Chapter 34: Burnt Out Three Calamities

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After the hotpot banquet, Chen Mo had a servant prepare a horse. He would personally go to Azure Dragon Mountain.

Since he had already helped her once, then he may as well help her to the end. If the Qing Family’s ancestor actually killed the Star General, with the enmity between the Qing Family and himself, this would be a problem.

Iron Blade had originally planned to enter the mountain together with Chen Mo, but Chen Mo refused him. He was only Qi And Blood Eight Turns and was not too useful. Against the Three Flowers Overhead Qing Family Ancestor, the odds were very slim. In the end, Chen Mo had him look after Little Tao and the others. The Iron Blade who received this request forced a small smile. Two days ago, the young master was merely a warrior no one regarded with significance. Overnight, he suddenly gave the Qing Family a serious setback and became the strongest synonym for Azure Dragon Town.

Whether it was difficult to cope with the facts or his bloodline with Lord Chang’an, indeed, he was not to be trifled with.

Iron Blade felt himself very fortunate, but then he suddenly recalled that brat Chen Qing who was now cooped up in the valley and felt some pity.

This already was not the first time Chen Mo entered Azure Dragon Mountain. With easy familiarity, Chen Mo directly plunged into the deepest reaches of the mountain. If that woman wanted to escape, with Azure Dragon Mountain crawling with so many warriors waiting below for their chance, her best way would be to traverse Azure Dragon Mountain or recover somewhere on the mountain range.

Regarding the depths of Azure Dragon Mountain, Azure Dragon Town had a legend.

Reportedly, a Demon Beast dwelled deep with the mountains. Demon Beasts were unlike wild animals. They were able to feed off of spiritual energy or the Essence Qi of cultivators. Cultivating Demon Qi, they possessed powers beyond the level of Three Flowers Overhead. Some Demon Beasts were even able to refine a human form and become Demon Immortals. Any one Demon Beast was able to contend with a Three Flowers Overhead warrior. This was also a reason many warriors were unwilling to set foot into the mountain.

Several days later, Chen Mo dismounted to continue on foot. After the Ice Knife’s blizzard, the temperature these days was entering the beginnings of warm spring. For a time, the sun shone splendidly, and no snow fell. This made the search become very easygoing. Chen Mo was not blindly searching. Over the past couple days, there was occasionally the mournful sound of a bowstring somewhere in the mountains. This sound was different from the bow and arrows used to hunt normal game. This one carried a very tyrannical power that shook the forest.

Only the archery of a Qi And Blood Eight or Nine Turns warrior was capable of such might.

Chen Mo recalled about that Tao Family’s Tao Jingfeng and the Heavenly Bow Sect’s disciple. From the force of these arrows, he wondered if they had caught sight of game or encountered the Star General. However, following the sound of these bows would sooner or later prove fruitful. Warriors skilled in archery often possessed a unique sense and judgment in the search for prey.

While seeking out the sound of arrows, Chen Mo also borrowed the resplendent starlight of the snowy night to cultivate the Northern Dipper Great Overflow.

On this night, Chen Mo arrived at a mountain peak to take shelter from the wind. He lit a bonfire and prepared to settle the issue of tonight’s dinner. A hare dashed among the mountain’s rocks. Due to the melting snow, the rocks were very slippery, and it rolled down the slope. Chen Mo easily caught it.

He had no way to roast it, but that was already a bit on the greasy side. Chen Mo retrieved a few things from his Astral Stone, placing a small stove atop a smooth piece of rock. He placed upon that a cauldron, and then he cut the rabbit meat into thin slices, using wine, soy sauce, peppers, and cassia for dressing.

Very quickly, the broth boiled over, and an aroma permeated the area, tempting Chen Mo’s appetite.

“That smells great!” A ruminating voice appeared particularly gluttonous on the quiet mountain.

Chen Mo lifted his head and saw the outline of a person in the flickering shadows of the bonfire.

A very curvaceous figure in the darkness was illuminated by the fire, particularly that pair of red, gemlike eyes that glinted in the night.

The sudden appearance of the person startled Chen Mo. He did not know when the counterpart had drawn near; he surprisingly did not sense anything. If the opponent was sneak attacking, Heaven knew whether or not he would have taken a blow now. Before letting his face become even more unsightly, his counterpart chortled.

This laugh was a bit familiar.

“Brat, in my eyes, that rabbit is much more alluring compared to you.”

The other person walked out from the darkness. Arrogance and beauty as gorgeous as a flame, she was none other than that Star General being hunted by Azure Dragon Town.

“You…How are you here.” Chen Mo’s mouth hung agape. He never imagined he would encounter her so quickly.

The woman walked up to the bonfire. With boorish motions, she used her chopsticks to pick up a rabbit slice and dip it into the soup. Then, she threw it into her mouth and chewed. Her table manners were uncivilized, completely unladylike. When the soup-soaked rabbit meat entered her mouth, the woman exclaimed. “Oh, so good!!”1


The woman ate with gusto. With every bite, she looked as pleasured as if she was soaking in a sauna, a flushed hue coming to her cheeks.

This was nothing more than rabbit meat hotpot, but it seemed she was on the verge of orgasm.

Chen Mo was depressed. Seeing her so ravenous, he did not vie against her. He took out a bundle of coriander and prepared it. When the Star General saw this, she drew back in disdain. “How can you eat a vegetable like this.”

“You have no manners.” Chen Mo shook his head.

“You have no tact.” The woman sarcastically shot back.

Under the snowy moonlit night, the two of them gathered around the bonfire to eat a very aromatic hotpot. They were practically camping, and this somewhat made Chen Mo reminisce a bit about his experience adventuring around on Earth.

“A pity there’s no wine to go with such fine food.” The woman pursed her lips, shooting a meaningful glance at Chen Mo.

“Don’t look at me, no wine here.” Chen Mo dismissed her thoughts of freeloading.

“Cheeky brat.” The woman disdainfully said.

Having gorged herself to her heart’s content, the woman made no plans to explain her sudden appearance or her abrupt freeloading. She bluntly sat crosslegged, and the Star Crest on her forehead flickered. An odd glimmer flowed from her head over her whole body. Chen Mo recognized that she was absorbing Star Energy, slowly recovering from her weakened state.

She did not explain anything, and Chen Mo did not ask either. This atmosphere between the two of them was the spitting image of the tacit understanding between an old married couple. He also sat crosslegged and took out the Northern Dipper for refinement. Then, he practiced the Northern Dipper Great Overflow.

For a long while, Chen Mo refined Star Energy into his body. When he opened his eyes, he discovered she was still in a state of absorbing Star Energy.

At this time, she was simply a slab of meat on the chopping board just waiting to be cut up. Chen Mo felt that if he attacked her with his staff, he absolutely had a chance to kill her. Then, he would obtain that so-called Star Energy, Star Weapon, and even her Innate Skill…

In terms of Star Energy, he himself was already beginning to cultivate it.

For Star Weapons, Northern Dipper appeared comparable to one.

As for Innate Skills, it was unlikely that many Star Generals had Innate Skills that could surpass Auntie’s “Invincible.”

In summary, Chen Mo was much happier to be friendly with a Star General. The sight of a sexy beauty was always a pleasing scene. He stored Northern Dipper and looked at her, suddenly wrinkling his brow when he looked carefully at her.

Two pieces of red armor wrapped around her chest, her deep ravine appearing very alluring, both sides a plump white. One could not help but want to peel away this red armor and investigate just how ample her chest was.

“Had a good look?”

The woman naturally was very aware of her chest. No gaze could escape her consciousness.

The woman opened her eyes.

Her red eyes had a kind of aggressive killing intent, her expression not at all friendly.

“You’re injured?” Chen Mo’s gaze very quickly spied below her chest a wound the size of his thumb.

“Hmph, if it was before, This King would have already killed a peeping tom like you.” The woman said.

To still show such brashness while under her weakened condition, Chen Mo truly did not know whether it was because her EQ was a bit on the low side or if arrogance was her nature. As if recalling her present situation was precarious, the woman then said, “Treat this peek as This King’s payment for the food,” before instantly leaving.

“Wait up…” The woman’s speed was honestly very fast. Before Chen Mo could finish speaking, she was gone.

“You should at least tell me what Star General you are.” Chen Mo grumbled and shook his head, putting his stuff away as he gave chase.

After they left, Tao Jingfeng and Lu Kezhou arrived at this spot.

Embers from the bonfire still remained on the rocks, and even the air still carried lingering traces of meat, making the two of them drool incessantly. “Fuck, this Star General is so unbelievable, to unexpectedly even roast food in this place. She simply is not placing us within her eyes.” Tao Jingfeng cursed.

Lu Kezhou’s back carried a gray longbow, and his eyes flickered with light as he scanned the surroundings.

“That woman thinks she can get away with roundabout tactics. Hmph, she sustained my ‘Viper Venom’ arrow. She shouldn’t be able to last much longer.” Lu Kezhou calmly said. “Let’s quickly give chase.”

“Just how much longer do you plan on following me?” The woman stopped and turned her head back to look at Chen Mo, somewhat perplexed at this man.

“You should know a lot of people are chasing after you. The Qing Family’s Ancestor has come, too.” Chen Mo said.

“If it wasn’t for This King currently being depleted of Star Energy, how could these clowns ever dare to act so boldly before This King.” The woman spat out a disdainful sentence from between clenched teeth.

Chen Mo warned her not to be like as she was before. Right now, the most important thing was to think about the present circumstances, otherwise, there was no benefit at all to solving her predicament. “Do you want to come back with me. Within my home, I can guarantee you protection.”

“Why are you helping me?” The woman’s brow creased into grave line. She was somewhat unable to understand just what trick this man was playing at. What cultivator in Star World would not eye a Star General covetously. They would think of all possible means to take her down, and they absolutely would not help her like Chen Mo was doing. “Can it be that you want to become my Servant Star?” The woman felt this was logical.

“I’d say that’s unrequited on your part.” Chen Mo twitched his lips.


The woman flew into a rage. If it was not for her having barely recovered any Star Energy right now, she would definitely have ruthlessly beat this guy senseless. With her identity, untold numbers of people would desire to become her Servant Star.

“I have no interest in your Star Energy or your Star Weapon, but I don’t want to let the Qing Family obtain them. However, I’m too protective of the fairer sex, and I have no easy way to foil them…En, helping you is the only solution.”

This tone that showed he was left without a choice made the woman very speechless.

However, she also knew that Chen Mo indeed had been considerate of her. Just by himself alone, he was able to contend against a hundred warriors. This point was enough to earn her trust. Otherwise, she would not have shown herself when she saw Chen Mo making a hotpot.

“This is the first time that This King has seen a cultivator like you.”

“Actually, I have a question I want to ask you.” Chen Mo curiously said.

“What question?” The woman walked forwards.

“What is the Star Name you inherited?” This was the biggest reason that Chen Mo was so concerned about the girl. In Star World, encountering those famous personages from history was always somewhat familiar.

The girl stopped.

All of a sudden, a chorus of wolf howls came from the front.

Between the trees, four to five massive wolves caught the scent of blood, showing themselves with rumbling stomachs. The eyes of these wolves contained a wretched green light. The weakened woman was simply a sublime piece of meat in their view, and they immediately pounced with bared claws and fangs.

“These are Ironback Wolves, look out.”

These wolves were not like ordinary wild animals. They were far larger and sturdier than normal wolves, and they were especially cunning and ferocious. Their strength already was comparable to a Qi And Blood Five Turns warrior’s. With their numbers in a pack, even the average warrior would feel pressured against them.

Chen Mo took out his large stick and was about to provide support.

The woman’s hands flourished. In each of her hands, a brilliant divine spear appeared.

Flames scattered before his eyes.

The spears were very short, their edges spiraling, as if they were coiling flames.

They were the same as the ones in the mural.

Chen Mo was taken aback, for he recognized these spears.

Burnt Out Three Calamities!2

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  1. She speaks in Beijing dialect. There really isn’t a way to communicate that in English, through accents or vocabulary.
  2. 焚盡三災


  1. 1. [“I have no interest in your Star Energy or your Star Weapon, but I don’t want to let the Qing Family obtain them. However, I’m too protective of the fairer sex, and I have no easy way to foil them…En, helping you is the only solution.”]
    …This made me chuckle. See, unlike Su Xing, Chen Mo is both more pragmatic towards, but equally as dumb about helping women. It’s funny cuz Su Xing would freely admit he’s dumb.
    2. Hey, if she’s from a thousand years ago… you think she met Su Xing, or knew of him? Cuz she said Chen Mo was the first cultivator she met like that, but Su Xing was 1000 times more of a white knight… and that should’ve been when he apparently ended the Star Duels.
    Another mystery…. on top of the lady herself, that is.
    3. They’re already like an old married couple… snrk!

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