Chapter 358: Windy Forest Fire Wound, Mountain Oath Collapse

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Yang Shuang’s hand held two dragonling iron rods. Each one weighed more than a hundred catties. One was completely red like fire, and the other was ice-blue like water. They shimmered with four stars.

Water And Fire Prisoner Dragon Staffs.1 They were none other than the Star Weapons of Mountain Backed King Yang Shuang.

“You are unable to kill a single Star Warrior with even an Earth Rank. Yu Zan, you truly are trash. Your induction into the Nine Elders Of Sui is a disgrace.” Yang Shuang cast a despicable glance at the dying Yu Zan.

She and Wen Zhenzi were defeated even when they practically worked together. This kind of outcome made the Mountain Backed King very displeased.

“You and Yu Juluo are both Nine Elders Of Sui, why do you want to kill her?” Sun Yingmeng asked. “Aren’t you afraid of offending the Central Star Field if you do this?”

“Can the Central Star Field govern the affairs of the Star Marquis now?” Yang Shuang laughed. She twirled the Water And Fire Prisoner Dragon Staffs in her hands. Two dragons of water and fire coiled out of the staffs.

“Yu Juluo herself incurred the suspicion of the Monarch, that is her fate. Since she chose to follow the ‘Star Marquis,’ she should follow the will of her lord with absolute obedience.2 She can only blame this on her poor destiny.”

“As long as I’m here, I won’t let you kill her.” Chen Mo tightly gripped Northern Dipper.

Yang Shuang showed a disdainful grin, as if saying, By yourself?

In an instant, Yang Shuang flew over and attacked. The two Water And Fire Prisoner Dragon Staffs in her hand whistled, letting out dragon cries as they emerged together. The iron staffs hurtled heavily towards Chen Mo’s cranium.

A True Phoenix appeared behind Yang Shuang, making the woman’s power anything but weak.

Chen Mo growled, manifesting the Black Turtle True Spirit at the same time. He did not dare be careless against Yang Shuang’s attack. Northern Dipper’s Star Energy advanced without holding back.

The iron staff was like a mountain, raising an immensely oppressive astral wind, firmly squeezing even space.

Yang Shuang’s Water And Fire Prisoner Dragon Staffs attacked from the left and right. Originally, the Mountain Backed King planned to use pure Star Energy to crush Chen Mo. Upon trading blows, she discovered that she had underestimated her opponent.

The Dragon Staffs struck Northern Dipper without seizing any advantage. The impact of her Star Energy was even reduced a level. The two dragons twisted out of the staffs and coiled around Northern Dipper.

Chen Mo’s Divine Intent moved, and the Black Turtle Swords responded. The sevens words attacked from behind. Yang Shaung’s left hand wielded the Water Dragon Staff while her right used the Fire Dragon Staff to strike.

Two heavy iron weapons issued enormous noise, like a bomb.

Chen Mo’s figure was as steady as stone, and the Black Turtle did not fall. On the other hand, Yang Shuang retreated several dozen paces as she stared at Chen Mo in bewilderment.

The Water And Fire Prisoner Dragon Staffs quivered in her hands. Yang Shuang showed a wild grin. “Interesting, too interesting. I never imagined that I could see a Star Warrior who can match the Xuan Nü’s Seven Stars. What’s your name?” In just a brief confrontation, Yang Shuang immediately was able to sense how fearsome the potential that Chen Mo contained was.

In Star World, Star Warriors capable of contending against a Heavenly Star were rare, and those able to fight on even ground were even rarer. And to be able to repel her like this while he himself remained immovable as Mount Tai, only a Star Warrior on the level of Xuan Nü’s Seven Stars was capable of this.

“Chen Mo!” Chen Mo took a deep breath. The webbing of his hands were already cracked.

“Chen Mo?” Yang Shuang had never heard of this name, “Mount Hua actually has a Star Warrior like you…” He cannot be left alive, the idea to kill him immediately formed in Yang Shuang’s mind.

Following the woman’s shout, her figure was suddenly like a thunderclap.

The Dragon Staffs fired two beams of light, one blue, one red, and water and fire flowed together. The Black Turtle Flying Swords slashed at her, but without a sword array, the sword chant’s might was severely compromised, basically unable to stop Yang Shuang’s assault.

The woman brandished both staffs. Astonishingly, this was a Yellow Rank, “Fire Breaker Water Flooder!”3

The Fire Dragon Staff unleashed a ferocious and scathing fire dragon, its menacing fangs and claws directly breaking the air. Chen Mo blocked with Northern Dipper. The dragon slammed into the weapon and let out an enraged roar. Frighteningly intense flames exploded over the weapon, and the force it produced forced Chen Mo back a few steps. Yang Shuang’s attack was farm from over. The Water Dragon Staff’s torrential killing intent also descended from everywhere.

It attacked closely after the fire dragon.

The fire dragon seemed to collapse, concentrating into a single point to punch through its enemy. The water dragon seemed to sweep, not giving the target any room to resist. The first Yellow Rank injured Chen Mo, and Yang Shuang seized her chance to follow up. She kicked with her feet and soared like a bird.

Bang, bang.

The two staffs thundered endlessly.

Chen Mo’s martial arts skills were abundant, so he did not fear her as he warded off the chain of blows. Yang Shuang knew that a Yellow Rank could not possibly kill Chen Mo. As one of the Nine Elders Of Sui, the Mountain Backed King showed no mercy. During her twin staff assault, she suddenly changed.


Yang Shuang’s hands seemed to twist. Her waist warped, and her shoulders extended while her lower body sank. Her body spun, rolling about like a dragon spitting thunder in clouds. Then, the Water And Fire Prisoner Dragon Staffs instantly launched. The blue and red staffs alternated, an din an instant, numerous staff-shadows descended like rain.

The Water And Fire Prisoner Dragon Staffs unleashed a thick, conflagration-like killing intent. It instantly washed away Chen Mo’s Northern Dipper with force that could topple mountains and overturn seas, pushing back against him. In an instant, Chen Mo’s power seemed to be repelled. The opponent he faced suddenly launched an attack that caught him a bit off guard.

The staffs were like fire, a forest fire, unimpeded in all directions.

This was her Dark Rank, “Windy Forest Fire Wound!”4

“Mountain Backed King” Yang Shuang’s Dark Rank had been ready for a long time. Her Star ENergy was accumulated to the critical point. During her attack, she suddenly unleashed the Dark Rank. It was honestly intense and ferocious beyond compare.

She was worthy of being called a Nine Elder Of Sui serving one of the Sixteen Star Marquis. This cold and gloomy attack surpassed all of Chen Mo’s previous opponents. Even if she was a Heavenly Star, the Mountain Backed King showed no negligence. This was the formidable aspect of a Star General.

The staff-shadows were like a forest, and the water and fire dragons becaming blinding colors. All of CHen Mo’s defenses paled in an instant.

At the moment Yang Bushuang used her technique, Chen Mo’s heart leapt into his throat, only feeling that his opponent seemed to be a long dormant volcano that suddenly erupted or a torrent from a collapsed dam. The dense murderous aura in front of him carried a burning air. A strong iron scent rolled towards him with the power of a magnificent army.

All of Chen Mo’s pores burst, and a deathly air assailed him in the face.

An ordinary opponent, even a top-notch Star Warrior like Wen Zhenzi, perhaps would become flustered or panic when faced with Yang Shuang’s sudden Dark Rank. This kind of danger was difficult to anticipate. Chen Mo’s Bodhi Soul Technique naturally activted, and his mind became incomparably calm, like an eternally quiet lake. Even if a stone was tossed in, there would be no ripples.

Gripping the hilt of the Northern Dipper Saber, Chen Mo calmly he drew his saber. He was neither fast nor slow, neither tense nor delayed, neither delayed nor rushed, everything was so natural. The ferocious power of “Windy Forest Fire Wound” was as gentle as the breeze and clouds in his eyes.

He drew the saber, and snow-white saber-light swept across Purple Sun Valley.

Dark Rank Saber Draw Water Cutter.

Saber-light sliced into the sea of flames, instantly extinguishing more than half of the killing intent. Yang Shuang was stunned. She was suddenly cut by the saber-light while Chen Mo was also struck by the remaining spear-shadows. They had each suffered the other’s Dark Rank.

This brat is so formidable. Yang Shuang grit her teeth, not daring to believe her perfect Dark Rank was actually intercepted.

The woman sprung forth and furiously bellowed, the Water And Fire Prisoner Dragon Staffs unleashing five stars.

The pair’s figures immediately crossed.

“Ha, ha, ha, how is it, the Defense One Qi that This Lady brewed is very incredible, right? Chen Mo has completely assimilated it into his body. He is able to hold his own against even one of the Nine Elders Of Sui.” Sun Yingmeng proudly said.

Duke Wu Of Liang Lu Su’s face was stiff. She was unable to smile, for this was not the time to be proud right now: “Yingmeng, hurry and check Yu Juluo, see if she can help Chen Mo.” Li Xiao urged Sun Yingmeng while she gazed impatiently at the battlefield.

Sun Yingmeng woke up to reality. It was too early to be complacent. Although Chen Mo was able to stand several rounds with Mountain Backed King Yang Shuang, this was not a sustainable plan. The enemy was a Heavenly Star, one who possessed Heaven, Earth, Dark, and Yellow.

“Then be careful.” Sun Yingmeng nodded and ran swiftly to Yu Juluo.

Chen Mo intended to not disturb Yu Juluo, leading the battle away from her. Yu Juluo was also unscathed.

“Yu Yanluo!” Sun Yingmeng shouted.

“Hm?” Yu Yanluo looked at her. She naturally bore a kind of extremely cold air, and some people with weak wills would basically be unable to make eye contact with her.

“Chen Mo is in trouble right now, are you healed yet, hurry and help him.” Sun Yingmeng used the Spiritual Pivot Ice Heart to examine her. The cold of the Absolute Nine Yin in Yu Yanluo’s body was already very weak.

“I still require time.” Yu Yanluo calmly answered.

“Chen Mo is even fighting Yang Shuang of the Nine Elders for you, why aren’t you worried.” Sun Yingmeng angrily said: “This Lady feels that Chen Mo shouldn’t have saved you. Your death isn’t harmful to our Mount Hua.”

Yu Yanluo was silent. She glanced at the man fighting a hundred meters away.

Time. Right now, the most important thing was time. Sun Yingmeng felt that another second wasted was more danger for Chen Mo. She saw that Demon Faced Military Commander was indeed weak, and she knew that Yu Yanluo was not lying. Having been injured by Shi Wansui and tormented by the Absolute Nine Yin, Yu Yanluo was too debilitated.

Sun Yingmeng flipped her wrist and brought out a bundle of herbs. These precious herbs included the Cherished Spirit Drops, Blood Lingzhi, and more. They were all meticulously harvested from Mount Hua. Originally, she planned to give them to Li Xiao to use for entering Heavenly Spirit Three Calamities, but she could not be too concerned with that now. If Chen Mo died here, Sun Yingmeng knew she would definitely blame herself for the rest of her life.

Sun Yingmeng pointed her finger and raised her cauldron and spirit fire. Then, she took out several dozen Astral Dollars to accelerate the speed of the concoction.

“The words of nature reach all. Cultivating to this extent, placed upon the origin of the Dao, may all things cease and speak the end!” “King Of Medicine” Sun Yingmeng’s fingers moved, and a spirit-light shot into the prepared cauldron. The spirit medicine entered the cauldron as Sun Yingmeng shouted.

Phoenix Dark Rank: Immortal Spirit Qi Injection!

“You are already a Single Character Star Name?” Yu Yanluo’s brows rose.

Sun Yingmeng adorably pursed her lips, not answering.

Meanwhile, Chen Mo and “Mountain Backed King” Yang Shuang’s battle grew increasingly intense. The Water And Fire Prisoner Dragon Staffs breached out of the ocean with twin explosions. The Northern Dipper Staff clashed more than a hundred bouts evenly with them.

The woman originally thought that she could rely on her Heavenly Star Star Energy to be able to very quickly whittle away her opponent’s strength. Without Star Energy, she could easily kill him when the time came. But after a hundred exchanges, she did not see any signs of fatigue in Chen Mo.

Yang Shuang had True Phoenix Second Stage Realm. She fundamentally could not believe that a cultivator who was not even Earthly Immortal was able to contest her for so long.

“Qiankun One Qi!!”

Chen Mo snapped his fingers, and Qiankun One Qi attacked.

The white qi coiled, nailing itself to Yang Shuang’s body. However, Qiankun One Qi perhaps would be somewhat threatening against an Earthly Immortal. But Yang Shuang sneered and unleashed her True Phoenix Second Stage might, breaking Qiankun One Qi in an instant.

Yang Bushuang knew she could not delay any longer. Otherwise, it would be troublesome if Yu Juluo recovered. Glancing at Sun Simiao who was refining medicine for Yu Juluo, the woman became furious. All of a sudden, a frightening might came from her twin staffs, causing an intense earthquake in Purple Sun Valley.

“Earth Rank – Mountain Oath Collapse!!”5

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  1. 水火囚龍棒
  2. 君要臣死,臣不得不死 Basically “when I say jump, you say ‘how high.'”
  3. 火破水淹
  4. 風林火傷
  5. 山盟瓦解

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