Chapter 50: Li Center Empty

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There was a shrill, air-shattering whistle, a fierce head-on blow carrying heavy and intense wind. Even the warriors faraway atop observation platforms as well as the people below felt scorching hot pain on their faces.

Everyone could not help but be excited.

This was the strength of a warrior who blossomed the Essence Flower of Three Flowers Overhead. Bringing up indestructible qi and blood, her power was practically inexhaustible.

Qing Wan’s own qi and blood was circulating at the limit. She threw a heavy punch, letting loos a loud, air-shattering boom. The qi from her fist stabbed towards Chen Mo like a spear.

Chen Mo met it with a one-inch punch. Wind explosively scattered from his fist, forming thousands of gusts of astral wind that crossed the platform like blades. His first move was a super first-rate martial art, Xun Lower Broken.

The thousands of wisps of win met with Qing Wan directly. Powerful punch force passed through her bones and shook her whole body, making Qing Wan inwardly astonished. Chen Mo’s power was like ten thousand floods, the might of which was frightening. If it was not for her Three Flowers Overhead level, just this punch alone was sufficient to shake her back.

Although she already experienced the scene of Chen Mo defeating the Qing Family, this time, she was facing Chen Mo directly and alone. This was the first time that Qing Wan felt that she lacked the strength to fight. The girl’s gaze was like lightning, her silvery teeth curling into a tight curve. Her shoulders shook. With her Three Flowers Overhead level, she still blocked Chen Mo’s Xun Lower Broken. She attacked with another technique, her body becoming like a serpent, her palms pushing forth. Fangs seemingly formed, and countless palm-winds pounded.

The powerful palm-wind’s force passed through his whole body, penetrating into his bones. Even a Qi And Blood Nine Turns warrior’s vajra-like body would hardly defend against it. Qing Wan already decided to use her swiftest, strongest, most arrogant manner to defeat Chen Mo, to redeem the Qing Family’s face with strict dominance.

The fury and determination filling her chest gathered on Qing Wan’s palm.

All of the attacks she unleashed were completely unrestrained.

The surrounding warriors were already stifled.

This was the formidable aspect of a Three Flowers Overhead warrior. Under a single move, her endless power would be difficult for a Qi And Blood warrior to ward off.

Was Chen Mo defeated?

Xun Lower Broken was smashed apart by Qing Wan’s palms. Chen Mo was too late to dodge and could only once again brandish another of the Bagua Chant, Gen Overturned Bowl. His hands were like bowls, capturing the wind from Qing Wan’s palms, countering with punch and palm.

Gen Overturned Bowl captured Qing Wan’s attack. The girl’s gaze was cold, turning her palm into a jab attack. The arrogance on her body explosively swelled, and her killing intent formed an enormous green serpent that swung towards Chen Mo with power formidable enough to collapse a mountain.

Great Snake Collapse!

A silhouette continually retreated, falling back to the edge of the ring. Chen Mo’s chest suffered a punch, his qi and blood unexpectedly nearly dispersed by Qing Wan’s punch, but endlessly surging blood still flowed out from the corner of Chen Mo’s mouth.

“No way, he surprisingly defended against a Three Flowers Overhead warrior’s punch?”

“Fuck, His Highness Chen Mo’s bodily resilience is too tough.”

All the warriors present were tongue-tied. They never imagined that Chen Mo would be able to directly face the punch of a Three Flowers Overhead warrior without falling over.

“Hè.” As if Qing Wan had already anticipated this, the instant she landed on the ground, he bellowed like spring thunder. The girl’s figure rushed forth, once again punching. Blood and qi wrapped around her body, and the girl seemed to become a gigantic snake, making Qing Wan’s power surge and overflow the heavens.

Her fist was like a cannon, entangling like a python.

“Martial Mimicry!”

Everyone was stunned.

This was the highest level of mimicry martial art for Qi And Blood warriors, to turn oneself into an animal. Each and every move already reached the pinnacle, but only a Three Flowers Overhead warrior was capable of using it. Qing Wan had only recently ascended to Three Flowers Overhead, but her Spirit Snake Chant was already trained to this degree. Let alone other warriors, even Chen Mo was very impressed.

He had already experienced Qing Bugai’s Man And Snake As One back at Azure Dragon Mountain, however, the old man had languished at Essence Flower Realm for decades. His powerful was formidable enough that Chen Mo basically had no way to handle him, but although Qing Wan had such a level, she was fortunately not well-practiced. Her power did not reach such a stage of absolute suppressed.

However, when the serpent emerged, Chen Mo’s pressure was abruptly magnified.

“Nicely done.”

Chen Mo growled. His arms shook, swinging upwards and bracing. The sound of thunder, vast and mighty, seemed to boom out of his palms. Azure Dragon Town was suddenly filled with the roll of thunder, ear-splitting, shocking all of the warriors, changing their expressions.

Zhen Upright Basin!

With the power of thunderclaps, his palms completely countered Qing Wan’s tyrannical, serpent-like form.

“How is that possible!”

Qing Yuanshan was astounded, shooting up from his seat.

“Just to what extent has this Chen Mo’s martial arts reached.” All of the warriors were hoarse. To resist a Three Flowers Overhead’s full power strike with Qi And Blood Nine Turns, the shock that Chen Mo gave them was too great. But how could they have known, Chen Mo held two contracts and profound Star Energy. Even a Three Flowers Overhead warrior would not necessarily be able to prevail.

At once, everyone solemnly watched their battle.

Chen Mo and Qing Wan traded hundreds of blows atop the platform. The girl wielded the Spirit Snake Chant at its apex, her Spirit Snake body techniques and boxing combining together. Qing Wan’s every attack varied endlessly. By her Three Flowers Overhead Realm, each punch and palm strike landed on Chen Mo’s body. However, with his tenacious body, Chen Mo was also able to seize his opportunities easily. Therefore, the events unfolding before everyone’s eyes was a strange sight to behold. A Qi And Blood Nine Turns and a Three Flowers Overhead battled on even footing, unable to settle who was stronger, making everyone gasp in amazement.

“Qing Wan will win.” Qing Yuanshan’s eyes narrowed.

After a Three Flowers Overhead had their Essence Flower, they were able to produce qi and blood, able to sustain a drawn-out battle, but the Qi And Blood Nine Turns Chen Mo would inevitably be defeated.

Chen Mo was clearly aware of this point as well, all of a sudden swiftly retreating several steps.

Qing Wan pursued, using Snake Constriction. Then she unleashed a flurry of punches, shooting towards Chen Mo as they broke the air. Her fists were like a repeating crossbow, rendering everyone unable to draw breath.

Chen Mo’s body stopped then whirled around. With this turn, for an instant, his body was as receptive as an echoing canyon. Qing Wan continuously fired her punches to suppress him, but they were surprisingly avoided just barely by Chen Mo, inconceivably vanishing.

But Chen Mo did not stop far away. After he turned, he faced Qing Wan, pushing his palm towards her. Under this attack, the air immediately transmitted broiling, scorching hot temperatures. The floorboards dried up and cracked. A fierce, cannon-like palm-wind blew towards Qing Wan.

The palm-wind was as intense as cannon fire, yet his body techniques were open and receptive.

“Li”1 represented fire, and the affected punch had the force of an erupting volcano, the trigram of fire, a set of lines with the center one empty. This was the meaning of Li being empty in the center. The center line from spinning around was able to dodge any killing intent while on the other hand, it was capable of counterattack.

This was the super first-rate martial art, Li Center Empty.

Chen Mo’s spin and palm attack were completed in one fluid motion.

Qing Wan was unable to dodge, and the incoming air rattled her eardrums like a cannon. A fist-flame pierced her chest.

This is bad.

Qing Wan was inwardly overwhelmed. She shouted, circulating her qi and blood into her arms to defend.

With a boom.

Qing Wan shuddered. Her body having suffered Li Center Empty’s assault, she was pushed backwards in a straight line.

Everyone was caught off-guard by Chen Mo’s sudden punch, nearly suffocating from the wind. By the time the dust settled, everyone was still silent.

Qing Wan stood on the edge of the platform, her expression hateful as she covered her chest. A scorching palm mark appeared on her chest, faintly red as if branded on.

“Chen Mo surprisingly injured the Three Flowers Overhead Qing Wan.” Qing Yuanshan’s smile vanished.

“How did he do that.” The Tao Family Head blankly said.

“…” Qing Wan did her utmost to gradually calm her breathing. The girl activated the Essence Flower, making her qi and blood temporarily staunch her injuries, however, even a Three Flowers Overhead warrior would feel quite taxed after bearing the Li Center Empty strike.

Qing Wan found that her own Essence Flower was somewhat weaker than she wanted.

She was not his opponent!

Qing Wan stared at Chen Mo. She had no choice but to acknowledge that this trash young master already completely changed.

Li Center Empty’s attack had also consumed a large amount of qi and blood. Despite Chen Mo’s nonchalant appearance, his body’s internals seemed to have been sucked dry.

However, as for having already injured Qing Wan, Chen Mo felt he had a sufficient advantage.

“Do you still want to continue?” Chen Mo said.

Qing Wan sneered, “Then excuse Qing Wan.” The girl waved her hand, and a sword shaped like a green serpent appeared in her hand.

Three stars twinkled around it.

When this sword appeared, everyone cried out.

Green Snake!

The Star Weapon the Qing Family passed down through its generations.

With a level of Three Star, this would certainly be troublesome. Chen Mo furrowed his brow. Three Flowers Overhead in addition to a Three Star Star Weapon, the power that the current Qing Wan possessed absolutely had the qualifications to fight for the juren token.

“Your Highness Chen Mo, bring out that big stick of yours.”2 Qing Wan flatly used the sword to point at Chen Mo. She was unwilling to use this way to defeat Chen Mo.

Originally, Chen Mo used that iron rod to sweep aside the entire Qing Family. Today, she wanted to use the Qing Family heirloom Green Snake to retrieve this piece of their honor.

“Fine, to make you wholeheartedly acknowledge defeat.” Chen Mo nodded, taking out Northern Dipper.

“The juren token is a martial arts competition, so we ask that both parties be mindful of when to stop.” According to juren token regulations, the Shen Family old man still kindly gave them a reminder.

Qing Wan pointed her sword at Chen Mo. She stepped forward, swinging her sword. All of a sudden, sword-light flooded out, becoming a green viper that appeared in front of Chen Mo in the blink of an eye.

He swung Northern Dipper, disintegrating the green serpent.

Qing Wan instantly closed the distance, waving Green Snake. Rays of sword-qi turned into a swarm of green snakes that slithered in her surroundings. They nipped, their hissing shaking everyone.

Although she had not been in possession of the Green Snake sword for too long, her Green Snake Sword Technique had nevertheless been practiced diligently, making even Qing Yuanshan call out in praise.

The entire sky filled with snake-like sword-shadows. Chen Mo waved his big stick. Northern Dipper was like an enormous dam, each wave carrying terrifying power. His every blow reduced Qing Wan’s torrential attacks. 

Spinning, dashing, leaning, changing, and accompanying the Green Snake’s attacks, Qing Wan’s wonderful Spirit Snake Body Techniques ceaselessly changed, but the sword-lights that filled the sky were completely unable to break through Chen Mo’s enormous Northern Dipper.

Northern Dipper was like a cage around himself.

This fierce battle between them was enormously gratifying for the others watching.

There were endless cheers and applause.

Chen Mo continuing to attack with strength without falling down made Qing Wan very surprised. Her Three Star Star Weapon Green Snake was already able to pare the steel of normal weapons, let alone a Qi And Blood Nine Turns’ physical body would be as soft as tofu in front of the Green Snake sword. But that massive staff of Chen Mo’s was honestly swift and fierce. The Green Snake Sword was unable to seize any advantage at all. On the contrary, every time Qing Wan slashed upon the big stick, even the qi and blood on her body began to shake apart.

This weapon was a bit odd.

Qing Wan’s expression was grim. Her wrist turned, and an extreme sword-light coiled towards Chen Mo at an inconceivable angle.

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  1. 離, which I sometimes translate as “Clinging” in the context of the Bagua. But here, it is appropriate to use “Li.”
  2. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


    1. Unfortunately, Su Xing himself does not appear in this work. In fact, he is mentioned only once by name across the whole story. However, other characters from 108MOD do appear.

      1. I think it’s very bad that the author’s choice not to continue Su Xing’s story
        All the work with the MC wanting to solve the duel and in the end he goes up and there is no result
        I don’t know if I’m going to read the sequel
        If you have a way to spoiler the end of this sequel, I would appreciate it

        1. Part of the background plot to Maiden Galaxy will explore the question of “What happened to Su Xing and his harem?” I’d rather not spoil things here, but you can check out the discussion threads linked at the bottom of Maiden Galaxy or 108 MOD chapters. Both threads contain some spoilers for Maiden Galaxy. You can also ask some clarifying questions there.

          I will say, however, that changing protagonists may be a necessary move since the author switched publishing platforms. Qidian published 108MOD, but Chuangshi published Maiden Galaxy. I doubt Qidian would have been happy with the author continuing to use Su Xing as a main character while under contract with someone else.

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