Chapter 364: Nine Firmaments Thunder Pond

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Western Moon Mount Hua was a treasure ground of Star World. When the Northern Dipper Seven Star Stones fell from the sky, it was often the case this place would obtain them much more easily compared to other places. Daoist Shang, Zhao Yunchen, had once been fortunate enough to obtain a Gamma Ursae Majoris Stone while he trained at Mount Hua in the past.

For a hundred years, Zhao Yunchen was unable to bring himself to use this Gamma Ursae Majoris Stone and kept it to himself until now.

Chen Mo knew this matter was quite astonishing. As far as he was aware, the Northern Dipper Seven Star Stones were very precious, especially for a Star General. Each one was a priceless treasure that could not be searched for. If a cultivator took the Northern Dipper Seven Star Stone to market, they certainly could receive the appreciation of top-notch Star Generals.

It was considered unbelievable that Zhao Yunchen surprisingly kept it for so long.

“I wonder what Senior Yunchen requires to be able to make a trade? Your Servant definitely will do his utmost.” Chen Mo said respectfully and cordially. He honestly wanted to inlay the Northern Dipper with the Seven Star Stones, not only because they could strengthen the weapon, but more importantly, Auntie had said that embedding the Seven Star Stones were able to complete the Northern Dipper. Information on Mother perhaps was left behind in this.

“Trade?” Daoist Shang neatly smiled, considerably disdainful of this exchange. He stared at the girl and brightly smiled: “Since it is difficult for Ancestor Chen Tuan to invite me over, what if this Daoist gifts it to you.”

Chen Mo blinked. He saw that Daoist Shang Zhang Chenyun held deep feelings for Xiyi, and he had a vague understanding in his heart.

Chen Tuan was indifferent, not issuing a response.

Zhao Yunchen changed the topic. He gazed at Chen Mo: “But if you want to receive the Gamma Ursae Majoris Stone, that will depend on whether or not you have this capability.”

“Senior, please do not hesitate to ask.” Chen Mo knew that there was no such thing as a free lunch in this world.

“Very well.” Zhao Yunchen waved his long sleeve. A spatial rift suddenly formed in the Chess Pavilion.

“Little Thousand World?”1 Chen Mo’s brows rose.

Little Thousand World was the peak ability of a Lord Of Heaven Realm cultivator, creating a blessed, other dimensional world. Not only could a cultivator cultivate inside the Little Thousand World, they could also combine it with other abilities. If an enemy was trapped inside, the cultivator occupied an enormous geographical advantage.

Daoist Shang and Ancestor Chen Tuan bowed. The girl slightly nodded.

Then, the middle-aged man beckoned Chen Mo in.

Chen Mo understood. Since he was a friend of Ancestor Chen Tuan, Chen Mo naturally could have absolute faith in him. Furthermore, let alone a Little Thousand World, Chen Mo had even entered Chi Songzi’s Sumeru Star World. Thus, Chen Mo leapt into the rift.

Mount Hua’s landscape vanished from view. What followed immediately were mountains and rivers stretching ten thousand li. The green mountains were continuous with rolling wind and clouds.

This Little Thousand World was incredible, as expected. Chen Mo surprisingly sensed the entire space did not accept his control. His Divine Intent had been compressed into a small clump, unable to unfold.

A voice came from within the space. Daoist Shang Zhao Yunchen appeared.

Chen Mo respectfully greeted him. Zhao Yunchen flipped over a stone. The stone was like a star, shimmering with starlight. There was a peculiar mark in the middle of it. This was none other than the Gamma Ursae Majoris Stone of the Northern Dipper Seven Stars.

“Senior, in truth, you were preparing to give this Gamma Ursae Majoris Stone to Ancestor, were you not?” Chen Mo asked. “That is why you kept it until now?” With any other cultivator, it would be very difficult to treat such an important treasure in their hand as a mere ornament and without using it more.

Zhao Yunchen faintly smiled, “Exactly. Years ago, I was lucky enough to obtain the Gamma Ursae Majoris Stone. Indeed, I wanted to present it to Chen Xian’er.”2

Chen Xian’er?

Chen Mo thought that this perhaps should be Chen Tuan’s True Name.

“But she is removed from the world. She does not accept our mundane things at all.” Zhao Yunchen regretfully said.

“The Northern Dipper Seven Star Stones are very useful for Star Generals. It can’t be considered something mundane.” Chen Mo shook his head.

“In her eyes, perhaps there is neither mundane nor heavenly. She sees them all simply as things.”

Chen Mo nodded. Given the girl’s personality, this was indeed actually a possibility.

Zhao Yunchen smiled: “If you can obtain it, then this can be considered resolving a load on Poor Daoist’s mind. I just wonder if you have this capability or not.”

“Your Servant can only can only do his best. The Gamma Ursae Majoris Stone is indeed very important to Your Servant.” Chen Mo spoke forthrightly.

Daoist Shang nodded. His hand threw the Gamma Ursae Majoris Stone into the air. This Star Stone was like a starlight suspended in the sky, “Whether or not you can obtain this will depend on your own luck.”

Chen Mo reacted instantly, using an escape technique to chase after the stone.

Daoist Shang Zhao Yunchen formed a hand seal and pointed into empty space, “To have surprisingly received Xian’er’s care, Poor Daoist must properly cause you trouble.”3

Chen Mo unleashed a Zhangtian Seal. An enormous palmprint of white qi grabbed at the Gamma Ursae Majoris Stone. With the stone trapped in his palm, Chen Mo rocketed upwards, giving chase.

All of a sudden, the sky was packed with dark clouds. In a flash, the Little Thousand World was dark. The thick, dark clouds obscured his line of sight, and lightning surged within them.

Thunder and lightning burst out from the clouds, becoming thunder rolls and dragons that pounced towards Chen Mo.

This thunder carried formidable magic energy. It was somewhat akin to Thunder Tribulation, able to easily shake apart a cultivator’s thoughts and soul. Chen Mo knew that this was a trial that Daoist Shang Zhao Yunchen was imposing on him. He did not dare be careless. The Black Turtle Flying Swords appeared from out of thin air. The seven Flying Swords formed the Zhiming Star Image and attacked the incoming thunder and dragons.

The Black Turtle True Spirit manifested behind him. The enormous beast roared at the heavens, scattering the black clouds. Countless thunder and dragons were cut down by the Black Turtle Swords, but they reformed very quickly, boundless and endless.

The black clouds and lightning that filled the skies combined into one. Thunder endlessly surged towards Chen Mo.

“What an incredible ability.” Chen Mo’s expression changed. As expected of the powers of a Lord Of Heaven Realm cultivator. The thunder and clouds gave him extremely great pressure.

Although he had Thousand Year Star Energy, which theoretically could let him battle against a Lord Of Heaven cultivator, Chen Mo was aware that he was not a Star General, after all. Without the will of Heaven, he truly would suffer enormously if he touched it.

Countless bolts of thudner and lightning struck Chen Mo. The Black Turtle bellowed against the thunder. Chen Mo shouted, finally bringing out the Northern Dipper Staff.

With the iron rod out, his power suddenly overflowed tyrannically. At the same time, Chen Mo activated the Star Manual Of Masters Gan And Shi. His Star Energy immediately flared, Northern Dipper moved, and a hurricane thundered like tne thousand people beating a drum at the same time. An enormous black cloud was repelled under Northern Dipper’s power. Chen Mo used his intentions to control the Black Turtle Flying Swords into protecting him. His hands brandished the Divine Weapon as he charged into the thundering black clouds.

The black clouds and thunder dragons filling the sky endlessly twisted apart.

This scene surprised Daoist Shang.

He originally thought that this ability would be enough to make Chen Mo suffer. Even a Universe Origin Three Boundaries Realm cultivator would be very hard-pressed to ward this off. He did not expect Chen Mo’s Star Energy would be used so perfectly, actually like a Star General.

Having cultivated at Mount Hua for a hundred years, Zhao Yunchen’s understanding of Star Energy was very profound. Although he was unable to refine Star ENergy, he was aware of many matters pertaining to Star Energy, and he also had ample experience trading blows with Star Warriors and Star Generals.

Daoist Shang was well aware of the Star Energy that Star Warriors used. Other than Star Warriors who had received the affection of the Xuannü of the Nine Heavens, like the “Xuannü Seven Stars,” very few were able to completely wield Star Energy like Star Generals that had inherited a Star Name could.

“Oh.” Zhao Yunchen neatly smiled. He pointed a finger: “My Nine Firmaments Cloudlight True Thunder certainly is not that simple to handle.”

A gigantic thunder-light suddenly illuminated the entire Little Thousand World. All of the clouds released an intense white light. This light astonishingly was all rolling thunder. Lightning and cloud fused together, creating a kind of might that was actually like Heaven’s.

This truly was the thundering fury of the firmaments!

Chen Mo cursed to himself.

Tremendous thunder instantly deafened him, and fierce lightning blinded him. Both his hearing and his sight were suddenly gone, plunging him into an eddy of rolling lightning.

“Do you dare cross this ‘Nine Firmaments Thunder Pond.'”4

Daoist Shang Zhao Yunchen very cordially smiled.

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