Chapter 78: Since Ancient Times, Young People Have Been Extraordinary

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It was already the fourth day by the time they returned to Little Jade City. Originally, Chen Mo was prepared to rush back to Changluo as fast as possible to deal with the upcoming metropolitan examination. However, after obtaining those materials from Manao, he came up with the idea to forge another Nebula Flying Chariot. With a flight Astral Tool like this, then his future adventures would obviously be much more convenient.

On this trip to seek out the tower in the Western Desert, only Luo Kui and Zhuang Jing were left alive from the original party. They listened to Chen Mo’s warning and did not go seek out the tower’s Star Weapon, avoiding direct confrontation with the Star Generals. Other than them, the warrior parties that went to the Western Desert were practically exterminated. Still, at the tower, they found some spirit stones, but compared to the deaths of their companions Yun Sha and Li Xiunian, these spirit stones were completely insufficient to make up for the losses.

Of course, what was most depressing about this trip was Fatty’s death in the Old Demon Black Wind. With this young master of the Great Tool Court dead, Luo Kui was very worried that Jin Wuliang would vent his anger upon them.

The group reached the Jin Mansion, hesitating for a long time. In the end, they still delivered the bad news. Lady Jin was inconsolable while Jin Wuliang sank into a long silence. Finally, he very calmly accepted this news of his son’s passing. His principled behavior made Luo Kui and Zhuang Jing endlessly moved, both pledging their services to the Great Tool Court.

“This One Qi Ring was Fatty’s. I’m returning it to its original owner.” Chen Mo did not hesitate to return this most precious treasure for Qi And Blood warriors back to Jin Wuliang.

Luo Kui and Zhuang Jing were each taken aback, wearing astonished expressions.

The One Qi Ring was but a very enviable Astral Tool for Essence Flower level warriors. One full level may or may not be high, but the benefit was nevertheless boundless. Fatty had already given it to Chen Mo in the desert. Even if Chen Mo took it for himself, that would have been no issue, and Fatty’s corpse was already buried in the desert depths. This One Qi Ring would not have been found by anyone.

And they naturally would not have informed Jin Wuliang about it either.

Good lad, what courage you have.

Luo Kui was secretly impressed.

To take it yet also be able to set it down, he thought it was because Chen Mo harbored guilt over Fatty’s death that he would want to return the Astral Tool.

Jin Wuliang sunk into contemplation. He looked at Chen Mo, who did not show any expressions. A moment later, the man shook his head, “I appreciate your kindness. Since this is something my beloved son bestowed upon you, how can my Jin Family show such treachery by taking it back.”

“Brother Shi Jin, you had a connection with my son, and I’m very fond of you as well. If you’re willing to be a friend to This Jin, let alone this One Qi Ring, the Great Tool Court will also welcome you as one of its most important officials.” Jin Wuliang paused and asked: “Brother Shi Jin, would you be willing.”

The Great Tool Court had many of its own casting masters come to personally cast or repair every kind of weapon and tool. To enter the Great Tool Court was just like entering the Sword Casting Villa; treatment would be extremely high. Many Early Stage Peak casting masters would not necessarily have these qualifications even if they fought their hardest for it, and the selection of the best casting masters that the Sword Casting Villa held every three years was but a most opportune major event for the Tail Fire Star Field.

In the face of the invitation to be one of the Great Tool Court’s officials, Chen Mo’s expression was nevertheless very calm.

Which made Luo Kui feel perplexed.

“Your Servant is very willing to be friends with Senior Jin, but Your Servant still wants to travel. There really is no way to settle in one place to be an official. Please understand.” Chen Mo helplessly said.

“As long as you say the word, This Jin is satisfied.” Jin Wuliang was grateful.

“As they say, reading ten thousand books is not as good as traveling ten thousand roads, traveling ten thousand roads is not as good as going through countless experiences. For Fellow Shi Jin to have such high aims, This Old Man is very impressed.” Elder Ding respectfully said from the side.


Luo Kui agreed.

Since Jin Wuliang declined, Chen Mo again placed the One Qi Ring onto his finger. After forming his third Servant Star Contract, Chen Mo’s Star Energy slowly increased greatly. His Essence Flower was budding to the Middle Stage. This ring was not too significant anymore, however, Chen Mo did not mind taking it as he still had other plans.

Finally, Chen Mo requested the same casting room from the Great TOol Court. After preparing his materials, he began to set about forging the Nebula Chariot and repairing the Snake Scale Armor. This magic tool had more or less been smashed by the weakened Scourge Of God at the twoer. If it was not for this defensive Astral Tool, he may have been whipped to death.

Jin Mansion.

“I never thought a tower would surprisingly draw out Star Generals into showing themselves. Can it be that Star Weapon is real?” Jin Wuliang’s brow was locked in worry as he pondered over the information he received from Luo Kui.

“And young Shi Jin also solved this tower as well. This boy is exceptional.” Elder Ding’s eyes were aglow.

Jin Wuliang nodded, “So young yet so masterful. If he does not have a great teacher’s directions behind him, then that is too frightening.”

“Court Master, do you feel this boy will serve the Great Tool Court?” Elder Ding asked: “Although the Court Master used some tricks, that young man is apparently perceptive. If there is a slip up, I fear the opposite result will be produced.”

“Which is why I needed to find a chance to escape back here?”

A guffawing voice suddenly interrupted them.

Jin Wuliang calmly drank his tea, casting a glance to the doorway. A fat young man had appeared. Stepping out and drawing back the curtain, the teary-eyed Madam Jin was immediately as dumb as a wooden chicken when she saw that young man. “Erfu!”

“I’ve caused Mother grief.” This young man was none other than Jin Erfu. Although his face was a bit worn, he was very energetic.

“What kind of trick did you play?” Madam Jin asked.

“Take it out.” Jin Wuliang slightly smiled.

Fatty somewhat reluctantly fished out a piece of jade from his Astral Stone. Carved upon it was a sea of stars, and it shone brilliantly.

“The Profound Star Barrier!!1 A natural Astral Treasure?” Madam Jin covered her mouth in shock.

In Star World, those forged from the stars and smelted with Star Energy were known as Natural Astral Treasures. Since they were natural, these treasures all bore the Star Energy of Star World’s starry sky. Even a scholar who lacked the strength to truss a chicken was able to use one.

The power of Astral Treasures could be comparable to a Star General.

In the Outer Star Field, an Astral Treasure was enough to make people drool and make their eyes red with envy.

The Profound Star Barrier was rumored to come from a room in one of the ancient Star Halls in Star World’s Maiden Mountain. When it fell into Star World, it broke into tens of thousands of fragments. These fragments carried natural Star Energy and were considered Astral Treasures.

Although the Profound Star Barrier was categorized as an Early Stage Astral Treasure among Natural Astral Treasures, any warrior who trained their qi and blood or cultivated their spirit and qi could resist any outside encroachment using the Profound Star Barrier. Even a Star General’s attack could be temporarily blocked. In Great Chong Dynasty, it was considered formidable.

The Profound Star Barrier was the court-guarding treasure of the Great Tool Court, and it was an item Jin Wulang kept on his own person. Normally, no one would know if he did not take it out. This time when Jin Erfu went to the Western Desert, he gave it to the young man out of concern.

As for why he did such a thing.

Matters would need to be traced back to the beginning, when Jin Wuliang saw that Chen Mo was a diamond in the rough. He knew that his tiny Great Tool Court would be insufficient to accommodate him, so Jin Wuliang had an idea after he learned that Chen Mo was setting out.

And that was to have Jin Erfu tag along.

Jin Wuliang knew his own son’s nature better than anyone did. This brat normally indulged in pleasure and roamed free; Jin Wuliang had found the perfect opportunity to make him suffer a bit of hardship, to discipline the boy. He would build a relationship with Chen Mo during this time, and it would be best that there was a life and death exchange.

However, Fatty encountering a quicksand trap was considered a surprise. Originally, this friendship was planned to be used in Old Demon Black Wind. In the end, that Chen Mo was unexpectedly capable of navigating the quicksand trap surprised him. Afterwards, he relied on the favor of being a life savior to see off the One Qi Ring. By doing so, they would have profound friendship.

After encountering Old Demon Black Wind, Fatty sunk into the sand, then borrowed the power of the Profound Star Barrier to hide his tracks, making everyone believe he died.

“Why make them think he died?” Madam Jin was very perplexed what these men were thinking.

Elder Ding explained: “This is merely to make that Fellow feel guilt. When he returns to Little Jade City, it would be very difficult to refuse the Great Tool Court’s kind invitation. Then, the Young Master would miraculously emerge, thus settling everything.”

Madam Jin forced a slightly bitter smile: “Do you men need to plan so intricately?”

“Blame it on me liking that lad too much, but he is worthy of being called a talent. His future prospects aren’t something you or I can imagine.” Jin Wuliang slightly sighed.

“What a pity that he still refused your invitation.”

“We can only say that his mind is very tranquil, enough to not change from the influence of the outside world. Such a person is truly a terrifying casting master.” Elder Ding was regretful.

“Meaning that This Young Master’s self-harm play was wasted.” Fatty sat on the ground.

“Not wasted. At least he is already standing on our Great Tool Court’s side in name. We already have a bit of hope when the Sword Casting Villa opposes us in the future.” Jin Wuliang’s gaze turned deep.

“Where is Brother Shi Jin? I want to go find him for a good drink.” Fatty groveled.

“You go and cultivate properly. He’s already entered the Casting Halls to forge an Astral Tool again.” Jin Wuliang had a great headache over his unaccomplished son.

Chen Mo had such excellent and was still hard-working, yet this brat was very lazy. Right now, the disparity between them was not obvious, but in a few years, the two would be perhaps be worlds apart.

Fatty thought so as well. Immediately, he became serious and conscientious, running off to go self-cultivate.

“Lord Husband, you have but gone through painstaking effort for the Great Tool Court, but has Lord Husband not thought of it before? If Shi Jin had entered the tower and been killed by the Star General, then everything would have gone to waste.”

“This would be quite the surprise, ha, ha.”

“Yes, Court Master. We did not anticipate that legendary tower would truly exist, and that he surprisingly was able to solve it.” Elder Ding forced a smile.

“A pity, what a pity. If I had a son like this, then I already would not need to fear the Sword Casting Villa.” Jin Wuliang finished his tea.

Madam Jin harrumphed. “I hope Erfu can properly self-cultivate this time.”

At this moment, Chen Mo nevertheless did not realize that, for the sake of making him join the Great Tool Court, Jin Wuliang had surprisingly spared no effort in a self-harm play. A normal person would have jumped into scalding wader and tread over raging fire just to join, but Chen Mo’s ambitions lay elsewhere, at Maiden Mountain, the peak at the center of the Inner Star Field.

In order to accomplish this desire, he naturally could not stay in the Great Tool Court, to say nothing of the fact he still had other thinking. However, as a nominal official of the Great Tool Court, if he could help, then he would not be stingy either. After all, Jin Wuliang treated him very well.

At this very moment, Chen Mo was in the middle of devoting himself to the beginning of forging a Nebula Flying Chariot.

A red, blood-marked centipede Demon Pellet was placed in front of him,.

This Demon Pellet emitted a blood-light, faintly manifesting the shape of a centipede.

After deliberating a while.

Chen Mo looked at the Nebula Flying Chariot and finally made a decision.

“I’ll forge this Demon Pellet into the Nebula Flying Chariot. By doing so, I can exploit its Death Embrace characteristic. Then, not only will the Nebula Flying Chariot have flight capabilities, it will also have the power to launch sneak attacks.”

Casting this Demon Pellet into the Flying Chariot was extremely challenging for a Casting master. In the case of rejection, all of the materials would be contaminated, utter ruination.

But since he wanted to become a powerful casting master, he could not follow everything according to prescribed routine.

He took a deep breath. Chen Mo began once again an audacious casting.

If Jin Wuliang knew he dared to do this, that man definitely would sigh – since ancient times, young people have been extraordinary.

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