Chapter 312: General’s Command

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The woman was dressed in a sexy hunting outfit, and her every smile and frown contained a kind of natural sensuality.

“How did this lady speak aloud the thoughts in Your Servant’s heart.” Chen Mo scratched his nose, feigning an embarrassed appearance.

“So you really did think that.” The woman covered her mouth and snickered. “It would not be strange for a Human Immortal to be able to come to the Furious Flame Desert’s oasis. A Void Return Realm cultivator being able to come, that is definitely because you have outstanding capabilities. Perhaps you are more formidable than a Human Immortal. Truly a pity those people had eyes yet were unable to see this point.”

Chen Mo’s heart was slightly astonished, though he outwardly still appeared frivolous: “Lady’s words are so true, I feel the same way. What a pity they have eyes but didn’t see. I wonder what the lady thinks?”

“Your Servant did not come here for the Nine Turns Fate Water. You must be disappointed.” The woman’s tone was a bit disdainful.

“Can it be that you are here for the Siming Nine Serenities Flame?”

“You guessed wrong again.” The woman closed her legs, her tone bored.

“Looks like Lady has no interest in me, is that it. Then Your Servant can only enact a different plan.” Chen Mo helplessly said.

The woman’s gaze fell on Milu: “Is this your companion?”

“We met in the desert.” Chen Mo answered.

The woman was pensive: “Then you must be a bit more careful. She appears to…not be very cognizant of the surrounding situation…” She tactfully pointed out Milu’s ignorance.

Chen Mo smiled, not giving a reply. “Then I shall find people with eyes that can see.”

“Go on.” The woman grinned.

Waiting until Chen Mo and Milu walked farther away, the woman then used an inaudible voice to add: “Go find some more scapegoats.”

She came to a destroyed structure where a young man in a black robe and mask overlooked the desert city. She walked to his side and asked: “How were they, Pang Xuan.1 Did your ‘Heavenly Pupils Gathering Qi’2 discern that Milu’s details?”

“She appears very clueless…” The black robed man spoked with a low and hoarse voice. His eyes were very bright, much more than the average woman.

The woman furrowed her brow at his words. This description was a bit strange.

The “Heavenly Pupils Gathering Qi” was a secret technique recorded by the Star General, Ji Chang, of the “Yi” of the Ten Great Houses. Only direct disciples were able to receive its authentic teaching. Using the Heavenly Pupils Gathering Qi could easily distinguish the target’s latent “qi,” to determine their actual location and power through this formless aura.

Generally speaking, the Heavenly Pupils Gathering Qi was a very effective means of detecting a Star General.

Pang Xuan said: “That man’s qi has four components, blue with stars. He is more dangerous than a Human Immortal. I fear he cultivates Star Energy.”

“Is he a Star Warrior?” The woman nodded. This actually was not outside her expectations. “Could he be Sir Lost Marquis’ Servant Star?”

“As for that Sir Lost Marquis mentioned in the contract…” Pang Xuan’s brow could not help but crease into a line.


“Her qi is very faint green…Much weaker than that man…”

“What is going on here?”

“I am not sure, either. Perhaps this Star General has some strange Innate Skill…Or perhaps her Star Name is indeed very weak…”

“A Heavenly Star?” This was what concerned the woman the most.

“Impossible for her to be a Heavenly Star.” Pang Xuan said with great certainty. Although his Heavenly Pupils Gathering Qi had not yet reached complete mastery, the red color of a Heavenly Star’s qi was a kind of extremely dangerous air. No matter what, it could not be concealed.

“Then good. Pang Xuan, what do you think our chances are if we work together?” The woman asked.

“Not a big problem.” Pang Xuan was very self-confident.

“Once this mission is completed, I can ascend to Four Star Middle Grade Heavenly position in the Heavenly Stairway.”

“Congratulations to you, Yan’er.”3 Pang Xuan was very happy.

“Pang Xuan, using the Heavenly Pupils Gathering Qi has consumed much of your spiritual power. Get some good rest for now, wait until we enter the oasis to continue.”


The desert city was brightly lit by candlelight at ight. Without the blazing daytime, the sense of danger decreased drastically, but the cultivators were vigilant, not daring to lower their guard.

All of a sudden, a melodious tune flowed through the dead of night.

The melody was unremarkable at first, but it gradually became more pleasant. Like two armies in a standoff, the sound of hooves picked up, and the sound of the guqin fluctuated, an impressive song. Many cultivators in the desert city who were left somewhat exhausted by the biting cold temperatures had their vitality excited, and they somewhat reveled in this melody.

Escape lights sprung up everywhere over the city. Many cultivators began to search for the source of the song.

Finally, they found it atop a pavilion.

A young man was currently plucking a gorgeous fishtail guzheng. His fingers seemed to fly, leaving afterimages, and the song became a battlefield scene under his playing.

In the middle of this desert, he appeared even more desolate and stirring.

Yue Huanqin and the others were already dumbfounded standing behind Chen Mo, apaprently not daring to believe he actually was able to play such an unfathomable song.

No, even the Heaven Beyond Heaven’s elders who were experts in music had never played such a magical tune.

“Junior Sister Huanqin, has Chen Mo actually only learned how to play the guzheng for ten days?” Ji Biling whispered to Yue Huanqin.

The girl inarticulately nodded her head, also showing similar disbelief.

Lu Yushu, Jing Tianchi and He Zijin all stared at one another.

Milu sat beside Chen Mo, hugging her kneecaps, listening to the music in a trance. There seemed to be a bit less blankness in her eyes, turning into a kind of very deep reminiscence.

At some point in time, close to a hundred curious cultivators had gathered in the sky above this abandoned pavilion, each person earnestly appreciating the music.

The song finished, and the crowd was excited.

“What incredible music.”

“Is he a disciple of Heaven Beyond Heaven?”

“Truly worthy of Heaven Beyond Heaven, the Qin Music Sword String, Star World’s absolute.”

“Too beautiful.”

Praise came from all around.

Chen Mo only then noticed that he had been watched by so many people. He cupped his fist in embarrassment: “I disturbed everyone.”

“Fellow is being modest.”

“To be able to listen to such graceful music under this kind of weather, this is our good fortune.”

Others also praised him.

“I wonder what the name of this composition is?”

“This is ‘General’s Command.'”4 Chen Mo was very surprised these people had never heard of it. General’s Command was supposed to be very famous.

“‘General’s Command.’ Indeed, it is very powerful.”

“Hmph, a Void Return Realm cultivator like you dares to claim the name of ‘General.’ Could it be you want to order us around.” Lu Yushu sharply and unkindly said.

Chen Mo coldly glared at him. This brat’s narrowmindedness really was a bit impressive.

Yue Huanqin said: “Chen Mo, your musical sense is truly very amazing. In just a short ten days, you are already able to play the guzheng perfectly.” She noted that this song had four parts. In the first part, Chen Mo used a large vibrato and his left hand to pluck, displaying the scene of drums and horns, making the tune tense and mysterious.

The second portion passed through his left hand’s exaggerated cry, and his glissando evoked the image of brave generals.

The third part used an accelerating “fast four points” technique, showing the urgent situation of the troops’ formations.

The fourth part portrayed the confrontation of the two armies, a close quarters battle, the sound of bugles blaring equally loudly on both sides, the scene of a triumphant return to camp. The entire song was smooth and flowing, the tempo intense and very grand.

The four parts were of four creative images. If used with the Qin Music Sword String, then it definitely would have an unfathomable result. A pity that the person in question had no interest at all in the Qin Music Sword String, making Yue Huanqin very regretful.

Chen Mo knew that this General’s Command was the work of people who came before him; it was not his own composition, and he was very clear on his own limits.

“Want to learn it, I can teach you.” Chen Mo smiled.

Yue Huanqin’s eyes lit up.

“Could you teach me, too?” Ji Biling was also somewhat impatient.

“I would like to learn as well.” Jing Tianchi said.

“Count me in.” He Zijin chuckled. They all could discern that this General’s Command was very extraordinary. If they carefully understood it, then it would be enormously beneficial for their own Qin Music Sword String.

“Yushu, what about you?”

“You all are insane. I have no interest in asking a Void Return Realm cultivator for advice.” Lu Yushu coldly declined, leaving this place on a riding sword.

“Leaving is fine, too, otherwise Brother Chen Mo won’t teach us.” He Zijin laughed.

“Chen Mo would not be so petty, right?” Ji Biling sweetly said.

Chen Mo thought to himself, You’re clearly parroting each other, but whatever. It’s only the General’s Command.

“I want to leave this child alive.”

Under the moonlit night, the woman spoke seriously to her companion, Pang Xuan.

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  4. 將軍令

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