Chapter 348: Succession of Thousand Year Star Energy

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“Chen Mo.” When Ancestor Chen Tuan saw Chen Mo emerge, she nodded, and that bit of light in her eyes very quickly dissipated to become a deep and quiet lake.

Chen Mo looked at the surroundings. Although they were still in the Ancient Chess Star Field, the trial that Chi Songzi set was already completely passed.

“Is there anything else?”

Chen Mo met Chi Songzi’s gaze. The trial of the Weiqi Ten Commandments had already exhausted all of his energy. Right now, even if there was some ordinary test, Chen Mo lacked the capability to go through it. But Chen Mo was as firm as steel, unshaken.

Chi Xuzi could hardly conceal the astonishment on her face.

Chi Songzi was very calm. She beckoned with her hand.

Chen Mo walked before the two of them.

“You have already passed the Weiqi Ten Commandments. The path of the Chess School has no other trials.” Chi Songzi said.

“We shall give this Star Field’s Thousand Year Star Energy to you, but we do not know if your body can bear it or not.” Chi Xuzi skeptically sized up Chen Mo’s body’ capability to contain this enormous Star Energy. Even an Earthly Star General would be very hard-pressed to do so. “This will depend on your luck.” Chi Xuzi shook her head. 

Chen Mo chose to force comprehension. She had no other ways at the moment.

“However, we have one final wish. Would you be willing to acquiesce?” Chi Songzi asked.

“What wish?” Chen Mo’s face stretched taut. Yanran had finally departed during this trial. Even if he obtained this Thousand Year Star Energy, there was no great joy in his heart.

“You two play one last game of chess with us.” Chi Songzi saw Chen Mo use and unprecedented playstyle during the Discard Stones To Obtain Sente trial; she was a bit curious in her heart.

“Just that? Is there anything else in the game, just come out and say it.” Chen Mo had an expression that said he was already accustomed to their shamelessness.

Chi Songzi said: “Just to learn from one another, but this will not be disadvantageous to you.”

“If you can prevail over us, we can impart to you a ‘Dual Modes Life And Death’ technique. If you lose, this Ancient Chess Star Field’s Star Energy will still be given to you, but nothing else.”

Dual Modes Life And Death?

It sounded like a very profound technique, very formidable.

However, if this was only chess, Chen Mo actually was not afraid. During the trials, his heart was already full of a festering, foul mood. If he could destroy their pompousness in chess, Chen Mo could not ask for anything better.


Chen Mo and Chen Tuan sat in a square opposite Chi Songzi and Chi Xuzi.

In the starry sky, the heavens became the board and the stars the pieces, blending with the world.

This kind of feeling where the universe became pieces shook Chen Mo. His mind apparently glimpsed a new world.

“Begin.” Chi Songzi made an inviting gesture.

Chen Mo made the first move.


To make the first move on Tengen in ancient style chess was not really a good move. Chi Songzi and Chi Xuzi raised their brows. Ancestor Chen Tuan watched, but she instead was very calm.

“Tengen, a person able to receive the Chess School ought to have such strength.”

Chi Songzi praised and set down a piece.

Chen Mo found that after he placed a piece, a starlight charged into his body, combining with the Star Manual Of Masters Gan And Shi in the end. Chen Mo felt his Star Energy strengthen a bit.

This is??

Chen Mo raised his brow. When it became his turn to set a piece, he again advanced another step. Similarly, another ray of Star Energy flowed into his body.

Nine hundred thousand pieces later.

The stars of the Star Field were increasingly sparse while the Star Energy entering Chen Mo’s body increased more and more. Finally, Chen Mo realized that it turned out Chi Songzi and Chi Xuzi were taking advantage of the chess style to imbue all of this Thousand Year Star Energy into him.

After the two millionth move, the Star Energy still increased while the Ancient Chess Star Field grew dimmer and dimmer. The Star Energy had practically become dust. Chen Mo’s body felt strained from condensing close to a thousand years of Star Energy. This Star Energy was too strong. His current body was completely unable to contain it.

Every meridian in his body was glowing. Chen Mo’s expression was agonized, but he was silent.

Chen Mo’s metamorphosis apparently was within Chi Songzi’s expectations. The three women looked at Chen Mo. Ancestor Chen Tuan’s finger pointed. A clear qi enveloped Chen Mo’s forehead.

“This Thousand Year Star Energy is capable of contending against Heavenly Stars. To think he is still able to persist.” Chi Xuzi was a bit surprised. “Fellow Chen Mo, do you want to ask for assistance?”

Chen Mo did not utter a word.

After Chi Songzi set down a piece, she said: “Your turn.”

Once again, it was Chen Mo’s turn. At this time, Chen Mo occupied an extreme advantage in the game. Then, he made an excellent move.

Chi Xuzi saw that this move was honestly absolute. She surprisingly could not respond to it easily.

“You win, this game of chess ends here.” Chi Songzi smiled.

The chessboard glowed. All of the pieces entered Chen Mo’s body, and the Star Energy in his body became a galaxy, surging like a vast river. Then, it became a boundless sea. The enormity of the Star Energy already reached the limits of what Chen Mo could imagine.

But this type of change was far from finished. The ancient Star Energy was still continuing to gush through Chen Mo’s entire body.

Ancestor Chen Tuan fired a clear qi to once again cover Chen Mo.

Chi Xuzi said: “Elder Sister, since this man already defeated us, let us help him. The end would not be considered boring.”


The two of them extended and joined their hands. The “Yin” and “Yang” patterns on their foreheads glowed brilliantly, manifesting an array that wrapped around Chen Mo’s body, “Gaze at the pouring brilliance above, see the section contained below, in position high and low, the Dual Modes are born!!”1 The two of them chanted.

The “Dual Modes” alternated light and dark on Chen Mo’s body, a cycle of life and death.

Chen Mo felt that boundlessly immense Star Energy in his body apparently receive the pull of something. Nine million nine hundred ninety thousand rays of Star Energy charged into his mind. Slowly, this Star Energy completely disappeared into his body and became an existence like a starry sky.

It was boundless, a starry sky without equal.

But after the Star Energy became a starry sky, it still was not enough. The thousand years of Star Energy was honestly too strong. It practically could make the most basic Earthly Star General obtain power comparable to a True Phoenix Heavenly Star. The starry sky was destroyed, endlessly exploding, mixing, and forming, as if undergoing countless cycles of Big Crunch and Big Bang.

Finally, the Star Energy that was about erupt vanished, and Chen Mo’s body stabilized.

“Test the Dual Modes, Heaven and Earth cannot conceal its passion!”

“At the third hour, the suspended symbol cannot describe its deception!”

“We have no regrets.”

The Yin and Yang Immortals let out beside Chen Mo’s ear a sigh seemingly accumulated over a thousand years. When Chen Mo opened his eyes again, the Star Field had already vanished, and two crescent moon shapes appeared on his forehead; it was the Yin Yang Symbol. Then, the pattern also disappeared.

“This is.” Chen Mo rubbed his forehead. Everything from a moment ago was still vivid in his mind. When he activated the Star Manual, he shook all of a sudden. An indescribably immense Star Energy was currently sealed by the Star Manual.

“You are fortunate to have a treasure the likes of the Star Manual. Otherwise, your body would not be able to bear it.” Ancestor Chen Tuan said.

“Ancestor, are you okay.” Chen Mo saw that Chen Tuan’s complexion was pale and a bit exhausted.

“Call me Xiyi.” The girl faintly smiled.

Outside the Green Cloud Stone Chamber.

Everyone was still waiting. It was already the third day now, and Chen Mo and Ancestor Chen Tuan still had yet to leave the stone chamber.

The Flying Phoenix General was slowly losing patience. The murderous intent in her eyes grew more and more severe. With great difficulty, her killer instinct was calmed at Mount Hua by Chen Tuan’s sermons. But because of Chen Mo, even that ignorant and good-natured personality Milu was somewhat uneasy.

This discomfort was magnified inside her mind.

“Who is sneaking about.” All of a sudden, the Flying Phoenix General seemed to have found an excuse to vent. The murderous aura in her eyes flared, and her Star Weapon, “Quiet Phoenix Cry,” already manifested. 

Her attack was honestly too swift. Everyone’s focus was on the Ancestor and Chen Mo, so no one noticed.

“This is bad.”

By the time Gao Shanxue noticed, it was already too late.

A girl’s scream came from behind a large tree. There was a girl hiding behind the tree, the color drained from her face. She was none other than the Red Fragrant Child. As it turned out, the Red Fragrant Child felt it was somewhat strange that she did not see Chen Mo train at all the past few days. Later, she also noticed that Mount Hua’s other disciples were gone. Thus, she went and found the Green Cloud Stone Chamber.

But the Red Fragrant Child’s personality was antisocial, unwilling to mingle with Mount Hua’s other disciples. She could only hide faraway behind the tree and watch the situation develop.

Originally, everything was fine, but she did not expect that Flying Phoenix General Li Guang would suddenly revolt.

A red line shot towards the Red Fragrant Child’s head. Given that her current strength and Realm were weaker than even Human Immortal, this arrow was certain death. In the face of this deadly arrow, the Red Fragrant Child instinctively screamed. Just at this moment, there was a sudden bang.

A hand seized the violent Quiet Phoenix Cry.

A man had appeared beside the Red Fragrant Child.

“Chen…Mo…” The Red Fragrant Child came to her senses and looked at the man who had appeared, somewhat in disbelief.

“Ah? Chen Mo.”

The other women also returned to their senses and hastily dashed over. When they saw that Chen Mo had surprisingly used his hand to catch the Destined Star Weapon’s attack, they were shocked.

“Milu, you should calm down a bit.” Chen Mo released his grip.

The Quiet Phoenix Cry spun with a bird’s cry and flew in the sky.

“She’s actually Li Guang.”

“Flying Phoenix General Li Guang!!”

Li Xiao, Sun Yingmeng, and Lu Xiujing were stupefied by Milu’s true identity. However, what was even more shocking was that Chen Mo stopped Quiet Phoenix Cry’s attack with his bare hand. Just now, even Gao Shanxue was unable to react in time.

“Chen Mo, when did you come out?”

“Are you a Divine Soul or a ghost right now.”

“You actually caught Li Guang’s arrow.”

Li Xiao blurted out a string of questions.

“You seem very well. It looks like we were worried for nothing.” A sneer appeared on Li Mulu’s face.

“Chen Mo is alright.”

A flat and transcendent voice entered everyone’s ears.

They all looked and were immediately respectful.

The extraordinary girl in Daoist robes slowly strolled out of the Green Cloud Stone Chamber.

Hearing Ancestor Chen Tuan’s words, everyone calmed down.

“What happened to Chen Mo?” Gao Shanxue noticed that Chen Mo had apparently become a bit different, but she could not say what.

“Your Servant lost his mind playing chess. Apologies for making Senior Sisters worry.” Chen Mo cupped his fist and apologized. Then, he said to the Red Fragrant Child: “Little Senior Sister, are you alright?”

The Red Fragrant Child shook her head.

“You are able to catch my Star Weapon. Seems your Realm has had significant improvements.” Li Guang said. Suddenly, Quiet Phoenix Cry fired without warning.

The red line brushed by, fast as a fleeting white steed.

This arrow was wrapped in powerful Star Energy, as if to slay a tiger or dragon. Shockingly, it was Dark Rank “Rock Shooter Tiger Fighter.” Combined with Dark Rank Star Energy, the average cultivator could not easily block it. Sun Yingmeng was alarmed, thinking that Li Guang wanted to kill Chen Mo. “What are you doing.”

Gao Shanxue also wanted to intercept, but Chen Tuan indicated there was no need.

The arrow-light was extinguished. Like a phoenix wailing, the Quiet Phoenix Cry was unexpectedly seized in Chen Mo’s hand once again.

Everyone was stunned.

Chen Mo himself felt incredulous. He looked at the struggling Destined Star Weapon in his hand.

“This is Thousand Year Star Energy!”

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