Chapter 356: Kiss In the Middle Of Wailing Hell

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Verdant hills and limpid waters, with all kinds of flowers in bloom.

“Mountain of the Great Hua, reaching in the four directions, five thousand ren tall, ten li across, visible in the distance, splendid as a flower, earning it the name Mount Hua. Beautiful, truly beautiful.”

A woman wearing a cap of purple gold and wearing a white brocade wandered through Mount Hua, unable to help but praise the scenery in front of her.

After the three thousand meter altitude mark, Yang Su entered the domain of Daoist Mount Hua. The woman leisurely strolled, seemingly admiring the landscape. With a single step, she crossed a hundred meters and passed through the mountain forest as if she was walking over a plain.

Very quickly, she spotted the Mount Hua Sect.

“The holy land of Daoism, the sect is so cold and cheerless. What a pity, what a pity, truly a waste.” The vast Mount Hua Sect, the sound of training drills was practically absent, and there was no visible activity.

There was only the occasion red-crowned crane who flit by, yet the place was deathly silent. Daoism was the forefather of Star World’s Hundred Schools Of Thought. The absolute majority of “schools” contained a shadow of Daoism. When Daoism previously flourished, the Sage was pre-eminent, and everyone in the world was on the Dao. But now, the bearing it had as the forefather of the Hundred Schools, as the holy land of Daoism, was nowhere to be seen.

Yang Su shook her head and sighed.

If this fairyland ground was given to the Confucians, that should be much better.

“Yang Su, you don’t understand the world of Daoism, you merely look at the surface. I never thought that the number one person beside the grand Sui Ye Star Kingdom’s Yang Guang was so, so shallow.” A giggling voice answered her.

Lu Xiujing appeared at the entrance, having waited a long time.

“Shallow is fine, at least I am being realistic. Understanding something is a choice. I am afraid someone will speak of some grand sermon, yet if that is all they can say, then that is pedantic.” Yang Su chuckled.

“What a great Confucian. They all say that the Four Heavenly Kings of the Sui Ye Star Kingdom are the strongest. In my eyes, you, the ‘Cold-blooded Beauty,’ are actually the most dangerous one.”

Milu, Jiang Kui, and the Red Fragrant Child also walked out of Mount Hua to watch the confrontation, as if facing a great enemy.

“‘Highest Clarity Sect Master’ Lu Xiujing, I have also monitored you for many years. Presumably, you are also hiding many things. In my eyes, you are actually the most dangerous for Mount Hua.” Yang Su retorted.

Lu Xiujing laughed.

“Yang Su, what have you come to Mount Hua for. If you do not leave, beware that Mount Hua’s ‘Five Dragons Calamity Kill Array’ will leave you dead without a corpse to bury.” The Red Fragrant Child coldly said.

Yang Su glanced at the Red Fragrant Child. From her perspective, this Gestational Phase girl honestly was not worth a closer look.

“The ‘Book Of Mount Hua’ records: “Its northwest has cedar, with purple leaves and branches, with dew like droplets that can cure the eyes.” Yang Su said: “Legend says that Mount Hua’s Three Great Divine Trees, ‘Rootless’ is the craving of countless Demons, ‘Divine Nun’ is the pursuit of cultivators, but only ‘Purple Cedar’ has benefits for Star Generals.”

“Rumor has it that this Purple Cedar produces dew once every three centuries, blossoms after another three centuries, bears fruit after another three centuries, and that fruit finally ripens and falls to the ground one hundred years later. Legend says that if one washes their eyes with this Purple Cedar Fruit, they can see through the mysteries of the sun, moon, stars, and oceans. I wonder if this is real or not.”

“What concern is it to you? Only the Ancestor can obtain this Purple Cedar Divine Fruit.” Lu Xiujing sneered.

Yang Su smiled: “I came here to look at it, at what this Purple Cedar is.”

“Then that depends on whether you have this capability or not.” Lu Xiujing roared and somersaulted down.

Her figure could not be described as slow, her killing intent as weak. But Yang Su raised her hand, and several invisible sword-lights attacked in midair, slashing at Lu Xiujing.

Lu Xiujing resisted with all her might, but Yang Su’s Star Energy was too powerful. Heavy pressure from the sky knocked her to the ground. Yang Su raised a leg, as if she was taking a slow step, and instantly arrived at the main gate. The Red Fragrant Child and Jiang Kui were unable to react in time and were knocked aside by the sword-light.

Although Milu was dimwitted, she hastily threw a punch when she saw the others were knocked down.

Yang Su’s white hand pointed and touched her fist. The girl groaned and was sent backwards. “I’m only taking a look, why must you obstruct me.”

The Cold Blooded Beauty was just about to take another step when, all of a sudden, an intense murderous aura whistled past her ear. A red light instantly grew before her eyes.

Yang Su’s expression froze. She released formidable Star Energy to suppress the incoming force.

It was an exquisite arrow!

“Quiet Phoenix Cry!!”

Yang Su recognized this arrow, and her unperturbed expression was suddenly startled.

“Cold-blooded Beauty, is it? Play with This General.” Li Guang’s eyes were scarlet, and a bloodthirsty grin appeared on her face. Quiet Phoenix Cry returned and spun around her surroundings, its red light like blood.

“‘Flying Phoenix General’ Li Guang!”

Yang Su’s smile vanished.

“Courting death.”

Yu Zan rushed out of Li Xiao’s Earth Rank. Although Thousand Island Fragments’ killing intent was unstoppable, Evil Faced Banner Commander relied on the Heavenly Spirit Grade Astral Treasure Dragon Crystal Star Armor to still block it. The girl’s iron whip cracked. Her Star Weapon, the “Broken Spine,”1 had five shimmering stars. At the same time, the Dragon Crystal Star Armor’s thick Star Energy also clung about her body.

The iron whip swept.

“Broken Spine” whipped Li Xiao in the neck, sending the girl flying away.

Li Xiao toppled onto the ground, her neck already broken.2 She was unable to move and was at her last gasp. Sun Yingmeng was griefstricken, tears streaming down her face, promptly fishing out talismans from her Astral Stone.

Pa, pa, pa.

A dozen “Blackbird Flying Flame” High Grade talismans struck Yu Zan’s armor, attacking with a barrage of flames. Yu Qingluo furrowed her brow. With the Dragon Crystal Star Armor, these talismans only gave her itches.

“I wonder if you can heal your own wounds, King Of Medicine.” Yu Qingluo gripped the “Broken Spine Iron Whip” and swung it towards Sun Simiao.

All of a sudden, an immense Star Energy like a hurricane constricted Broken Spine. The girl withdrew and stared at the man obstructing her.

Wen Zhenzi.

Wen Zhenzi wore black robes, and his hand gripped a black jade spear. His every movement and gesture were quite arrogant.

“Do you think the bit of spearmanship you learned from that woman actually can handle a Star General?” Yu Qingluo roared with laughter: “Wen Zhenzi, in the end, you still chose to be a dog?”

“Wen Zhenzi would sacrifice his life for the Military Commander. If you want to harm the Military Commander, you will have to kill me first.” Wen Zhenzi’s expression changed. His pupils were terrifyingly black, emitting an imposing might, as if a god was supporting him from behind.

“Jade Emperor Chant!”

“God Slaying Spear!”

“As expected of the best Star Warrior Disciple to leave Mount Hua, This Banner Commander has a whole new level of respect for you.” Yu Qingluo retracted her frivolous expression and narrowed her eyes.

“Men are stupid. You would sacrifice yourself for Elder Sister, do you believe that cold woman would be grateful?” Yu Qingluo mocked him: “In her eyes, you and I are nothing more than people to exploit, nothing more.”

Currently in the middle of the ring of fire extracting the Absolute Nine Yin for Yu Juluo, Chen Mo listened to the conversation on the outside. He looked a bit in astonishment at Yu Juluo.

The woman’s mouth hung open, her expression as cold as Yu Qingluo described. He wondered if this was a disguise or if this actually was instinctual.

However, it was too late to consider this more right now. Chen Mo knew that the outside situation was very desperate. Li Xiao was heavily injured, her status unclear. Only Wen Zhenzi was left to still hold on. As far as this man who was infatuated with Yu Juluo was concerned, Chen Mo did not know how deep his strength or loyalty ran, but he knew instinctively that delaying further would be extremely dangerous.

The Star Manual Of Masters Gan And Shi ceaselessly produced Star Energy. Yu Juluo moaned, and the Absolute Nine Yin gradually left her dantian, extracted by the Pure Yang Star Energy.

Outside the ring.

Yu Qingluo launched a fierce assault, her iron whip cracking. Whip-shadows were layered, like specter after evil specter pouncing over.

Wen Zhenzi’s “Jade Emperor Chant” released divine might. Not only could it resist a Star General’s heavenly might, it was also able to bolster his own power at the same time. Although his cultivation was only Earthly Immortal, Fifth Division, Divine Earth Division, of the Primordial Spirit Seven Divisions, he had cultivated tremendous Star Energy at Mount Hua. This was sufficient to keep pace with a Heavenly Spirit Three Calamities Star General.

Such a good God Slaying Spear.

It truly was capable of slaying a god. Formidable Star Energy swept forth from the spear, severing space, collapsing the attack that Yu Qingluo’s iron whip launched.

Biting cold killing intent directly burst against Yu Qingluo’s chest, ripping apart her jacket. If not for the Dragon Crystal Star Armor’s protection, she would already have been injured.

Yu Qingluo’s hand spun. The iron whip fluttered like a butterfly, using a Yellow Rank “Sever.”

The iron whip smashed apart the God Slaying Spear. Cold light scattered like flowers around Wen Zhenzi. A cultivator hit by this would be rend apart on the spot. Wen Zhenzi was composed. He had cultivated powerful Star Energy at Mount Hua, and his martial arts were not lacking either. Against a Star General’s Heaven, Earth, Dark, and Yellow, he was not as lost as the average cultivator. This was one of a Star Warrior’s surly aspects.

The man’s whole body quivered. Immense Star Energy spurt forth, and a god manifested beside him, surprisingly dispersing the Yellow Rank Sever entirely.

Jade Emperor Chant: Boundless Clear Sky!

Yu Qingluo’s complexion was ashen. Wen Zhenzi’s spear thrust and stabbed into her chest. The treasure armor emitted a crisp noise. The girl was unable to hold on and was surprisingly pushed back a hundred paces.

“Lady Yu Zan, please calm down. Do not be deceived by a villain, the Military Commander will forgive you.” Wen Zhenzi cautiously said.

Yu Qingluo’s expression was extremely unsightly. She never expected that this man would be so strong, even more formidable than Li Xiao. She unexpectedly was a bit helpless against him.3 As time was running short, the blazing circle’s activity grew weaker and weaker. Yu Qingluo’s expression was vicious. She cracked her whip towards the circle, “Wen Zhenzi, I will make you see just how my Elder Sister has been exploiting you.”

Wen Zhenzi raised his spear to block. All of a sudden, a bolt of Star Energy shot out from thin air. He promptly evaded, enduring its passage.

The flaming array was broken apart.

Chen Mo and Yu Juluo were revealed.

Several dozen Star Soldiers attacked but were swept aside by Yu Qingluo’s whip, “Wen Zhenzi, take a good look. If you help me, right now is your best chance to obtain Elder Sister. I help you sign a contract with her, and I become one of the Nine Elders Of Sui. We can each benefit from this, right? If you continue to be stubborn, when the time comes, you will have allowed another man to get intimate with Elder Sister.”

Yu Qingluo sneered.

Wen Zhenzi lost focus, and Yu Qingluo seized this chance. She leapt up, the whip whistling towards the pair. “No.” The colored drained from the face of Sun Yingmeng, who had been caring for Li Xiao. Right now, Chen Mo was completely defenseless. If he was stabbed, everything would be for naught. The girl instantly dashed forth and intercepted Yu Qingluo’s attack.

“Fuck off.”

Evil Faced Banner Commander whipped Sun Yingmeng. Just as she was retracting it, the girl firmly seized “Broken Spine.” Yu Qingluo’s iron whip was full of sharp, backwards-facing barbs. With this grab, Sun Yingmeng’s hands were run through and leaked blood.

“Can’t let you disturb Chen Mo.” Sun Yingmeng staked her life to protect him.

“Ying…Meng…” The powerless Xiaoxiao weakly croaked.

Yu Qingluo’s heart immediately erupted with fury. She was already very displeased being stalled by a Star Warrior, and now, a trash Star General dared to hoot before her. The cruelty at the bottom of the Evil Faced Banner Commander’s heart rushed forth. “Then you can be buried alongside them.” The whip cracked, becoming a demon. Purple Sun Valley was gloomy, the sun’s rays fading.

The terrible killing intent was such that even Wen Zhenzi was unable to budge.

Earth Rank.

Wailing Hell!!4

Yu Juluo was also astonished by her little sister’s tremendous killing intent, but the woman remained calm, indifferent to the life and death of others. But Chen Mo was unable to sit and watch. Compared to Yu Juluo’s life, Sun Yingmeng’s was much more worth his worry.

The man rose. Yu Juluo’s eyes were suddenly dazzled, and her four pupils widened in a flash.

All of a sudden, a masculine, Yang Qi gushed into her lips.

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  1. 斷脊
  2. But she isn’t dead yet, apparently.
  3. This girl infuriates me. First of all, Li Xiao was holding her own until she was sucker punched by Yang Shuang. Second, it’s clear she’s being carried by her equipment. Her ego is so overinflated that she just can’t see how weak she actually is.
  4. 哀嚎地獄

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