Chapter 344: Stone Chamber Of Immortals (VIII) Crisis

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A sound like a thunder roll echoed, extremely ear-piercing.

The white-clothed, black-haired Chen Mo stood in empty space, the seven Black Turtle Swords shielding around him. Although the Without Ultimate Primordial Dual Modes Four Symbols Swords were not yet complete, the sword-lights with the power of the Black Turtle still blocked Chi Xuzi’s strike.

“Good, good, good. Worthy of the one able to solve the Supreme Ultimate Diagram. One cannot enter this Without Ultimate World’s Ancient Chess Star Field if they lack ability.” Chi Xuzi smiled even more widely when she saw this scene. She snapped her fingers, once again letting out thunderclap-like noises.

“However, this danger has only just begun. How long can you last what comes next?”

Without needing her to say so, Chen Mo already sensed danger. To be frank, his arm was already lacerated by that killing intent, and it was vaguely throbbing with pain.

In Chen Mo’s pupils the scene of the Heavens completely absorbed the starry sky.

After Chi Xuzi landed, before he even had time to react, Chen Tuan suddenly appeared in front of him, a slender finger outstretched.


The moment she pointed, a swordtip appeared three chi away from her chest. Afterward, Chi Xuzi’s killing intent already spurted forth in the space between them.

A droplet of blood dripped from the girl’s crystalline fingertip.

The droplet fell in mid-air.

It became a Yin Yang symbol and slowly vanished.

“Ancestor Chen Tuan, do you also want to meddle in others’ business?” Chi Xuzi did not expect that Chen Tuan would still intervene.

“Xiyi, are you alright?” Chen Mo nervously asked.

Ancestor Chen Tuan pointed at Chi Xuzi’s baleful aura. She still stood calmly in midair, her expression unchanged.

“The sun rises in the east, the moon rises in the west. Yin and Yang spread out, quaking thunder emerges slowly!”

Ancestor Chen Tuan chanted. Her brow gently moved, and her Star Weapon “All Things Omnipresent Stars” appeared again. This time, it became a sun, moon, and stars. The Two Qi Yin Yang Array could dispel any ability, but this was unable to dispel Ancestor Chen Tuan’s Star Weapon formation.

This Omnipresent Stars magic circle and the Two Qi Yin Yang were two different methods leading to the same result, and both “evolved from Yin Yang.” The two engendered one another and mixed, naturally meaning there was no way to dispel it.

The sun, moon, and stars defended around Chen Mo and Chen Tuan. Chen Mo immediately felt the pressure become much weaker.

“You must renounce this commandment.” The exceedingly sager Ancestor Chen Tuan was as calm as a dry well, but faint worry flickered across her face.

“Let’s see just how dangerous she is.” Chen Mo fearlessly replied.

“Not dangerous enough, it seems…Then I shall have your so-called safety end here.” The moment Chi Xuzi finished speaking, she vanished.

This time, she directly attacked.

She left no traces, and none of her activity could be detected. Even her presence was gone from the Star Field.

But Chen Mo sensed endlessly fluctuating, plain, bone-chilling killing intent approach in all directions.

These killing intents shuttled through space, as if they existed everywhere.


In an instant, a clear light flickered behind Chen Mo. A killing intent shot out from the light. Chi Xuzi already stabbed her finger like a sword several chi away from his body. The silent sword-qi stuck into his back.

Powerful sword-qi, sword-intent, and aggressive qi-blood directly tore apart the first, second, third, and fourth layers of the All Things Omnipresent Stars’ chess arrangement. The swordtip touched Chen Mo’s Heavenly Silkworm Snow Brocade. This perfectly mended brocade was surprisingly unable to block this thrust, already breaking apart on its own before the swordtip even made contact.

Chen Mo vividly realized what it meant to have a knife at his back. When the swordtip stabbed into the clothes on his back, the Black Turtle once again unleashed its might and resisted the incursion of the killing intent. Chen Mo suddenly spun around, swinging his staff.

This Northern Dipper Staff disintegrated the sun and moon’s gale. As if blowing away even the world’s chess arrangement, it brimmed with tyrannical might.

Chi Xuzi’s fingertip tapped the staff, but the next second, she disappeared.

Danger once again struck from another direction.

The layers of defense once again showed the tragedy of being broken. Ancestor Chen Tuan’s expression changed. Her clothes fluttered, and she pointed with a whoosh. Several killing intents dissolved on her fingertip.

But Chi Xuzi’s killing intent was everywhere, showing no signs of letting go at all.

Chen Mo growled. A Star Crest flashed on his forehead, and he used the Invincible Skill He brandished the big stick in his hands dexterously. His figure moved and was already launching an attack against Chi Xuzi’s killing intent.

Northern Dipper swept and smashed the murderous aura.

A second strike.

A third strike.

Chen Mo’s attack was increasingly fierce, already rising like a storm. The succession of killing intents were destroyed one by one under Northern Dipper’s smooth assault.

Even Ancestor Chen Tuan raised an eyebrow.

“Hm?” Chi Xuzi discerned what this thing of Chen Mo was.

Phoenix Dark Rank – A Gentleman Is Invincible.

This technique that Chen Mo created was combined with Chen Qingzhi’s “Invincible” Innate Skill. In the case he launched an attack, then he would be like a surging tide, no stopping once he started, without the slightest pause. Even if Chi Xuzi’s murderous aura was any denser or stronger, it could not possibly hold him back.

On the contrary, to Invincible, an even more concentrated attack was instead sweet as honey, able to make Invincible turn even more smooth.

“I never imagined you actually would even have a Phoenix Dark Rank.” Chi Xuzi wrinkled her brow. Things were a bit outside her expectations.

Chen Mo’s assault did not stop, and he continued to attack his way to Chi Xuzi.

The woman’s Divine Intent moved. Millions of star once again gathered together. The Two Qi Yin Yang Array moved and remained still. Chen Mo and Chen Tuan were each instantly sucked into the Yin Yang symbol. Very quickly, they lost sight of each other.

As far as the eye could see, it seemed that countless chess pieces filled the entire world.

Each black piece was a killing intent, however, these killing intents were on the verge of being unleashed. Chen Mo looked around. There was already no way to escape.

Chen Mo completely released all of his Star Energy. His body sprung forth, the Black Turtle protecting him, as his Flying Swords cut open a path.

The chess pieces changed endlessly. Each time he knocked away a chess piece, a terrible killing intent attacked him. Even the body of the Black Turtle was a bit fatigued.

No matter what method Chen Mo used, it was very challenging to escape the densely packed chess pieces.

He would exhaust himself to death if this continued.

Chen Mo furrowed his brow. Using the Deva Eyes to look, he immediately noticed he was situated on the black side of the Supreme Ultimate Diagram while Chen Tuan was on the white. To get out, he could only dispel this Yin Yang Symbol.

Discard stones to gain sente!

Sacrifice when in danger!

Chen Mo mulled over the meanings of fourth and fifth commandments.

I’ve got it.

Chen Mo suddenly thought of something. He made his Flying Swords fly to the edges, and he turned Northern Dipper into a saber, cutting paths using biting cold saber-lights. Each snow-white saber-light appeared extremely bright amidst the black pieces, like they were white pieces falling down.

“You found the opening so quickly? But how will you escape this danger?”

She pointed.

The black pieces endlessly burst and filled in.

This technique had the suspicion of being “careless.” Chen Mo seized this chance, promptly launching a direct attack. Straight through several tens of thousands of rounds, the black side’s lower left was smashed apart. The upper left and lower right solid territories fared no better; the situation was clearly in white’s favor.

Chen Mo tenaciously moved destroyed pieces out. At the same time he “held the line” on solid territory, he intentionally disrupted the situation. However, no matter what, Chi Xuzi had no reason to be discontented. From her perspective, Chen Mo’s defeat was apparently certain.

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