Chapter 353: Chatting With Wise People

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Sun Yingmeng was currently examining Yu Juluo’s body inside the inner chamber. The latter was threadbare, standing absolutely naked. Sun Yingmeng was in the middle of tracing that scarlet mark on her back, slowly probing the presence of that fragment.

At this time, there was an enormous jolt from outside, and the black silk in the room fell to the ground. Before the two of them could react, the doors opened with a bang, and a figure charged in.

Four eyes…no, six eyes stared at each other. Chen Mo was stunned by the sensual scene in front of him.

Oh…BLEEP, what a slender and delicate body. This Demon Faced Military Commander’s figure was more curvaceous than he had imagined. It was only a fleeting moment, but to any exceptional cultivator, this glimpse would be remembered perfectly for a century. Chen Mo immediately averted his line of sight, uprighteously as if he was not the one who had philandered them: “The situation has changed. Yingmeng, are you alright.”

Yu Juluo waved her hand, instantly covering herself with her gown. A rouge hue appeared on the woman’s sickly complexion, but she was still ill as before.

“Lady Military Commander.”

Several bodyguards burst in.

Five sword-lights immediately glowed. These bodyguards’ Star Energy was too weak. Chen Mo attacked with a Bagua Palm, unleashing palm-wind. With a series of bangs, the sword-lights were smashed to pieces. The bodyguards still wanted to launch an assault, but Yu Juluo already calmly issued orders: “Cease, how scandalous of you to raise a hand against a guest.” 

All of the bodyguards knelt and lowered their heads, not daring to meet her gaze.

A cold frost covered the interior of the room.

“What happened? How has the situation changed?” Sun Yingmeng blinked. She was currently considering how to help treat Yu Juluo.

Yu Juluo walked to Chen Mo’s side, and only then did he finally notice that the woman was half a head taller than him.

“Yang Su and Yang Shuang are here. Li Xiao fears they laid a trap and had me come in and check on you.” Chen Mo coughed.

“Yang Su, Yang Shuang?” Sun Yingmeng wrinkled her brow. She also vigilantly looked at Yu Juluo: “Yu Juluo, what is the meaning of this. I only helped examine you out of the goodness of my heart, but did you invite the Nine Elders Of Sui to kill me?”

The King Of Medicine was a top-notch Star Name in terms of spiritual power, and her Star Weapons naturally were treasures that were exceptional like Astral Treasures. In the past, Cao Cao killed Hua Tuo for the purpose of stealing her “Green Bag Book.”

“You misunderstand, I did not plan on killing you at all.” Yu Juluo gently explained.

She walked out of the room. When she reached the outside, Li Xiao and Wen Zhenzi were struggling fiercely. Upon seeing Yu Juluo come out, Wen Zhenzi finally stopped and retreated to the side.

Li Xiao worried for Sun Yingmeng and immediately reached her side and seized her hand.

Chen Mo narrowed his eyes as he stared at that man in Daoist robe. That he actually could match Li Xiao made Chen Mo very surprised. It seemed that this man also had profound strength.

“Wen Zhenzi, what is happening?” Yu Juluo glanced around. “Who invited the Nine Elders Of Sui here?”

The Sui Ye Star Kingdom had many Star Fields. The Tyrant’s subordinate Star Generals practically guarded their own Star Fields and rarely ventured out. For two of the Nine Elders to suddenly emerge, it was no wonder that Li Xiao felt something was wrong.

Wen Zhenzi shook his head. He was not very clear either.

“Let us go look. Protect Sir Simiao.” Yu Juluo ordered.

Wen Zhenzi nodded.

A woman with elegant white clothes and wearing a crown of purple gold immediately startled the others when she stepped into the Yu Mansion. The bodyguards hastily went to report, and not long after, Yu Zan hurriedly rushed out.

“Yang Su, Yang Shuang, you have arrived.” Yu Zan’s expression was a bit worried.

The woman in elegant white clothes had a very profound scholarly air. At first glance, she was like a university scholar, knowledgeable in astronomy and geography, versatile and able. She was none other than Yang Su of the Nine Elders Of Sui.

She was known as the “Cold-blooded Beauty.”1

The Star Name of the woman who came with her was Yang Shuang, nicknamed the Mountain Backed King,2 exuded an aura like a wild animal, and her eyes were bright and clear. Yang Shuang disdainfully said: “What the hell is this, Yu Juluo invited the King Of Medicine from Mount Hua?”

“Qingluo, you didn’t do something, did you?” Yang Su’s finger hooked Yu Zan’s chin. The latter showed a humiliated expression. She replied, ashamed.

“My mood is already very foul. I’m not sure if their brains are broken, but I never imagined those people from Mount Hua would actually agree to descend the mountain. Especially that man who came with them.”

“Man? Anytime something as unremarkable as a man appears, I always feel that I got dirt in my eye. How is he cause for concern?” Yang Su elegantly smiled.

“That man is not ordinary. His Star Energy is very powerful.” Yu Zan tightly pursed her lips.

“Is that so?”

“Since we’re here, Sister Shuang, let us go pay Yu Juluo a visit.” Yang Su said.

The three of them entered the mansion, walking past the courtyards and pavilions.

In a flower garden, Yu Juluo, Chen Mo, and Sun Yingmeng had already waited a long time. THey were in the middle of a chat, and when they saw Yu Zan and the others enter, they stopped their conversation and redirected their gazes.

Although he had never seen the “Cold-blooded Beauty,” Chen Mo recognized Yang Su at a glance.

Elegant white clothes, a cultured demeanor, outstanding refinement, and a certain gracefulness about her.

She was like a university student.

Truthfully, in others’ eyes, Yang Su was the paragon of Confucian self-cultivation. No one had ever heard her fight at all. Among the Nine Elders Of Sui, she was categorized as a Spiritual Energy Star General.

Yang Shuang, who came with her, evidently had a martial general’s style, by contrast. Whehter it was her eyes, gait, or posture, they all glowered like a tiger eyeing prey.

“Yang Su, Yang Shuang, one does not visit without cause. I wonder what wind has blown you two here.” The morbidly ill Yang Juluo’s voice was very weak.

“I hear that your injuries grow more and more severe, Yanluo, that you have yet to recover. The ruler has specifically bade This Yang bring you this ‘Star Cinnabar Elixir.'” Yang Su waved her hand, and a small porcelain bottle was tossed out.

Yu Juluo caught it. The bottle was completely snow-white, with a fleck of cinnabar red, like receding haze.

“Many thanks to the Monarch for her kindness.”

“Yanluo, whatever you require, please feel free to ask. The rest of the Nine Elders Of Sui will definitely help you.” Yang Shuang chuckled. “After you recover, we will leave the Western Lin Star Field.”

“I would not trouble Sister Shuang.” Yu Yanluo said.

Yang Su at this time placed her gaze on Chen Mo and the others.

“Elder Sisters Yang Su and Yang Shuang, this is the Mount Hua disciple I mentioned to you just now. This is King Of Medicine Sir Sun Simiao.” Yu Qingluo pointed to Sun Yingmeng.

“The ‘King Of Medicine’ is well-renowned. Meeting you today is the fortune of three lifetimes.” Yang Su cupped her fist. Her self-cultivation was extremely good, her every moment scholarly, making one feel relaxed without hostility.

“Nice to meet you.” Yang Shuang similarly cupped her fist.

Sun Yingmeng said: “You flatter me, both of you are famous Star Generals in the Sui Ye Star Kingdom. I haven’t succeeded the King Of Medicine Simiao Star Name for long. My experience is very deficient, and my Realm is very weak. Right now, I only disgrace the name of King Of Medicine.”

“The King Of Medicine exaggerates. Given the King Of Medicine’s medical arts, it seems we and the Monarch can be at ease.” Yang Su faintly smiled.

Yu Qingluo asked: “Sun Simiao, what is your opinion on my Elder Sister’s wound?”

“No clue for the time being. This Lady has not even comprehended Earth Rank. I fear I am a bit too incompetent.”

Sun Yingmeng’s words made Yu Qingluo wrinkle her brow.

“Regardless, we ask that the King Of Medicine think of a way to cure Yanluo. Our Sui Ye Star Kingdom will owe this favor and will not ever forget.” Yang Su’s words were resounding and powerful, from the bottom of her heart.

“This Lady shall do her utmost.” Sun Yungmeng was without a choice.

“Your Servant still needs rest and cannot greet Sisters Yang Su and Shuang. Qingluo, help take care of them for me.” Yu Yanluo instructed.

“Understood, Elder Sister.”

“Then good. We will be staying in the Western Lin Star Field for the next few days, so as to avoid those with errant schemes. If there is anything you require of us, please feel free to ask.” Yang Su said with a warm voice as she left the garden.

“This Cold Blooded Beauty does not appear to be as cold-blooded as the rumors say.” Li Xiao finally spoke. For some reason, she was unable to interject during that situation just now.

Sun Yingmeng nodded: “Indeed, she seems courteous and refined. This Confucian self-cultivation is pretty good.”

“Among our Nine Elders Of Sui, Yang Su is indeed the most moderate.” Yu Yanluo said.

Demon Faced Military Commander’s reminder made Li Xiao recall that in the past contests between Mount Hua and the Sui Ye Star Kingdom, Yang Su really never showed up. “She definitely is impressive only in appearance.” Li Xiao twitched her lips.

“I feel we’d still better be wary of her.” Chen Mo tightly furrowed his brow as he spoke.


“Chen Mo, did you notice something?”

“Not really. I just feel she isn’t as warm as she appears.” Chen Mo recalled information pertaining to the historical Yang Su, who absolutely was not a mild, scholarly university student. The Yang Su of history was an exceptional commander, and Yu Juluo’s death in particular was significantly related to Yang Su.

“A warm person only naturally cannot become one of the Nine Elders.” Wen Zhenzi suddenly said.

Chen Mo nodded.

“Enough, who cares if the Cold-blooded Beauty is cold-blooded or not, warm or not.” Li Xiao impatiently said: “Yingmeng, if there’s nothing else, I’m going back to Mount Hua. This place is a bit uncomfortable.”

“I still haven’t finished helping examine Yu Juluo.”

“Your Servant’s True Name is Yanluo.3 If you do not find it repulsive, you can address me by my True Name.” Yu Yanluo smiled.

“Okay, then let’s first go to a private room. This time, we can’t let a stranger take advantage of you.” Sun Yingmeng ruthlessly glared at Chen Mo.

Chen Mo dryly smiled.

Which confused Wen Zhenzi and Li Xiao a bit.

“Want me to find an opportunity to kill the King Of Medicine?”

Reaching a place with no one around, Yu Qingluo suddenly showed a sinister expression.

“Enough trouble. King Of Medicine Sun Simiao is the best medical Star Name in Star World. Leaving her alive is beneficial to the Monarch. We cannot touch her.” Yang Su’s tone was extremely flat.

“But, Sister Yang Su, what if she actually heals Elder Sister.” Yu Qingluo was a bit worried.

Yang Shuang chuckled: “You are her little sister, yet you instead do not want her to recover?”

Yu Qingluo’s face showed ruthlessness: “I will never be free while I live under her Star Name. It is all thanks to Elder Sister Yang Su that we have this opportunity. What does Elder Sister count for?4 Once she dies, there will naturally be a succession to her Star Name.”

“If you want to achieve a feat, this is an opportunity, but you cannot move recklessly. Although the current Yu Juluo is weak, with the Double Pupils Innate Skill, she still cannot be underestimated.” Yang Su’s tone was nonchalant. “What she suffers is the ‘Absolute Nine Yin.’5 That King Of Medicine should not be able to extract it. Only when it is absolutely safe can you make your move. It would be best to implicate Mount Hua’s people.”

“We will remain in the Western Lin Star Field for a few days. You monitor her activities, and remember, you cannot expose your schemes too quickly. You are no match for that Star Warrior beside her.”

“Wen Zhenzi? Hmph, another Daoist stray from Mount Hua. Relax, I’ve known him for several decades, and I don’t mind enduring a few more days.” Yu Qingluo nodded.

Yang Su grunted.

After Yu Qingluo left, Yang Shuang said to Yang Su: “This Yu Qingluo cannot assume the position of Nine Elders Of Sui.”

“What harm is there in letting her do so for a couple years.” Yang Su smiled.

“But it truly is a pity. This Demon Faced Military Commander Yu Juluo’s martial arts are outstanding. Our Nine Elders Of Sui will be enormously weakened without her strength.

“This can only be blamed on her Double Pupils drawing the Monarch’s displeasure. As subjects, we ought to help the Monarch.” Yang Su seemed like she was chatting about something insignificant.

That bit of regret in Yang Shuang’s heart dispersed like smoke. The woman laughed heartily.

These words were pleasant to hear.

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  1. 冷血錦繡
  2. 靠山王
  3. 煙蘿
  4. Meaning Yu Juluo
  5. 絕九陰

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