Chapter 83: We Pay Respect To Your Highness

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The brocaded young man looked down. There was an enormous stain on his pants at his crotch, and there was a puddle on the ground, too. At first glance, this really did seem like he pissed himself out of fright.

All of the cultivators in the surroundings howled with laughter. Although they were very jealous of this young man’s gold juren token, they could not help but burst out laughing upon seeing him unexpectedly lose control over his bladder.

“Thorntree’s juren can’t be such a good-for-nothing, right.” 

“He pissed himself before anything even happened.”

“He was so arrogant before, but it looks like he’s only a paper tiger.”

This world was never in a shortage of people who would hit someone when they were down, and they were even more numerous especially when that person was in a position of envy. All the warriors who had just been yes-men to this brocaded youth now jeered when they saw him suffer humiliation.

The brocaded young man was unconcerned with them. He hatefully glared at Chen Mo.

As the scion of a general, he had gone through trials of corpses and blood ever since he was little. He had already tempered his courage, so powerful force was basically insufficient to scare him into incontinence. The brocaded youth look all around and noticed a seat with an empty teacup. He immediately realized what had happened. The bastard in front of him surprisingly splashed the tea onto him, making a fool of him.

“You dare to humiliate me!!”

“I didn’t humiliate you, you humiliated yourself. Magnificent scion of a general, has no one ever taught you the concept of first come, first served?” Chen Mo twitched his lips, unconcerned with his counterpart’s anger. “You really make me worried how a warrior who doesn’t understand discipline will bear the heavy responsibilities of the court.”

“Good, good. Today, if I, Zongzheng Ying,1 do not firmly discipline you, then indeed I shame the accomplishments of my Zongzheng Family.” The young man defended his reputation.

The Zongzheng Family?

Chen Mo had no recollection of them. After all, he was in Azure Dragon Town ever since he left Chang’an. He was not familiar at all with Chuan Province.

But the other warriors were slightly startled upon hearing this name. The people who had been mocking him a moment earlier immediately lowered their voices, their attitudes once again taking on a ridiculous reverence.

“The son of Supreme General Zongzheng.”

“No wonder he’s so formidable to be able to obtain the gold juren token.”

Supreme General?2

Great Chong Dynasty’s had three levels of generals, Supreme General, General of Agile Cavalry,3 and General of Chariots and Cavalry.4 Those who attained Supreme General had at least Greater Thunder Tribulation strength. No wonder this guy was so rude and unreasonable. In Chuan Province, even Chen Huhao’s Chen Family was unable to hold him back. However, the Supreme General would still need to abide the orders of Chen Zhangtian in Chuan Province.

“You’re the son of the Supreme General. You don’t even have the slightest bit of eyesight, yet you still want to court disgrace?” Chen Mo’s brows rose, his tone as stern as a lecture.

Zongzheng Ying had never been humiliated like this before. Today, even if his father came, he would not let the matter rest.

“The both of you are juren, who in the future may serve His Imperial Majesty. You must not stir internecine strife.”

A warm voice came over.

One of the Governor House’s deputy generals rushed out to advice Chen Mo. He saw that Zongzheng Ying was not to be provoked, so he said to Chen Mo: “Little Brother, it would be better to apologize to him for now, turn hostility into friendship.” 

“Young Master Zongzheng, the general’s reputation is well-deserved. There is no need to be angry and ruin friendships. Why not wait until the metropolitan examination to settle your differences.”

“Fuck off!” Zongzheng Ying cursed and angrily glared: “Today, if you do not kneel and give an apology, do not think I will let this go.”

That deputy’s expression was a bit unsightly. He looked at Chen Mo in embarrassment.

“Apology? I actually can give you an apology.” Chen Mo nodded.

That deputy general said to himself that this Fellow was truly honorable, but before he could even feel happy, Chen Mo immediately changed the topic: “But I’m afraid that after I’m done apologizing, your father will end up apologizing to me.”

The deputy general’s jaw dropped, thinking he had misheard.

That the Supreme General would give him an apology, who did he think he was, the son of Lord Chang’an?5

The warriors nearby were in an uproar, showing excited expressions. “This is a good show.”6

Zongzheng Ying’s expression darkened: “You dare insult my father. If I do not take you down today, then I do not want this juren.” His body techniques rose, his body like a large eagle. An evil wind aggressively blew. Two flowers gathered above his head, having surprisingly reached Qi Flower Realm.

As expected of the scion of a general, to have cultivated to Qi Flower Stage at such a young age. Perhaps even Qing Wan could not compare. However, this was normal. Qing Wan was considered the number one genius of Azure Dragon Town, but that place was nothing more than a town. There was not enough information regarding noble families, very lacking compared to the prominent noble families of the court.

No wonder Zongzheng Yin was so overbearing. Being arrogant in Chuan Province was not issue with this level of strength.

“Brother, be careful.” Zhang Meng’s expression changed in astonishment, forced back by Zongzheng Ying.

After refining the Qi Flower, one could condense qi to train the body. Each and every one of his techniques could not be blocked by a Qi And Blood warrior. When Chen Mo saw this, he also activated the One Qi Ring. A Qi Flower similarly slowly blossomed.

“What? Qi Flower Realm?”

“No way, Qi Flower??”

“How is this possible.”

Compared to the inevitability of Zongzheng Ying’s cultivation, after Chen Mo also displayed Qi Flower Realm, all of the warriors were dumbstruck. For a juren who possessed a copper juren token to surprisingly be capable of refining to Two Flowers Overhead, this was simply unbelievable. Only major cities could have this kind of formidable strength.

“Today, I shall teach you a lesson on your father’s behalf, so as to avoid you losing your tiny life to someone else’s hands in the future.” Chen Mo coldly said. He threw a punch. Gen Overturned Bowl caught Zongzheng Ying’s Great Roc Spreads Wings. The young man’s arms opened and closed, his intense True Qi smashed to smithereens. He was sent flying through the hall. As he circulated his True Qi, Zongzheng Ying chained together expletives, shouting.

Immediately, the warriors filling the hall were shocked into taking a step back.

Intense wind coiled, clawing at him. Combined with the form of Great Roc Fist, the young man’s entire aura suddenly became incomparably sharp. A severe killing intent burst from his throat. Sharp and keen, he divebombed like a giant eagle that had been soaring a thousand meters above.

The warriors near Zongzheng Ying immediately felt awful. Their whole bodies were bound by the wind, somewhat unable to move. If it was not for the fact that his opponent was Chen Mo, they definitely would have been shredded to pieces.

The color drained from the warriors’ faces. They looked to Chen Mo in horror.

Zongzheng Ying’s “Great Roc Kill” really was tyrannical. This was the most profound technique from the Great Roc Fist. The user executed a diving attack from high altitude. No matter where someone hid amidst an entire army, their head would be taken.

What a pity that using a warrior’s power to threaten Chen Mo was simply the dreamtalk of a fool.

With three Star General contracts in his body, even the might of the Human Sovereign would not necessarily be able to stir him. Chen Mo used the Bagua’s Li Center Empty. His body yielded openly, making Zongzheng Ying’s arrogance cleanly vanish. Then, Chen Mo thrust out his right hand. There seemed to be a cannon blast, sending his power into the ground. The hall’s floor jolted.

The might of his punch exploded as violently as a volcano, making people cry out in panic.

“This boy is simply abnormal.”

When the warriors who were fearful of Zongzheng Ying a moment ago sensed the power of this punch, they immediately felt a burning flame inside their chests, more terrifying than Zongzheng Ying’s Great Roc.

Some of the only Qi And Blood Nine Turns warriors even were hard-pressed to suppress the stifling feeling in their lungs, vomiting blood instead.

Zongzheng Ying’s Two Flowers Overhead and True Qi immediately sensed the approaching killing intent, the slight tremors that were transmitted. Without needing to think, he knew that Chen Mo’s punch was of immense power. Even if he blocked directly with his limbs, he was certain that he would inexplicably be sent flying like before.

“Just what the hell are this guy’s martial arts. They’re simply inconceivable. How can he be stronger than me. This is impossible, absolutely impossible.” Zongzheng Ying felt envy. He moved his feet, and his body glided backwards like a bird, retreating several chi away, dodging Chen Mo’s Li Center Empty.

But he had hardly evaded when he saw something black right in front of him, a strong wind bear down upon him.

The Book Of Change’s Bagua had eight patterns, each one different yet also related, growing and multiplying without end. Against a Star General, it was perhaps useless, but it had more than enough to spare against a Three Flowers warrior. Chen Mo’s second attack “Kan Center Full” descended. The power of his punch flowed down naturally, his arms like water. His ferocious power was like an endless stream, the punch elusive.

This change from soft to strong was shocking.

Zongzheng Ying cried out to himself that this was bad, bracing himself to block it. Chen Mo’s arms fell, honestly like rain, a flood. It was only a split second, as sudden as a downpour. A depression sunk into Zongzheng Ying’s chest, filled instantly with killing intent.

Kan Center Full!

Zongzheng Ying’s body staggered, and he vomited an enormous amount of blood.

The deputy general knew there was no good ending when he saw that Thorntree’s young master was surprisingly beaten so badly by a copper juren warrior of unknown origins, but the governor house’s commander was not present at the moment. The deputy general promptly gave a frightening order. “Quick, go summon the Chen Family, tell them someone is causing a commotion at the Divine Warrior Governor House.” The Divine Warrior Governor House only concerned itself with the Divine Warrior Examination and its supervising officials. Fights that occurred on location would need a personal appearance from the Chen Family. 

A bodyguard immediately rushed away.

Meanwhile, Zongzheng Ying also displayed his standard as a genius. To be able to cultivate to Two Flowers Overhead before he was age twenty, he also bore deadly qi and blood. Suffering through two of Chen Mo’s attacks, he wielded his Great Roc Fist violently and at its peak. Compared to normal punches from the army, it was a bit distinct.

But in comparison to this genius’, Chen Mo’s martial arts were only better, never inferior.

He was even able to fight a Star General. How could Zongzheng Ying ever be his match. If it was not for consideration for this son of his father’s subordinate, Chen Mo would have already been disinclined to lecture him.

However, there was no harm in giving him a small lesson, to make him realize that he needed to conduct himself not too savagely.


In front of everyone’s flabbergasted gazes, Zongzheng Ying’s Great Roc drew an arc like a bird shot through with an arrow. He was flung away, crashing into the ground.

At this moment, because of the Nose Locking Art, Chen Mo’s breathing was not disordered in the slightest, neither fast nor slow. From the outside, he looked to have a bit of the bearing of an extraordinary Daoist.

A brief moment of astonishment.

“You insulted my father. Even if I die today, we will never coexist.” Zongzheng Ying picked himself up, not yielding at all.

Soldier characters were all like this.

Death before dishonor.

“As a future general, this is a desirable trait.” Chen Mo said.

Just at this moment, the crowd suddenly parted. A group of cavalry urgently rushed into the hall. Leading them was an icily arrogant man who shouted in rebuke: “I heard someone here has provoked the son of General Zongzheng. How bold you are, do you dare ignore the law of the land?”

“Uncle Huhao, you came at the right time. Quickly seize this person who insulted my father. He surprisingly wants to make my father kneel in apology to him. Today, I want him kneeling right here.” Zongzheng Ying was a child, after all. Seeing someone familiar, he immediately made a plea.


Chen Mo sneered.

When Chen Huhao saw Zongzheng Ying’s wretched appearance, he was briefly stunned and bewildered. He was completely aware that this brat was Thorntree’s number one in the provincial examination. To surprisingly be beaten black and blue, he was nearly unrecognizable.

Several dozen Three Flowers Overhead bodyguards immediately formed a perimeter.

Chen Huhao had an idea on what to do about Zongzheng Ying. He had always tried to rope in Zongzheng Ying’s father. By doing so, Chuan Province’s military would be completely under his control. But that man was too stubborn and loyal to Chen Zhangtian. He was very difficult to subdue.

However, he loved his son dearly. With such a perfect opportunity, Chen Huhao was delighted. With a concerned expression, he said: “Nephew, be at ease. To insult Supreme General Zongzheng is to insult my Chen Family. No matter who the perpetrator is, I must make him kneel and admit his wrongdoings.”

Zongzheng Ying savagely nodded and pointed at Chen Mo: “It’s this brat.”

Chen Huhao looked over. When he saw Chen Mo, he turned dumb as a wooden chicken.

“Uncle Huhao, I trust you’ve been well.” Chen Mo smiled.

“Good Nephew…Chen Mo…” Chen Huhao was slack jawed.

“Just now, you wanted me to kneel to please this unreasonable brat, right?” Chen Mo asked.

Chen Huhao erupted into a cold sweat.

Oh, fuck me.

Why’s it him.

His expression made a 180 degree turn. He immediately cupped his fist and glared like a tiger at the surrounding imperial bodyguards: “You can see His Highness Chen Mo, hurry and kneel in greeting.”

“We pay respect to Your Highness.”

All of the Chen Family bodyguards immediately knelt and saluted upon hearing him, their voices echoing in unison like a thunderclap, striking Zongzheng Ying dumb.

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