Chapter 66: Arrows Shock The Relay Station

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The Western Desert’s relay station occupied an area of a hundred mu. It was situated at a major road of the Western Regions and Tail Fire Star Field. By following this road, one could reach the Foreign Star Field. It was the only way for caravans, and thus, it was very busy. When Chen Mo’s party arrived, the Western Desert relay station was already bustling with several hundred people.

People hawked their wares, made their transactions, shouted and screamed, rubbed shoulders with each other and followed others about, a very lively scene.

“Looks like a lot of people came.”

“You can each go and see if there’s anything else you need to buy. I’m going to take a look around. Meet in two hours at the north gate.” Luo Kui said.

After they entered the Western Desert, the temperatures would skyrocket. To a Qi And Blood Nine Turns warrior, this kind of torrid heat did not count as much, but to the feeble Nianyou, she was suffering to death. The girl was held by Chen Mo against his chest, her tiny little tongue slightly poking out, struggling to breath like a beached fish. The scorching sun above her head and its blinding rays also made Nianyou very uncomfortable. Her eyes were unfocused, her skin burning hot.

Chen Mo circled around this relay station market.

On the sweltering heat climate, it was very clear that unscrupulous businessmen would not miss this chance to get rich. Chen Mo found a booth and helped choose a silk shawl to help Nianyou avoid the sunshine. The vendor owner worked hard to introduce a black piece of silk. Reportedly, it was woven from Cold Silk, inherently carrying a chill. Chen Mo tested it. This Cold Silk Damask did not count as a magic weapon, yet it indeed had a cooling effect on the skin.

“How is it, not bad, right. She’ll definitely be pretty if she wears it.” The vendor’s spittle flew as he spoke. “This is the silk woven by the Northern Ground Cold Silkworm, absolutely cool in warm temperatures. Forty thousand liang of gold, it absolutely is no loss to you.”

“For things like treasures made of Cold Silkworm silk, even a single strand is worth a thousand gold. This Cold Silk Damask is only soaked in cold water. It will work temporarily, but after seven days, the effect will decrease further and further. In the end, it will be no different from normal silk. Let alone forty thousand, even four thousand is a loss.” Chen Mo seemingly smiled.

“Huh?’ The vendor was stunned.

This brat looked young and inexperienced, how was he so able to drive a bargain.

“This is impossible, I’ve sold several of these. Never have I met a customer that brought me trouble.” The vendor grit his teeth.

“That was your good fortune. You’ll know if you stay here for seven days.” Chen Mo asserted: “Ten thousand gold, and I’ll take it.”

The vendor wanted forty thousand, but Chen Mo fully displayed the virtue passed down through five thousand years of Chinese history – bargaining.

After haggling, the price was finally lowered to twenty thousand. The vendor cried that business was difficult, but Chen Mo knew that this piece of silk was not worth twenty thousand. However, he could not be bothered any further. Nianyou watched him haggle from the side, but she did not pay that much attention.

He gave this Cold Silk Damask to Nianyou to wear, and the girl liked it very much.

“Oh, you Central Plains people honestly drive a hard bargain.” An unruly voice suddenly came from behind him.

Chen Mo turned his head to see a tall and cruel woman with black hair and wicked eyes staring right at him. On her body was a similarly black piece of silk. Although she hid half her face, those evil and uninhibited eyes were unforgettable.

“Manao?” Chen Mo was somewhat surprised to bump into her in this place.

Manao had the Nebula Flying Chariot, traversing dangerous environments was a complete cinch.

The female bodyguard next to Manao glared angrily at the vendor: “What a sly Central Plains person you are, to sell it to him for twenty thousand while you sell to Her Highness for forty thousand. Courting death.” The female bodyguard was about to draw her sword when she was gently stopped by Manao.

“Forget about it, do not bother about something trifling.”

Manao’s gaze focused on Nianyou, her eyes glistening brightly. “This is?”

“She’s my little sister.” Chen Mo gave the silk to Nianyou to weak, calmly answering.

“Oh, she’s a budding beauty.” Manao meaningfully said.

Chen Mo looked around. There were too many ears in this place, so he found a stand with herbal tea, ordering a few bowls. Manao sat down together with them, but that female bodyguard stood to the side. Master and servant were different, and she dared not breach the rules.

“Your Highness Manao, why are you in this place? Can it be that the Nebula Flying Chariot that Your Servant forged is useless?” Chen Mo moistened his throat and asked.

“Where are you going!” Manao asked back without answering. “As a casting master with great promise, you shouldn’t be appearing in such a dangerous place.”

The end of the Western Desert’s road led to the Foreign Star Field. That was not a place a casting master should go to.

“A friend invited me exploring. We heard that there are some uncommon spirit stones, so we came to look.”

“Uncommon spirit stones?” Manao raised her brows, “You’re looking for the Tower?”

“If that’s the place we can find some, then there’s no harm going.”

“Considering you helped This Palace, then This Palace shall give you a word of advice. Do you want to hear it?”

“I’m all ears.” Chen Mo gratefully said.

“You’d best make your friend go home. Otherwise, there’s no going back.” Manao drank her tea, her tone as flat as the tea, but somehow it was full of a chill.

Chen Mo furrowed his brow. “Can you explain?”

“That’s all I’ll say, you’re on your own.” Manao rose and called her guard. Then, she walked onto the street. This woman’s pace was steady and full of power, making the crowd naturally avoid her, as if a king had actually descended.

Chen Mo watched her back, deep in thought.

Two hours later, north gate.

When Chen Mo arrived there, the north gate’s exit was filled with people. He saw Luo Kui was present, who seemed to be squabbling with someone.

Zhongli Sanmei also arrived at this time and asked: “What’s this situation?”

Chen Mo shook his head.

Arguing with Luo Kui was a group of warriors. They were headed by a fierce, square-faced man, and there were other warriors standing beside him.

Yun Sha, Zhuang Jing, and the others supported Luo Kui from behind. Both sides were hostile, the atmosphere grim. They were surrounded by a crowd of onlookers who watched in excitement.

“Brother Shi Jin, you’ve come.” Fatty happily greeted him.

Seeing someone join Luo Kui, the square-faced man’s group could not help but all turn to Chen Mo. Seeing he was ordinary in presence, a Three Flowers Overhead without the second flower, they showed disapproving expressions.

“What’s the matter?” Chen Mo asked.

“What else other than fighting over that White Sands Camel.” Fatty hinted over to the center of the field. A camel covered completely in fur as white as snow was currently kneeling on the ground. This was called a White Sands Camel, which was unlike the Sand Camel. Its entire body emitted a cold feeling, something quite welcome for warriors walking through blistering heat. At the moment, Luo Kui and that square-faced man were fighting over this.

“Madman Luo, I saw this one first. Everyone knows amiability makes you rich, so don’t fight with me over it.”

“Pang San,1 are those eyes for decoration? I was obviously negotiating the sale with this camel’s master first.” Luo Kui forcefully said.

“Are you unwilling to yield?” Pang San sneered. The warriors behind him immediately drew their swords.

“If anyone should yield, it’s you.”

Luo Kui and Pang San’s parties frequently opposed each other many times in their adventures into the Western Desert and while searching ruins. Neither was willing to give up first.

“Pang San, I think it is not worthwhile for you to make a fuss over this White Sands Camel, this is not even a Star Beast.” Li Xiunian flatly said. The old man who was already beginning to refine his Qi Flower did not mind the blistering hot weather at all, but watching the two of them squabble made him feel this was a waste of time.

“Just as Old Nian says, Pang San, don’t be such a bitch.” Luo Kui said.

“To have invited even Old Nian this time, looks like you’re making an all-out effort, too.” Pang San sneered, not caring for Li Xiunian’s pressure at all.

In his party, there was also a warrior that blossomed Two Flowers Overhead. In terms of strength, no one fell behind.

“Be more direct. You guys make your move, whoever wins, gets it.”

“Yeah, speak with martial prowess.”

The spectating warriors were increasing in number, beginning to cheer.

“There’s no need for us to come to blows, to waste our qi and blood.” Pang San rethought himself. To take action now definitely would mean there was no way back. Later, this would instead benefit other people.

Therefore, he looked at the master of the White Sands Camel: “What do you think?”

The White Sands Camel’s seller did not want to interfere in the dispute between two warriors. He was very conflicted: “This…”

“It’d be better to have an archery contest. Since there’s no need to make such a big fuss, archery will decide the winner. We’ll know in an instant.” One of the men on Pang San’s side said. “And we’ll shoot in the direction of the sun. This will be a challenge even for a warrior.”

The White Sands Camel’s master said: “Then this will be the contest.”

“Archery?” Luo Kui’s expression was a bit unsightly. He glared ruthlessly at that man.

“We’ll definitely lose this. That man’s archery is very formidable.” Fatty shook his head.

“The owner himself already spoke. You don’t dare compete? Fine then, don’t fight over the camel.” Pang San laughed out loud.

The spectating warriors made a racket.

Luo Kui looked at his own people. Yun Sha, Zhuang Jing, and the others were relatively embarrassed. Their archery skills were indeed not particularly exceptional.

“Then let’s compete.” All of a sudden, a voice piped up.

Chen Mo stepped forth.

“Fellow Shi Jin. You’re capable in archery?” Luo Kui and the others were very surprised.

“I just so happen to be a bit.” Chen Mo nodded.

“Ha, ha. Brat, just you alone?” Pang San laughed.

Luo Kui grit his teeth: “Then let’s compete.”

Very quickly, some warriors buried a leather bullseye in a dune a hundred meters away, aligned with the sun’s rays. Staring at it head on was somewhat blinding. This target was a bit different. The leather was the sort that had been soaked in water, exceptionally rugged. Normal blades were unable to cut it, and arrows could not easily penetrate it.

The rules were very simple. Five consecutive shots, the one with the most number of shots in the center of the target was the winner.

“Brat, I’ll have you realize my might.”

The opponent disdainfully glanced at Chen Mo, flipping out an ox-horn great bow. He put a leather quiver on his back. He mounted a horse, his legs as steady as a tree trunk, calm and powerful. From a glance at this posture of horseback archery, it was obvious this guy was very knowledgeable about archery.

Luo Kui and the others dabbed their cold sweat.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Thump! Thump!

Five clear strums of the bowstring. The arrows he fired were extremely fast, practiced and perfected, as expected. When the arrows left the bow, they were fired smoothly, practically without any hesitation. He did not bat an eye even against the sun’s rays.

The five arrows were loosed in succession, each one striking the bullseye. There were no gaps at all.

Everyone praised him.

This archery honestly broadened their horizons.

“Ji Yuanfei,2 your ‘Feather Arrow Chant’3 has advanced so quickly.” Luo Kui’s expression was grim.

“You flatter me.” Ji Yuanfei slightly grinned and tossed his own bow to Chen Mo: “Brat, don’t miss, and don’t lose too much face.”

Everyone laughed. This archery contest was clearly Ji Yuanfei’s win.

“Fine!” Chen Mo nodded.

These five consecutive arrows indeed could be considered expert skill.

Chen Mo stepped forth. At this time, he said nothing more, already secretly activating Divine Hawk Eyesight, focused on his eyes. That target that was a hundred meters away was instantly right before his eyes. This Divine Hawk Eyesight was the secret art of the Heavenly Bow Sect. Not only was it capable of enhancing everything in one’s view, magnifying the details, it could even restrain his own breathing, focusing more of his attention onto his archery.

His eyes looked at the bullseye. Chen Mo then circulated his Star Energy, channeling it through his arms. Everyone’s eyes widened. They watched Chen Mo grip the bow with one hand and nock an arrow with the other. The arrow took to the string, he drew the bow to a full moon, released the string and loosed the arrow. The sound leisurely entered the air, exploding like spring thunder.

What powerful strength.

Ji Yuanfei was taken aback. Standing to the side, he profoundly perceived the arrow that Chen Mo fired. Its powerful and excessive might surprisingly blew painfully against his face.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh.

Five arrows were fired in succession. One arrow shot into the center of the target.


The arrow unexpectedly pierced straight through the leather target.

“Huh?” Ji Yuanfei’s mouth hung agape.

Four more penetration sounds.

The remaining four arrows completely shot through the target successfully.

“Huh…” Everyone was flabbergasted. No one expected from Chen Mo’s seemingly bookish temperament that he was surprisingly so powerful, to be able to shoot through the target.

“Thanks for going easy.” After Chen Mo finished firing, he handed the bow back, taking off the quiver and grinning.

“You…” Ji Yuanfei was somewhat speechless.

If it was not for himself having also personally shot, he would have doubted whether or not that target was rigged.

“What cultivation method do you practice.” Ji Yuanfei’s eyes were a bit crazed. If archery could be practiced to be accurate and ruthless, that was definitely too mighty.

“No cultivation method.” Chen Mo said. “Can we go now?”

Luo Kui returned to his senses. He laughed heartily at Pang San. “Thank you, thank you for letting us win.”

Pang San glared coldly at Chen Mo, “Consider this time as our mistake. We’ll leave this White Sands Camel to you. If we can still meet in the desert, we’ll ask for advice then.”

Warriors were young and vigorous. Even in defeat, they needed to leave behind fierce words.

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  1. 龐三
  2. 汲元飛
  3. 羽箭訣


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