Chapter 346: No Snow Under Heaven

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Chen Mo was stupefied as he looked at the environment he was in. The surroundings were deathly silent, incomparably empty. There were no stars, as if this was a pitch-black place.

Ancestor Chen Tuan, Chi Songzi, and Chi Xuzi were already gone, and the world had no chess pieces in existence.

“This is…” Chen Mo twisted his brow. For the moment, he lost his target.

“This black hole is devouring your Star Energy.” Yanran said.

Only then did Chen Mo notice that the Star Energy in his body was quickly being depleted, a strange sensation like his blood was being drained, but no matter how Chen Mo struggled or resisted, he was unable to fend off that peculiarity.

Chen Mo took a deep breath and immediately kept his composure as he thought of a way out.

But this black hole was completely indistinguishable. If not for the fact his Divine Soul still had a sense of self, Chen Mo would have thought he already became a part of this black hole.

Zheng Yanran’s moonlight hanfu was somewhat blinding in the darkness. She looked at this black hole somewhat thoughtfully: “So it turns out this is the Ancient Chess Star Field. Back then, even His Highness was unable to solve this place when he came to Mount Hua to play chess.”

Zheng Yanran glanced at Chen Mo. “Your Highness, have you figured out how to escape?”

“Yanran, what would happen to your True Spirit?” Chen Mo nervously asked.

Zheng Yanran smiled: “No need to worry, my True Spirit is merely a piece of my True Body, nothing more than a thought. I will disappear sooner or later.”

“Is that so?”

Chen Mo was silent.

“Your Highness, you should think of a way to pass through this black hole.”

“En. Since these are the last five commandments, then this is definitely related.” Chen Mo recited the last five of Weiqi’s Ten Commandments, “abandon small to save big,” “make thick shapes, avoid hasty moves,” “respond to the opponent,” “play safely against strong positions,” and “seek refuge when in a weak position.”

In stark contrast to Chi Xuzi’s trial, Chi Songzi apparently forced him into dire straits immediately.

A despair of being devoured if he was unable to dispel this. This could be described as evil to the extreme.

The black hole’s power began to consume Chen Mo’s Star Energy. Chen Mo could only use Astral Dollars to maintain himself. He put himself into a meditative state, into a mindset of calm.

After a while, Chen Mo suddenly opened his eyes. “I know how to get out.”

“Hm? How does Your Highness plan to do that?” Zheng Yanran asked.

“Yanran, can you teach your Earth Rank to me again?” Chen Mo did not answer her.

“Yes.” Zheng Yanran nodded.

“Then, I’ll have to trouble you.”

Zheng Yanran took out “Jade Dragon Misfortune Snow,”1 and its snow-white saber-light appeared very bright even in this black hole. Zheng Yanran once again used her Earth Rank “No Snow Under Heaven.”

Perhaps it was because of this absolutely dark world.

The girl’s white hair, white saber, and white saber-qi were more blinding than ever before, etching a deep imprint into Chen Mo’s mind. The details of her every swordstroke was carved a hundred times more deeply into his mind than before. Every single one of his cells received Zheng Yanran’s teaching.

In the black hole, Chen Mo’s comprehension of Earth Rank grew deeper and deeper, clearer and clearer.

The Earth Ranks of Star Generals, Primordial Star Generals, particularly, were extremely powerful techniques. It was tens of thousands of times more difficult to comprehend than Dark Rank for a Star Warrior. It required extreme stamina, talent, and opportunity. Zheng Yanran had already imparted her Earth Rank to him back at the Tail Fire Star Field, and Chen Mo had never stopped training and comprehending it, but he always failed.

Before, Chen Mo believed his Realm or Star Energy to be insufficient.

But even when he possessed a Star Energy leyline as good as Mount Hua, Chen Mo still found it very difficult to completely comprehend Zheng Yanran’s Earth Rank.

An invisible moat obstructed him, making Chen Mo unable to cross over.

But in this black hole, Chen Mo suddenly noticed this was a perfect opportunity.

The black hole’s existence completely eliminated all the disturbances in the surroundings. Without the influence of external factors, Zheng Yanran’s teachings could be passed on even more profoundly to him.

And under the danger of the black hole consuming his Star Energy, Chen Mo could only maintain a composed mindset. His body’s sense of danger could absorb every last bit of desire much quicker than normal.

This desire slowly condensed and became an unprecedented power.

It appeared.

Chen Mo’s mind suddenly had an epiphany. The aura of No Snow Under Heaven began to flood all the meridians in his body.

Zheng Yanran stopped waving her saber. She quietly looked at Chen Mo’s ruminating expression.

“So that is how it is.” Zheng Yanran softly said. “Make thick shapes, avoid hasty moves” meant a composed attitude. “Respond to the opponent” exploited the environment’s thorough countermeasures. “Play safely against strong positions” and “seek refuge when in a weak position” need not be explained. While at his weakest, these were tricks and methods to protect himself.

Chen Mo rose. His eyes already became entirely different.

“Your Highness, have you comprehended Earth Rank?” Zheng Yanran smiled and asked.

“Yes.” Chen Mo believed the Earth Rank should be capable of breaking open the black hole situation. This was also his only solution.

Just as Chen Mo was about to swing his saber, Zheng Yanran grabbed his hand and stopped him: “Your Highness, you must not.”

“Hm?” Chen Mo was confused.

“Abandon small to save big, has Your Highness forgotten?” Zheng Yanran said.

Abandon small to save big was a relationship about considering gains and losses. To be frank, Chen Mo was not very fond of this logic at all because he always felt it was somewhat ruthless.

Furthermore, in this black hole, Chen Mo could not think of how to abandon small to save big.

“Allow Yanran first.” Zheng Yanran said: “Yanran shall use a Heaven Rank to find a path for Your Highness. Afterward, Your Highness will test it with the Earth Rank.”

“Heaven Rank?” Chen Mo was astonished. This was a technique that could destroy the heavens and rend the earth.

“Perhaps Your Highness can remember it. This is the last time that Yanran will teach martial arts to Your Highness.” Zheng Yanran’s eyes were calm as she gripped the hilt of her saber. Chen Mo wanted to stop her.

But Zheng Yanran completely would not heed him any further. The girl’s hanfu fluttered. All of a sudden, she soared high up, and the Jade Dragon Misfortune in her snow slashed horizontally.

Heaven Rank.

Three Worlds Cut Apart!!2

Peak sword-light seemed to illuminate the entire black hole.

The saber-light was instantly devoured by the black hole.

But the next second, a faint breach surprisingly appeared in the black hole, as if it had been ripped open by some kind of tyrannical force. Even the black hole that could devour everything was unable to bear this type of power. Zheng Yanran’s Heaven Rank Three Worlds Cut Apart was able to slash open the Star Field in both name and reality, able to slice everything across the space of Star World

Zheng Yanran’s fall was inevitable, and her presence grew increasingly weak.

The girl’s appearance was calm, her expression graceful yet also somewhat cold. Her slender pupils glanced at Chen Mo. “Your Highness, you cannot miss this opportunity.”

Grief welled up in Chen Mo’s heart. He noticed that the aura of Zheng Yanran’s True Spirit was already weak to the point of practically vanishing.

Although he knew that True Spirits always would dissipate, for this to happen before his very eyes, Chen Mo was suddenly very reluctant to part.

Is this abandon small to save big?

Chen Mo closed his eyes and suddenly drew his saber.

In a flash, the bottomless black hole was illuminated by snow-white saber-light. The flashing saber-light was like a blizzard, completely covering the black hole. Invincible’s Star Energy extended to the untouchable, endless corners of the black hole.

The black hole instantly became a white hole.

Earth Rank Saber Technique.

No Snow Under Heaven.


With a cracking sound, starlight appeared.

The darkness shattered, and Chen Mo turned his head back.

Fair Skinned Gentleman Zheng Yanran was already gone.3

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