Chapter 350: “Evil Faced Banner Commander” Yu Zan

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“Fellow, danger lurks on every side of this Mount Hua. Rumor is that this year, the leader of the Nine Elders Of Sui, Shi Wansui, has already returned from his journey. In this martial competition, Mount Hua will perhaps suffer crushing defeat. Your Servant urges Fellow to not wade through these murky waters, so as to avoid drawing disaster to yourself.” The proprietress kindly suggested. She only spoke of this because she saw that Chen Mo was formidable and masculine, a talent.

This was the first time she had seen such an outstanding Star Warrior, and she could not bear to watch him bring about his own doom.

Chen Mo did not think there was still such a story here. No wonder Mount Hua, a massive Daoist sect, would surprisingly be left with only a few disciples.

“Many thanks for your warning, proprietress, but I have my own considerations. Why not tell me whether or not this Heavenly Silkworm Snow Brocade can be mended.” Chen Mo shifted the topic to his clothes. He definitely did not to dispose of the treasure that Auntie gifted him in such a manner.

“It actually can be fixed.” The proprietress aid. “However, I’m afraid it will be more expensive than last time.”

“Alright, Astral Dollars aren’t a problem.” Chen Mo still had many Astral Dollars saved from when he killed the bandits. “Right, does your store know about ‘Night Pull Silver Thread?'”

“Night Pull Silver Thread? It’s said to be a material as fine as hair and beautiful enough that the night cannot help but pull it in?” The proprietress was taken aback. The Night Pull Silver Thread was rumored to only be visible at night. However, such a material could become firm, and it could especially multiply a warrior’s power in the dark.

“Can you get it?” Chen Mo asked.

“This isn’t a problem, but what’s the use? If Fellow wants to repair the Heavenly Silkworm Snow Brocade with it, I’m afraid that’s not possible.” The proprietress was very experienced and knew a thing or two. The Night Pull Silver Thread and the Heavenly Silkworm Snow Brocade’s materials were in conflict; it was not suitable at all to refine them together.

“Then follow my instructions. Prepare these materials to refine into the brocade.” Chen Mo had learned the Book of Casting. Although it was a text regarding the casting of weapons, he already had a thorough understanding of all kinds of refinement material.

He started a list for the proprietress. Contained inside were detailed supplementary data, procedures, and items to pay particular attention to. If she mended according to his instructions, the Heavenly Silkworm Snow Brocade still had a chance to be restored better than new.

The proprietress had met other customers that raised their own requests on how to go about repairs, but the “Night Pull Silver Thread” was rather peculiar compared to average materials and was very difficult to refine. She hesitated: “Can Fellow confirm this refinement method?”

“Just follow the instructions.” Chen Mo confidently said.

“Very well, then.” The proprietress did not stop her customer’s reckless behavior.

Leaving the “Wind Flower Pavilion,” Chen Mo’s mind still recalled the proprietress’ words about the Great Competition Of Doctrine And Martial Arts. If this truly was the case, then Mount Hua indeed was in grave danger this time. Chen Mo did not know who was in the “Nine Elders Of Sui,” but that Shi Wansui and Yu Juluo were both certainly vicious characters. Presumably, they were not weak in Star World.

“Chen Mo, are we going?”

Li Milu softly said as she watched Chen Mo contemplate.

Chen Mo saw that the girl was worrying about him. He smiled: “Milu, you don’t like Mount Hua?”

Milu shook her head. She loved Mount Hua’s ambient spiritual influence very much. Daji, too, was like a fish back in water at Mount Hua, but although Milu was dim, she could discern what the prior conversation was about.

The girl’s thoughts were completely on Chen Mo’s safety. If it was dangerous, she felt that leaving was not a bad choice.

“We’re not leaving, and I want to stay to defeat that Yang Guang. I want to make everyone in the world witness the might of our Mount Hua.” Chen Mo was confident.

Milu grunted and made no further suggestions.

If Chen Mo felt this was very good, then she would stick together with Chen Mo.

The two of them strolled around Protector Hua City’s streets. Chen Mo looked around to see whether or not he could gather even more information. He was in the middle of eating food outside a teastand when all of a sudden, there was a commotion in the city. To the front, a squad of soldiers barged in, flipping over stands.

“Those who obstruct This King will die!! Hurry and fuck off!! Ha, ha, ha, ha.”

Immediately, there was a woman’s harsh voice. There was the crack of a whip, followed by the screams of the whipped. A mother lay collapsed, hugging her child while frightened out of her wits by the woman’s aggression. A cruel glint flickered in the eyes of the woman riding a black horse, “An ant dares to block This King’s path.” The iron hooves descended without hesitation.

The mother embraced her child and averted her eyes, not daring to look.

Just at this moment, a cool breeze blew over and propped up the mother’s body, safely sending the mother and daughter away to the side. The mother opened her eyes to look. Their savior was a man of stately bearing. Although he was slightly thin and weak, at this moment, he appeared more lofty and bold than any other hero in her eyes.

“What ant dares to come obstruct This King.”

The woman tugged on her reins, and her troops all came to a stop.

Chen Mo narrowed his eyes as he sized up the woman in front of him. This woman wore black armor that was shaped strangely, like a demon baring fangs and brandishing claws, and she emitted a cold, black qi. The black steed she straddled was also not a normal beast. Its hooves were sharp and produced black smoke; the horse was also draped in armor.

When she pulled her reins to stop, the soldiers also halted instantaneously. It was obvious that their training was extremely tough.

“Chen Mo, are you alright.” Milu walked to his side.

“Stinking brat, you actually dare block This King?” The woman sneered.

The woman immediately fled in a panic when she saw the present situation. Chen Mo said to the woman: “I don’t know what king you are, but relying on power to bully and humiliate the defenseless common folk is something the heavens will not allow. And doesn’t this disgrace your reputation as a king.”

The woman grinned widely. Her teeth were extremely white, pale as a sheet of paper, making her smile very intimidating. “A lowly warrior dares to speak of logic to This King, courting death.”

The whip in her hand cracked. All of a sudden, that whip was like another limb, cracking abruptly.

Star Energy was unleashed from the whip, instantly striking in front of her.

This woman was a Star General indeed.

However, her Star Energy was not strong at all. Chen Mo did not budge in the slightest. He lowered his palm, repelling the whip. The energy passed to the black smoke horse that the shocked woman straddled, and it let out panicked whinnies.

The woman was taken aback. She sneered even more: “The same old trick. I wonder if you can ward off my Dark Rank or not.”

“Lady Yu Zan,1 the Military Commander’s matters are urgent. We cannot bother about him for the time being.”

At this moment, a man beside the woman spoke up.

“The Military Commander’s matters must not be delayed. We must find the King Of Medicine with all haste.”

The woman retracted her whip and snorted: “Consider yourself lucky. This King shall spare your life this once. Let us go.” Yu Zan brandished her whip and dashed towards Mount Hua. Because of Chen Mo’s obstruction, the street was already deserted.

That man who stopped her stared deeply at Chen Mo then followed her up Mount Hua.

“Even ‘Evil Faced Banner Commander’ Yu Zan2 has come.”

“Fellow, your lucky truly is good. Hurry and leave Mount Hua. This Evil Faced Banner Commander is naturally vicious, and she is very vengeful.”

Several cultivators walked out of their rooms to watch the departing troops. That scene from just now was still vivid in their minds for some of them. Although they were very impressed with Chen Mo’s courage to stand up and fight, their expressions were still a bit disdainful. This was nothing more than ignorant valor.

“Evil Faced Banner Commander” Yu Zan was Yu Juluo’s little sister, a person of of cunning disposition, and she was one who ignored the laws of the land and acted as she pleased. Although her Realm appeared to only be Roadless Realm, hardly anyone dared to provoke her.

And that was because the vast Western Lin Star Field that Mount Hua was in was under the control of none other than Yu Juluo. 

“This Evil Faced Banner Commander Yu Zan is in such a rush. Presumably, something has happened in Fish Intestine City.”3

“Don’t tell me Yang Guang wants to attack Mount Hua?”

“This is bad.”

Hearing the others’ chatter, Chen Mo wrinkled his brow. He said to Milu: “Milu, let’s hurry back.”


Chen Mo released his Flying Swords and used riding sword arts to conveniently fly into Mount Hua. Those cultivators who were in spirited discussion gawked when they saw Chen Mo ride his sword into Mount Hua. Although riding swords could be used in the perimeter of Mount Hua, the inner sanctum was protected by Star Energy. In truth, it was not safe at all to use riding sword arts, and that Evil Faced Banner Commander led troops to assault Mount Hua. This brat surprisingly still went in; truly, he was courting death.

“Wen Zhenzi,4 why did you stop This King from killing that brat.” Yu Zan straddled her black smoke horse that released billowing black vapor, treading through the forest as if on flat ground, moving as she pleased.

The woman brooded over the events from a moment ago and directed a cold question to that Wen Zhenzi. “He is merely a Human Immortal.”

Wen Zhenzi was her elder sister’s able general. Even if he did not have a Star Name, he had mastery over powerful Star Energy. Furthermore, Wen Zhenzi was also a Star Warrior who was cultivated from Mount Hua.5 In terms of martial arts, Yu Zan was slightly afraid of him.

“Lady Yu Zan, although that man is merely Human Immortal, Your Servant sees he has mastered a restrained Star Energy. Your Servant fears he is not as simple as he appears. Lady Yu Zan is definitely capable of killing him, but that will waste much time. We had better first find the King Of Medicine first right now.” Wen Zhenzi said.

After listening to this explanation, Yu Zan still very unhappily snorted.

Mount Hua main hall.

Li Xiao watched Lu Xiujing train her spear and polish her martial arts alone, and she directed a question to Sun Yingmeng: “Yingmeng, would you say this Lu Xiujing is a martial general or a spiritual power general?”

Sun Yingmeng was in the middle of testing medicine. She lifted her head to glance at Lu Xiujing. The woman’s body techniques were nimble, and while she could not see the attack path of that concealed spear, she nevertheless could sense the formidable attacks.

“To be defeated by a spiritual power Star General, you are being jealous, Xiaoxiao.” Sun Yingmeng giggled and continued to refine medicine.

“No, I’ve always felt she’s a bit strange.” Li Xiao was serious. “She keeps sparring with Chen Mo, but it seems she’s deliberately hides that spear, as if she’s unwilling to let others see it.”

“Perhaps this spear’s Star Name has history.” Sun Yingmeng gave it a bit more thought.

“Also, that spinning body technique from when she spars with Chen Mo, it’s simply inconceivable, it’s too fast. I’ve never seen such swift speed. And she pairs it with her martial arts extremely skillfully and flawlessly.” Li Xiao wrinkled her brow. If a spiritual power Star General had such talent, this was actually explainable. But Lu Xiujing’s martial prowess also appeared to be very incredible. No matter how the Duke Wu Of Liang looked or analyzed it, she felt this Lu Xiujing was unlike a spiritual power Star General cultivating the way. On the contrary, she increasingly had a martial general’s style.

“Ever since she came to Mount Hua, she’s always been secretive. She nearly implicated Chen Mo, too. I’m afraid she might have ill intentions towards Mount Hua.” Li Xiao’s expression was grave.

Sun Yingmeng looked at Lu Xiujing. She smiled and consoled her: “Don’t be overly suspicious of her. In the Great Martial Arts Competition a few years ago, she nearly died. She doesn’t seem to hold malice towards Mount Hua.”

When she mentioned this, Li Xiao was taken aback. She also remembered the events from back then, and the brightness of her gaze suddenly dimmed.

“Speaking of, the competition is about to begin again. We wouldn’t involve Chen Mo in a struggle between Star Generals, right?” Sun Yingmeng was a bit worried about this.

“Junior Brother Chen Mo came to Mount Hua only half a year ago. The Ancestor should find opportunity to have him arrange training at Mount Hua.” Li Xiao did not believe getting Chen Mo to fight Yang Guang to be a good thing at all. Presumably, the Ancestor also felt the same.

Sun Yingmeng relaxed. She did not want Chen Mo to die such an early death.

Just at this moment, Lu Xiuajing suddenly stopped her drills. The woman walked over and instantly arrived in front of the door. Li Xiao also rose at the same time.

“Someone’s invading the mountain!”

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  1. 魚贊
  2. ‘惡面都統’魚贊
  3. 魚腸城
  4. 溫真子
  5. So he defected from Mount Hua?

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