Chapter 362: Betting Mount Hua

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Before Ancestor Chen Tuan could return to the mountain, changes appeared on the third day.

Chen Mo was in the middle of training with the Red Fragrant Child, as usual. The little loli’s Bagua Boxing Technique was already very proficient. Right now, Chen Mo was preparing to also pass the Black Turtle Style on to her. Ever since she learned that Chen Mo nearly defeated a Star General the likes of Yang Shuang, the Red Fragrant Child’s training became even more dedicated than before.

Today, the two of them were exchanging blows when, all of a sudden, Jiang Yuezhuo ran over in a hurry. “Junior Brother Chen Mo, this is really bad.”

“Senior Sister Yuezhou, what’s happening?”

“The Sui Ye Star Kingdom’s army has surrounded Mount Hua!!”

Although Chen Mo already thought that something like this would happen, that it happened so quickly was outside his expectations, “Has the Tyrant come?”

“The Tyrant actually didn’t come, but four of the Nine Elders Of Sui are here.”

“So this is the case.” Chen Mo nodded.

The Red Fragrant Child sneered: “This Yang Guang is so bold, does she really think that she can bully Mount Hua as she pleases.”

Chen Mo’s group hurried to Mount Hua’s main gate and saw black qi surge in the surroundings. Fluttering banners covered the skies, and a tremendous Star Energy provided support to those at the foot of Mount Hua.

A group of horseman stood in front of the gate. Their leader was none other than “Cold Blooded Beauty” Yang Su. However, three other women were also beside her. This woman wore golden robes and armor, her cloak dragging along the ground as she rode a Strange Beast, and her brows were like swords. The woman was imposing without showing anger, full of a sort of arrogance.

She was a crane among chickens.

Lu Xiujing and the others were in confrontation with Yang Su. Seeing Chen Mo appear, a woman beside Yang Su wearing tiger head golden armor and a large red cloak jeered: “Why did Mount Hua start raising a man again, this is truly ridiculous. I feel that this Mount Hua’s treasure grounds better be given to our Monarch soon. Otherwise, it will become a laughingstock, and Ancestor Chen Tuan’s wisdom will become the subject of ridicule.”

This woman’s speech was filled with fury, each and every word sharp as a blade. The magic energy in Chen Mo’s body was surprisingly even able to be injured by her words. Chen Mo was surprised by this power.

“Han Qinhu,1 whatever abilities you have, bring them out. Mount Hua is not afraid of you.” Lu Xiujing growled.

“An insignificant Spiritual Energy Star General dares to be impudent.” The woman sneered.

Han Qinhu?

Chen Mo’s heart shivered. This was but an exceptional character of the Sui Dynasty, time and again making meritorious contributions, annihilating the Chen in the south. In the Sui Dynasty, he could be consdiered one of the most famous generals.

“Qinhu.” Yang Su waved her hand to stop Han Qinhu’s anger. The Cold-blooded Beauty was as elegant as ever.

“Demon Faced Military Commander Yu Juluo killed the Great General of my Sui Ye Star Kingdom, Yang Shuang. We have come this time to bring her to the Monarch for judgment. This is the internal affairs of our Sui Ye Kingdom, Mount Hua had best not interfere.”

The girls looked at Chen Mo. For a moment, they were unsure of what to do.

“Our Mount Hua personally witnessed Yang Shuang and Yu Zan collude to kill Yu Juluo. Yu Juluo only killed Yang Shuang for the purpose of saving us. We hope that you have investigated this point clearly, Yang Su.” Chen Mo said.

“As matters stand, the Monarch will deal with Yu Juluo herself. In short, hand over Yu Juluo, and we will not make things difficult for Mount Hua.” Yang Su downplayed the situation.

Chen Mo knew they could not turn Yu Juluo over, otherwise she was certain to die. “Lady Yang Su, isn’t the manner of this visit to apprehend a criminal too quick.”

“Who are you that you dare to be so discourteous to Sister Yang Su.” Another of the Nine Elders, “Gao Jiong,” harshly shouted.

Both sides were at daggers drawn.

“Will you hand her over, or won’t you?” Yang Su faintly smiled.

“Mount Hua naturally will not interfere with the Sui Ye Star Kingdom’s national affairs, but Yu Juluo is unconscious at present and has not awakened. Why not wait for King Of Medicine Sir Sun Simiao to heal her first. When the time comes, let Yu Juluo decide for herself what happens.” Chen Mo answered calmly: “But right now, forgive us for not complying. Yu Juluo saved Your Servant. Your Servant cannot hand her over when her situation is critial. What face would Mount Hua have left if word of this got out.”

“You asshole.” Han Qinhu shouted.

These two words were as heavy as a thousand catties. Other than the Qi-blood of Milu, Lu Xiujing and the others boiling over, all of their Star Energy seemed to dissipate. Srprisingly, her shout nearly disturbed their mental states.

Chen Mo was steady as a boulder, his heart like ice, completely unmoved by Han Qinhu’s pressure.

The woman was taken aback. Her “Shout That Frightens Heaven” surprisingly had no effect whatsoever.

“How bold.” Yang Su clapped her hands and smiled: “You match the Xuannü Seven Stars, however, do you truly intend to become the culprit for disaster upon Mount Hua?

“Does Your Distinguished Self believe that you can prevent us from capturing our target?” Yang Su smiled.

“Yang Su, stop wasting your breath on him.” Han Qinhu’s figure moved. She somersaulted from her Strange Beast and landed. Her fingers formed a claw, and she slashed at Chen Mo.

Han Qinhu’s “Beast Capture” Innate Skill was famous in Star World. No matter how ferocious it was, a Spirit Beast would find it difficult to flee her grasp. All the Demon Beasts in the world honestly seemed to see a Fiend Star when they saw her.

Before Chen Mo could move, he sensed an unparalleled suction force come from Han Qinhu’s palm. The space around him seemed to lock up, and Chen Mo surprisingly had a feeling he was unable to move.

However, Chen Mo was completely unafraid. He had the Body Of The Black Turtle, an Ancient Holy Beast. Han Qinhu’s Innate Skill was unable to capture him. The woman seized Chen Mo’s shoulder and was prepared to crush this man’s bones and muscles, to cripple his martial arts. Before she could use her Star Energy, Chen Mo shrugged, and a Black Turtle True Spirit emerged from his body, manifesting in indomitable fashion, bellowing towards the heavens.

It jolted the Sui Ye Star Kingdom’s army, making them step backwards.

Han Qinhu’s expression changed. The power in her hand was unable to hold on and shook apart.

She originally wanted to seize this man and intimidate him, but seeing her Innate Skill surprisingly be broken by a Star Warrior, fury erupted in the woman’s heart. She formed a blade with her palm and chopped at Chen Mo.

Not good.

When Lu Xiujing and the others saw that Han Qinhu surprisingly showed killing intent towards Chen Mo, their expressions changed, but it was already too late for them to intervene. Chen Mo watched Han Qinhu’s sneak attack. He was unafraid of her Star Name; the courage in his heart soared to the heavens. He just happened to want to test how formidable this Han Qinhu was. He attacked with the Zhangtian Seal.

Both their palms clashed with a shocking boom.

This Han Qinhu was indeed a fierce general. Chen Mo’s Zhangtian Seal was broken in an instant by her palm, and the Body Of The Black Turtle was jolted backwards. Han Qinhu’s next attack followed.

All of a sudden, Star Energy activated. She surprisingly used a Yellow Rank.


Chen Mo thought to himself that this was bad. He did not expect that Han Qinhu’s actions would be so ferocious and firm. Just as he willed the Black Turtle Flying Swords to activate, Han Qinhu’s hand was extremely overbearing. In the blink of an eye, she was near his cranium, surprisingly giving him no place to escape.

This palm thrusted downwards. If Chen Mo did not die, this would consume most of his Star Energy.

Lu Xiujing, Li Guang and the others attacked from Mount Hua. Other than Yang Su, the Sui Ye Star Kingdom’s other Nine Elders Gao Jiong and Tuwan Xu also made their moves at this time.

Just at this moment, the winds died and the clouds halted all of a sudden. Even light froze.

In Chen Mo’s eyes, everything in the world seemed to slow with the flow of time. Han Qinhu’s body techniques and movements were clear and distinct like they were in slow motion.

“I wonder what is happening to make the Nine Elders Of Sui cause trouble here at this Mount Hua.”

A faintly discernible voice seemed to pierce through antiquity. A girl dressed in white Bagua Daoist robes appeared from the clouds. The girl was refined and free of the mundane, walking into the middle of everyone in an instant.

Everyone stared wide-eyed at her. While their own movements were nevertheless incomparably slow, the girl gently tapped Han Qinhu’s palm, pushing the woman back. She subsequently waved her hand, and the battle between Gao Jiang, Tuwan Xu, Lu Xiujing and the others was promptly separated.


Time recovered its normal flow, and everyone seemed to wake from a dream, finally regaining lucidity.

“I greet the Ancestor.” Yang Su cupped her fist and faintly smiled.


Lu Xiujing breathed a sigh of relief.

The extraordinary girl was none other than “Sleeping Immortal” Chen Tuan.

Han Qinhu snorted and straddled her beast, unreconciled.

“Yang Su, what is the reason for your Sui Ye Star Kingdom’s battle formation.” Gao Shanxue also appeared beside Chen Tuan. She asked: “Can it be you truly feel that Mount Hua has no one left?”

Yang Su gave a relaxed smile: “We have come this time not to create difficulties for Mount Hua but to arrest the traitor Yu Juluo and return her to the Great Ye for the Monarch’s judgment. She killed the Great General of the Sui Ye Star Kingdom, Yang Shuang. This matter cannot be ignored, and Mount Hua would not want to harbor a turncoat, would it.”

“Yu Juluo?”

Gao Shanxu wrinkled her brow. They had only been gone a few short days, but just what had happened during that time. How did this Yu Juluo come to be at Mount Hua.

The woman glanced at Chen Mo. Li Xiao explained: “Sister Shanxu, don’t listen to her nonsense. Yang Shuang wanted to kill Yu Juluo and us. Yu Juluo only retaliated to protect us. She saved us, we cannot hand her over.”

“Yu Juluo possesses the Double Pupils. Apparently, this truly made Yang Guang unable to endure?” Gao Shanxue said.

“Stop wasting your breath. You had best turn over the traitor, Yu Juluo. If Mount Hua behaves unscrupulously, don’t blame the Monarch for being ruthless.” Han Qinhu sneered.

Gao Shanxue was unperturbed: “If Yu Juluo truly saved our Mount Hua’s disciples, then this matter naturally cannot be disregarded. The Nine Elders Of Sui wished to harm our disciples. We shall remember this.”


“Ancestor Chen Tuan, I wonder what your decision is?” Yang Su thre her gaze to the indiffernet girl, knowing that all matters of Mount Hua followed her will.

“What is Yu Juluo’s current condition?” Chen Tuan asked.

“She is still unconscious from using her Heaven Rank and will require some time to recuperate.” Chen Mo answered.

Chen Tuan nodded, “Since this is the case, wait until Yu Juluo’s wounds have mended. Then, I will accompany her to see Yang Guang.”

Yang Su’s expression slightly changed. Without alarm, she smiled: “But Ancestor also knows of the Monarch’s temperament. We must bring Yu Juluo back fro punishment today. If Subordinate is unable to, I fear the Monarch will become hostile towards Mount Hua.”

Gao Shanxue was still a bit afraid of Yang Guang of the Sixteen Star Marquis. She glanced at Ancestor Chen Tuan.

Chen Mo said: “If you have something to say, just say it. Since Yang Guang is a Star Marquis she should know that Mount Hua cannot possibly submit to surrendering their life-saving benefactor. Otherwise, how is this any different from destroying Mount Hua.”

Yang Su praised: “Very good, then Your Servant shall speak forthrightly.”

“If Mount Hua insists on sheltering Yu Juluo, then so be it. Our Monarch has issued orders and wants to make a bet with Ancestor Chen Tuan that can allow both sides to be satisfied.”

“Speak.” The girl softly said.

“For the year end martial competition with Mount Hua, the Sui Ye Star Kingdom will dispatch seven Great Generals. Four victories will decide the winner. If our Sui Ye Star Kingdom loses, the Monarch will thence no longer harbor designs on Mount Hua. Furthermore, the Western Lin Star Field and Yu Juluo will be left to Mount Hua.”

“And if we lose?” Lu Xiujing raised her brows.


Yang Su’s scholarly smile was inexplicably somewhat cold.

“Then we ask that the Ancestor and the rest of you seek out some other treasure ground.”

“All of Mount Hua will belong to the Tyrant? How can this be acceptable?!” Li Xiao promptly opposed.

Yang Su nevertheless ignored her. She looked at the girl with a faint smile.

“We have fought several dozen battles with Mount Hua. Our losses have been enormous, and the Monarch has given you a chance but out of the kindness of her heart. What do you think, Ancestor?”

“How about this.”

Chen Tuan nodded, turned, and entered the hall.

“See them out!”

Yang Su’s eyes were dazzled. A power pushed against her body, and when she looked clearly, the entire army was already at the foot of the mountain. Mount Hua’s main gate was already no longer in sight. This extraordinary power made even the elegant and calm Cold-blooded Beauty take a deep breath.

Han Qinhu’s pupils shrunk, and she sharply inhaled.

“This ‘Sleeping Immortal’ has a formidable Realm.”

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  1. I was under the impression that the competition was already like that (that is, betting the possession of the whole mountain) even when it was first introduced? Otherwise, this is the kind of bet that goes “heads I win, tails you lose.” For Xiyi to even accept these terms it’s already a loss of face.

    1. I think the prior deal was Mount Hua is conquered when they have no other fighters to field. Now, the Sui Ye Star Kingdom are saying that this will be the last competition, once and for all.

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