Chapter 70: The Star General With Purple Rose Qi

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After the Old Demon Black Wind passed, the party was already completely scattered. Chen Mo did not know if the others were alive or dead. He was not very worried about Luo Kui and his people. They had explored the Western Desert’s grounds many times, were already familiar with the road and had ample experience. But it was that Fatty who had insisted on coming along for self-discipline that was somewhat troublesome. Chen Mo wondered if that scream from before was him being eaten by a Hundred Feet Centipede.

Chen Mo carefully held Nianyou, bringing out several Grade Nine pills to bolster her strength. He also gave Nianyou a bit of water to drink while gulping a mouthful down for himself. Fortunately, this Star World had Astral Stones. He could store some survival items in it for emergencies.

After resting a while, Chen Mo began to proceed.

With the black wind behind them, even more of the rocks in the desert were exposed, and there were gradually more cliffs. The number of corpses on the desert also began to increase. Some were of warriors, others of demon beasts. Some of them seemed to have been here for ages, becoming mere skeletons, while others were still decaying.

It was as Luo Kui said, many warriors apparently entered this place.

Walking a while, he then spotted that eroded cliff that Luo Kui mentioned before. It was particularly lofty in the vast desert, just like a sword stuck in the ground. From faraway, he spotted some people under the cliff.

Zhongli Mo, Luo Kui, Li Xiunian and the others were uneasy under the cliff. When they saw Chen Mo appear, they finally sighed in relief.

“It’s truly such a relief you’re okay. You made me worry to death.”

Chen Mo narrated his encounter.

“That was a Blood-marked Centipede.” Li Xiunian’s brow creased.

“Did you really encounter a Blood-marked Centipede?” Luo Kui asked in astonishment.

“En, this Demon Beast was quite strong.” If it was not for the teleportation inside the Old Demon Black Wind, Chen Mo felt that encounter would have bode very ill for him.

“Just strong?” The corner of Yun Sha’s lips twitched: “That you were able to survive is simply baffling.”


The Blood-marked Centipede was the king of Hundred Feet Centipedes, categorized as a Rank Four Demon Bug. The Blood-marked Centipede had its own territory and was extremely sensitive to any prey that entered its domain. Its hunting speed was extremely fast, and its blood had a rapid paralysis agent. It was capable of several abilities and was able to move about the Old Demon Black Wind’s weather uninhibited. It was much more troublesome than the Hundred Feet Centipedes.

In the past, several teams of warriors that entered the desert were annihilated at the Blood-marked Centipede’s jaws.

With Chen Mo’s mere Three Flowers Overhead cultivation, to be able to evade the Blood-marked Centipede hunting in Old Demon Black Wind and escape with his life, practically no warrior in the Western Regions would believe this.

After a while, Zhuang Jing emerged from the desert storm. The youth did not say a word. His expressions was somewhat exhausted.

“Now, it’s only Fatty left.” Luo Kui said.

“If he encountered the Blood-marked Centipede in Old Demon Black Wind, this Fatty won’t be so lucky.” Yun Sha said.

“If only he had something to count on.” Li Xiunian shut his eyes.

On the second day, still not seeing Fatty’s figure, it was obvious that he already ran out of luck.1 Luo Kui saw there was no way to continue waiting like this and discussed with everyone again about the journey. If they missed that “time,” who knew when they would ever see the tower again.

A day later, an enormous, devastated ruin appeared before them. This ruin was like an abandoned city-state. He could faintly make out its destroyed city walls, its wind-eroded pavilions. But to say this was their destination, the tower, Chen Mo was unable to believe this at all.

“Is this the place?” Zhongli Sanmei indicated her skepticism.

“Last time we came here, the tower just suddenly appeared in the center of these ruins.” Luo Kui said.

Zhongli Sanmei raised her head and looked, unable to see any sign of a tower.

“That time hasn’t come yet. You’ll be able to see it then.” Yun Sha said.

“That time?” Chen Mo furrowed his brow.

Everyone quickly entered the ruins. A large portion of the sandstorm buried the city’s thriving past. From the appearance of the broken walls, it seemed the style was unlike the Great Chong Dynasty’s; it seemed like it originated from the Foreign Tribes.

Chen Mo walked around when his foot suddenly stepped into a hole.

He stopped and brushed away the sand. The floor was that sort of desert rock with ancient markings carved upon it. It seemed ornamental, and from the patterns on the ground, this city’s past atmosphere was able to be seen. However, these veined patterns were a bit familiar, as if he had seen them somewhere before.

“Did you find something?” Zhongli Sanmei asked.

“No.” Chen Mo followed the pattern with his eyes into the desert and shook his head.

After walking for a couple hours, a group of warriors appeared in front of them also searching everywhere in the ruins.

“Pang San, still alive, huh.” Luo Kui sneered in greeting.

Pang San’s group appeared somewhat haggard. They were missing a few of their number. Evidently, they also met with trouble. “If you’re not dead, how can I die.” Pang San laughed in return.

His gaze subconsciously swept over Luo Kui’s team and very quickly settled on Chen Mo. “You guys have been very successful, huh.”

“But, where’s the fatty? Why don’t I see that young master of the Great Tool Court.” 

Seeing Luo Kui fall silent, Pang San gleefully laughed at their misfortune: “So something’s happened. This actually isn’t a very big surprise, but I wonder what Jin Wuliang would think.”

“Since he wanted to join in, he naturally prepared a plan for the worst-case scenario. The Western Desert Tower isn’t some tourist attraction. Jin Wuliang is very clear on this logic, so you don’t need to be worried.” Luo Kui said.

“That’s for the best.”

Pang San and Luo Kui traded verbal blows, the atmosphere heating up, each side somewhat angered.

“To be able to bring a little girl safely through Old Demon Black Wind, your brat’s luck is pretty good. What a pity that Ji Yuanfei wasn’t as fortunate as you.” Pang San returned his gaze to Chen Mo before angrily leaving. 

After spending a day in these ruins, another two parties of warriors entered the grounds. The leading warriors of these teams were very familiar with Luo Kui, both sides chatting up the other. They split up on their own into the ruins, searching for a place to rest. However, Chen Mo felt these teams had a sharp gaze directed at himself.

Chen Mo noticed that these warriors did not have any plans to advance further, setting up campe in the ruins and raising bonfires. They practiced martial arts as if they were waiting for something.

Night fell, and Zhongli Sanmei set out on her own to find a place to cultivate Star Energy. After Chen Mo ingested a Dust Washing Pill, he then asked at this time: “Just what are we waiting for?”

“We’re waiting for rain.”

“Rain? The Western Desert has rain?” Chen Mo remembered that the Western Desert suffered from drought year-round. Records of rain were very sparse.

“It does. We’ve investigated it before. The Western Desert will have a single rainfall every two years.” Luo Kui looked into the distance as he tended to the bonfire, saying: “We only need to wait patiently now. According to the time analysis, it will be in these two days.”

Was this the time that Luo Kui previously said occurred every two years? Chen Mo then said, “The tower just appears after it rains? Are you guys sure you didn’t see a mirage?” Rainfall in the desert was oftentimes the cause of mirages. If it appeared simply for a reason like this, Chen Mo felt he would go mad.

“It’s absolutely not a mirage. Brother, relax. This absolutely is not a waste of your time.” Luo Kui swore.

If he said so, Chen Mo could only patiently wait.

Night gradually fell, and another spell of the black wind blew over the desert. Luckily, it was not at the level of the Old Demon, but the black wind was still very intense. The city’s desert sand was blown and rolled away, revealing a malevolent structure. Just at this moment, there was suddenly a blood-curdling scream from one of the camps. Then, that camp was immediately active with a commotion.

Everyone was startled awake one after another.

Nianyou also finally opened her eyes, rubbing her drowsy pupils.

“What’s going on?”

They saw someplace faraway some sand and dust rise. A gigantic black silhouette rose from the ground. Panicked warriors that were caught unprepared were pulled underground one after another by it. That black shadow had faint blood-marks and a mouth dripping with blood. Astonishingly, it was the Blood-marked Centipede.

“I never imagined this place would have a Blood-marked Centipede. Everyone, be careful, it’s best to stand someplace high.” Luo Kui promptly said.

Before he finished speaking, all warriors used cultivations methods, landing atop tall structures throughout the ruins.


A blood-net shot out and captured one of the warriors staying high up. Then, the Blood-marked Centipede gave him a Death Embrace. That warriors shrieked and then ceased to draw breath.

“With so many us here, how can we still be afraid of the Demon Bugs.”

Li Xiunian sneered. He kicked with his foot, becoming a giant black hawk-like shadow that plunged directly at the Blood-marked Centipede. “The Blood-marked Centipede is only a Rank Four Demon Beast. With our numbers, we can kill it.” Luo Kui said, following Li Xiunian and launching an attack on the Blood-marked Centipede.

Yun Sha and Zhuang Jing also were not willing to miss out.

After the initial chaos, the warriors regained their composure. Although the Blood-marked Centipede was very strong, they always like to rely on the weather of Old Demon Black Wind. They were very difficult to see, but now spying prey like this, all of the cultivators had the will to hunt.

Everyone had originally came to the Western Desert in search of luck and treasure, and the Blood-marked Centipede’s “Blood Marks” were high-quality material for pill concoction as well.

Chen Mo did not approach this bustle. The Blood-marked Centipede was surrounded by thirty to forty warriors, a scene too chaotic. This Blood-marked Centipede would perhaps flee.

Martial arts were unleashed all together inside the black wind filling the skies, against the Blood-marked Centipede.

The Blood-marked Centipede’s blood net was useless, and having sustained a serious blow, it began to scuttle away. Although it was a Rank Four Demon Beast, it was inherently not very strong. Against an encirclement with so many warriors, it was no match.

“Nianyou, hold on tight to me.” Chen Mo slightly smiled.

Little Nianyou grunted, shutting her eyes again as she wrapped her arms around Chen Mo’s neck.

The Blood-marked Centipede burrowed into the sea of sand. A blood-red thread extended from the ground towards Chen Mo in a sneak attack. It had caught sight of Chen Mo isolated from the rest, and seeing his cultivation was low, it changed its hunting target on the spot.

“Not good.” Luo Kui shouted.

Li Xiunian swiftly bounded up.

Chen Mo took out Northern Dipper, viciously slamming it towards the ground. This “Zhen Upright Basin” was swift and fierce, and with the addition of the One Qi Ring, the entire ruins shuddered under an earthquake. The sea of sand was obliterated. The Blood-marked Centipede let out a scream, its giant dozen meters body smashed out from the ground by Chen Mo.

This Blood-marked Centipede was indeed formidable, twisting that body with a hundred feet while it was in midair, releasing a blood-net.

This blood-net had venom, and Chen Mo did not dare rashly step forward.

The Blood-marked Centipede twisted in midair, escaping in another direction. The power of Chen Mo’s blow was boundless, practically shattering the centipede’s iron defenses. Compared to the teamwork of those warriors, it was much more serious. The Blood-marked Centipede sensed terrifying Star Energy. Realizing this warrior was even more difficult to face, it therefore immediately fled.

Chen Mo’s next attack was not finished charging up when the Blood-marked Centipede already escaped. He was not willing to let go of such a good opportunity either, immediately giving chase.

“Out of the way.

The Blood-marked Centipede scuttled towards a woman cultivator dressed in dark purple clothes who was still groggy. The Blood-marked Centipede opened its maw of sharp and bloody teeth, preparing to kill this warrior to replenish its own magic energy.

“It’s too fast.”

Chen Mo did not have any escape techniques, so he was basically unable to match the Rank Four Demon Beast’s speed. Furthermore, that teleportation did not manifest.

He stared helplessly as that woman fell into the Blood-marked Centipede’s teeth.

That body of a hundred legs that spanned a dozen meters curled up, its countless feet very quickly wrapping around that female warrior like snakes. The Blood-marked Centipede embraced the female cultivator and twisted its body, chewing as it pleased. Just at this moment, an unexpected scene occurred.

There was the sound of limbs ripping apart.

A blood-red sword-light split open against the Blood-marked Centipede’s back, and then this sword-light extended in all directions like a net.

An explosion boomed.

The Blood-marked Centipede’s enormous body instantly disintegrated, becoming chunks of meat that fell in all directions. Blood fell like rain.

An awful stench assailed the nostrils in this blood-rain.

That woman in dark purple clothes opened her eyes from her slumber. In her hand was a purple long sword that was just like a roving dragon. It emerged with a whistle, surprisingly faintly manifesting purple qi.

Purple Rose qi?

This was the sign that a ruler had descended.

When a Purple Rose level Star General appeared, the world would fill with purple clouds from the east. Other than Purple Rose Star Generals, there was only one kind of Star General throughout all of Star World that could possibly possess a trace of Purple Rose qi.

Those that inherited the name of rulers, Star Generals with glorious achievements!

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