Chapter 318: Li Guang’s Quiet Phoenix Cry

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With the assistance of hundreds of cultivators from the Four Great Bandit Troupes, thousands upon tens of thousands of sword-lights thickly swarmed, covering the sky and blotting out the sun. In an instant, the oasis was enveloped in darkness.

Countless Flying Swords descended upon Chen Mo. Everyone was impatient to kill him and wait for their chance to steal the Black Turtle Swords.

Treasure always attracts thieves, but Chen Mo never imagined the day would come that he himself would actually become the target of robbery. Chen Mo’s heart was depressed to death. If he knew earlier that this place’s cultivators would all recognize the Four Symbols Black Turtle Sword, he definitely would never have brought them out, though it was useless to think of this now. Chen Mo glanced at Milu. The girl’s complexion was also pale, her expression terrified. Her lips kept muttering, “Don’t!”

He hoped she was out of danger.

Chen Mo brandished his staff. The Black Turtle True Spirit manifested behind him, indomitable and unshakable.

The first wave of Flying Swords very quickly arrived. Chen Mo swung Northern Dipper, using the “Trampling” Innate Skill. His power was like an autumn wind sweeping away fallen leaves. Intense wind rolled them up, and a powerful and boundless Star Energy very quickly repelled this wave of Flying Swords completely.

But immediately after, the second wave continued the assault.

One swing to beat them back.

One swing to beat them back.

One swing to beat them back.

After several times of this in succession, Chen Mo’s Star Energy was rapidly depleting wile the Flying Swords were endless. Tens of thousands of Flying Swords already obscured everything in Chen Mo’s field of view, and the world was filled with killing intent and covered by an omnipresent net. No matter how unyielding Chen Mo’s Star Energy was, against this terrifying assault, it was like putting out a burning cart of firewood with a cup of water.

If it was any other cultivator, perhaps even an Earthly Immortal, they would have already died.

Watching Chen Mo unleash starlight and staff-wind in the darkness, no one was surprised. A cultivator capable of possessing the Four Symbols Black Turtle Flying Swords inevitably would be somewhat skilled, but even that had its limit.

A Thunder Tribulation cultivator could not possibly be extraordinary enough to face nearly a thousand Human Immortals. Even the Yellow Court Realm Peak Hou Jing would be hard-pressed.

Mixed in with the Flying Swords were magic treasures.

Inkstones, rulers, golden darts, iron fans, spears, beads…countless magic treasures flooded over. The magic treasures were even stronger than Flying Swords. Each time they smashed into him, Chen Mo would vomit blood from the internal injuries caused by their magic energy.

“Don’t.” Milu’s shout was so feeble in the face of boiling avarice.

No one heard her.

Even Qi Xi and the others itched to kill her at the same time.

“Don’t delay.”

Qi Xi was somewhat uneasy. He then snapped his fingers, and his Flying Swords gathered into a Raging Flame Sword Array. The Four Great Chiefs used their powers one after another. Multi-colored Flying Swords alternated, completely overcoming the other Human Immortals’ Flying Swords in the net.

“Look out.” Yue Huanqin cried out in despair.

Chen Mo vomited blood once again. The Flying Sword arrays utilized by the Earthly Immortal attacked, ripping open Northern Dipper’s starlight. The Black Turtle True Spirit let out an earth-shaking screech. Chen Mo was dripping with cold sweat, and his heart shuddered. He already knew he could not last any longer.

It’s over.

Hou Niaoyan gripped her double-edged battle axe tightly, charging her Star Energy as she prepared to find an opportunity.

The sword array twisted towards Chen Mo when, just at this moment, a burst of Star Energy erupted, completely repelling Qi Xi and the others’ sword arrays. The hundreds of Flying Swords that were falling like rain were scattered in all directions. Qi Xi and the others’ expressions changed.

Milu stood before Chen Mo, a Star Crest glowing on her forehead. Powerful Star Energy surged in all directions like a tidal wave. The Earthly Immortals’ sword arrays were powerless to resist her.

“Stop this, all of you.” Milu’s eyes were filled with confusion and pain.

“Is her Star Name finally appearing?” Hou Jing’s brows rose. She was somewhat excited.

Chen Mo looked at Milu in astonishment. Right now, Milu’s temperament was already slowly changing. That blank obliviousness from before had completely vanished, and it was subsequently replaced with a kind of conflicted expression.

“Stop it, all of you!!”

Milu clutched her head, struggling.

Everyone was surprised, but right now, there was basically no one who listened to her. Each person wanted to kill Chen Mo and Milu. Even if Milu used her Star Energy to deflect Qi Xi and the others’ sword arrays, an even fiercer assault followed immediately afterwards.

“Demonic Path Burning Heart Sword Array!”

“Dried Wood White Bone Sword Array!”

“Descending Note Gracefulness!”

“Red Face Nine Directions Sword Array!”

Flashing sword-lights once again devoured Chen Mo completely. Countless Flying Swords whirled about in a storm, “Stop!!!” Milu let out a heart-rending scream, completely drowned out by the Flying Swords.

Sparks suddenly flew between the violently surging wave of swords. A powerful storm of Star Energy rolled around Chen Mo, once again completely dispersing the sword arrays. There was no doubt that Milu had intervened, but this time, the struggling expression in a different woman’s eyes had already completely vanished. It was replaced by a kind of cold apathy that came from her very bones.

Milu seemed to have become an entirely different person, and an air of danger lingered about her.

All the cultivators could not help but shudder, and Qi Xi suddenly noticed they had done something stupid.

Thorn Of Turbulent Times Hou Niaoyan wrinkled her brow. Even a Star General like her could not help but feel a chill. “Pang Xuan, how is her qi?”

Pang Xuan used the Heavenly Pupils Gathering Qi. The aura around Milu changed rapidly from a light to a dark shade. In the end, it approached a dangerous red. “This is bad, she…she’s almost ascended to Heavenly Star.” Pang Xuan’s expression changed.

Hearing his words, all the cultivators had goosebumps.

Heavenly Star.

They were practically the strongest type of people in Star World. Cultivators truly were like chickens and dogs before them.

“Impossible, how could the oasis have a Heavenly Star.” A cultivator shouted, as if to give himself courage.

Milu gradually opened her eyes. A sinister grin flit across the corner of the woman’s lips. Her eyes were already completely crimson, like blood, emitting a bloodthirsty air.

Daji, who she wanted to get along with, felt fear, and the fox shrunk into a quivering ball against Chen Mo’s chest.

“Are you Milu?” Chen Mo said in a low voice. He was beside her, and he could sense Milu’s transformation better than anyone else. He could feel the cold that the woman emitted even though he possessed the body of the Black Turtle.

Milu disdainfully glanced at Chen Mo from out of the corner of her eye. She raised her head to look around at the numerous cultivators.

The woman pensively sized them up, “Thanks to all of you, I can finally appear. As a gesture of gratitude to you…I will repay everyone with a ‘massacre.'”

“You bluff. With so many of us here, should we be scared of you?”

“Everyone, this is our golden opportunity to slaughter a Star General. Please use all your power.”


The cultivators let out furious roars. Ten thousand Flying Swords were ignited, and countless magic treasures and abilities followed closely behind. The Siming Oasis boiled over with their fervor.

Even Hou Jing was afraid of this energy.

Milu was completely fearless. She slowly extended her pure white palm, and an arrow of flowing light very quickly manifested from out of thin air. This arrow was exquisitely crafted, appearing like a flying phoenix. The lower portion of the arrow emitted a dim light while the phoenix shaped portion was a brilliant fire-red. The two were distinct, paired together perfectly.

The arrow slowly spun in Milu’s hand, emitting a faint noise.

“This arrow…” Chen Mo was taken aback.

An evil grin bloomed on Milu’s face. Her red lips gently blew.

Then, the arrow in her palm turned into a half-red, half-black beam of light that flew forth.

That was a kind of practically invincible and unblockable power. The tiny arrow was unexcelled amidst the millions of Flying Swords, unstoppable as it completely smashed them apart. In the blink of an eye, the swarming sword-shadows were thoroughly eliminated.

That arrow returned to Milu’s palm and continued to gently spin.

When Qi Xi and the others recognized this arrow, they were immediately pale overwhelmed with shock.

“Quiet Phoenix Cry!!!”1

“What, it’s actually the Quiet Phoenix Cry.”

“Li Guang, she’s ‘Flying Phoenix General’ Li Guang!!”2

Everyone gasped at the same time.

“How can this be, she’s actually the Flying Phoenix General.” Lu Yushu was flabbergasted. He completely did not imagine that oblivious girl would surprisingly be this Star Name.

As expected, she’s Li Guang.

Just as Chen Mo had guessed, Milu’s Star Name was precisely the renowned Flying General Li Guang from Chinese history.

WIth but the softest of blows, she had blown apart everyone’s encirclement. The bloodthirsty look that Milu exuded looked around at these high up cultivators. Her gaze was extremely derisive: “Since you know my Star Name, enter Hell in relief.”

“This is bad!”

Many cultivators’ hearts shuddered, and all of their goosebumps rose. The air of death smothered them, and they immediately thought to flee the oasis first thing.

Milu scoffed. Once again, she blew on the Star Weapon, Quiet Phoenix Cry, in her hand.

Quiet Phoenix Cry glowed with five stars. A ray of red light instantly broke free of her palm and soared into the sky.

“Run away, quickly!”


The cultivators screamed, using every trick they could. Some ran while others resisted.

That was something that transpired in an instant. In actuality, a majority of the cultivators were still maintaining expressions of fear on their faces. Then, Chen Mo saw the Quiet Phoenix Cry pierce through the Siming Valley’s sky at the speed of light, running through the bodies of these thousands of cultivators.

There was no flashy change; she slaughtered them absolutely quietly.

Then, the cultivators’ frightful expressions became blank.

Finally, Quiet Phoenix Cry landed in Milu’s surroundings, floating quietly like a fairy.

Then, a terrible scene appeared.

The thousand cultivators of Siming Oasis fell from the sky one after another. Their Flying Swords and magic treasures also fell, having lost their Divine Intent control. Corpses fell like rain, smashing heavily into the valley or plunging into the river.

In the blink of an eye, the river was dammed by bodies.

In an instant, the encirclement of the formidable cultivators was practically annihilated.

In just the blink of an eye, Milu had very nearly slaughtered all of the cultivators besieging them. This was the first time in Chen Mo’s life that he had seen such a thing, and he could not help but feel shaken.


Qi Xi and the others showed contorted expressions. They stared wide-eyed at Milu.

The Furious Flame Desert’s Four Great Bandit Troupes were left with less than a hundred people in an instant, and among them were their best experts.

“Let’s hurry and kill her.” Daoist Dried Bone let out an awe-inspiring voice. The forces he had nurtured in the Furious Flame Desert had been completely slaughtered by a Star General in a single instant. He could not accept this at all. In his heart, no matter what, he wanted to kill Chen Mo and seize the Four Symbols Swords. 

Black and white qi poured from his mouth. The chest of most of the corpses suddenly split open, revealing numerous ribs. Rib after rib snapped and emerged. This “Dried Bone Art” was Daoist Dried Bone’s strongest ability. The old man exercised his Earthly Immortal magic energy, and more than a thousand ribs became a wall of bones that obstructed Milu.

Then, Daoist Dried Bone flit by to kill Chen Mo.

The white qi of a “White Bone Winding Soul Hand” coiled like a ghost, directly attacking Chen Mo’s chest. He was constricted by the white qi, and his entire body felt cold. He was unable to break through for the moment.

Just at this time, a red light passed, shattering the wall of white bones and promptly punching through Daoist Dried Bone’s forehead.3

The old man’s movements came to a spontaneous stop, and the sinister Ghost Qi vanished like smoke. He had died instantly. “Quiet Phoenix Cry” circled around.

The wall of white bones collapsed.

Chen Mo cast a sidelong glance and spotted Milu arrogantly appear next to him.

“Many thanks.” Before Chen Mo could warmly thank her, Milu looked at Chen Mo with a gaze used to mock prey.

“No need for thanks. I will enjoy your life until the end.”

Quiet Phoenix Cry spun above Chen Mo’s head, holding his life and death in her palm.

Chen Mo looked at the wildly wicked and insufferably arrogant Milu, suddenly feeling this kind of Milu was unusually beautiful.

Author’s Note:

Caught a cold and got a fever and dizziness. Originally, some major future plot points were outlines, so I should be able to write the next 60 chapters very smoothly…Annoying.

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  1. 鳳幽鳴
  2. The real life Li Guang was nicknamed the “Flying General.” It seems the author is using an additional appellation.
  3. I read slightly ahead. If you’ve seen Guardians of the Galaxy, this is basically Yondu’s arrow.

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