mo most likely would have been ganged up on and beaten by the Qing Family.

Of course.

Death was not possible.

If he were to reveal his identity, even if the Qing Family were as bold as the heavens, they would not dare do such a thing.

Waving Northern Dipper a few times, Chen Mo looked at everyone and chuckled: “Anyone else? My big stick will keep you company.”

Having defeated all of the Qing Family’s elders, even the head of house Qing Yuanshan, who else dared to come forth? Who else was even able to come forth!

All of the warriors stared at one another and withdrew all at once. It may have been winter, but even though they clearly cultivated their qi and blood into their bones, how was it that they were still shivering so intensely on the inside.

The atmosphere was very stiff. Chen Mo estimated that that woman ought to have escaped far away by now. The rest was up to her now. He had done all he could to help her. Chen Mo swept his gaze over everyone.

Everyone normally decried him as a trash young master. Now, now one dared to meet his eyes.

Qing Wan originally wanted to ask Chen Mo why he would do this, but upon recalling her previous attitude towards Chen Mo, she swallowed her words. Seeing Chen Mo swept his gaze over, one that seemed full of disdain, her heart was suddenly very humiliated and unreconciled.

Under everyone’s watchful gazes, Chen Mo thus swaggered off.

Only after a long while did someone regain their composure and shout.

“What the hell was that. Wasn’t the Chen Family’s young master trash? What trash is that, he’s practically a monster!!”

“Fuck, as expected of the son of Lord Chang’an. When the father is a lion, how can the son be a dog. This little Young Master is too forbearing, to have fooled all of us for so many years.”

“Just what cultivation method does he practice. Even the whole Qing Family was no match.”

“Tsk, tsk, fortunately for us, we normally don’t make things difficult for this young master.”

Each and every one of the spectating warriors showed ridiculous expressions, their words containing a sense of shock towards Chen Mo. Some mocked the Qing Family’s defeat, in particular, mocking the expression of Qing Family’s Miss High And Mighty Qing Wan to the extreme. Who let all of Azure Dragon Town know that Qing Wan had always bore enormous resentment towards Chen Mo.

Thus spun the wheel of fortune, that was the way of things.

“Oh, right, the Star General!!”

All of a sudden.

Someone remembered that Star General had escaped into Azure Dragon Mountain. Without another thought, all of the warriors immediately plunged into Azure Dragon Mountain. Chen Mo’s strength was extraordinarily shocking, but compared to a Star General, that amounted to nothing. Killing a Star General could propel them into the heavens, to become a supreme Star Cultivator. No one was willing to let go of this Heaven-sent opportunity.

A Star General too injured to resist, a chance as good as this was rare.

However, that Little Young Master Chen Mo was indeed a bit stupid, to surprisingly let go of this opportunity. He did not kill the Star General when she was right in front of him. This was too foolish.

No one could figure that out, so they stopped trying.

Very quickly, the rest of Azure Dragon Mountain’s warriors had left.

Qing Song’gu, Qing Changzai and the others gathered around. Seeing that their Eldest Brother’s life was not in danger, they breathed sighs of relief.

“We have underestimated the Chang’an Mansion. That Chen Mo’s shrewdness surprisingly runs so deep.” For the first time, Qing Song’gu felt genuine fear towards a young person.

“What do we do now? We can’t let that Star General go.” Qing Changzai was very worried that if the Star General recovered her Star Energy, not even the chickens and dogs of the Qing Family would be spared.

Qing Yuanshan looked at all of the Qing Family’s injured warriors. He himself seemed a few dozen years older. The old man heaved a long sigh. “Return and inform the Ancestor. It appears we cannot withhold this matter from the Ancestor.”

They bowed their heads, their faces full of shame.

The Qing Family’s hundred warriors had been defeated by Chen Mo alone, completely losing them face. To make the Three Flowers Overhead ancestor show himself to restore their face, but with their counterpart’s identity, they could only swallow the fruits of this disgrace. 

“Wan’er.” What Qing Song’gu worried most about was his daughter. He was very aware of the girl’s temperament.

A piece of trash in her eyes suddenly completely crushed all of her pride and arrogance. One could imagine the effects of such a blow. But a genuine warrior not only cultivated their qi and blood into one both inside and outside their body, their mind was also required to be impregnable. Qing Song’gu believe that if Qing Wan could use this defeat as a lesson, perhaps she could refine her qi and blood to her heart and mind. Ascension to Qi And Blood Nine Turns was not impossible.

Qing Wan shut her eyes, her expression grave.

“Senior Qing, everyone, are you all alright. I have here some Grade Nine ‘Golden Wound Medicine.’ Please take it immediately for healing, Senior.”

The Qing Family was about to go home when two men walked over and stood in their way.

Tao Jingfeng seemingly smiled as he eyed the sorry as a stray dog appearances of the entire Qing Family.


How very interesting.

The magnificent number one noble family of Azure Dragon Town was surprisingly beaten black and blue by a youth whose qi and blood was not at Nine Turns. This was honestly an interesting show. This return trip back to town from the Heavenly Bow Sect was not in vain.

“We don’t need your insincere concern.” Qing Wan glowered.

“Wan’er.” Qing Song’gu rebuked her. He looked at Tao Jingfeng then at the cold and arrogant man beside him. He smiled at Tao Jingfeng: “Nephew Tao,1 you have returned. It appears that your martial arts cultivation has been very fruitful.”

“Little Sister Wan’er is still so icily arrogant.” Tao Jingfeng warmly smiled, saying: “This trip was specifically to return for the Divine Warrior Examination. I never imagined something like this would occur. That young man is very formidable. If he was not a man, I would have thought that he was a Star General.”

“Jingfeng has some Golden Wound Medicine here. Please take it.”

“Thank you for your consideration, but these are minor wounds. No issue.” Qing Song’gu naturally would not accept it. For the sake of fighting over the title of number one noble family in Azure Dragon Town, the Tao Family was still an opponent.

Right now, the Qing Family had lost face. They could only bear his ridicule.

Fortunately, that Chen Mo did not deliver any finishing blows. Although everyone was hurt, they would probably recover after a brief convalescence.

“The Qing Family has other matters to attend to. We take our leave.” Qing Song’gu said.

“Of course, of course. Jingfeng is interested in visiting another day to see how Little Sister Wan’er’s martial arts are.” Tao Jingfeng said cordially.

Qing Wan was gloomy. Her mood truly terrible.

When all of the Qing Family left, Tao Jingfeng’s amicable expression was immediately replaced by one of derision. “I never thought that the proud Qing Family would fall to such a state, to be beaten so completely by a single young man. What a pity he did not kill them.”

“Junior Brother, that young man just now is the rumored son of Lord Chang’an? The cripple unable to practice martial arts?” The man beside Tao Jingfeng was somewhat reserved, but his eyes were bright and full.

“Senior Brother Kezhou, that is indeed him.” Tao Jingfeng switched to a respectful expression.

The Senior Brother was named Lu Kezhou,2 one of the Heavenly Bow Sect’s Ten Great Disciples. He was already Qi And Blood Nine Turns, nearly at the beginning stages of Three Flowers Overhead.

“If this counts as a cripple, then your Azure Dragon Town’s standards are truly high.” Lu Kezhou said profoundly.

Tao Jingfeng also felt this was strange.

He remembered that before he left for the Heavenly Bow Sect, this Chen Mo was indeed a cripple. At that time, the town was in a bustle over this, after all, the renown of Lord Chang’an was honestly too great; he was the Great Chong Dynasty’s Human Sovereign.

“That weapon is somewhat interesting, to be even more fierce than the average Star Weapon despite not having a Casted Star. That brat also has a treasure gourd…His energy seems to be completely restored with every sip.” As one of the Ten Great Disciples of the Heavenly Bo Sect, Lu Kezhou practiced “Divine Eagle Eyesight.” From just a glance, he saw through several essential points about Chen Mo.

“Is there such a magical thing?” Tao Jingfeng was astonished.

To completely recover one’s energy with a mouthful, that was even more incredible than Three Flowers Overhead.

“The Chang’an Mansion’s assets are profound. Forget about it, do not mind him any further.” Lu Kezhou smiled. He turned his gaze to Azure Dragon Mountain. “But I never imagined that a Star General would appear. Heh, heh, it seems this trip will not be in vain.”

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  1. Not literal, just calling him that as a sign of friendliness.
  2. 陸刻舟


    1. Eh, I could not possibly care less. The Star General showed up on one chapter, and was gone in the next. The only reason we’re supposed to sympathise with her is that she’s a pretty girl who’s available to be saved by the big strong hero.

      I mean, it’s not as if she isn’t an arrogant, insufferable bitch, it’s just that she was temporarily powerless and got to play a turn at damsel in distress, and hasn’t had enough “screen” time to grind our gears enough. I’m sure we will wish she had been chopped into a million fine pieces before the story has come to its conclusion.

      Not that I’m not enjoying the story, mind you, but these characters are so predictable that I can’t really bring myself to care about them. I’d much rather hear about the servant, or even the Go player (whose names I forget).

      1. I really hope she joins as his second Star General instead of turning into some persistent enemy. All things considered, she’ll at least owe him a debt of gratitude.

      2. …Harsh. But you’re not wrong that they’re kinda predictable, but I don’t mind that as much as some ppl seem to. It ‘does’ annoy me that like, 95% of the cast are assholes and pricks.
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        She feels a lot like Little Huang does, but hopefully less of a lowkey troll.

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