Chapter 59: Middle Stage Casting Master Jin Wuliang

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“You actually know a casting master who is able to imbue spirit?”

Middle Stage Casting Masters were categorized in the Great Chong Dynasty as important, land-managing vassals that needed to be roped in. Chen Mo could not tell that the fat man even had such great reputation.

“This fat gentleman has never deceived anyone.” Second Fatty solemnly patted his chest.

After the banquet ended, Luo Kui brought up the topic of the Western Desert Tower with Chen Mo over and over again. Waiting until after he left, Elder Ding at this time then leisurely walked over and smiled at the fat man: “Young Master Jin must be preparing to introduce management to the person in charge?”

Young Master Jin?

Chen Mo was taken aback. He looked at the fat man nonchalantly accept the respect of a Three Flowers Overhead peak old man.

Elder Ding then introduced him: “This person is the chief manager of our Great Tool Court, Jin Fu’er,1 son of the Sword Casting Villa’s western branch manager, Jin Wuliang.”2

“My identity isn’t important. What’s important is that everyone gets along well with each other, ha, ha.” The fat man laughed heartily.

Chen Mo suddenly understood. No wonder he did not need testing to be able to join the banquet or receive criticism from any of the casting masters present. It turned out he was the young master of the Great Tool Court. The Sword Casting Villa was Great Chong Dynasty’s number one, and its western branch was especially important. It could be said to be the best in the area, and even the Western River Sword Sect in the west needed to account for its influence.

“With Brother Shi Jin’s talent, Uncle Ding, I ought to be able to introduce him to father, right.” The fat man chuckled.

Elder Ding said: “This Old Man thinks so, too.”

Little Jade City, Jin Mansion.

It was not as Chen Mo imagined it. As the residence of the Middle Stage Casting Master who was in charge, the Jin Manor appeared quite dull. Chen Mo did not see any fancy or beautiful designs, and there were no stylish stone guardian beasts. He hardly saw any servants either. On a closer look, it was not eye-catching at all, appearing like a peasant family’s yard.

Entering through the gate, he saw a lady embroidering in the courtyard. He also saw several servants of the Sword Casting Villa inside, their figures muscular and their eyes bright. From their auras, they were at Three Flowers or even at the level of breaking past Qi And Blood Nine Turns.

“Fu’er, where did you go off to?” The lady lifted her gaze, somewhat gentle.

“Paying respects to the Madam.” Elder Ding cupped his fist.

“So it’s Elder Ding. Fu’er, don’t tell me you gave the Elder trouble again?” The lady wrinkled her brow, showing a reproachful expression towards the fat man.

“Dear Mother, I’ve been well-behaved recently.” The fat man called foul.

Elder Ding smiled: “Yes, this time, the Young Master has made a friend to introduce to the Court Master. This Old Man is especially impressed.”

“Oh? My son truly has that much insight? To not know a pack of rogues when he sees one, yet to be able to meet a friend that makes even Elder impressed?” The woman wore a warm smile. It had to be said that each and every word, every smile and frown of hers had a particular bearing. She did not lose out at all in front of a Three Flowers Overhead warrior.

“Your Servant is Ch…Shi Jin. It has the meaning of gold within a stone.” What a close call. He nearly gave out his real name under this lady’s manner. Chen Mo inwardly wiped his sweat.

“Indeed, you are a young genius. Please look after my son in the future. He is but a bit worthless.” The lady smiled and said.

“Mother, does father have time right now?” Jin Fu’er shifted the topic away from himself.

Just as he said this, the iron doors to a room in the courtyard opened, and a tall and sturdy man sauntered out. The man’s strides were like a tiger’s, his brows like swords, his bulging veins like dragons, and his muscles like hills. He was just like a celestial soldier descended.

His biting cold qi and blood made even Chen Mo feel somewhat unsteady.

To be able to refine his whole body to a level as casted as steel, there was no need for introductions. Chen Mo already knew his identity.

“Oh, a person that impresses even Elder Ding, I’m awfully curious.” The man boldly laughed. He was none other than Jin Wuliang, manager of the Great Tool Court, its master.

“Court Master.”

Elder Ding saluted.

“Father, this is Shi Jin, my new friend. He has specifically come to visit you.” Second Fatty rubbed his hands.

The father’s build was completely incongruous with his son’s, making Chen Mo’s mouth briefly twitch.

“Your Servant is Shi Jin.” Chen Mo cupped his fist.

Jin Wuliang glanced at Elder Ding, indicating that he was unable to see any aspect of Chen Mo extraordinary enough to deserve respect. Elder Ding then explained what happened at the banquet. Like the other casting masters, upon hearing that Chen Mo surprisingly forged several Black Python Scale Armors, even Middle Stage Casting Master Jin Wuliang was stunned.

“Did you forge this yourself?” Jin Wuliang knit his brow, in disbelief.


“Then tell me what your experience in forging this scale armor was?” Jin WUliang’s gaze was serious. The Great Tool Court had some armor offerings, and they had forged many in the past. He would be able to tell from Chen Mo’s words whether or not this was true.

There was nothing of concern he needed to conceal, so Chen Mo explained again.

Jin Wuliang heard no holes in his words. The only thing he marveled was that the Yang Fire Chen Mo forged with ought to be very special, otherwise, it would be very difficult to forge them so easily.

“Hey, everyone, don’t just stand there chatting. Sit down and have a drink of tea.” The beautiful woman slightly smiled.

“She’s right, let’s go in and sit.” Jin Wuliang laughed.

Elder Ding said: “This Old Man still has to manage the Great Tool Court and will return first. This Old Man will come another day to drink the Madam’s tea.”

“Fine. Recently, many well-known clients have come to Little Jade City for weapons casting, and there are also some merchants from the Western Regions. Elder Ding, make the arrangements. If there are any problems, come ask me.” Jin Wuliang ordered.

Elder Ding deferentially took his leave.

In the living room.

Blades and spears filled the walls, an impenetrable defense. After maids served the tea, the beautiful lady sent everyone out, and she herself retreated from the room. Only Chen Mo, Jin Wuliang, and his son were left in the room.

“A wise man does not speak indirectly. Fellow Shi Jin, have you any interest in collaborating with me?” Jin Wuliang asked: “With talent like yours, you will inevitably incur the Great Chong Dynasty’s fear in the future. If you join my Western Province’s Sword Casting Villa, the Jin Family of the Great Tool Court, we can definitely turn you into a tiger that’s grown wings.”

“For the time being, I don’t plan on this yet.” Chen Mo shook his head.

The fat man hurriedly said: “Father, don’t push Brother Shi Jin. Don’t you normally say to me that the Great Chong Dynasty doesn’t have any talents? Brother Shi Jin is definitely a talent seen only once in a century, no, once in a millennia. Won’t you treasure him?”

“I normally make you learn casting and forging, yet you have no interest in them. Why do you care now?” Jin Wuliang drank his tea, speaking leisurely.

“Uh…Forging everyday in front of the fire is too exhausting. This Fat Master can’t bear hardship. I’d rather have a relaxed life of eating, drinking, and sleeping my fill.”

“Looking at your pig-like figure, talking about you actually makes me, Jin Wuliang, lose face. Nobody would ever believe you are my son.” Jin Wuliang snorted.

“You just insulted mother, I’m going to tell on you.” The fat man shouted his grievance.


Chen Mo was a bit speechless as he watched this father-son pair. After some time, he fake coughed to interrupt their show: “If Senior is inconvenienced, then Your Servant shall take his leave first.”

“Brother, don’t leave yet.” The fat man said urgently. It was with great difficulty that he found a friend of such high-end and imposing level as Chen Mo. He definitely did not want him to be scared off. “Father, will you help him or not. Otherwise, my friend and I are going to paint the town red.”

“I didn’t say I wouldn’t,” Jin Wuliang disapproved of his worry.

By contrast, Chen Mo’s calm and unflappable manner made him very impressed. This was the appearance a person of talent ought to have.

“There’s nothing to hide about something like imbuing spirit. I can give you a bit of help. Maybe in the future, I, Jin Wuliang, will be in a position to brag.” For a Middle Stage Casting Master to say something like this was a bit flattering, somewhat embarrassing Chen Mo.

“Since this is the case, you can come find me anytime. I will tell you everything about imbuing spirit.” Jin Wuliang said.

“Father, This Fat Master just knew I didn’t misjudge you.” The fat man laughed aloud, more happy than if he had received the benefits himself.

“Brother, let’s go, I’m inviting you out for drinks, let’s celebrate.” The fat man was beside himself with joy, very quickly revealing his instinct for drinking and partying.

“It really isn’t worth it for Shi Jin to have a friend like you. Don’t you implicate him in trouble.” Jin Wuliang glared at him.

“Uh, you’re right.”

“Fine, I was just about to forge a weapon with imbued spirit in a moment. Have any interest in observing, my boy.”

“Then pardon the interruption.”

Deep in the night.

Zhongli Sanmei sat in the living room, one leg crossed over the other, her gaze full of rumination. Nianyou was balled up hiding in the corner, apparently a bit afraid of her gaze.

A while after, the door was pushed open, and a man’s silhouette walked in. Upon seeing the newcomer, Nianyou immediately jumped up and into his chest like a bird returned to the forest.

“Sanmei, did you bully her?” The Chen Mo who came back turned his head and asked.

“This King will not bully such a small girl.” Zhongli Sanmei twitched her lips.

“It’s okay now.” Chen Mo stroked Nianyou’s head, and very quickly, the girl calmed down enormously.

Chen Mo brought back several plates of pig trotters, beef, and peanuts for dinner. As she ate, Zhongli Sanmei asked: “How was that banquet today?”

“En, not bad. I had a very abundant harvest.” Chen Mo took out the Wind Concealment Divine Stone.

Zhongli Sanmei’s eyes flashed. “Wind Concealment Divine stone!!”

“Where did you find this stone. This kind is certainly very rare.” Zhongli Sanmei played with it. The Wind Concealment Divine Stone was able to obscure a weapon’s shape and render killing intent imperceptible, make enemies unable to defend successfully. Star Generals were very fond of forging it into their weapons to be able to easily hide their Star Names.

However, operating the Wind Concealment Divine Stone would consume a large portion of her Star Energy, so martial generals that were very self-confident did not like to do this.

Chen Mo then spoke about the Western Desert Tower.

As he thought, after she heard about the legend of the Western Desert Tower, Zhongli Sanmei showed a pensive expression.

“To be able to have a Wind Concealment Divine Stone, perhaps that place truly does hide a big secret, the Star Weapon of a powerful Star General!!” Zhongli Sanmei showed a toothy grin, chuckling.

“Quickly get in contact with that person, make him bring us there for a look. That tower may be hiding many good things.” When it came to anything pertaining to a Star General, King Of Extinguished Ashes Zhongli Mo always appeared especially excited.

“En. But wait until after I forge my throwing knives, and there’s also my ascension to Three Flowers Overhead.” Chen Mo knew that most of those going to the tower were Three Flowers Overhead warriors. There was no meaning in going with his current level of strength.

“And just how much longer will you take for this? The throwing knives are doable. With that Middle Casting Master’s pointers, they shouldn’t be too big a problem, but do you have any chance at Three Flowers Overhead?” Zhongli Sanmei asked.

“Soon, there will be an auction at the Treasure Picking Pavilion. There are many Three Flowers Overhead warriors in Little Jade City, so it will definitely have pills for breakthrough.” Chen Mo said.

Zhongli Sanmei nodded. Since ancient times, pills had been shortcuts for cultivation. Chen Mo’s words were not wrong.

“However, do you have any assets to auction off?” Zhongli Sanmei smiled. If Three Flowers Overhead medicines were so easy to obtain, then Azure Dragon Town’s noble families would be full of Three Flowers warriors.

“I’m prepared to use this.” Chen Mo flipped his hand over, and some red and appeared in his palm.

Zhongli Sanmei wrinkled her brow.

Divine Clinging Cinnabar!!

When the time came, trading for top-notch pills with this kind of spirit sand that made casting masters go crazy would be very easy to achieve.

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  1. 金富二
  2. 金無量

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