Chapter 68: Vainly Wishing For A Star General’s Destiny…

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At death’s door, Fatty did not dare be careless. Chen Mo put the ring on his index finger. Suddenly, a ray of True Qi shot forth from it, emerging from his limbs and meridians as well.

Chen Mo immediately felt as if his body’s conception and governing vessels were opened, linking into one qi and blending together.

“This is?”

Chen Mo clearly sensed a difference from when he utilized a Qi And Blood Nine Turns martial art. It was too late to ponder more upon this. Chen Mo’s feet moved, his footprints continuously flickering over the quicksand, his body techniques then moving around Fatty.

Li Center Empty, Kan Center Full, Dui Upper Open, Xun Lower Broken, Zhen Upright Basic, Gen Overturned Bowl, Kun Six Severed, Qian Three Linked.

The eight Bagua techniques were of the highest quality.

Luo Kui and the others were already dumbstruck as they watched from atop the dune.

“This is Bagua??”

“A casting master can have such a super first-rate martial art? This is too unbelievable.”

“Just what sort of person is he?”

Everyone was stunned, subconsciously turned their gazes to Chen Mo’s friend – Zhongli Sanmei.

The woman seemingly grinned, apparently a bit amused by Chen Mo’s selfless courage in the face of danger.

Chen Mo finished, stunning even Fatty. That frightening sea of sand was like level ground under Chen Mo’s feet. Currently, he was already up to his face in the quicksand. At this very moment, Fatty’s eyes were clearly seen. They darted about over the sea of sand, flicking about like a whip.

A Bagua pattern unfolded around him. Each line of the Bagua was sublime, leaping to life. Chen Mo’s hands settled. The circulation of his qi and blood had practically no leaks. The next second, Chen Mo’s palms thrust out.

Finally, three consecutive explosions boomed over the Bagua on the quicksand.

As if Heaven and Earth inverted, a powerful force emerged from his palms, moving in succession, surprisingly stopping the flow of the sand. A flawless Bagua Pattern appeared vividly on the sand.

Astonishingly, it was the final pattern.

Qian Three Linked!!

Following the formation of the Bagua, Fatty just happened to be in the center of the Bagua pattern. The profound Bagua pattern immediately stopped the quicksand. Chen Mo’s whole body shook, and he suddenly warped. He stepped forth naturally and smoothly. There were six consecutive bangs. The ground caved in, and the sea of sand continuously rolled. He extended his hand and grabbed Fatty’s hair. As if he was plucking a radish from the ground, he extracted Fatty from the quicksand trap in one go.

Just at this moment, the quicksand rumbled, sucking everything nearby in like a whirlpool.

Chen Mo’s footsteps seemed to fly, finally carrying Fatty to the top of the dune.

He looked back at that quicksand. It devoured everything like an enormous mouth, a ghastly scene.

Chen Mo took long and deep breaths. This was more profound than just using qi and blood. He glanced at that One Breath Ring on his finger. This ring seemed to be very awesome, to unexpectedly be able to raise his martial arts a level.

“Brother, just where do you come from.” Luo Kui’s jaw dropped.

“It’s just a bit of chance that I learned the Bagua.” Chen Mo answered.

This type of super first-rate martial art fundamentally could not be learned unless by personal instruction. With a perfected Bagua, that would be at least a Star General-level existence. The warriors that were very clearly of higher cultivation than Chen Mo all looked at him in great shock. How abnormal was this bit of chance.

The gaze of the Yun Sha that had been somewhat dismissive of Chen Mo earlier had now changed.

Although she had Essence Flower Late Stage level, if she actually came to blows with Chen Mo, she feared she would not have even a chance at victory. He was in possession of an abnormal casting art, and he had the super first-rate Bagua martial arts. This young man was simply defiant of natural order.

If Chen Mo was not clearly a man, they all would have believed he was a Star General.

“Here’s the ring back. Be careful from now on.” Chen Mo threw the ring to Fatty.

Fatty was still in a state of panic. After he caught the ring, he threw it back without even thinking.

“Hm?” Chen Mo caught the ring.

“If it wasn’t for you saving my life, Brother, I definitely would have died here today. If I took this ring back, wouldn’t that be a betrayal of This Fat Master’s morals. I don’t want it, absolutely not!” Fatty waved his hand.

“Fatty’s a nouveau riche. Brother Shi Jin, don’t be modest with him. That kind of High Grade magic tool doesn’t mean anything to the Great Tool Court.” Luo Kui smiled and said.

Chen Mo was not a modest person. This One Breath Ring was indeed pretty good. After he equipped it, a clump of True Qi flowed through his meridians. It was like he had the feeling of cultivating qi. “What is this magic tool?”

“This ring is amazing.” Luo Kui looked at the ring with a bit of envy. “Legend says that the ring is imbued with a bit of natural True Qi. Once equipped, this True Qi can pass through all of a warrior’s meridians, to give the martial arts they use the effect of Qi Flower Realm.”

As expected.

The martial arts a Qi And Blood Nine Turns warrior used still did not break away from the bounds of the physical body. By using the physical body, all aspects had limits. After blossoming the Qi Flower and refining qi, one could borrow energy from the world to cultivate. Martial arts used during this time would seem to be one with the world, overturning rivers and boiling seas, shifting mountains and shooting down suns. There were already no limits.

Although the One Qi Ring was very formidable, it was restricted to those of Qi Flower Realm and below. After blooming Qi Flower Stage, the effects were not so clear. However, by wearing the One Qi Ring often, that bit of natural True Qi’s flow could accelerate the growth of a warrior’s Qi Flower formation.

Chen Mo had originally thought that using the qi of Yin and Yang to temper his body was very excellent. He never imagined that there would be an even higher summit.

A single One Qi Ring was equal to all of his cultivation thus far. It appeared that nouveau riche liked sets of 13, so he could not be looked down upon. A single One Qi Ring could allow a warrior to reach Qi Flower Realm-like power. Chen Mo thought that if he encountered royalty or high nobility at the court examination, perhaps things would be even more abnormal.

Fatty had already reached Essence Flower Late Stage, and his distance to Qi Flower was but a single step. He no longer valued the One Qi Ring, so he may as well use it to repay a favor. This was what his father personally ordered, anyways, so he did not care.

“Brother, you saved my life. Now, we are life and death pals.” Fatty put his arm around Chen Mo’s shoulder, acting even more familiar than before.

His logic was too perfect. After receiving this One Qi Ring, Chen Mo had nothing else to say. Seeing Fatty smile so happily, Chen Mo wondered whether Fatty had played a trick to deliberately place himself in danger for the sake of establishing close relations with him, a genius casting master.

Night in the desert was a sea of stars.

The temperature plummeted, and consecutive days of rushing about made everyone very exhausted. They found a hill to take shelter from the wind, lighting a bonfire, relaxing and resting. They formed a circle and ate their rations, beginning to chat at their leisure.

“Brother, is your little sister alright?” Ever since they entered the Western Desert, Nianyou had continued to sleep against Chen Mo’s chest. They had practically not heard her voice all this time, but it appeared that she was not in low spirits as Fatty was.

How should she be described then.

She was as remote as a starless night sky.

Impossible to see through.

But it was certainly known that hidden under this darkness was a light even more dazzling than precious gems.

“She’s fine, she’s just doesn’t like to talk.” Chen Mo lowered his head. Nianyou hugged tightly against his chest, like a sleeping chick, her long hair fluttering in the wind. Only he could appreciate this graceful and refined sleeping face.

“It’d be better to talk about your affairs. Just what is the tower, did you actually see it?” Chen Mo asked.

Fatty’s interest was also stirred. This guy had already forgotten the danger he nearly died to earlier and was in high spirits. “That’s right, that’s right, don’t tell me the Western Desert Tower actually exists?? This really isn’t just a legend? My old drinking buddies all talked about this.” 

“There’s no way to be sure about this, but we indeed saw an enormous pavilion appear in the sky.” Luo Kui answered with great certainty.

Zhuang Jing and the others also attested to that. “En, but at the time, it was too far away. We were unable to get close. We only entered the surrounding ruins and found some rare spirit stones.”

“That was already two years ago now.” Yun Sha was silent for a moment before speaking. “Back then, we paid a heavy price.”

Upon mentioning this, their expressions dimmed, and the atmosphere suddenly fell silent.

“At the time, we didn’t expect a thing. This time, we can succeed.” Luo Kui smiled and said.

Zhuang Jing, Yun Sha, and Li Xiunian all agreed. It appeared they were very certain.

“Succeed in what? Don’t tell me you’re still vainly wishing for a Star General’s destiny?”

All of a sudden, a disdainful, ice-cold voice rang.

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